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Can love turn villains good? (Tsuki & JennyDK).


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Overall premise: Interactions between local hero and villain turn to love and more over time.

GENERAL VIBE: Think something between Kick-Ass (ordinary people mostly) and X-Men (high tier power usage). There ARE powers and such, but they are on a more down-to-earth level.

Among these few people, my partner and I will be playing two of such: I can be either the hero or the villain. We can have whatever abilities we agree upon or what may be reflected in our choice of reference picture.

The villain will start as being aware of the hero's presence and thus begin to have conflicts with them of various degree, but nothing OP like leveling entire cities - the main thing here really is how the two, over time, grow closer and develop their bond from pure enemies to lovers and partners eventually.

The idea here is that they start to let on more about their lives than they probably should, slowly getting a better understanding of each other and the fights even turning more into an excuse to be closer to the other, before they both fully realize why this is happening

Our heroine:

Concept: Full  time vigilante. Works together with a brilliant, secret scientist who helps her with her gear in exchange for her dealing with crimes. Wears massive machinery arms and hands she uses to pummel bad guys. Very tomboyish and hard to get close to.
Name: Lisa Matterson.
Age: 22
Background: Left home at an early age and lived on the street for a few years before she witnessed a middle aged man getting assaulted by violent thugs. She came to his rescue and the man thanked her by letting her live in his home. Here she got involved with his experiments, helping where she could and they formed a deep friendship as well as mutual respect for each other's ability to help the other. From her time on the streets, she knows how dangerous it is out there and thus wants to deal with the crimes police never bother with. So she had her scientist help her make equipment to better deal with the problems.

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The villain


Concept: neurosurgeon. Strong willed and bad ass person full of herself. Lightning flows through her veins, however she needs a conductor to spread electricity. Her weapon: a black mechanical ax.

Real Name: Lilith Walker

 Nickname: Azazel

 Age: 25

Background: Coming from a very rich family, thanks to her intelligence she quickly made her way into the world of medicine. After completing her studies she founded the BRAINSTORMING ENTERPRISE (BE). The private clinic climbs the rankings of popularity thanks to nanotechnology surgery and ultramodern medicine studies that take place inside. In reality, in the basement of the clinic, experiments are carried out on humans on the edge of ethics. Azazel was born from one of these experiments, carried out by the doctor directly on herself.


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It is another late night and Lisa is out on her usual route to scour the large metropolitan town for any signs of trouble happening. With this many people living here and such conditions covering major parts of town into poor conditions, it's no wonder how crimes spread. Lisa does understand that many turn to crime due to bad life conditions, but that is simply no excuse in her mind. She worked her ass to get into a better life and she will make sure that the streets are safe for decent people.

Most people, by now, are asleep, but of course it is at night where most criminals make their marks in one way or another.

She doesn't know it yet, but a certain someone has been noticing her doings in town and wants to put a stop to her crime fighting.

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Azazel and his entourage left the Hotel Palace that night. The bargaining had been successful.

 "My lady" a bodyguard handed her the cell phone.

 "The material will arrive tomorrow. Make good use of it." Money. Everything revolved around cowardly money in her world and by now she had understood how to use it to her advantage.

 "I'll take a walk. Return the limousine"

 "But ... ma'am ... it's dangerous ...".

Azazel's yellow eyes light up in the dark. "Do you think the night is more dangerous than me, baby?" the young man backed trembling.The goddess touched the watch on her wrist and her body was covered in red and black armor with feline lines. She walked alone through the dark streets of the city, until a pair of winter sunset eyes pierced her. The woman slowed her pace, swaying sinuously as a panther reached her prey. "The kids should sleep at this time of night," she began, licking her lips.

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So far, the night is just quiet and without any trouble. While Lisa appreciates no crime or stuff to deal with, it does get boring when you walk around for hours with nothing to do.

Still, she has gained a minor following and even older people dare to walk the places they know that she patrols and she makes sure to hit as large an area as possible.

Currently, she is moving through some alley ways where some rumors has led her to believe something than standard thughs will travel through. Even now, she is very unaware that the rumors of her has reached Azazel, someone she has yet to meet herself.

