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Up for anything! (MxM/FutaxM) (Humans/Furries/Animals)


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Greetings! I'm searching for some new roleplays.

Please read my roleplay rules/preferences. I'd like to find a partner who is compatible.

. • ° ✿ ° • .

My roleplay rules and preferences

1. I usually only do Male x Male roleplays in which i usually play the bottom.
However my character's personality doesn't revolve around his position in
bed. At the moment i do like playing more submissive guys. I know the tag
in the thread says MxM or FutaxMale. I'm currently interested in trying out a
Sub Male x Dom Futa roleplay, me being the submissive male.

2. The minimum i write is 2 paragraphs. I'd rather not go any lower than that because i
lose my interest in roleplays that lack detail. I can always write more than 2 paragraphs.
Usually i try to match my partner's replies

3. I roleplay in the third person and use the past tense. I refuse to write in first person or
second. I don't enjoy writing in the present tense either.

4. When it comes to characters i simply give a basic character sheet containing the name, age
appearance, personality and if necessary any other import information. I use faceclaims as well,
these can be either drawn or realistic. I use them for the sake of visual because i'm more of a
visual person.. if that makes sense. The minimum age of my characters are 15, i don't go lower.

5. Communication is important to me. Please do not ghost or ignore me. I will tell you if there's something
with the roleplay and i will notify you when i can't reply for a certain period of time. I'd highly appreciate
it if you'd do the same.

6. Furries, humans, animals, i'm fine with anything to be honest.

Please check out my kink list!
Link to my F-list

° • . ✿ . • °


I currently have a few ideas/cravings. If you have any ideas
you think would be fun, please suggest them.
I'm open to almost everything. Please know
that all these pairings include romance. I don't
do roleplays without romance.

. • ° ✿ ° • .


1. Monsters
A human paired with some sort of monster is something i've always
enjoyed. My favorite monsters are: Tentacle monsters, Centaurs,
Minotaurs, hyrbids like dragons or so. If you have a certain type
of monster feel free to suggest it.

2. slave/pet
I'd love to perhaps have a dominant male or Futa buying herself a
cute pet? Perhaps the pet could be some sort of hybrid such as a
cute cat boy or so. We can always discuss this more. I think it would
be cute if the slave/pet is a bit scared in the beginning and he's
forced into some stuff but later on he starts to really enjoy it and
develop feelings for his master?

3. Family
Preferably something like father x son of some sorts. I think it would
definitely make things interesting if the father also has some sort of
wife/girlfriend, this means the father and son will have to be sneaky.
Something like brother x brother can also work.
I'd like to add a male x futa idea here. Perhaps we could go with an
older sister using her younger brother for her own pleasures? Or maybe
there's a few of her friends staying over and they're all kind of in the mood
to use the younger brother? I think the thought of a bunch of girls using a
younger and smaller boy is quite nice..

Doing some Daddy dom/Mommy dom x little boy action definitely interests me, if anyone's up for that.


5. Fairies! ( N E W)
I'd love to play as a small fairy. Perhaps we could go with him being a small but still decent size.
It would be cute if he becomes friends with a human in some way and later on he's shown the
wonderful world of pleasure by the human.. Perhaps the fairy could even be quite stretchy and
take a human cock?


6. The family's pet

I think it would be fun to play as a little boy who loves his big pet dog, but the dog starts getting

a bit 'too' intimate with his little owner. It all starts by humping, but later on it turns into sex as 

well. This story doesn't need to be filled with smut, there can definitely be these cute moments

between the dog and little boy as well.

Other ideas we could add/use for a plot

* Rape/Non-con

* Abuse

* Incest

* Age gaps

* Furries

‎ ° • . ✿ . • °


If you have any other ideas feel free to show them to me!

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