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A Big Step for Siblings (Alex B/Lazarus)

Alexander Bodide

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(Above: Reference for Robin)

College is expensive enough without shelling out for a dorm room where you have to abide by campus rules, and you might not even get along with your room mate. This was the line of thinking that lead to Robin splitting an off-campus apartment with his older step-sister, Evelyn. Well, except that they haven't gotten along too well since they were little, and it's only gotten worse in their college years.

It was hard on Robin you see, to grow up an only child and then be thrust into a family with a new older sister when he was eight years old. Even more difficult after they went through puberty. He honestly didn't mind Evelyn as a person, truth be told. She had a level head on her. But he really liked her in another way, one that he would never admit even to himself, and that was the trouble. She had grown into a splendid young woman and even took up a career as a model, and Robin could never properly reconcile the way he sometimes wanted to look at the girl who was supposed to be his sister. It drove him to lash out and try to get her in trouble often, becoming a source of friction that repelled them from each other.

"Yeah man, my job sucks but at least I get to keep my clothes on, hahaha," Robin told his friend over the phone. He was in his room but the door was open, and in their small apartment he could easily be heard by his step-sister. "I don't know how it works. Suck enough dicks and she gets a bonus, maybe? I don't wanna know."

Yes, Evelyn's work as a fetish model was a thorny subject between the two of them, you could say. Best to avoid talking about it, but Robin's insecurity only drove a deeper wedge between them over time, and now he couldn't help himself from bringing it up every chance he got. He walked out to the kitchen to look for an afternoon snack. "Okay, catch you later, bud." He said, putting the phone away and staring into the fridge.


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Evelyn had always been grown up for her age. Her mother had died shortly after her birth and her father had never really recovered. While he did his best to raise her single handedly, he slowly left Evelyn to her own devices as she became more able to do things by herself. This all changed when her father met a lovely lady. While she had never known what it was like to have a mother her step-mother treated her as if she were her own. It was a nice change to have another female in her life that she could relate to. However, with her new mother she gained a little brother. At first she was happy to actually have someone she could call a sibling but things slowly changed as mother nature decided to change her from a flat chested tomboy into a woman with a very generous figure. It was around this time that her step-brother began acting strange. He'd start arguments over stupid stuff and tried to get her into trouble. She never understood why. She was also beginning to suspect that he was spying on her. A thought that she tried to dismiss as being paranoid. 

Eventually, Evelyn applied for college so she could get into fashion design. Thanks to some connections she managed to find a cheap place to rent. It meant that she'd have to share her dwelling with other people but she didn't care. As long as she had a roof over her head that was all that mattered... until her step-brother couldn't find anywhere else because he'd left things too last minute... as usual. So out of the goodness of her heart (and because her parents begged her.) she offered him the extra room that was unoccupied. She figured that as long as they kept out of each others way that things would be fine. Ooooooh how wrong she was. Robin had decided to, foolishly, bite that hand that fed him... 

Evelyn had just finished touching up her make-up and outfit ready for her latest live stream; something she did once a week. It was a little hobby she did both before and after work. Her work was very much misunderstood but she didn't care. She enjoyed doing fetish modelling. It gave her a chance to build her portfolio, while getting paid. Not that Robin cared to clarify what her work ACTUALLY involved.
As she left the bathroom, she overheard him shit talking about her to his "friends." once again. She rolled her eyes at his comments and wondered if he'd ever get tired of playing the same record over and over. After he hung up she watched him go to the kitchen and slowly followed him. Her high heels making a "clack" sound as she walked with perfection.

"Dude. You seriously need to grow the fuck up and look at your own life instead of commenting on others." Evelyn, sneered as she leant on the doorway to the kitchen.  "Oh and about my side gig- while no fucking or sucking is involved. I bet most of the models have a bigger dick than yours." She smirked as she pushed herself off the frame and proceeded to walk to her room. 

Evelyn slammed her door shut and then locked it. She didn't want her little step-brother interrupting her live stream like he did last night. My lord that was embarrassing....

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While the two traded barbs on a practically daily basis at this point, the elder sister's words often carried more 'bite' than Robin's. Evelyn's comments stung because there was truth to them -- Robin was directionless and unambitious. Deep down, the lack of purpose in his life bothered him, but he didn't want to do anything about it. It remained a nameless source of anxiety for him alongside his familial issues. He had nothing to say in return.

As he helped himself to some leftover food, he heard Evelyn's door lock. Not much of a surprise after he barged into her room the prior evening when he overheard her accusing him on stream of peeping at her. He'd only been caught doing that a handful of times since Evelyn's mid-teens, and every time there was room for reasonable doubt. Of course, there were many more times when nothing was suspected at all.

When he barged in that night, he was waving around a half-depleted box of condoms and claiming it had fallen out of her work bag. He thought it was hysterical. In truth, the box was leftover supplies from his last girlfriend. Robin had fun dating her, but she got tired of hearing him talk about his step-sister all the time and broke up with him, leaving a sour taste in his mouth.