Her large mechanical arms are ready, but not on full alert right now.

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With sinuous movements she approached more and more to the young girl in front of her: the senses of the young woman seemed alert but had not yet seen her. Azazel felt an immediate attraction towards that creature: the more she looked at her, the more her desire to tease her and squeeze her fill her veins. It had been years since the woman had felt so excited.The doctor came out of the dark alley and spoke out loud.

 "It is dangerous to go out at night. The curfew has long since passed. You should be at home sleeping little girl." A devilish smile was painted on her face while the two golden eyes gave way to pupils as thin as pins.

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The white and black haired Lisa sees someone step out, looking like that. Either she is cosplaying or is doning this for a more serious reason. In any case, it is best to stay on your toes. She fully activates her huge black machine arms and take a firm stance on the ground, her eyes peeled and ready to keep an eye out for the other woman.

"I know it's dangerous and yet some still dare to face me! Who are YOU calling little? You practically look my age! Maybe you should put on your glasses...grandmaaa! Hahaha!", she says and smirks wide, showing no signs of being a pushover of any kinds.

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Azazel walked towards the girl without a shadow of fear, keeping her yellow and feral eyes on her orange and warm eyes. The smile became broader and more sly.

 "The height difference little brat must have misled me"

 The woman came closer. The difference in height between the two was further emphasized by the doctor's 15 heel boots that encircled her thighs. "Kitty lowers your weapons. Can't you see I'm harmless?" Lilith answered raising her hands and showing a dangerous look. The woman turned around leaning back against the wall and stretching like a cat.

 "I had a difficult night. I want a beer, do you keep me company?"

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Lisa watches the woman in strange looking armour come closer, but such nonchalantness does not pull her out of her current state of readiness and in fact only seems to make her a bit more unsure what this woman is about, what her deal is exactly.

Still,  she has done or said nothing wrong and only been mildly insulting. She also looks to be alone, so that makes Lisa a bit more anxious as a lovely looking woman walking by herself here at night usually spells bad news. She deems she must have some back-up nearby and/or be able to defends herself somehow.

"Harmless looking? I suppose so...but how do you fend off the thugs and rapists? I have rescued more females here than I wish to recall. Who ARE you anyway and what are you doing out here at this hour...and looking like this?". She wants answers to those things first before she even feels ready to reply to the invitation given by Lilith.

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The woman laughed out loud.

 "You're smart kitty."

 Azazel began to move towards a nearby park.

 "Do I have any weapons? Come on. It won't hurt you to rest kitty," she said with a sly smile.

 "To answer your unobtrusive questions: I am a business woman who likes to walk in the middle of the night wearing the clothing she prefers. I like to do what I want. Is there any prohibition, my beautiful vigilante?" Azazel began to sway, waving the round and perfect ass that nature had given her.

 "If you are worried about me, you have the excuse to follow me and I will have my company for the two beers that must be opened. What is your answer."

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Lisa very much doubt that this is all there is to it, but if she is up to no good, perhaps it is best to keep near her and observe what kind of person she is and why she asks Lisa of all people to join her.

A small smirk grows on her lips and she walks behing Azazel."So, what kind of business do you do anyway?", she replies and feel a tinge of heat and blush light up her face from the comment about being beautiful. So far, she has spent most of her days doing crime work and helping her scientist friend, so casual remarks about her looks is really unusual for her and very alien as well. Still she takes a few glances at the lovely swaying and yummy ass before her and even though Lilith cannot see it, she can almost sense the look she si getting on her tushie.

"F...fine...we can hang out a bit", she says, cheeks puffed up and a cute little frown of her as she looks away.

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They arrived in an open space in the park, illuminated by neon lampposts.

 "Sit down kitty," said Azazel, pointing to the space he had left on the bench by her side.Then she took a capsule and crushed it: in front of their eyes a mini bar took shape.

 "Seen is an extraordinary invention" she smiled passing a bottle of fresh beer to the young woman. "To us" toasted Azazel by rattling the glass.The doctor relaxed by leaning against the back of the bench and crossing her long, tonic legs.

