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The Tea Party (Main Thread)


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This is the main in-character thread. The tea party takes place in a large house in the countryside, isolated from external worries. Guests are free to come and go as they please. Should some of the guests hit it off, so to speak, there are a number of soundproofed bedrooms on the second floor.


Elias set out the last few napkins and stepped back to ensure everything was set up correctly in place, crossing his slim arms and looking the table over carefully. The fine tea set, ancient and yet as unblemished as the day it had been made, had been laid out on the table; it drew on the arcane magic that permeated this place, and thus the water never ran dry or grew cold, the table always had another available seat, and every guest would find whatever variety of tea they preferred within arm's reach. That was, of course, assuming that the wizard who had sold him this place and set up the enchantments hadn't scammed him. Well, he would see. Today was the day he finally opened this place to the multiverse. He was... excited. Nervous, but excited. What kinds of people were going to show up at his peaceful abode?

Pulling out a chair (which took a bit of effort - he was not a large man), he sat down and poured himself a cup of Earl Grey. He sipped it tentatively and turned his eyes to the door. Who would be the first guest to arrive?

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Knocking on the door gently young woman with black fox ears and a tail. A little contrast to her black blueish hair. Wearing a light blue sundress that goes to about mid calf. Her feet shown with brown leather straps showing her polished toe nails. 

She'd heard there was a tea party to die for happening and she decided to come check it out.

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Elias started; he hadn't expected anyone so soon! Rushing over, he opened the door for the young woman. "Welcome, welcome!" he said jubilantly, raising an eyebrow at her ears and tail but deciding not to comment on it. After the wizard had beaten him in a game of time-reversed blackjack, a few extra bits on somebody hardly fazed him. "Please, have a seat and pour yourself some tea. We have... well, all the flavors, really." He escorted her inside and to the table, pausing only to prop open the door so other guests knew to come directly in. "I'm Elias, by the way," the man said as he pulled out a chair for her and then took his own seat once again. "It's a pleasure to meet you, miss...?"

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"Ooooooooh.....PETER PETER COTTONTAIL SNORTING COKE ON THE RABBIT TRAIL-" Peter stops and she's the prettiest looking thing, this side of Emerald City. "Oh! Hello cutie! What're you doing out here?! I'm off to a tea party. Dont tell my ex's, The Playing Cards!" *Badum Smash*

"Wont you join me???"


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@Peculiaritree Looking at him she smiles and leans close to kiss both his cheeks before taking his arm answering gently,"Pleasure Elias. I'm Kita." Accidentally brushing her tail against his leg as she goes by him sighing in content as she takes her seat next to him taking a sniff at the different teas. "I hope you have been well," she asked using her telekinesis to pick up a lilac tea pot to rise before being float towards her to pour her tea into the cup before her. She places the tea back down and looks at him giving a playful wink. 

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Naturally she had been told of his arrival. The trees whispered of a humanoid, his scent was on the wind. When he moved into the place, she had thought to come, but left others to observe. Had he brought the usual human smoke machines, they might have been forced to take action. She had no idea why humans needed to make nature follow the same rules as their machines. Were humans truly so incompetent that they could not wander into the woods to find what thy required? Did they really need to make the plants adhere to their ordered lines and grids? This was the most distressing thing about them; their need to bend the world to their needs rather than adapting to the world as it was.

But this one was different. He seemed at ease with the existing magic of the place. She had watched him through the windows, watched him move as he prepared his dark leaf water, and admired his form. Humans were graceful when they allowed themselves to be. This one seemed content here, away from the other humans, and this made him of particular interest. She had only taken direct interest when he had made tea.

She raised up off of the grass, back arched, forelegs stretching out in front of her, paws that were almost human hands expanding wider, nearly finger-like toes reaching, claws extending from in-between. As she stretched, she kept her gaze upon the doorway, wondering if  either of the two creatures there would notice her.

