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Taking Some Risks!

Typical Blue Haired Dude

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Hey guys!  I've been on this site for about a good month or so, doing mostly private rp's.  I have years of experience in role playing, but most of the communities I joined in the past involved 1-on-1 private role plays, at least when it came to sexual stories.  I'm still a bit shy about this, but I think I'm gonna try out some public rp's.  I know they aren't much different from private rp's but I just get very self-conscious when doing anything lewd with pairs of eyes watching. 0-0

Anyways, I don't really have any story ideas at this moment.  This post will be mainly just me chatting with anyone who wants to talk, but I'm open for any rp ideas or requests!  Feel free to approach me with anything.  I'll probably be looking around in the meantime.

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