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If you want to post a more detailed bio of your character, here's the place to do it. It isn't mandatory, though; it's just an optional resource for those who wish to make use of it. There is no set format and there are no real restrictions. Just have fun with it 🙂

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Name: Kira

Species: Kitsune

Height: 5'6 

Appearance: Black blueish hair that cascades down her back half way. Crystal blue eyes. Pale skin. Fox tail and ears fully black. A little bit of a bust but not Hooters big. Toned legs from running. 

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Peter Rabbit, Gay alcoholic Rabbit with emotional issues. His father, the Easter Bunny never accepted him afterwards. Cute bunny ears, bush tail and a penchant for uppers. 



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Name: Yomi

Age: Unknow 

Gender: Female

Species: Nine tailed Kitsune

Origin: Japan

Eye Colour: black

Hair Colour: long, straigh black

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Personality: mysterious and fascinating

Other Details: she loves to wear antique kimonos and always carries his fox with her

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Name: unpronounceable by human tongues

Age: as old as the oldest oak tree in the dark center of the deepest forest

Gender: bearer of life

Species: older than the fey, though likely counted among their numbers

Origin: does one ask the wind from where it comes?

Eye Color: a kaleidoscope of myriad shifting colors

Hair Color: green as the grass, green as the vines, green as the fresh leaves on the trees

Sexual Orientation: curious

Personality: (see sexual orientation)

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Name : Geneva
Age : Around 20s
Gender : F
Species : Human
Occupation : Unknown, but possibly involve crime ring
Personality : Easy to talk to but hostile when her most wanted person on sight. Although the way she solve things can get questionable at best (sometime laughable).
Others : Was told there's crime lord having tea party and decide to investigate.

Sexual Orientation : "Try me"

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Name:Lionhearted or Lion for short

age: 26

gender: male

 Species : human

Occupation : he is from one of the many crusades and he was sent by god him self to have Tea

Personality : very straight forward but is very kind in his heart but is very blunt and speaks his minds he was very out spoken from all of his other brothers


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      Optional kinks: Darker kinks, beasts.
      Finally a smaller prompt, simply interested on an ethnic or interrracial family (specially, but unrelated to the situation on the middle East, just an old kink of mine, I'd like some Muslim girls for this last two options)
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    • Kitsuyumia
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      Here are minimum requirements for your sheet. If you want to add more information feel free to do so.
      [Reference Image(s)]
      Brief species description:
      Position (Passenger or Officer):
      Job (if any):
      Physical Description:
    • Adverse
      By Adverse Deactivated
      "What is your name? Are you a boy, or a girl? What do you look like?"
      There are a few guidelines to be followed that will be noted here as far as the rules for creating a character. Pokemon is something that I, myself, am incredibly picky about, so you'll have to forgive me if I seem strict about it. Rules can be discussed and certain circumstances or exceptional characters might be shown leniency for some, depending on the rule. I will not have arguments.
      Original Characters
      There are countless trainers, researchers and baddies encountered through the various regions of Pokéarth, all with their own styles, personalities and choices of Pokémon partners. 
      I won't ask for too much information, but the rules to follow when creating an original character are as listed:
      - Not everyone has to be a trainer, or even have a Pokémon of their own. 
      - You can be a cosplayer, but Pokémon themselves are to be in their original forms, not furries, humanoids or anything of the sort. There's no room for a Moltres with tits here.
      - No one can be the trainer of a legendary or mythical Pokémon. There might be a place for that later in the story.
      - Shiny Pokémon are uber rare and, as such, are to be treated as treasures. No one can have a shiny Pokémon unless I approve it. 
      - Trainer Card -
      (Image of character)
      Age: (optional)
      Career: (Trainer, breeder, etc)
      Pokémon: (Up to six on a team, not counting what might be in a PC. The beginning of the role play will have different Pokémon, temporarily, due to the festival)
      Pokédex Data: (Information about your character, where they are from, if they have badges, any information you might find relevant)
      Canon Characters
      I'm a bit more strict on Canon characters making appearances. I may throw some in myself as NPCs, but for others these are the guidelines to follow:
      - Canon characters that are restricted include: Red, Blue, Lance, Looker, N.
      - Canon characters must have a team that will make sense according to their prior appearances. Bear in mind: No legendaries allowed.
      - It should go without saying, but don't act out of character for a Canon character. 
      - Follow the same format for their trainer card as Original trainers. Bear in mind the timeline, in the Pokemon Center post.
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      By Mr. Hat-and-Clogs
      I'm looking for any anime or manga to seeking RP for ecchi. Please let me know as soon.
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      Here is some of my art! :0 The first one is my profile picture, second one my character Olivia, and third one my character Leya :3
      If you're interested in them and want to read about their information, here's a link~
      I use all hand drawn characters for RP! Though- I've only managed to make 2 so far.. >.< but! I'll be sure to make more that I can RP with as time goes by ❤️ I might turn my profile picture into another RP character as well!

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