 "The clear sky dotted with stars, the fresh air and the company of a pretty kitty. It seems that luck is on my side" she licked her lips.

 "However, my story is boring. Contracts. I mainly deal with contracts and financing" the face. She barely wrinkled. Azazel turned to Lisa and peered at her with her golden eyes, while she swallowed a sip of beer. "Your puffy red cheeks are really cute" 

The woman joked laughing softly, after which she ran a claw along Lisa's cheek, feeling herself shaken.

 "I will have sex with you"

 Azazel lowered herself until she was a few centimeters from her lips.

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((OOC: In case it needs to be said: I would really prefer avoiding rape or other sort of non-con))

Lisa takes a few looks around, wanting to still be sure they are alone. Something in this just feel so very...off.

She finally decides to take her seat on the bench next ot Azazel, not sure why this lady is being this nice and friendly to her and even giving her a nickname like that.

She looks in wonder from the capsule being crushed that suddenly made a mini bar appear as if done by magic. Still, she accepts the bottle (though quickly inspecting it) and then opens it easily. She seems to relax a bit more as this meeting seems to be of pretty harmless nature."Seen? Never heard of it...is it a company kind of thing?", she asks curiously. She cannot help but start to notice long and slender legs on Azazel and eventually blush hard once she feels her staring has been noticed."Uhhhmm..y.y.yes..t..t...to US!", she says cheerfully.

The next thing being said only makes her red tint even darker and her face hotter, despite the compliment not even being that overwhelming."M..m..mme..pr..p..pretty? Uhmmm...w..w.why are you...being this...flirty? I mean..I..I am just..you know..pretty ordinary", it comes from the girl who runs around with massive metal arms. Despite being tossed one compliment after another, taking her out of her comfort zone a lot, she still looks up at the lovely bright clear sky and takes in the sights from above. She listens to what sounds like a rather standard job description and then gets tossed another massive curve ball from the heavy stare of Azazel and yet another compliment added to the arsenal used against her."I..I..I..n..noo! Am not! Awhhh..e..geeez..y..you're embarrassing me!", she tries to be stern in her tone, but her blush and soft smile gives her away.

Then Azazel gets even closer yet where she runs one of her claws against Lisa's face, further setting off heat bombs in her mind and body. Their faces are so, so close and of course, she says something so bold, so sudden and so, well, direct."S..s..s.s..s...s..s..s..seeex? M..m.meeee? Yo..you...you and me? Ahhh...I..I..", she stutters, absolutely petrified, her lips quivering and she looks right into the eyes of the foxy woman.

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Azazel laughed heartily in front of Lisa's reactions. "Oh my .... you should see your face, kitty! You are too funny." She swallowed another sip of fresh beer and nearly went sideways.

 "I haven't had so much fun in a long time!" Azazel go back to observe the clear sky. "Patience, my little kitty. We have all our lives ahead to know ourselves. A little mystery at first is like salt on a good dish," replied the woman with a wink. Lilith took a deep breath. Her instincts had never been wrong: the smell of that little girl, her eyes, those cheeks that reddened with every compliment...everything about that creature made her shiver in pleasure. Why? The orange-eyed young woman wondered.

 "Tell me Kitty is there perhaps a reason not to be attracted to someone at first glance? You are attractive. Your personality is attractive. Your physical appearance is attractive. I'm not just flirting: I always say what I think." For Azazel, being attracted to someone was a rarity, so people called her the tin-hearted goddess. Nobody had ever seen her with a patner. Since the death of her family she had always been alone. She refused any contact, unless supported by work motivations and spent her free time drowning in experiments and studies. "I could fill you with compliments, but I think the most appropriate place is a soft bed with you naked under me, not a squalid park, while we have a beer." The woman turned to Lisa showing a languid look.

