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Monica flipped open her laptop from the privacy of her home office.  Recently, she sent out her minions to find a cute girl to trap and break into her place.  As per her orders, they hacked into the girl's computer, making it so the little lens at the top of her laptop would turn on whenever she opened it, the light not working so she would have no idea she was being watched.

   One day her work was rewarded....Anjali, her prey, opened her laptop and was cruising through chatrooms, finally finding one.  To Monica's delight, the girl decided to wear only panties and topless.  Monica clicked and clicked, a half dozen pictures sent to her memory showing the topless innocent beauty.  She waited until she saw the name the girl was using then went to the chatroom herself.  

There, she found the girl.  Things went innocently and smoothly for a few days, chatting back and forth, talking about the weather, guys, anything except what Monica was most interested in.....domination.  Finally one day she turned on her laptop, discovered Anjali was on and contacted her.

'.....I think we need to go private," Monica said.  The chatroom had a private room setting for people that didn't want everyone else in the chatroom to see.  Once there, she sent the girl a message.

'.....I want you to strip for me and stand in front of your laptop,' she said.  She expected Angali to refuse and if she did, she was ready to blackmail her.

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Monica knew she was going to react that way....in fact, she was hoping the girl would because she loved to blackmail girls.

"You will do as I say because....well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so...."

She showed the girl a number of pictures of her topless, some naked as she was putting on pajamas for bed, a pic of her bending over to put on fresh panties....

"Now then," she continued...."unless you want me to plaster these all over the internet---not to mention your school---I think it's wise that you do as I tell you.  Now then....take off your clothes and stand for me in front of your laptop.  I warn you, if you close your computer I'll know it and I'll release those pictures.  Stand in front of me, open your legs and show me your pussy then  turn around and let me see that delishious ass of yours...."

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I think for a while and something clicks in me and I smile and write, " I know u r one of my classmates, fucking around with me....so now that u r busted, don't mess up with me anymore please....Samantha, its u right?"....thinking that its a joke being played upon me

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Monica laughed.....the girl thought she was one of her classmates!

'Fine,' she typed..'Time to show you....'

She backed away from the little light on the top of her own laptop and clicked, showing herself.  She was sitting at her desk, her 38DD tits almost bursting through the transparent top.

She sat back down and put a few of the pictures she had taken onto the screen.  "I don't think your friends would have access to your computer," she said...."leave alone taking these pictures.  'NOW,' she typed in capitol letters....'DO WHAT I TOLD YOU....STAND NUDE IN FRONT OF YOUR SCREEN, THEN TURN AROUND AND SHOW ME YOUR ASS....'

Monica already had plans in the works for this girl.....bondage would be just the start.  The innocent little teen would eventually become her property, her bedroom sex slave.

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I start shivering with fear and anxiety...my legs shaking I start to sweat and look at the screen watching my own pic taken right now from somewhere else...

Many thoughts crossing my mind like, "shud I report to police, or tell mom and dad.....no no no.....it will expose me anyways.....shit.....what has happened...who's this bitch. I don't think I have much choice....oh no...oh my god!!!!" And tears roll down my cheeks which are already red due to mixed feelings of fear and shyness....

I write "I think u r still watching me.....please don't do this to me...what wrong have I done to u..?" I say as I join my hands in front of screen  almost pleading and begging to leave me, with tears roling out

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Monica frowned, thought for a moment then typed.......

'I'm quickly getting tired of your immature reactions....you should've thought twice before going to chatrooms such as these....I'm going to give you 3 minutes to do as I say.....you make me wait a second longer and I WILL release these pictures to the internet and send some to your school's administration office.....'

   The woman sat in front of the screen, wine glass in hand.

"Now that you know I'm not one of your pubescent little friends, I want you to take a good look at me....I am going to be your new owner.....if it's one thing you'll soon discover about me, it's that I do not make false threats.....I advise you not to test me.....your time is running out, you now have 2 minutes left.  NOW, DO AS I ORDERED YOU!"

Of course Monica knew the girl would indeed do as instructed and when she did, the camera on the girl's laptop would take more pictures.....