She slid easily from prone into her stretch and directly to a four legged walk that could have been best described as stalking. As she walked, she rose up onto two legs, her forelegs looking more human, her hind legs taking on the shape of human legs. She followed the example set by the kitsune and knocked upon the flat wood of the portal.

When he answered, she smiled, a human gesture she thought she had the right of, and flashed a mouthful of viciously sharp teeth. 

"Tea," she said, in oddly accented English. She added, "please," as an afterthought. 

Her neck was long and a tuft of fur or feathers, it was difficult to say which, around her head and neck looked almost like a mane. It ruffled outward, almost as if it were a peacock's tail, and then lay flat against her skull and neck. She cocked her head to one side and studied him.

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Geneva can't tell if this place is what her superior told. There's a tea party going on and was told to investigate for possibility of crime ring hang out. Yet the place is VERY MUCH unguarded. She was prepare for gun blazing action, only to find peaceful garden and the target place without any men in black. "Who knows if there's something in there...it smell nice...Earl Grey i bet" She thought. She reach the door knob but her other hand is on her back, ready to pull her firearms if turn out this place is a jack-in-the-box for her.

She enter the place only to find few people here...which mostly NOTHING look like criminal! She tilt her head in confusion and to prevent embarrassment, she quickly ask "Pardon but is Elias Tea Party held here?" She ask them. Of all thing, she expect a scary looking group instead this...bizarre people. Not only that, the place had nothing to do with crime ring at all. No guns decor, trophy, or even photo of families. She curse her superior. Were they pull prank on her?

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Yomi came silently in the company of Yako.

 They were traveling to the northern territories when in a small town they had heard of a tea party.

 Given her origins, the yokai could not miss this opportunity.

 Like most of Asian ancient  spirits, tea was part of their life and allowed moments of peaceful conviviality.

 Before knocking she smelled the air: "A particular human", he had some doubts that it was the notorious Elias, "another fox ... young I would say, like the little hostile human", this was interesting there was a smell that  she did not recognize, it was at least peculiar and aroused her curiosity.

 "Yomi be polite, the rabbit is not here to be eaten!" she said licking her lips.

The woman knocked gently on the door, which opened onto a bizarre scenario.

 "Permission" bowed her head to the guests and stood beside the unknown creature.

 Yomi could use magic, however when it came to tea she preferred to prepare it by hand.

She took some precious Jade dew leaves and when she had finished infusing them, she  went to sit down.

 A small tray of sakura mochi appeared in front of her (surely Elias knew the hospitality) and she only had to light up her kiseru enjoying the company of this, at least bizarre, group.

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Lion was walking along the dirt road to this rea party her heard about his armor was making a lot of noise has he was walking up .  He was looking around liking the beauty of gods work like always. "i can already tell this party would be quite interesting " . He was taking his time to go up the door he notice a lot of different kinds of people with ears and tails and a wired dress suited women . he sighed and knocked on the door with his armor gauntlet 

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She watched as more and more guests arrived in the small space which always seemed large enough to accommodate them all. She studied the two that had just arrived, watched as one prepared the liquid in the vessel before her, golden-green eyes unblinking, watched her sip from the cup, and then leaned back on her haunches and lifted her forelegs. Unseen before, a human-like opposable thumb unfolded from each foreleg and she wrapped the long, slender fingers and the oddly-jointed opposable thumbs of both hands around the cup that had appeared before her. She lifted it in both hands in a surprisingly human gesture, as if sipping something hot on a cold winter morning. Her nose twitched over the cup, inhaling the scent. Her eyebrows furrowed and the tuft of feathers or fur at her neck ruffled up. She cocked her head to one side, as if expecting someone to say something, or let her in on the joke that was meant from this beverage, but when no one made a movement or sound, she straightened, inhaled the aroma one more time, and then tipped the cup back to take a small sip.