 "Sex. I want to have sex with the beautiful woman who caught my attention from the first glance and with whom I'm having one of the most interesting moments of my last 10 years. I don't see what's so upsetting. It is perhaps a crime want to make love to you, Kitty? ". Lilith added by taking Lisa's hand and kissing her  gently. Azazel's excitement was almost palpable and spread like a toxic aura around her body and made her words resemble a siren's song. The woman did not hide that she was lucky to wear armor or otherwise her young prey would have noticed the huge bulge of her sex, however it was also an extremely painful condition. "Don't worry Kitty, I won't eat you up now. Obviously as long as you don't want it too" Azazel sighed slyly in the young girl's ear. The girl's scent was intoxicating and was blurring her senses. A powerful urge to mate spread through her body. 'Damn. Next time I learn to play with animal genes!'.  Since Azazel had implanted  in her body nanites based on the genetics of wild animals, her senses had also slightly increased, as well as her libido. It was certainly an advantage, but not now. Instinctively she licked her neck. Lisa's taste shorted her. How could a creature that reminded her of the winter sunset, taste like sweet summer peaches? Azazel would have liked to feel that taste on her lips forever. 

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Lisa giggles in a mixture of awkward and genuine appreciation. This woman is surely someone else. Mysterious, sweet, pretty and seems very interested in her, the last thing so utterly new and alien to her. Without noticing herself, she has scooted closer to Azazel, their hips practically touching by now. Her current position easily makes it able for the foxy lady to stare into her deep exposed cleavage showing in her tunic-like clothing as well as give a nice view of her thick and lovely pale legs. Her face is still fully red."I...I am fun..no one...has ever said that to me ever...as well as the other stuff...I..I am not sure...how you..see those things", she replies, not yet having thought to ask the stranger of her name.

She and even Azazel are unaware of it, but their romantic and probably sexual experience is possibly pretty low to non existing, making the flirting stand out even more to them both. Neither has Azazel or Lisa awareness of the lack of history with attraction to other people."N..n..no..I..I suppose not. This is just...a lot to take in for me. We just met...and I..I've never..uhhm..y..you know..that thing...with anyone. You are really..overwhelming me...in so many ways. W...why me? I..I am sure one like you could have any partner...you wanted", she replies back and once more hear the direct and bold invitatio to bed with the stranger. Pretty much nonstop her face is bright red and hot."I...in bed..o..oh my..I mean, you already said that...but to hear it...that openly...", she says before falling quiet, clearly very unsure what to say or think. However, Azazel has yet to hear a 'no'.

The reality and clearness of the lustful intentions of Azazel keeps beating Lisa on the head and while she is a fully virgin, she is having a hard time ignoring the attractiveness of the words, the looks, the scent and of course the sensation of the hybrid woman besides her. She does not offer protests or struggling as Lilith effortlessly grasp her hand in her own and even lean close in and steal a kiss from Lisa. The moment is short, but for the black and white haired young woman it is like fireworks in her mind and body. The sensation of the older woman's lips is soft, sweet and intoxicating. The kiss ends and she gasps softly."You...you really mean,...all of this, compliments...everything..hhaahhh...I...you are very pretty, sweet and lovely too...you make me really consider your offer! I have never...been wanted in this way...I...I..", she pauses only to lean in and kiss Azazel once more, but much longer and putting her own effort into it."Mmmmmmmmmm....", she hums in delight and finally lets a hand slide over to caress the lovely tummy of Azazel.

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On 7/1/2020 at 12:03 AM, JennyDK said:

I..I've never..uhhm..y..you know..that thing...with anyone.

She would never forget those words for the rest of hwr life. The mere idea that this creature could belong to her turned on her core of energy and it was extremely difficult to keep it under control. The lightning inside her buzzes ready to be released just like before a battle. Azazel made the gesture to turn around, but was amazed by the girl's audacity: she was kissing her! Inside her the woman laughed proud and satisfied. Lilith left the kiss for a short moment, then pulled herself together.

 "Are you sure Kitty? Do you kiss me and caress my belly? You are brave! Now explain to me: how can I not eat you?"

 The woman lifted the young girl's chin and stared at her intently without looking away: if she had only had one bite of the apple, she would have swallowed it in one bite. The distance between the women shortened suddenly when Azazel caught her lips. The kiss was not tender. The Doctor insinuated herself between Lisa's lips, spreading them apart. Then she slid her tongue into it  without any difficulty. Azazel began to dance with the woman's shy and inexperienced appendix, enjoying the sweet fruity flavor.