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I slowly stood up with teary eyes and hesitatingly removed my white coat and put it on the floor and then in my yellow high neck top and black jeans I stood again in front of screen...I made one last attempt and joined my hands and made most poor face and without any voice coming out my lips synced  to say "PLEEAAASEEE.....!"


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'....Put your hands down at your side,' Monica ordered.....she had seen the girl numerous times before in various stages of undress but this was different....this time she was standing and displaying herself as she was told to.  The girl had an adorably cute body....she would make the perfect sex slave but now she would have to use more force.

Monica displayed the school administration's e mail address on the screen, as well as Anjali's personal e mail address....it's amazing what you can accomplish after hacking into someone's personal computer....

'This shows proof that I have access to send your pictures anywhere I wish," she said......'now.....you will take a finger, insert it in your pussy and slowly masturbate for me...get up close to the screen, I want to see your vagina in detail....'

She would humiliate the girl for a while, then just when she was about to cum, she would order her to pull out.  Directions would be sent to Monica's house and the girl would have no choice but to obey.

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Dangerously intimidated to see the two emails on screen I m so afraid that though slowly and hesistatingly I now stand straight and start to unzip my black jeans...now can be seen standing in my pink panties and yellow upneck top..

I stand like that for a while and then quickly remove the top thinking that let's just get away with it....my head is tilted as I stand in my casual pink lingerie with bra covering nicely my cute little 34b boobies...

I try hiding them for a second but then the fear on other side of screen dons on me and I let my arms open, just my head is down due to embarrassment.. 

In the hurry of removing top I forgot that I was asked to get nude and just turned around to show Monica my ass, I also bent down so she could see my 35cm ass partially draped in my pink panties

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By now Monica was starting to get a little impatient.  She could tell the girl was nervous and apprehensive but she had to learn who was in charge,

Showing her face on screen, she gave the girl a stern and unhappy look.  "If I wanted to see your underwear I would've told you," she said....."I specifically told you to strip NAKED!..."

She put one a short video on the screen....it showed Anjali stripping nude while getting ready to take a shower....apparently just because her computer was turned off she still hadn't learned to close the lid.  The video clearly showed the girl totally naked.  She walked past the computer, her naked body not less than about 2 feet away, giving closeups of her pussy.....

"Do you want me to send this delicious little video out onto the internet?," she asked....."I'm getting impatient with you.....do as your'e told OR ELSE!"



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I made a weeping sound and more tears rolled out but intimidated by threat I quickly removed my panties while turned around but with trembling hands....

My bare round small ass is now naked in front of my laptop screen...and after a seconds pause I bend down still weeping

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Monica was finally pleased....the girl reluctantly obeyed.  She had such a creamy complexion, her ass nice and white, her pussy just as creamy, a fur flower hovering just over her slit.  Both holes would soon be filled and used, but first Monica had to move to the next phase.

The screen went blank then words appeared on the screen.....

'....you will report to the following location....I saw in your bedroom that you have a good smart phone.  Put these directions on your phone.....you will put on a pair of shorts, a nice blouse but no panties or bra underneath....you will not tell anyone where are you going.  You will report to the address in one hour.  Failure to do so or delaying in any way will result in the sending of your pictures and the nudie videos to the internet and your school.  This will be your only instructions.....do as I say or ELSE....'

Monica signed off but left her laptop open......Anjali was already told not to close her laptop so she could keep an eye on her.  She made a last minute check on the guest room she converted to her playroom....ropes hung from the ceiling, ballgags, dildos, whips and handcuffs hung from the walls....bondage furniture was scattered around the room.

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I put the location on phone and searched way.....it was showing 45 minutes to reach...

"I don't have much time...or else I will be as good as dead...shit what have I put myself into shit shit shit...." I repeat in my mind

I weep for few seconds with face clasped in my hands then wipe off my tears......"ok...for now I have no other choice....let's change and go to the place....it can't be worse then this" I thought and opened my cupboard to take out shorts and blouse   removed my bra and wore the new dress as instructed without undergarments...