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@LeonaFair - Elias blushed a bit when Kira kissed his cheeks but otherwise maintained his composure. It wasn't the first time he'd met someone from a culture where that kind of greeting was common, as he assumed was the case with the kitsune. "The pleasure is -eh?- excuse me, is mine, Kira," he replied with a smile, starting in surprise at the unexpected feeling of her tail on his leg. "I have been well, and yourself?" He took another sip of tea, cocking an eyebrow at her casual display of magic and returning her wink with one of his own. He opened his mouth to say something else when a large... something burst in the door.

@WhiskeyTango - It took a moment for Elias to process what exactly had just happened. Of all the things he had been expecting, a large, humanoid rabbit of questionable sobriety was not one of them; nonetheless, politeness won out in the end and he rose from his chair in greeting. "Ah... welcome, Mr. Rabbit...?" A chair slid out for the newcomer as well, a hole appearing in the back for his tail as if by, well, magic. "Please, join us-" He was cut off by another knock on the door, which seemed to have closed itself despite his best efforts. "Cheap doorstop..." he muttered as he stood up again to let the next guest in.

@IsabellaRose - He couldn't help but gape in shock at the being standing on the other side of the door. It was... what was it? Tall, certainly, and certainly nothing he had ever seen before. Some impulse in the back of his mind screamed for him to bow to this inhuman creature, this spirit given flesh baring its teeth at him - no, smiling, he corrected himself even as his nerves shivered at the sound of her voice. Well, friendly or not, he wasn't going to take any chances with what he somehow knew, without any cause he could identify, was a truly ancient force of nature itself, and he lowered his gaze deferentially even as he stepped back to let her in. "O-of course," he stuttered, both ashamed of his weakness and thankful he hadn't started gibbering on the spot. "Right this way, m-miss..." Elias watched the elegant and yet oh-so-intimidating spirit head to the table; perhaps it was rude not to escort her, but he couldn't help but think that touching the Being (as he privately decided he would call her) would be a very bad idea. A shudder ran up his spine even as he admired the lovely feather-like protrusions around her head and neck. A shake of his head cleared it, and he turned to greet the next guests.

@Elena Ichinomiya - This woman, thankfully, seemed to be rather normal in comparison, even given her unfamiliar uniform and cold gaze. Elias took a moment to recenter himself as she walked right in. She seemed tense to him, eyes darting to and fro like a professional soldier looking for threats. Belatedly, he realized she had asked him a question. "Ah- yes, this is the tea party. I'm Elias." He offered a handshake in greeting. "Are you... looking for something?" the small man asked. "You look awfully stressed about something, but you're more than welcome to join us at the table and relax. Oh, I didn't catch your name?" He waited for her reply before attending to the next person in line.

@Tsuki - Another kitsune stood before him, though where Kira seemed more like a human with some extra appendages this other woman was clearly something a little more mystical, as was the fox looking up at him with eerily intelligent eyes. Like the Being from before, her presence was almost oppressive, but unlike the first spirit's aura of raw power the kimono-clad kitsune just seemed proud and old, older than anything he knew. He could work with this, at least. "Welcome, both of you" he said, nodding respectfully to the woman and the fox. "I'm the host, Elias. Please make yourself at home." He gestured towards the table and went to greet the last guest at the door.

@DozleZabie2 - The final person to arrive, at least in that group of people, appeared to be nothing other than an actual knight in shining armor. A quick glance at the cross-shaped designs on it confirmed that he was, in fact, a knight from one of the Holy Crusades. How someone from centuries long past had arrived at his tea party was something Elias gave up on trying to figure out quite quickly. It was probably just more of the strange wizard's magic at work. "Er, welcome, holy knight" he began, hoping that the crusader understood modern English (and if not, that some sort of magical translator would kick in). "Are- are you here for the tea, uh, sir?" How did one even address a knight? He stumbled through his normal introductions, keenly aware of the sheathed sword on the crusader's hip.

As he let the man in and propped the door open once more, he breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't sure he could handle any more unusual personalities before he'd finished his first cup of tea. A moment's work and a whispered word of power caused a sign to appear on the now-open door:


He nodded in satisfaction. That ought to save him the trouble of going to the door every time someone new arrived. He couldn't do much magic, yet, but the little bits he had learned thus far came in handy in a pinch. The man walked back to his seat and took a fortifying sip of Earl Gray. He glanced at each of the people (and spirits, and beings, and Beings) seated at the table in turn.