 The Doctor moved one of her hands behind Lisa's neck to lock her head, while with the other hand she began to explore the young woman's body.

She touched it at the navel, and then went up along the flat and solid abdomen, typical of those who trained daily. Lightning bolts of pleasure flowed into Azazel's body as she approached the woman breasts: firm and of the perfect size to be taken in her hands. Lilith closed her fingers on one of her soft hills, with the delicacy of someone holding a fragile crystal in her hands. "Oh perfect," she murmured, lost in contact. Not satisfied, the old woman left the girl's swollen lips and went down leaving a trail of kisses along the jaw until she reached the neck.

 She also used the other hand which slid from her neck along the entire spine of the young woman until she positioned herself at the height of her buttocks, delightfully proportioned and toned for that slender figure. As Azazel's tongue licked every inch of Lisa's neck intoxicating herself with her perfume, the hand placed on her breast began to tease the small diamond that stood on that softness. Azazel pinched it gently, listening to the reactions of the young woman's body. SHe pinched it, squeezed it, caressed it, while the other hand from the buttock passed in front, circumnavigating the athletic thigh until it reached the tender flesh between her legs. At that point Azazel crept under the girl's skirt, while she bit and sucked her neck leaving a visible sign of her passage.

 "How are you Kitty?" said the doctor in a soft and sensual voice, while a broad and mischievous smile was painted on her face.

Lilith regained the lips of the young woman, without giving her time to respond and while one hand cuddled her breasts, the other began to dance on the skin of the inner thigh, light and graceful, but without ever touching Lisa femininity. Azazel was torturing her.

 "Kitty" the kiss became softer and sweeter "not here".

 Azazel broke away from the young woman, barely touching the center of her intimacy with the index finger.

 "Tomorrow is Sunday. I suppose also the vigilantes  have a day off," she handed her a ticket.

 "My home. Out of town. You are welcome Kitty" she leaned towards her "and I don't accept no for an answer" Azazel whispered as she placed a velvet kiss on the young girl's lips.

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The kiss was short, but still no less soft, warm and nice. Lisa feels her blood boil, even from something so brief and practically innocent. Yet this is still very overwhelming for someone like Lisa.

Before she knows it, the kiss ends and she is left fully flustered and embarassed and lightly hot from the kiss and now being told this."I...I uhmm.y..you se-....", she tries to stutter out a reply, but is too affected still to think or act normally, but before long, her lips are caught again and this time a heavily aggressively kiss, where even tongue is involved. This is totally different and even more overwhelming, with the sheer ferocity that Azazel is giving to the kiss. Her mind is utterly tumbling around and by sheer instinct alone, does she return the kiss, clumsy and inexperienced as it is. Her tongue does its best to match the eager and rapid twirling, lapping and thrust of the slightly older female. Her body trembles heavily as a result and she can only let her primal brain guide her.

She has no idea where to put her hands, but the one exploring her younger form soon sets her own in motion. Deep grunts escape into the kiss while the hand of hers slip to the side of Lilith's body to slowly caress up and down. Even like this, the hybrid woman can feel hesitation and shyness in Lisa. When the hand ends up on her breast, she tenses up hard, but does not pull back or stop the kiss. Her nipple is already lightly stuff and the spot warm to the touch. The kiss ends so abruptly and the short compliment makes Lisa almost pudding in Azazel's hands.

The next kisses reach her neck before the tongue of Lilith slowly and sensually lick and lap at her lovely neck. Deep panting is heard from the black and white haired female."Ha..hahhh...nnghhh..sooo gooood..please..m..m.moooore!", one of her own hands still caress the sides of Azazel, but the other goes from still and hanging and to the back of the older woman's head to push it closer. When her little love bud is gently played with in various ways, she squirms even wilder, but not so much as to keep Lilith from continuing."Ahhh..ahhh...please..it's..soo muuuuch..you are teasingg meeee!", she pants out, immobilized in this fashion beyond her own gently push of her hands againt the back of the head and the hand on the side now daring to caress Azazel's own chest, squeezing her own breasts lightly, wanting to return the favour. Finally the other hand of the older female slides under her short skirt where she can feel lightly damp panties. This makes Lisa moan even harder and faster."Nghhh...y..yo..you are c..c..cclose t..t.to...", she manages to say before stopping fully.