I tool a deep breath cleaned my face and made expressions normal and left room like this



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Monica was prepared....the girl was coming over like a fly in the woman's spider web.  Earlier on, she overheard a conversation the girl was having when a friend came over and Anjali confessed that she was a virgin.  When Monica remembered the conversation she was overjoyed.....in addition to torturing the girl and breaking her into her sex slave, she would also take her virginity as well.....

Monica picked a pink strap on harness from her arsenal and attached a 10 inch dildo to the crotch.  It wasn't the longest or widest one, but 10 inches would be huge for a girl that was still a virgin.

The doorbell rang and Monica went to the door dressed in only a black lace see through bra and matching panties.

"Good, you came!," she said cheerfully.  "Come in....."

She closed and locked the door behind her.  Motioning the girl to sit, she stood in front of her, gazing at her innocence.  "I'm glad to see you followed my instructions," she continued.  "Now then....let's see what I have to work with....take off your clothes while I get us something to drink.....you better be naked when I return..."

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I tried to call from behind trying to make u hear my plea "u...u....pleaseeee let me go"

My hands joined and legs trembling in fear...

"What have I done to u"....."see I came here as u said....I have already done everything...please let me go now...please delete my videos and pics"....

I m on my knees now begging and tears rolling out of my eyes

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"I SAID.....NAKED!," Monica calls out from the kitchen.  "I EXPECT YOU TO BE TOALLY NUDE WHEN I COME BACK OUT THERE OR i'LL PUNISH YOU...."

Of course the girl was going to be tortured anyway, in addition to having her precious virginity stolen.  Monica waited, stalling in the kitchen for a few minutes, allowing time for the girl to obey and take off her clothes.  It was obvious already she would be a screamer so she went to a cabinet and brought out a ballgag.  She would rather enjoy the sounds of a girl screaming but this one was begging and whimpering far too much.

She poured 2 classes of wine and began to walk slowly towards the door.


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i saw Monica coming and composing myself and fearfully quickly removed my blouse and short denim shorts still sitting on ground...just removed my shorts as she approached closer...i m sitting with my hips and feet on floor

i tremble with fear and take support from floor by putting one hand on floor and try covering boobs with another...knees folded to hide pussy

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Monica offered the wine glass to the obviously shaking girl....she looked so cute, naked and oh so vulnerable.

"Drink up," she said in a soft alluring tone.  "It won't ALL be painful....hell, you might even thank me by the time I'm through with you...."

She took the girl by the hand, bringing her to a standing position and gave her the glass.  Taking her by the other hand, she led her into the bedroom.  There was no doubt of her intentions....on all four corners was ropes and leather cuffs.  She had the girl sit on a lounger.

"I'm not gonna waste time," she said calmly but sternly...."I'm going to tie you spreadeagled on the bed and I'm going to fuck you, so say goodbye to your precious virginity....once your'e fucked and you have your first orgasm, I'll explain what will happen afterwards....if you try to run before your'e restrained, all those pretty pictures will be sent.....now, finish that wine and get on the bed...."

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Tears again roll out of my eyes as i look in the room fearfully eyes wide open and face all red...

mi clasp my hands together with glass in between and shaking....with out saying i nod my head in no no no.....

and just lipsync to say "please" barely any words coming out

then i fearfully look at the bed and the ropes.....then thinking about my fate i gulp the wine in a go and still shaking a little sit quietly on the bed with head down


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Monica quickly grabbed the girl, put her on her back and grabbed her hands....the girl was still in shock so she had to move fast before her captive realized what was happening.  securing her wrists far apart, she grabbed her ankles, securing them to the ends of the bed.  She now had both armsd and legs wide apart. 

"I'm going to make a woman out of you," Monica said, giving the girl time to struggle a little while she lubed up the end of a foot long dildo, then got on her knees between the girl's outstretched legs and gently pushed at her pussy.  Slowly, an inch at a time she pushed the invader inside her.

"There, there," she reassured the girl...."Your'e doing just fine....as soon as I tear your hymen I'll start giving you the fucking of your life...."

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I first struggles a little to not allow Monica to tie me...but then due to her physical superiority and my nudes with her I stopped struggling and saw myself spread out on bed tied tight....