@IsabellaRose - As Elias's eyes swept over the Being (who was slightly less intimidating with a teacup balanced delicately in her hands, he had to admit), he noticed she had taken her first taste of the tea. It was hard to tell what someone so clearly inhuman was thinking; there was nothing for it, he supposed. "Is it to your liking, miss?" he inquired of her. "I'm certain we can find a variety you'll enjoy if it isn't."

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lion watched the young small man go around a great many different type of people or things in his book but the young man bow to a crusader and his his respect on how he was treating all of his guest and this crusader could feel power with in this place and thought what to say to this young man has he walked in with his sword still in it hilt.

"please young man call me Lion i feel we will be good friends and no need to bow again you own the right from the respect i am seeing here "  he said in english old but in english 

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@Peculiaritree looking at the door she she places three sugars into her cup and keeps herself composed as she answers,"I've been well. Though I must say that it's better now that it seems much calmer here than in the ruckus city." Looking back at her tea she gives a stir as she adds some cream. Giving a final stir she places the spoon down and raises the cup to her lips taking a small sip. Licking her lips she watches the other guests come in one by one keeping herself composed. 

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"Elias pleasure. I congratulate you for the hospitality. You rarely see hosts so attentive to their customers "the woman's voice was soft almost attractive.


Immediately afterwards, the Kyubi's gaze landed on the mysterious creature sitting next to her.

 With a cordial and not at all worried tone she turned to be:

 "Nice to meet you. I had the impression that you have never tasted this drink before today" the woman took the tray that appeared in front of her "in my lands tea is a tradition and goes with these sweets. You want to taste one, to understand if they are to your liking? "

 In order not to appear rude, Yomi also offered the mochi to the other diners.

 "I rarely have the pleasure of meeting interesting creatures like you. Can I know which species you belong to and what is your name?"

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Geneva can't tell where she is right now. A fox, a knight, and a small person combined in one room. There's also some people who seems rather vague in their appearance. Were they human? "My word...i don't think this is crime ring at all" she sigh before she turn to Elias.


"Oh pardon me, i think i got into wrong house. But you did say your name is Elias right?" She ask him "So...are these place is some sort of hideout or this is actually a mere tea party for...people?" She can't say if this tea party is normal but she don't want to offend people here. Not to mention she ALMOST pull out her gun toward these people who want a good time on the table. "Anyway, my name is Geneva, Chief inspector of Audi PD...Now then, whats this place has to offer?" She ask the obvious as excuse for pep talk. "I can smell a tea from afar before i come here..."

She saw the surrounding. This place seems like a Halloween party and everyone wear a costume but she can see for herself the fox-looking person tail is moving, the knight bring real weapon, and the...strange unknown entity sit beside the fox fella. "Am i going crazy?" She wonder "One day i chase Magnolia shadow and now i'm Alice in wacky world..." she's not sure what to do now. But perhaps one cup of tea should be enough to ease her mind. "I have today special" she told Elias.


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Peter Rabbit had already been bumped twice on Johnny Carson and was a little miserable as it were. "Sure! I love networking. This is better than playing Hoboken with a dead crowd at least." Peter pulled up a chair, sniffing the tea. "Oooh...if the cakes are anything like this tea, it's good enough for the comfort inn ACROSS the street from the MGM." *Badum Smesh.* 

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@Dozle The Crusader - Elias loosened up a bit at the knight's friendly demeanor. "It's a pleasure to meet you, then, Lion. Please come in and make yourself at home." He smiled and gestured towards one of the empty seats, inwardly hoping it would be strong enough to support a large, fully-armored man. What did he look like under that helmet?

