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An Rp would be appreciated. (Males only)

Xenia Renekton

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The wiry, dark haired youth leaned against the wall watching the Romany dance from the edge of the crowd. People dropped coins in her basket while the youth looked on, face hidden in the shadow of his hood. As the dance ended and the crowd thinned out the girl bent to collect her meager earnings.

As she did and surprisingly strong hand clamped on to her wrist. "There's real money to be made for one so lovely as you" came a quiet, tenor voice from deep in the shadows of the hood. He - it seemed a he - let go of her wrist and held up his hand, "No. Not that way, dancing. Just not here. The other though, might be my price for showing you where."

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She gasped as she felt the hand around her wrist, the sudden action causing her to almost jump out of her skin. She looked up at the man hidden beneath the hood, brows furrowed above narrowed eyes as she took his words with caution. She hummed quietly and glanced down at the coin she gathered, closing the pouch and tying it into her belt before she looked to him once more with arms crossed over her chest. 

"I'll take the offer. However should it be not to my liking I'll be taking my leave."

She told him, voice as smooth as the way she danced. She gestured for him to lead the way for her to follow.

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"That may not be up to either of us." the shadowed voice says with a nod of its hood deeper into the twisted alley's of the old part of the city. "Stay close - the alleys all twist and the neighbors are not all friendly, I'm afraid."

After a maddeningly complex path they reach a small, nondescript door which her guide lays a hand on, once we're inside you're going to have to dance. Liking it won't matter. He lowers his hood and a remarkably attractive young man is revealed. His hair is nearly as dark as the shadow that concealed his face. His eyes are a dark brown but bright and friendly. He is clean shaven and youthful, "If you choose not to enter, I will show you out, but riches await within."

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She followed after him quietly as they weaved through the complex alleyways. She memorized the directions they took as well as she could, not wanting to be lost should she need to head back out. 

When she saw the location they were in she narrowed her eyes, glancing up at the man as he pulled down his hood. She hadn't expected him to look as he did but she was glad he did. A sight for sore eyes. She then smirked up at him mischievously.

"I dont run away from some good money."

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