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LoveXSirena (looking for female to play sirena)


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my name is John, I am 26 YO, 6 ft. Tall and athletic build, I have a house in the woods, with a basement that I am using to create a sex chamber. I have found my first pet, in a young 19 YO, girl who I met in town the other day, she was with her friends and we had bumped into each other, she asked me what my name was, I was shocked that she even paid me any mind. I look very young for my age, that must have been the reason. I gladly told her my name and began observing her body, those legs in those tight jeans, they were ripped, due to the style nowadays, her breasts were already so developed, I could look at her hips from the front and could tell that she must have a nice butt in the back of her. One of her friends rudely interrupted our short conversation and told me to beat it. Her friends quickly took her with them, before she was taken from me, I slipped a note with my phone number into her hand. Just hoping she would contact me when they aren't around. As she walked away, I got a chance to see her ass in motion, every step she took her ass would just move with her, it wasn't too big but not small either, and the shape was just perfect. I wanted to be the one too drive my cock deep inside her guts! Now its just a waiting game.

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