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The Statue of Virtue is toppled


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In a display of barbaric power and dominance, the Statue of Virtue, resembling the luck goddess Iriel, is torn asunder by the occupying forces in the city Kardem.

This marks dark times ahead, and is seen as a terrible omen for events on the horizon by many. 

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    • Ayano
      By Ayano
      For some reason I've never gotten around to do an RP involving a yandere character who is played by my partners, so figured it'd be a fun experience to try that out if possible.

      Nothing special, just what seems to be a basic romance story on first glance. 
      My character would be someone who isn't too sociable, maybe a college dropout living alone and getting by working at a convenience store (or something similar) while spending most time at home. Your character could run into mine either at work as customer, new employee, or in any other way you'd like. Maybe even having known each other way back but didn't keep in touch. Yours would get a little obsessed for some magical reason, stalking mine, finding excuses to bump into each other, or even seek shelter. Eventually trying to win mine over in more worrisome or lewd ways. 
      It can either end in a dark way, exploring some psychological themes of how mine became codependent and they live out their lives in rather unhealthy mental states. Or both grow and flourish in a healthy romantic relationship. Alternatively we could also add some other things; your character turning out to be a succubus, monster girl or whatever else, and spin it into a more complex story. (Hooray for slime girls!) 
      Also up for any idea you might want to throw in! 

      I don't mind playing as a male, female or futa, doesn't make much difference to me personally. Your character would be the female yandere, not a full on psychotic one who goes on killing sprees though. As mentioned, not strictly limited to being human.

      I'll happily include all the things listed in my preference sheet, since the characters' relationship is pretty much aimed to be full of smut. In particular your character suggesting or demanding to try things out, and mine eventually wanting to do that even more than yours. We can play out everything from light to hardcore stuff, except what is listed in the "won't do" section of my sheet.

      Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this! 
      If interested, don't hesitate to send me a text and throw in some suggestions if you have any.
      Hopefully didn't forget to add anything important.
    • BlakeRp
      By BlakeRp
      Hello Lovely person coming down in order to check this for potential Partner! The name's BlakeRP, I've been Rping non erotically for a few years now and I think i've been getting pretty good at it :). So, ima list some of my strength.
      -willing to rp just about anything
      -willing to rp just about anyone
      -Can adjust the amount of smut we have on the fly
      -Will happily play multi females if wanted
      -Is a pretty massive Sub so if you enjoy domming then that's great
      -Really likes a lot of taboo kinky stuff so if you're into well, the dark stuff (rape, incest, blackmail ect ect,) then i'm your girl.
      -good at writing my character as infatuated with your cock
      -Only has one real face Claim as I always play Blake as my main girl.
      -A slow update speed, sometimes I go a day or two without updates sometimes a week, though I'm trying to get better.
      -other stuff i can't think of! 
      Now I know what you're thinking
      I've been telling you rather general stuff, nothing really of note, well. I have a couple plot idea's for you to look at and you can tell me the one you choose to play! Please note I prefer to play the younger character, but that's not needed if you want to play a shota that's fine! Also I don't do scat, Vore, any of toilet stuff, that's what it is. Finally If you prefer to talk over discord feel free to add me Im in the echhi dreams server! 
      Finally here's the moment you've been waiting for! I'll be adding more plots down the line, so don't worry about there only being a few (unless there's like 20 then ignore this) Also! I will be adding a cap to the amount of people who can do a scenario! I would like some spice!
      Best of Both worlds
      you were my ___ And we were close, very close, almost inseparable. I always wanted to be with you, my parents thought it was cute, and allowed you to be with me. They thought it was innocent, they thought it was sweet. What they didn't know is that it was anything but that. You used me for your perversions constantly playing with me and fucking me until I was addicted to it. I craved your cock, and I believed that this was the life for me. I was fully corrupted a prophet for your cock. But, then we moved away, and eventually i moved on, or so i thought. 
      In some way you came back into my life (wether you tracked me down or it just happened to happen. I prefer you having tracked me down) and you quickly figured out that I was married. But you knew it was a lie, that I was still your little whore, all you had to do is pull it out of me,
      I'm not a bad wife, I love my husband and my two daughters dearly, But it doesn't take long for me to realize that I am still your cum dump, That i'm your toy to relieve your stress into, all those nights I Told my husband I had to stay late, I was bouncing on your cock, that time my husband went away on a trip and i invited you to meet my daughters and I helped you corrupt them to your cock. 
      I'm a good wife, and I'm a good Cum dump and living this life is the best of both worlds.
      Kinks in this
      Corruption- I'll start off resisting your influence, but not able to really tell you no.
      Domination- you'll start telling me to do things to arouse you, and you'll give me sexual outfits to wear to your service (since I kinda like the idea of you bring a priest.)
      Cheating- Well obviously
      Harem- You'll corrupt my daughter's to want to be your cock whores as well.
      Public Play- You'll fuck me in front of your "followers" all of them having been converted into basically a cult that lets you do what you want.
      Public use- You'll eventaully have me and my daughters passed around during sermons so that your followers can fuck us while you preach. 
      Humiliation- you'll have me wear sexually charged outfits, like a maid costume, or a sexy cat costume in public.
      Incest- You'll have me fuck my daughter's and my daughters fuck each other.
      Impregnation- Yeah
      Trapped in wall- At some point i want you to put my characters into basiaclly the walls as public use for anyone to eat out or fuck when they come in.
      Gloryholes- I also want them put into boxes where men can stick their dicks into for service
      Prostitution- You make them go out and get donations.
      By Any means!
      I never took your class seriously, despite the fact that it was Vital for me to pass the year. My grades slipped further and further until here we are, just barely above an F, and I just bombed a test and this will make sure that I can't recover before the midterm report cards is out. A desperate spot for me, and one you know how to take advantage of.
      It starts off with lewd requests and erotic demands, not escalating to sex, but close, you'll have me show up to your class with no panties, or show up with a vibrator jammed inside me, one that you can control. Eventually I break, and I beg you to fuck me already and you do, then you give me the newest order, to help you corrupt my sister and mother until they crave your cock just like me
    • The Unknown
      By The Unknown Deactivated
      I am currently looking to get started with RPing here and I am looking to do an rp with someone playing a female character. I have very few limits and would love to do extremely kinks and taboo kinks, where it's with OCs or canon play. I am open minded, so don't worry.
    • EnchantedNymph
      By EnchantedNymph Banned
      Looking for a literate roleplay partner to try out some of my roleplay ideas. I would like to add that these ideas would include actually story lines and depth. If interested in any of them feel free to message me and we can see if we can work something out.
      Alright, I have a few specific ideas I really want to try out. I will list them in order and if any of them interest you feel free to ecchitext me! 
      ¤ Thriller/Smut style roleplay. I'm ready to dive into the spooky season. This could mean your character is some supernatural creature on the hunt, a serial killer, or a mixture of the two. My character would be a victim. I can easily switch characters so if one ends up dying, on to the next!
      ¤ Witch x Witch Hunter: Pretty self explanatory but if you need more details don't be afraid to ask. 
      ¤  Opposing street gangs: Think something like West Side story. Your character is the leader of one, mine the leader of the other and our gangs clash all the time until things get a little too heated and it turns into more than just a brawl. (We can work on the plot more in ecchitext. This is just the general idea)
      ¤ Celebrity x Obsessed fan: Can play either role, could lead to kidnapping and other things. Drama/Thriller type genre not fluff.