@LeonaFair - Turning his attention to Kira, Elias nodded along with her words. "I quite agree. That's part of why I set up shop between worlds, the other part being that I wanted to get people from all over - literally," he said with a little smile, gesturing to the varied guests at the table. "You know," he continued, "I used to live in a city. I enjoyed it for a while, but after a couple of years it... got to me." He shrugged, took another sip of tea, paused for a moment. "All the people and their noise and their problems... No, I prefer it here." His smile grew wider for a brief second before he hid it with another sip of tea.

@Tsuki - "Thank you very much, miss," Elias said with a respectful nod of his head. Seeing that the woman was otherwise occupied in conversation, he decided not to bother her further and moved on to the next guest.

@Elena Ichinomiya - And what a puzzle this one was turning out to be! She seemed almost like a soldier, or at the very least a highly trained police officer. At least she was polite. "That is my name, yes, " he confirmed. "And this is just a tea party. I don't really know what you mean by a 'hideout.'" Elias was quickly becoming nervous, though he was certain he had done nothing wrong. Her pronouncement of being a police officer did little to assuage his worries until she seemed to relax a little. "Well, Geneva," he said, indicating yet another open seat (that hadn't been there a moment ago), "You're welcome to join us for some tea. We're just getting started." Elias's eyebrows raised a bit at her final question, though; he might have to put up a second sign for future guests explaining how the magic worked here. "Uh, the special? There... really isn't one, Geneva. If you look on the table, you'll find whatever kind of tea or snacks you want at the moment. It's magic," he said with a shrug. "Don't question it too much."

@WhiskeyTango - Turning his attention to what was perhaps the most bizarre member of their little group, Elias found that the rabbit-man (man-rabbit? What exactly was the distinction there?) had already found a seat and was apparently selecting tea by smell. Oh well, there we're certainly worse ways to do it, he supposed. He really wasn't sure what the rabbit was going on about with all this talk of "networking," though. Perhaps he thought it was a corporate meet-up, or maybe, as Elias suspected, he was just a little... confused. Yes, confused was the right word to use. He covered his thoughts with a sip of tea just in time to hear the next bit. "The MGM?" he asked, taking a second to puzzle out what the rabbit meant. "Oh! The MGM! The hotel in Las Vegas." A chuckle escaped his lips. "For a moment, I thought you were talking about Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. I didn't know what they had to do with this, except perhaps in reference to Lion over here." A tilt of his head indicated the knight in question.

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@PeculiaritreePeter Rabbit sighed softly, sunken under the table. Tapping his fingers against his cheek. "Aaaah...boooy." Peter sat up and coughed a little as he spoke up. "Um, yes Elias. That would be the MGM Grande hotel. Bring the money, leave with the tears. Boy I just wanted to thank all of you for letting me be here. This of course is one heck of a shindig." Peter slid back to the table. 


@LeonaFair Peter turned to the girl across the table. "They don't have a wine list here do they? Or at least a cigarette patio?" 

*Badum! Smesh!* 


Peter jumped up and cringed. He turned to the drummer. "Ramone, timing. Remember?!" Peter looked at everyone else. "Sorry, he's from Ecuador. Heh..." 

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"before i sit and rest my legs and try your teas what your name young lad i feel rude not knowing my host " Lion the crusader was still standing and giving the small bunny man a slight glar under his helmet just way he acts made his skin crawl . But he can't be rude in someone else home 

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She smiled at the human and the fox spirit, who was correct in assuming tea had never passed her lips before this moment. The bit of honey someone had put in hers pleased her greatly.

"Jhala," she said, pronouncing it  jah-lah, as if assessing the beverage. Then she nodded to herself and added, "Ma'u." This she pronounced mah-oo, and the word seemed to please her.

She eyed the fox spirit as she sipped, and wondered about this oddly flavored liquid. She was not certain her English vocabulary was up to the task of giving a proper appraisal, but she decided to try.

"Is... good." She smiled again, a baring of sharp teeth that could easily be mistaken as a threat.

"Like leaf of torpa," she thought for a moment, the made a face and continued. "Leaf water."

"Jhala. How you say, hard on tongue? Sting tongue? Biter? Bitter!" She smiled again and nodded, taking another sip.