Once more, the kiss halts Lisa from talking further, but in reality she would be too embarrassed to finish that sentence, so in a way she is relieved. Her legs even spread sloooowly on their own from the touches on the inner thigh being given to her. Whenever  the hand of Lilith gets too close to her crotch, she can feel heat radiating heavily from it though.

The whole scene finally culminates in the kisses getting more tender and passionate than rough. Though the last faint touch on the middle of sex makes her shudder hard with joy."Ahhh...y..yess..I..I..I will look..into it...just don't..tease me so much", she says, face redder than a ripe tomatoe.

Then she accepts the ticket and receives a final smooch on her already quivering lips.

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Azazel got up lowered herself and before leaving her she stole the sunglasses Lisa wore on her head, printing a kiss on her cheek.

 "See you tomorrow, Kitty! I'll be waiting for you for lunch," after which the woman disappeared into the night.

 ~ * ~ * ~ * ~~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

 That morning Azazel diets a single clear disposition: do not disturb. Even if the universe had sunk into oblivion, they wouldn't have diverted her from her date.

Date. That word sounds new and full of excitement in the doctor's mind. A few hours before the meeting she was already quivering like a cat before the hunt, the woman decided to train to release the tension. After training, Azazel took a shower before getting dressed. The long white sundress highlighted her slightly tanned skin. The dizzying gap made it possible to glimpse the long, smooth and muscular legs. The V cut of the neck surrounded the breasts full and firm, while the dizzying neckline on the back allowed to admire her elastic back like that of a panther. She wore golden sandals and curled her hair in a long braid reminiscent of Greek / Roman hairstyles, before wearing some jewelry that brightened her eyes. She put on Lisa's sunglasses and licked her lips. On the mirror Lilith was a breathtaking vision.

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She is about to reach out to quickly snatch her sunglasses back, but is then "defeated" with the sudden and unexpected and soft peck on her cheek, leaving her fully immobilized for now and blushing hot and heavy. Lisa takes off and heads for home, trying to process what the Hell just happened here and why she both felt so helpless and yet kind of safe and home in the presence of the slightly older woman - a woman she never even asked the name of. She has a hard time falling asleep in her bed, rolling around for a few hours before fatigue claims her and she falls into a slumber, which is also dominated by the fateful meeting. She seems "safe" nowhere for now it seems....


Lisa's morning before meeting with the strange morning is one full of tensions, doubt, fears and just plain anxiety. She has never ever been asked out, at least that is what it sounded like. Her mind is spiraling out of control and soon her scientist friend tries to help her calm down, despite his own lack of social skill and awkwardness. Of course, she tells him all about the encounter and he cannot stop himself from blushing a bit from it all, even though he is not interested in Lisa in that way. He reassures her the best he is able to and by some miracle she finally decides on what to wear and even manages to get outside (with some pushing from Dr. Light).

After a lot of hesitation, going back a bit backwards and then forwards again, she finally ends up near the estate that the woman lives at. There is a tall fence with a gate and behind it a huge mansion that oversees the ocean close to the town. Her finger trembles and shakes, but finally rings the intercom on the gate.

With the camera, Azazel is able to see Lisa's choice of outfit.


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Azazel saw her on the screen and jumped: she was pretty, really too much pretty. Shorter than her but perfectly proportioned, with her cheeky tomboy look but terribly shy inside. That girl was a delight. Azazel was sure that Lisa was agitated and this would allow her to observe an infinite number of expressions that were still unknown.

 "For now I will content myself with making those beautiful cheeks blush."

 Azazel opened the imposing gate and went to meet the girl along the tree-lined avenue.


 Lilith did not hide her happiness in the least.


