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Character creation.


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This is the thread with all the materials you should need in order to make a character, to play and understand the setting of Neuropa.

All materials will be linked to at the bottom of this page!!

How this club works

Locations: There are some set firm locations you may roam around in as you please. Other than that, you are free to set up and claim your own little "havens" or whatever you want.

Story: The thing driving the story will be how you interact with other PCs, NPCs and the world in general. We will all work together to create an everchanging experience for each other.

To help guide everyone through how to set up a character

Step 1: Roll three sets of abilities, consisting of 9 rolls of 3d6, giving 9 numbers that are between 3 and 18. Once this is done, pick the set you prefer.
Step 2: Each number corresponds to a number on the table below. For instance, a roll of 3 would give a score of -2 and 4 to 5 a -1.

3: -2   4-5: -1    6-8: 0    9-11: 1    12-14:  2    15-17: 3     18: 4

Step 3: After converting your 9 numbers, assign them as you want among your 9 ability slots.
Step 4: Pick a race you like from the Neuropa document (Human, mutant, Mindjacker, Übermensch or Android).
Step 5: Mark your primary abilities and put in your health points (HP). Then add your racial benefits (Talents are listed in the core rulebook and focuses are specializations belonging to a particular ability.
Step 6: Roll twice on the background benefits table or pick two you prefer.
Step 7: Defense stat = 10 + Dexterity. Toughness stat = Constitution (+2 if you are Übermensch).
Step 8: Each character start off with 700 nero to spend on equipment.
Step 9: If your character is part of a faction, you may spend up to 200 nero more ONLY on gear fitting for that faction. If in doubt about certain equipment, ask the GM. All nero not spent are lost afterwards.
Step 10: Ask your friendly GM if you need any help or answers.
Step 11: Have fun!



The humans of Neuropa are not particularly liked by the other "races" of the wasteland due to how they tend to stereotype and ostrasize those different than themselves.Humans have a lower resistance to radiation than, for instance, mutants and übermenschen, as those have been exposed to radiation and thus are more fit for that environmental hazard. Benefits of being human is that most people you encounter will be humans and in general humans are quick to adapt and change to most new situations and environments.

Primary abilities: Communication, intelligence, perception and accuracy.

  • Starting HP: 20 + constitution.
  • Human benefits:
  • - +1 communication
  • - Ability focus in one of two: Communication (leadership) or Intelligence (engineering)
  • -Talent: Attractive, Mindcontrol or Theory and practice
  • -Treat radiation levels as one tier lower (i.e. treat "low radiation" as none)

Background benefits: Roll twice on this table with 2d6.

  • 2: +1 to constitution
  • 3-4: Ability focus: Dexterity (sleight of hand)
  • 5: Ability focus: Perception (seeing)
  • 6: Ability focus: Intelligence (computers)
  • 7-8: +1 to Dexterity
  • 9: Ability focus: Intelligence (medicine)
  • 10-11: Ability focus: Communication (bargaining)
  • 12: +1 to Communication


Mutants are humans whose bodies are deformed in various degree by exposure to radiation, but who has survived this otherwise deadly hazard. Some of these are so heavily affected, that their brains has grown feral and thus act more like animals than humans. They are very resistant to radiation and thus can survive in more hostile environments than humans and even live longer. Despite being mutated, they are only the "race" to have access to the Physical mutation talent from the start, granting access to great bodily feats.Due to their altered bodies they have a much harder time with social interaction and outside of communities who welcome or tolerate them they will gather together in groups and live.

Primary abilities: Constitution, perception, fighting and communication.
Starting HP: 20 + constitution.

Mutant benefits:

  • -+1 constitution
  • -Ability focus in one of two: Constitution (stamina) or Perception (hearing)
  • -Talent: Burglary or Physical mutations
  • -Treat radiation levels as two tiers lower (i.e. treat "medium radiation" as none)

Background benefits: Roll twice on this table with 2d6.

  • 2: +1 to Perception
  • 3-4: Ability focus: Communication (deception)
  • 5: Ability focus: Constitution (tolerance)
  • 6: Ability focus: Dexterity (sleight of hand)
  • 7-8: +1 to Communication
  • 9: Ability focus: Perception (searching)
  • 10-11: Ability focus: Fighting (brawling)
  • 12: +1 to Constitution

Mutations: Roll 1d3 for number of mutations and then 1d3 for each to see the severity of each mutation, but max 1 heavy mutation.


An obscure kind of mutant. These are often hunted and experimented upon since they possess the ability to shapeshift to not get noticed, which is sadly pretty ironic. Often they also possess powerful mindcontrolling abilities. Unlike normal mutants, they have a very low tolerance towards radiation and in general their physique is pretty weak. Usually they stick to being loners or in small groups. They are also often very intelligent and perceptive. While not looked down upon due to lack of bodily mutations, they are often in danger due to people wanting to experiment upon them.

Shapeshifting: Every couple of months they are able to change their appearance in any way they wish (within their body mass) and this takes 24 hours worth of concentration.

Having the mindcontrol mutation, they are unable to gain any sort of body mutations (as described on page 6).

Primary abilities: Perception, intelligence, communication and willpower.