"But also ma'u, from ma'usika." She looked around again, clearly at a loss for the English word. She made a buzzing sound with her tongue pressed against the back of her teeth, much like the sound of a bee. As she made the sound, she mimed watching the haphazard path of a bee in flight with her head and eyes. She did not intend it to look as comical as it likely did, but she smiled again to let them know it was okay to laugh.

The longer she sat, the less animal she appeared, and the more humanoid. Her forelegs almost appeared to be arms now, and her hind legs seemed to have elongated. It was difficult to tell if those observing her were just growing accustomed to her appearance, or if her form was actually fluid and changing, adapting to look more like those around her. Her smile now seemed much less threatening, and much more like an actual smile. Her lips were fuller now, even the shape of her face seemed more human and less animal or predator.

She shifted in her seat, lifted the tea to her lips as the others did, looking around the room at the strange assortment of individuals assembled here. Long moments passed in silence as she simply observed, and then she took one of the offered sweets. She studied it, lifted it to her nose and sniffed it, and then nodded.

"Taste one, yes," she said, and licked the mochi. Her eyes widened in surprise and she made a sound not entirely unlike a purr. "Sokolodi," she said, licking it again, her tongue impossibly long and pink. She nodded to the fox spirit beside her. 

"The thanks are upon you," she said, hoping she had the right of it. "Many are the thanks to be placed upon you." She licked it again, and again, faster each time, and then looked around, realizing that the others merely bit their's and chewed silently. 

She stopped with her tongue extended far out of her mouth, and pulled it slowly back in, then leaned forward and took a tiny nibble of the mochi, chewing slowly as she made that same nearly-purring sound, clearly enjoying the sweetness. 

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Geneva thinking he messing with her but then again, her surrounding is more than enough proof of how much magic this place had. Not trying to be rude or make everyone here uncomfortable (Or perhaps on edge), she just do as Elias instructed. She didn't speak up her order but imagining a simple Licorice tea. And it did appear. She take a sip of it, and find it has taste and well adjusted temperature, making its smell reach her nose quick. "Of all strange place for hideout, i find this place far too comfy..." She decide to observe the said place. Perhaps the wanted person actually hanging out here. "I wonder if Mevious has something to do with this...but i don't remember Mevious can create something out of thin air" she look down at her tea which is too real to be true.

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      "We're... We're there.", Blanche responded with a confused, squinted eye, "We're at that bridge. We've gotten to it.".
      "Tsk.", Candela tutted, rolling her eyes back as she closed the laptop, then settled her gaze on Blanche again, "Come on, brainiac, let's just enjoy the rest of the festival, we can worry about that research once it's over, alright?", she placed her hands on Blanche's shoulders and spin her around, then shoved her forward a bit.
      "Yeah!", Spark said, hanging his arm limply around Blanche's neck as he guided her towards the gate, where the teams were piling in to meet up at Gateway Colosseum, the designated arena for phase three, "Our teams worked real hard, you know? Harder than I've ever worked.".
      "I don't doubt that.", Blanche responded, hugging the laptop against her chest as she was lead by the others, following after their teams.
    • Adverse
      By Adverse Deactivated

