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Steven Universe - The Crystal Gems' Lessons in Human Interaction (Thatannoyinggod x JennyDK)


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Peridot's face reddens a bit as she remembers the sensation of hot and sticky dick juice onto her body. It feels much different than anything else she has tried so far. Of course, she would not yet openly share such thoughts and impressions, at least for now. She is made aware of the lateness in the day. Not that the time of matters much to gems since they have no need for sleep, but she does want to get back and get started on her new log."Ohhh, by the stars! Yes, quite late. I should really get back now. It has been very nice to meet you both. I have this number for the low tech speech device", she says and writes down her cell phone number.

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Overall Premise: Peridot happens upon a couple of odd humans, ones that seem to have an interest in mechanics and building similar to her own great genius. She strikes up a friendship with them that l

Peridot is panting harder and faster by each passing moment and she grins from Jericho's comment."Not having to breathe certainly helps being able to do it", she tells him, in case he is not aware of

Norton smiles to Jericho and then to Peridot at her words. "Well, then think of today as a field test to see if you want to study more." Norton stretches an arm out and behind her head on the couch as


Jericho happily takes the paper with her number and inputs it into his cell phone. Then he hands it over to Norton, who does the same thing. "Awesome! We'll shoot you a message later so that you have ours as well." He is happy to have received her phone number, excited over the idea of them potentially having more encounters like today with her. Jericho takes a peek outside and then looks down at the small female. "You going to be safe on your own? You got the Peri-tron 2000?" He smiles at remembering her invention she had on the beach, still wondering exactly what it did.

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Peridot picks up her backpack with her invention inside before approaching the two of them once more to properly say goodbye. She extends her hand as she does know that shaking hands is a way to do so here."Sounds good to me! If I don't reply right away, I am usually busy with research, projects or a mission with the other gems", she replies back and shake their hands farewell. She turns her head to look at her newest project."Oh, I am quite certain no one dares to mess with a crystal gem. Besides, nothing is more peaceful than Beach City. Take care you two!", she says and leaves their place to head home.

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They nod to her explanation on if she doesn't reply quickly, but both are quite curious on what all it is that she does in her time. When she extends the hand, both Jericho and Norton take hold and give it a firm shake. Both chuckle at her confidence, finding it so adorable in a form so small. "Heh, well that's good. If you need us for anything, feel free to let us know." They watch her walk out and Jericho turns to his blonde friend. "Well...today turned out very different than we expected. But I like her. You hungry?" "Oh yeah, I like her too. I wonder if any of her friends are like her. And please yes let's eat." 

For the rest of the night, the men ate some dinner and watched a little TV before retiring for the night. Before bed, both sent her a text with their names so that she would have them.

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She gives an acknowledging nod back at the last comment being made towards her before she wanders off. Luckily, she can easily teleport back to the house as she is a gem after all, so transportation could not easier or faster. So she is soon back to her room in the beach house. By now, Lapis Lazuli and her do not live in the barn anymore and have their own respective places to live. Only Pearl and Peridot are living in the house and sometimes gets visits from the others they know. Here they have made a nice and comfortable life for themselves.

Pearl is still up and doing some tinkering in the workshop and Peridot is just getting started on her new log in her room, where she gives it the name of the "Human interaction project".

She soon gets their numbers in return, which she code into her device."Ohhh, thanks! I had a fun time today. We should try it again soon. Peridot", she writes back to both men.

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Their phones buzz in their rooms when they both get the reply from Peridot. "So did we! Definitely would enjoy doing it again!" "Just let either of us know when you are free to. We are usually not busy enough to turn away our lovely friend." After sending the messages, Norton and Jericho fall asleep.

The next morning, Norton wakes up to the sun in his eyes. Jericho is already awake and making some breakfast and coffee.

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The next day arrives for Peridot, who is still not really familiar with the term of this here "sleeping" that humans love so much. So she worked on her project some more as well as getting started on her new project log about interaction with humans and their culture. Surely, it would be something that Pearl has not thought about before. With Jericho and Norton unaware of it, she even showed Pearl what she has discovered and experienced so far. Whilst Pearl is more used to humans and their ways, this is totally new area for her as well.

At some point, Norton does receieve a text from the lovely short green gem."Hey! If you ever want to get some proper energy for those bi-wheeled vehicles of yours, I can come and take a look at them".

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