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Shinuari Wars


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After many centuries of the five Elders ruling a group of of people called the Shinuari who live in mountains of the Elder's City thinks all life should end at a appropriate time that the gods allow. Their leader Kentou strives to make an equality throughout the world. 

Sending a troop of 10,000 warriors they marched to the city. Orders to have the elders brought alive though the troops marched in they never found the elders. Thus they started spreading through out the land. 

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The Battle of Godsight Pass.

Between the rugged mountains the Shinuari call home and the lands of the Elders of Sight lies Godsight Pass. Legend says The Elders of Sight descended from the gods to the realm of mortals in the pass as it is the lone way through to the Red Sky Mountains.

The Elders' loyal magi-enginners and warrior-priests dug into the pass and fortfied it against the advancing Shinuari.

The Shinuari forces moved through the steep, impassable terrain slowly, using their experience with the mountains and fell on the Elders' servants from above.

The Shinuari eventually defeated the faithful, but not until almost half their were slain. It was not enough. The Shinuari marched on the cities and lowlands, recruiting ever greater numbers as the Faithful were defeated.

No one believed in the Elders of Sight anymore.

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