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The Elder Cave of Fortune


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A child Syn Brandiwyne is visited by an Elder of Sight. The elder, appearing as an old human woman, takes pity on him and his family, who live in squalor. The elder leads him to a cave on the outskirts of Magreb. Inside the cave are  chests full of money and treasure, as well as various books about magic, some of which are filled with research on Essence Crystals.


(This event goes between the Age of the Petty Princess and Artificial Essence Crystals Discovered. Hope I did an okay job!)

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I'm going to use my turn to reserve a future scene in which Syn Brandiwyne becomes the first human Prince to use the essence crystals to elevate his people. My question is How does this act to benefit his people become the founding or the Republic of the Midnight Sky.

I'd like to wait until the current scene is resolved before we tackle this though. I think it might get too difficult keep both scenes moving and under control.

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