 The woman gently took the girl's hand and placed a chaste kiss on it, before offering her a smile as bright as the summer sun. Lilith intertwined her fingers with those of the young woman and she reset the distances between them by whispering something in her ear "I hope you slept well tonight dreaming of me" then placed a gentle kiss on her temple.

 "Now. Can I invite you to lunch, my beautiful guest?"

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Lisa almost jump in surprise as the large opens on its own. Not so much because it did so in itself, but rather the suddenness of it happening. Then she walks inside, taking sights of the many things here, like bushes cut into various shapes, a tennis court, an outdoor swimming pool. She can tell the other woman is loaded, makin her even more nervous as she could never ever live up this sort of standard. This whole luxury thing puts even more thoughts and doubt in Lisa's mind and she is just about to freak out and run away.

The sight and sound of Lilith stops her before she gets to even try to escape. She feels immobile. Again. A nervous laugh escapes her mouth and she gets a proper look of Lilith. Her eyes go big, go wide, stare hard, up and down, up and down. Her face turns instant crimson and piping hot. Her lips quiver and she is literally speechless between now and when Liith is closer to her.

When her hand is taken, she unfreezes, but her blush remains on her cheeks."I...I..uhhmm..w..woow..uhhmm..ohhh geeezz..I..y..y..y..yesss", she finally speaks up, but ever so faintly, her tomboyish and rather outspoken nature completely defeated by the lovely and gorgeous woman before her, sweeping her off her feet with so little.

She regain some of her composure afterwards and smiles shyly."Please...I would love that...where do we go?".

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Azazel's crystalline laughter rose into the air. "You're a constant surprise Kitty," she said, shaking the young girl's hand. Before going into the villa, the landlady decided to make a small detour. The woman made her take a tour of the garden: everything was taken care of to perfection, but the corner where she had led it was not directed by man but by nature. Roses and wild plants surrounded a secret path that directly reached a natural terrace, where rock stairs led down to a private beach.

 "I admit this is the corner of paradise in which I escape after work."

 Lilith was much more relaxed there and looked like a more ... a human creature.

 "I will take you here at sunset to definitely conquer your heart." Azazel pulled Lisa to her and placed a light kiss on Lisa's lips. The walk ended when they entered the villa. The modern and design house developed on two floors. They entered a large hall made bright by the windows that looked directly onto the ocean.


 She took off the jacket and hat from the girl herself, while smiling at her in a mischievous way "I wouldn't mind undressing you completely" she said tightening the young woman's belly and kissing her in the hollow of her neck. Azazel accompanied Lisa to the imposing dining room: it was white and extremely accurate in every detail.

 "Take a seat" the woman pushed her chair aside making her sit, after which she absent for a few minutes. Azazel returned accompanied by wine and a couple of pasta dishes with clams. "I hope you like it. I don't often cook for such important guests," she whispered, pouring her a glass of wine. Lilith sat across from Lisa and raised her cup. "To us?" she winked at her before tinkling the crystals.

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Lisa feels how much out of place she is here, especially from her attire. She feels so utterly plain and bland besides the radiant and well dressed beauty she is here to visit. She is not even sure how to respond to being told something like that - uncertain what is meant "constant surprise" and if this is good thing at all.

Still, she takes in the lovely sights all around her and she is able to at least release the very edge of her tension and anxiety, especially once she is led down towards the open and private beach owned by Lilith. The next words make her heart skip a beat or two  from imagining and of course directly hearing the confident older woman speak of assured conquest of her affection. The kiss on her lips mostly brings her out of her silent trance."Y..y..yoou look..really pretty...you know? I mean...very...beautiful..elegant.......unlike me", she says, sadness in her voice at the last part.

While traversing the hallway, she takes in the many fine paintings, flowers and other such decorations of high value and pretty looks.

I nod softly from being welcomed to your extravagant home and smile."Th..thank you....", she simply and softly speaks in appreciation. Without resisting, she lets Azazel  take off her jacket and hat, revealing most of her tummy and upper body, the tank top the only clothing left to cover her up. She doesn't really think much about how well covered as soon as she hears the indirect offer of being undressed fully."Yo..y..you s..sure? I am just...well..not much..to look at...not...not like you". she replies back, her face burning with embarrassement, but also appreciation, at least deep down.