      Someone once dared to ask, "If we have them... Why can't we use them?". The year was 20XX, the question was answered. For decades, tensions were sustained between various nations and peace was so unstable that the drop of the pin should shatter the glass barrier. Finally, with the advancement of defense technologies, the arms race was on once more, only this time the tensions grew to a boiling point. Finally, the first bomb was dropped. Then, the second. The third.
      I was a child when it all happened. Despite being young at the time, I don't think it will ever be any less vivid in my mind for as long as I may live. I remember panic. I remember screaming, hustle bustle. I remember crying, everywhere, I remember the scent of burning rubber and gasoline, of my mother and father screaming at one another, not out of anger, but our of terror. I remember sitting in the back seat, confused and afraid, watching the chaos out the window as the car sped through our neighborhood and past traffic. 
      We made it to my father's place of work. It was a sturdy facility for need broadcasts, built to withstand high intensity weather and had a basement primarily used for storage, but now we were using it as shelter. We weren't alone, and we were welcomed. I felt comfort, recognizing some faces, seeing that I wasn't alone in being afraid, but the support made the difference. Then, I remember silence. Then I remember a sound I will never be able to describe, followed by heat, as though someone had opened an oven right in front of me...
      We stayed down there for a few days. We had some food, water and clean air that came in through a filteration system, but I remember being hungry. I remember wanting to go home and sleep in my soft, warm bed. I remember laying in my mother's arms each night on the hard floor as she tried to sing a lullaby, but she would start crying and I didn't understand. Finally, the doors were opened.
      The world no longer resembled the one we left when we entered the basement. Everything was broken. Burnt. The sky was an odd shade of blue with a sick tinge of green in the clouds. It almost didn't look like we were still in Earth at all, but we had to leave town. I wanted to go home. I would never be in the comfort of my home again.
      In our travels, we met other people traveling as well who banded together with us. They described fire in the sky, in the clouds. The wrath of God, punishing humanity, brazen and full of hubris. It came to be known as Heaven's War, or the Cloud War to some.
      I sometimes still think about the people we passed on the road that day. Neighbors. I wonder if they made it...

    • lVergill
      By lVergill
      This thread is for your daily post as to what each family is doing and responding with one another throughout this big house which will lead to some RP at some point. 
      Location: Family House, Living Room
      Time: 5:00 PM (17:00) 
      I arrive through the front door from work as I sigh after reaching the comfort of home and I notice the lonely couch in the living room as I immediately fall down into the soft cushion. I felt the soft sensation on my front body as I let another long sigh for finally feeling relax and I could heart voice around the house as my brother and sister are doing various thing around the house. I could hear the TV on as I glance from my side and waiting until I regain my stamina back so I can get something cooking or hopefully my sister making something good.
      "I wonder where is everyone?" I ask.
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Welcome all to the Blackberry Falls City

      (Suee, DJMax game.)
      The Blackberry Falls City is a self-sustaining capital city on a remote island, where the water is pure and the land is free. The city is famous originally for it's delicious and unique Blackberries, as the waterfall contained water that was not only good for the farms and their crops, but made the Blackberry vines grow three times the size, with the blackberries themselves three times the size as well. And at three times the taste, it was something no one had ever tasted before; far superior to other blackberries. This was good for the pie industry as well as the jam industry. It was soon discovered that the water, as well as the fruits that used the water, prolonged life and promoted vitality with human life span, touching on average 110 years old, with the oldest to pass away at 149 years old (If you'd like information on Blackberries, click here). The Country has its own government, with their customs being extremely strict on the importation of food, much like Australia and New Zealand, to prevent damage to their ecology which could cost billions of Blackberrian Dollars to the thriving blackberry industry, and the country’s economy.
      Blackberry Falls is a rich, multicultural City that is suitable for all walks of life, with bountiful jobs and housing. At the very centre of the Blackberry Falls economy is Keza Corp and EDAN Industries. They have made Blackberry Falls the forefront of new, cheap, and revolutionary technology. Both Corporations helped protect Blackberry falls during the recession that hit many countries hard. Blackberry Falls continued to be prosperous in the bleak economic climate. Blackberry Falls attracts thousands of people from around the globe, seeking their fortunes among the streets. So here it is... Your chance to help the city to thrive or drag it to it's knees... What will you do?
      Skill level: Advanced
      Relevant Links:
      Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules:
      EcchiDreams Standard Roleplaying Rules, plus:
      No character is allowed to cross the border into the UFF country without my permission. You also cannot have your character as one of the UFF species, without strict permission from myself, and Wolfie. This is a strict rule I will not budge on. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave the RP immediately with little chance of returning. Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. If you are wanting a special place in Blackberry Falls, then I will need a detailed extra information before I can add it to the list of locations within Blackberry Falls.
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