As dildo starts entering I try shouting to top of my voice...extreme pain is felt and I again nod no no no to monica and then when she didn't stop her slow advance I just closed my eyes and shouted and cried in pain "aaaaaaaaaaa.....aaannnnnnnnhhh..."

I felt my pussy walls parting slowly as the dildo entered in slowly

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Monica continued to push the dildo in further slowly.  "Your'e doing just fine sweetheart," she reassured her..."Just a little more and you'll be a woman..."

finally she felt some hesitation and pushed.  She could feel the girl's hymen being punctured.  Sure enough she pulled back just enough to glance at the shaft....it had bright red blood dripping off of it.

"Say goodbye to your virginity," she said then began pulling almost all the way out then sliding back in.  She kept fucking the girl for almost an hour....finally she pulled it out, leaving her moaning as she went and washed the tool.  Coming back she held another in her hands.

"This is a Rabbit vibrator," she explained...."it's a very powerful device...."

She slid it deep into the girl's pussy, clicked it on full power then pushed it all way in with a finger until the girl's opening closed in around it.  She took 2 wooden clothespins and clamped her pussy lips closed, trapping the vibe inside.

"All your pushing won't get the vibe out of you," she said, taking a ballgag and forcing it in her mouth.

"I have things to do....enjoy your captivity...."

Monica left an closed and locked the door.

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"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" I shouted and cried aloud as my pushy and hymen got shattered...my eyes started rolling as I saw blood driving from dildo....

Almost unconscious I moans with lots of pain loudly with a little tint of pleasure..."aaaaaaaaa..aaaaaahhhhhaaaaa....aaaahhhhhh.....aahhhhhhhh"

When monica stops fucking me with first dildo I lay with my head tilted back feeling a little relaxed trying to ease the immense pain I felt from the first penetrative...

When I hear her say rabbit vibrator I try to collect all energy left in me and say..." no no no no no ...aaaahhh noo pls noo"...but the gag ball enters my mouth and only muffled voices come out of my mouth."ummm ummmmmmmhhhh ummhhh ummhhh.."

As pins clamp my pushy lips the pain surges and when I feel the vibrations my whole body starts shuddering....I feel as if I will die today....my mind starts going blank...and confused feelings of little pain inside immense pain start engulfing me..

"Ummmhhh ummm ummm ummm" muffled shouts go a little louder when monica left and locked but voices die down soon as I loose my energy..

I now lay alone in the room, tied, in lots of pain, a vibratory trapped in my now torn pussy, and my body drops down as if I m dead with shudders in between as I continue to get orgasms now...

I have very little fear left in my mind now cos I think now that nothing worse can happen and I leave myself to fate

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Monica goes down the corridor to her den, half of it converted years ago to an office.  She sits behind an ornate and huge desk, opens her laptop and watches her new slave writhe, squirm and moan....she tries to push the vibe out of her pussy but her lips are clamped shut.

Monica clicks and soon she has dozens of pictures of her nude gagged and bound slave, along with streams of video.  Bondage sites as well as ones like sex.com and Hamster would pay good money for all this blackmail material but Monica wanted to hold onto all of it.  

"Who's this Mistress?," a blonde girl in her 20's asks, peering over her shoulder.  Monica reached behind her and grabs the blonde's left nipple.  The blonde is one of Monica's domestic slaves...she has 2 of them, both always kept naked.

"Your'e newest slave sister," Monica replied...."She's my new bedroom slut....tomorrow morning you'll meet her but tonight she'll be kept bound...."

The blonde nodded her head....like Anjali, neither of her other slaves joined her voluntarily.  The blonde was blackmailed as well and the other was kidnapped and brought here caged.  Both were broken by torture and eventually brainwashed into total devotion..

Monica came back into the bedroom and watched her new bedroom slut as she struggled and moaned.

"Your'e going to stay gagged bound and stuffed overnight," she said....."By morning after a few dozen forced orgasms, we'll see if you'll be smart and join me willingly as my bed slave...."

She left the room, locked the door by the outside and went to another bedroom. The sounds of her new gagged and struggling slave was like music to her ears  as she fell fast asleep.

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