      ¤ Fantasy RP theme: Think Dungeons & Dragons but text based. I can play multiple characters for the party so hopefully you can too.
      Thanks for taking the time to read~ ✌
      Now let's get this party started ××
    • SoraKitty
      By SoraKitty
      I had recently moved out of the city after being left my grandparents rather large country house. I guess they just wanted me to stay there while I was at university instead of paying for a flat for a few years. The trip to and from the city itself was long but I certainly didn’t mind free lodging, being a poor student and all. The house itself was very old, mostly made of old bricks and hardwood. It honestly seemed like something out of harry potter and I was extremely excited to see how I could decorate the place. Although I have to admit it was also pretty creepy, the thought of living there by myself didn’t seem amazing considering how big of a scaredy cat I am. The sprawling, ancient forest the surrounded the house on all sides certainly didn’t help. Little did I know at the time, but I was certainly not alone either. 
      Moving in was pretty easy considering I only had the basic necessities and pretty much all my stuff fit into my chosen room. The place was left in disrepair but that was fine, it could be my project over summer while I waited for classes to start back up in the winter. The furniture was as old as the house plus the amount of dust I had found everywhere didn’t help with the "old and creepy" look. Whatever, it was free.
      It was fairly soon after moving in the I began to notice lots of strange things happening. Odd sigils carved into the wood of door frames, doors and windows left open, odd nosies at night. I just chalked it up to it being an old house and thought nothing of it. If only I had investigated further. Things escalated when I began to notice my clothes going missing, especially things like my panties and stockings. Even then I thought there must be some logical reason why. I was such a fool. 
      None of that mattered now though, those thoughts were so distant. Thinking was hard. I crawled through the filthy mess of the house as they tugged on my leash, it was theirs now and so was I. I was so wet, like an animal in heat. Every time I moved I could feel the tail they had pushed inside me, their cum dripping down to my ankles. I wondered if classes had started again as they surrounded me once again. 
      So I had this idea and have just very recently, and, very excitedly wrote it out. My basic idea is that this house gets taken over by a gang of horribly perverted goblins who turn me into their pet. So lots of kinky fun to be had. As always I’m open to other ideas for what happens from you lovely people, although I would like to keep it in the region of something supernatural/fantastical. The end part of the prompt is more or less just a rough guide on what to expect but I’d like to start from the beginning, when everything starts getting weird. 
      In terms of my character, I love to play myself because of course I love to imagine all these things happening to me. I have dyed purple hair, 5'6, 34C, green eyes, pale skin and I'm skinny/athletic. My kinks include: Legs/Feet, stockings socks etc, getting dirty/messy, much older men/women, all kinds of bdsm, pet play, non con, bad endings, tentacles/monsters, body stockings, harnesses, mind control, stalking, corruption and many more.
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