  • Starting HP: 15 + constitution.
  • Mindjacker benefits:
  • -+1 intelligence
  • -Ability focus in one of two: Intelligence (electronics) or Communication (deception)
  • -Talent: Mind control or Living on the Fringe
  • -Treat radiation levels as one tier higher (i.e. treat "low radiation" as "medium radiation")

Background benefits: Roll twice on this table with 2d6.

  • 2: +1 to willpower
  • 3-4: Ability focus: Dexterity (stealth)
  • 5: Ability focus: Intelligence (security)
  • 6: Ability focus: Communication (disguise)
  • 7-8: +1 to Communication
  • 9: Ability focus: Willpower (self-discipline)
  • 10-11: Ability focus: Perception (hearing)
  • 12: +1 to Intelligence


This is the result of many years of research, testing, development and brainwashing from the surviving minds of SS officers, who still believe wholeheartedly in the Great Führer and his ideals. In their grand fortress of Litchenstad they have created massive and bulking bodies, made for one purpose only: Complete obedience to his creators and destruction of any enemies of theirs.However, some of these poor souls manage to "wake up" from this indoctritation and free themselves from this hellish place and into a wasteland where they are generally distrusted for good reason as most encounters with Übermenschen result in heavy injuries or death.

Generally they are seen as stupid and slow witted and with a bad temper.

Primary abilities: Strength, constitution, willpower and fighting.

  • Starting HP: 30 + constitution.
  • Übermensch benefits:
  • - +1 strength
  • - Ability focus in one of two: Fighting (heavy blades) or Strength (might)
  • - Talent: Grappling style or Two-handed style
  • - +2 natural toughness
  • --1 Intelligence

Background benefits: Roll twice on this table with 2d6.

  • 2: +1 to Constitution
  • 3-4: Ability focus: Strength (intimidation)
  • 5: Ability focus: Constitution (stamina)
  • 6: Ability focus: Fighting (heavy blades)
  • 7-8: +1 to Strength
  • 9: Ability focus: Willpower (self-discipline)
  • 10-11: Ability focus: Fighting (short hafted)
  • 12: +1 to Fighting


Since these are pure machines they have no need for sleep, food or drink, but they do require maintenance regularly. Due to their bodies being machines, it allows for easy and a lot of tinkering being done, but some of these will of course make them stand more out and thus easier targets for people seeking out androids for whatever reason. Of course, they are unable to gain physical or mental mutations (as described in the part about these mutations).
Each android has a secret code, which can be used to put them out of commission fully until they are turned on once more. So naturally they try to guard this code, if they know about it (mostly they will not though).

Energiwise they can stay powered on for about 1-3 months, depending on how active they are.

Primary abilities: Dexterity, intelligence, accuracy and perception.

  • Starting HP: 20 + constitution.
  • Android benefits:
  • - +1 perception
  • - Ability focus in one of two: Intelligence (tinkering) or Accuracy (pistols)
  • - Talent: Hacking or Knowledge

- Has 5 different stages of manufacturement:

  • 1: Very humanlike (hard to distinguish from real humans)
  • 2: Very accurate, but with little imperfections here and there
  • 3: A few larger spots on the body where you can spot the difference
  • 4: Most essential parts of the body is mostly human-like
  • 5: Synthetic look on face and body, but rest of the skeleton is machinelike

Stage 1-3: No extra armour and normal Communication.

Stage 4: -1 Communication +1 armour.

Stage 5: -2 Communication +2 armour.

-Not affected by radiation.

Healing: Can only regain HP by being repaired. Use repair related ability focus of minimum TN 10 and number of successes beyond 10 gives X number of HP back, but always at least 1 HP. Every extra 1 hour of intense repair lowers TN with 2 and thus also number of HP regained.

Background benefits: Roll twice on this table with 2d6.

  • 2: +1 to intelligence
  • 3-4: Ability focus: Dexterity (crafting)
  • 5: Ability focus: Intelligence (electronics)
  • 6: Ability focus: Perception (searching)
  • 7-8: +1 to Accuracy
  • 9: Ability focus: Accuracy (longarms)
  • 10-11: Ability focus: Intelligence (security)
  • 12: +1 to Perception



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Just now, WritesNaughtyStories said:

What is the effect of Primary Abilities?

Oh shit. I forgot to lock the topic. But I can answer you still until it is fixed
Every even level you get a point in your primari ability until it "caps out" at 5 and every point therre after takes 3 "advancements"
You also pick a focus under and primary ability.

The opposite goed for uneven levels.

Did that help?

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So, at the outset Petal has Focuses in Accuracy, Communication, Intelligence and Perception because those 4 are listed as Primary for humans or should I have picked one of the 4?

Because looking for a trap in the dark, a Sight focus in perception would be really useful.

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Abilities are not focuses.
For instance : LEadership is focus under communication. You have the focuses you have gotten from start. Without a focus you basic roll is: 3d6+relevant ability score.

So if I ask for something like Communication (leadership) and you do not have  the leadership focus, you simply roll 3d6+communication score

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30 minutes ago, JennyDK said:

You also pick a focus under and primary ability.

So this is at every even level? Or is it at the outset?

Additional edit: I think I was unclear in the way I asked the initial question, let's try that again:

Should I choose a focus under each of the four Primary Abilities?

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ever = every
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