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To catch a thief (Kathy & Misstery)


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Vera had been casing this house for a week. The owner usual went out around this time of night so she was free to see what this lovely home could offer. Even though she was a little late coming to her perch today and hadn't actually seen the car leave the lot, she wasn't nervous as she was almost certain that the woman had kept to her routine. After all, the owner had done so all week, it's not like she knew that today, Vera was planning on robbing her house. 

Moving quietly up to the front door, she took out her lock picking kit and went to work. Barely thirty seconds later, she pushed the door open and tip toed into the house. As she looked around for what she wanted to steal she mentally rolled her eyes. People should really pay more attention to their home security. Everyone thinks noooooo it'll never happen to me. I won't get robbed. And then... SURPRISE! They're all shocked that they are, the disbelief that their flimsy lock which they hadn't changed when they moved had failed them. Vera let out a little scoff as she finished the thought. 

Moving quietly through the first floor, she hadn't seen anything of interest yet. She almost gave up until she noticed some discarded jewelry on a nearby desk. Happy to have finally found something of potential value, she let her guard down and went to examine her potential items. Giving them a closer look she was ecstatic to see that the jewelry seemed to be adorned with actual gems! Quickly bagging the items in a small pouch on her black pants, Vera did a little happy dance as she entered the next room. If they were real these items alone could help her pay the rent for the next three months! However, in her happiness, she hadn't noticed the decorative plate place near the doorway in the new room. Her exuberant entrance, made her arm accidentally bump against the delicate items which quickly crashed to the floor. 

Vera froze in disbelief at what had just happened. Luckily for her, she seems to be alone in the house, so she quickly crouches down to push aside the bits and pieces of ceramic plate, all the while wavering between relief and anger at her rookie mistake. 

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The sound of broken dishes woke April up instantly.  She got out of bed, wearing only panties and a T shirt, grabbed a sharp tipped iron poker from the bedroom fireplace and crept down the hallway.

She expected to suprise a burglar but to her suprise---and pleasure---she  discovered the intruder was female, and a shapely one at that.  Being a dominatrix, April decided not only to turn the tables on the woman, but to do much more.

"Freeze slut!," she yelled, aiming the poker at the intruder.  She immediately lunged at the girl, the poker pushing against the girl's belly.  "I'm gonna slice you open," she said...."Unless you do as your told....take off your clothes....NOW....."

April brought her bag with her, leaving it in the bedroom.  Along with the usual things women normally carried, the bag also held some of her tricks of the trade....a ballgag, handcuffs and rope.

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Startled Vera fell onto her ass. "W-wait what?" She asked shaking her head to clear the bewilderment clouding her thoughts, grunting in pain as the poker pressed int her vulnerable stomach. Slowly she raised her hands to her sides to show that she was unarmed. "Lo-look lady, I'm sorry! This is all just a misunderstanding!" She pleaded, "If you let me, I can give you back what I took! It's in my pocket! No need for me to get undressed!" She continues on, her right hand lowering towards the pouch where the jewelry was stashed. 

From what Vera could see this woman was intimidating as hell. If she could get out of this situation unscathed, she would call this a win and never come back. Her gaze kept darting between the poker, the lady and her mysterious bag all the while hoping that she wouldn't have to get undressed. She already felt vulnerable with being caught steeling, she most certainly did not need to remove another layer to place her in an even more vulnerable state of mind.

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April did indeed look menacing and if the girls she had broken could testify, she was a powerful dominating figure.  The california beach blonde hair and barbie doll complexion could be disarming, as well as her more than ample size 36 tits.  But April always got what she wanted and right now, she wanted to break this would-be troublemaker.

"I hold all the cards bitch," she growled, sticking the sharp end of the poker tight against the girl's belly. "You got two choices....you strip and you live.  You give me shit and I'll run you through with this.....try and run and I'll beat you to the door.  It will be the last mistake you'll ever do....fuck the robbery, it's not my house, but you already know your'e not leaving with any of that stuff...."

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Vera quickly nods, not wanting to anger her any more than she already is. With trembling hands, she reaches for her black long sleeve shirt. "Okay! Okay, just please don't hurt me." she says in a trembling voice while gently raising it past the poker and over her head with slow movements. This leaves her upper body bare except for a black sports bra that encase her plentiful breasts, as she starts to wiggle out of her skintight black pants. She twists her body around the poker, giving quick glances up towards the blonde to see if she's calmed a bit since doing as she commanded but doesn't manage to get a read on her, so she divests herself of her shoes and pants. 

A light embarrassed flush has now spread across her cheeks and down to her breasts, as she's left to strip off her bra and underwear. She hesitates a little before unhooking her bra, but the constant threat of the poker takes priority over some embarrassment. Now naked except for a black thong, she wraps an arm to cover her chest, and looks down, bringing her dark brown hair forward to help cover herself. 

To embarrassed to look up now that she's done, she mumbles "Now what?"

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"Did I tell you to leave on your panties?," April said angrily, poking her belly a little harder, almost enough to break the skin.  "Now, peel it off...."

She had to admit, the girl had tits damn near the same size as her own.....Once done, she reached for the girl's hand, dropping the poker.  "Come with me," she commanded....she dragged the girl into the bedroom.  Keeping one hand clenched to her wrist, she reached for the bag.  In seconds, the intruder's wrists were handcuffed behind her back.

"Get onto the bed," she ordered.  When it looked like the girl would hesitate, she reached back into the bag and brought out a black leather whip.  Cracking it in the air she glared at the girl.

"NOW BITCH!," she yelled, cracking the whip again, this time within an inch of her skin.  The intruder didn't know it of course, but her life as a free woman had just ended.

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Confused but mostly not wanting to comprehend what was happening, Vera followed the blonde in a daze like state. Only shaking it off when her hands were cuffed behind her back. She twisted her head and tried to look at the mechanism all while pulling her hands apart, but her attention was quickly captured again by the sound of the whip. Nearly jumping out of her skin when the second crack happened close to her skin. 

"Yes Mam, sorry Mam!" She quickly responded, shuffling towards the bed all while trying to keep her balance. Once next to it, she lifted one leg then the other, her goal to end up kneeling on the bed but misjudged. Her second leg caught on the bed frame and made her tumble onto the covers on her stomach. She quickly wiggle up into a sitting position which let her taking a quick glance around the room to see if anything could help her escape.

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April chuckled for a moment while watching the intruder almost face plant on the bed....the girl was so scared she was trembling....a fine burglar she turned out to be!

She took advantage of the girl fumbling around and quickly grabbed first her right leg, tying it to the bedframe then the other....her legs were now spread wide apart, her arms cuffed beneath her.

"You really fucked up," she said, taking the whip again...."but then again, how could you've known I was a dominatrix on vacation?"

She let the girl struggle for a few minutes while she took out the ballgag then shoved it in the girl's mouth, cinching the straps tight. She gazed at the bound and gagged girl...for an inept intruder, she was very sexy.,

"Let's see," she said as she sat on the side of the bed...."What should I do with you?"  She got up, took the whip and struck her across her tits over and over.  She stopped and looked for something to use as a dildo....finally finding a coke bottle, she rammed it deep into the girl's pussy, tying thin ropes around her waist, down between her legs, around the bottle and up her back, making a crotch harness.

"There....that should keep you from pushing it out," she said....

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