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looking for futa

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heya I'm a submissive female looking for a dominant futa to breed my oc out.

for the setting ideas would it be that you will transform into a futa while my oc turns into a monster girl.


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    • Kzk242
      By Kzk242
      I’m looking for preferably a girl to rp as my pet who becomes a furry because of spell that I created. You suddenly have all the urges to be my cumslut and only lust for me to fill you up.
    • JennyDK
      By JennyDK
      Somehow, a portal between the human and monster planes have opened up.
      Of course, this causes a lot of uproar, uncertainty, distrust and many other things of the bad kind, BUT also a lot of opportunities for new species and cultures to study each other and try to coexist. Monsters who cross over and try to live with the humans are all assigned a caretaker who is there to help them settle in and adjust, as well as learn about human history, customs, culture and so on - basically, making them ready for a life here among human beings.
      I am one such monster, who wishes to learn about your world and everything. You are my caretaker, aiming to try and integrate me among your people and society.
      Who knew that love and romance could spark between a human and a monster girl?

      Quick notes:
      1) I will be playing a futa (let me know if multicocks is your thing 😉 ).
      2) Less focus on drama and more on the developing relationship my caretaker and myself.
      3) Light heartedness and wholesomeness required.
      4) No males, this is futa x female

      A few options for my looks (look HERE if you want more options ❤️😞
    • The Inflation Mechanic
      By The Inflation Mechanic
      Well, someone's gotta break the ice, and it might as well be me.
      The question is simple. If you like expansion/inflation stuff, you gotta have an old standby, a favorite, something that always makes you excited. I want to know what your favorite form of it is.
      For me personally, it's a hard call. But if there was one I had to have that I couldn't live without, it would be belly inflation.
      It just gives me great joy to see women inflate their stomachs, in real life, in artwork, in fantasies, and in roleplays. There are so many fun ways to do it, and it just gets me every time. It's my old faithful, and it will forever be one of my main kinks.
      What about you?
    • PossessiveKyou
      By PossessiveKyou Deactived
      Hi all! Kyou thought it would be a good idea to join another roleplaying community, so here I am... I'm pretty open to chat, so don't be shy... Also, Kyou would adore advice if we're roleplaying together! I normally prefer short posts (2-3 sentences) but I can try my best with semi-para or para... Feel free to hit me with anything lewd... Or taboo...
      Nice meeting you all~!
    • vindiction
      By vindiction
      Hey everyone.
      Looking for some new roleplays. 4-5 maximum partners. Would like it to be well-written and tasteful, but sexy and hot. Steamy.
      I would like to play as a female. I'm open to adapting to other roles, but my primary character is generally a straight female.
      Story ideas:
      - Kidnapping (DDLG or Master/Slave with Stockholm Syndrome)
      - Competitive (eg. Monster hunter x Monster)
      - Romantic (FxM with kinks that may be implemented)
      My characters include a female knight, a selkie, and a faery. For DDLG, just ask. ^^
      Please comment here if you are interested. I'll send you a private message and we can RP once we know we are compatible.
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