She takes the seat as suggested and Azazel, even though she has her back to Lisa, can feel eyes staring her nice golden browned skin over as she walks away to get their food and drink.

It doesn't take long before Lisa sees her return with plates of yummy smelling food and wine. Honestly,  she doesn't really drink often, but it seems appropriate here and it would be rude to decline. So she digs into the meal given to her and even raise her glass as well. She feels really stupid as she only realizes this now,  from what Azazel  said."Yes! To ussss...but whooo are you exactly? I don't even know your name...and..we..k..k..k..kissed..multiple times. You seem to know me...though". she inquires, but still clank glasses with Lilith.

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Azazel listened to Lisa's few words. "Little Kitty. I already told you that I'm not going to eat you without your consent. For now I would just like to enjoy this lucky day with the beautiful woman who accepted my invitation." Lilith got up and served a lobster tail salad and as she placed the dish she dropped to Lisa's ear, moved a few strands lightly stroking the white skin and whispered. "Before you can go on, I am going to clarify one thing. If you think once again that you are not up to par, I will handcuff you and spank that nice little ass of you, for ALL DAY LONG. She placed a light kiss on the soft skin and chuckled amused.

 "Lilith. My name is Lillith. And yes I have the possibilities to know what is necessary about you, but no ... if you're wondering: when I met your eyes last night I didn't know who you were." Azazel took a bite and showed a mischievous smile while with one bare foot she reached the leg of the young woman and began to caress her sensually "I honestly don't care. I would like to know you without influences ... Lisa" she pronounced her name as if it were hot melted honey on her lips. The last course was a chocolate fondue. Azazel sat down beside the girl. "Do you like chocolate Kitty?". The woman took a drop with a finger: it was warm and thick, and she barely smeared it on the peach-colored lips of the young girl. That was the meal that would satisfy her, she thought as she lowered herself to taste the vigilante's mouth.

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She sighs in relief, but not fully sure how to feel about all of this. since Azazel basically have expressed she wants to have much sex with her. The idea of this is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time, mostly due to her lack of experience and such. Her face barely has any chances to lose its red hue and heat coming from being near Lilith or being exposed to her teasing, compliments or outright invitations for intercourse. She doesn't even really know how two females can do it, other than maybe.....and merely from those thoughts she grows even more uncertain about, well, everything."I...I would never dare think of you as someone...doing it against another's will. I..I am sorry, all of this..it is just really...unusual, new and strange to me...I..I am happy  you think I am pretty..though", she finally mutters out and fidgets with a napkin while looking away shyly. She gulps hard from the "threat" of being handcuffed and spanked, but the kiss just makes her shiver hard instead.

There! She finally knows her name and she can tell Lilith is the type who can get a hold if information she needs as well, but apparently not doing it in this case. That does put things into another perspective. Her flustered cheeks never lose their colour, but now not from being teased and complimented and rather from the company she is having here."Ohhh, I appreciate at least knowing...what to call you now...Lilith. That...that is a pretty name...you....you are .v....very pretty too...did...did I say that already...ohh geezz..I bet I did..uhhmmm..you are just...really.......stunning", she says, not sounding insincere, but rather just very shy. The soft and lovely foot caressing her leg already makes her feel shivers down her spine and a short joyful smile spreads on her face for a bit."Wi..without...i..i..influences? I..I am not sure I follow", she lightly moans out, the sensation amazing and she even catches herself returning the motion with her leg and the way she spoke her name...it is was like a small eargasm from that alone and she finds herself imagining Azazel's lips on hers once more, which is very obvious as she licks her lips without noticing.

When the final dish is here, Lilith instead move to sit beside me, my body already very happy with her utter presence. She watches, closely, how Azazel lowers a finger into the chocolate, only to spread it onto her soft and full lips. Before she can react to even that, Lilith is kissing her and with all of this teasing and such, she cannot stop herself anymore. She kisses back right away, but also slide up from her seat, lips never parting and she pulls her arms around the neck of the taller woman, pulling the lovely lady closer to herself, making out slowly and romantically.

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