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Age of the Petty Princes


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"The Age of The Petty Princes"

  • Scene: Prince Simas had invited Jafra from the neighboring city-state to negotiate a treaty that would align them both against the Prince to their south, Magreb. He'd had his manservant escort Jafra to the gardens - which were far less elegant and elaborate than the ones the Old Ones had had in their magnificent cities - but the paths were clean, white stone, the flowers neat and the landscaping as beautiful as possible.
    Simas found Jafra seated on a marble bench, silver stitched velvet pantaloons about his ankles and the manservant bouncing up and down happily in his lap. Simas ran the manservant off quickly and Jafra scrambled to haul his trousers over his erect penis.
    "So much for Simas' famed hospitality." Jafra grumbled in a huff.
    Simas laid his strong, soft hand on Jafra's, stopping the dark haired prince from pulling up his fine clothes and covering his equally fine manhood.
    "Sima's hospitality, is..." he replied huskily, sinking to his knees in front of the dark haired prince, "more, shall we say? Personal." Simas smiled up at the handsome young man as he gathered Jafra's thick cock in his hand. "Perhaps there could be more between us than an alliance, Jafra." Simas continued before he sunk his warn and eager mouth over the plum shaped head of Jafra's cockhead.
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Before Simas and Jafra ally:

Artificial Essence Crystals Discovered

  A magus in Magreb, Syn Brandiwyne discovers a process to refine sentient life into essence crystals. Essence crystals, natural or artificial being required for humans to use magic. The process is a tightly held secret.

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