On this night, Robin wasn't even planning on bothering Evelyn, but hearing her door lock aroused his defiant side. He took his food to his room and sat at the computer, and logged into Evelyn's livestream. He scoffed at his sister's outfit while turning the feed to fullscreen and max quality. Then he pressed the report button and claimed there was a nip slip. He didn't know if this would actually get her suspended, but it made him feel better. Then he turned to the chat window.

"gross lol"

"omg this cow"

"do they really let sluts stream here?"

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Evelyn smiled as she was greeted by her regular viewers as soon as she started. She soon went to detail when people asked her about what she she was wearing; how long it took her to make, where she got the materials and what she used to make sure the outfit didn't rub or stick to her skin. Overall it was a normal stream. She was in the middle of showing off her new nails when someone came into the chat. Their words made her eyes roll. Little did she know that it was her step-brother.

"If you don't like what you see then you are free to leave~" Evelyn blew and kiss and winked. 

What happened next however, was something she really wasn't expecting. She wouldn't deny it was funny though; Her chat EXPLODED. All her regulars had decided to stand up to the person who had come in to start trouble and dared to insult their idol.

"Troll bait detected"
"G8 b8 m8. I r8 it 8/8"
"gtfo troll"
"Get lost!"
"Bet ur a virgin hahaha"
"He just jelly that ur hotter than his gf lololololo"
">Implying he has a gf loooooool"
"Bet he still live in his mom's basement, kek."
"What a loser! Hahahaha!"
"I bet he has smoll pp"
">implying he even has a pp kek"
"Omg this chat is on fire!"
"Dude's gone and done and did it now!"
"wat if it isn't a guy but a gurl that is just sad inside DDDD:"
"Yea. Maybe she is just upset that she doesn't know how to be pretty like our goddess. T^T"
"Nar. Bet it is a dude with mommy issues!"
":Poggers: :poggers: :poggers:"
"Bet they regret coming into this chat and slagging Lynlyn off. LMAO"  

"Now now lovely people. There is no need to be mean." Evelyn commanded softly.  "That's my job"  With that Robin was blocked and reported for harassment. Not that she knew it was him. She let out a playful chuckle as she set the ban for three years. "In this stream it is about positively. Unfortunately we get negative nelly's that try to bring you down."  She paused for a moment as she left her words to sink in. "For now I need to get to work. I hope you enjoyed my short stream. I'll be sure to do a longer one when I get home." With that she ended her stream. She adjusted herself once more before unlocking her bedroom. She then grabbed the keys to her car and coat. "I'll be back late tonight so don't stay up late!" She called to Robin before shutting the front door and heading off to work. 

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Keeping quiet was difficult -- Robin wanted to shout at the top of his lungs when the chat turned on him. He kept trying to type counters to each message but backspacing when new ones were sent. He was just about to explain to them that he was NOT a virgin, and certainly not a girl, either, and...and...! Well, he was banned.

The plastic fork he was eating with snapped in his clenched hand. He was positively fuming when Evelyn dismissed him so nonchalantly and signed off. He just sat there stewing in it until she left for work. "'Don't stay up late!'" He parroted in a mocking tone. "Probably fucking the whole camera crew."

He stomped out of his room and into hers and looked around. He wanted to throw something! He picked up a glass bottle of nail polish, thinking back a few minutes to Evelyn showing off her nails while her stream chat fawned over her. He spiked that bottle right into the floor, shattering it and staining the carpet. "...Fuck!!" He shouted when the endorphins wore off two seconds later. He picked up all the shards and threw them in Evelyn's waste bin, and attempted to wipe the stain out of the carpet, with limited success...

Then his phone rang in the other room. He could tell from the ringtone that it was his employer calling. He had to abandon the cleanup attempt to answer.

"Hello! Yes, uh, I'm...doing good. What did you want to talk about? .....What? Wait, what do you mean by downsizing? ....You're getting rid of ME? What the...who are you keeping?? Hey, hello?! .......Motherfuck! Christ!"

Robin was livid for a few minutes, but his prior tantrum had him worn out already. He quickly progressed to despair at the fact that he would no longer be able to afford his share of the rent unless he could get another job right away.

He spent hours calling up friends, acquaintances, people he used to know...trying to either borrow money or have one of them pull a job out of their hat for him. It was fruitless; his friends were not the sort who could be counted on when the going gets tough.


The only reliable peer in Robin's life was Evelyn. And he knew it. And he could hear her car pulling into the parking space. Robin's head was still all over the place...he hated the idea of having to beg for his step-sister's help.

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Time fly's when you are having fun - and that is how Evelyn felt about her job. She met all sorts of people in her line of work and the photoshoots were always fun. She also got to express her creativity fully instead of being tame at college. Before leaving she did a pose with her last two models -who were newcomers to this line of work and took a photo before uploading it to social media.

"I had the honour of working with these two lovely people. Lesley and Erika. I look forward to working with you guys again! Stay safe everyone!" 

Evelyn smiled softly as she hit enter. Her co-workers gave her a group hug and thanked her for promoting them. She didn't see it as a favour or anything like it. She just knew what it was like starting from the bottom up without help. 
Once she said her goodbyes she got into her car and drove home.


As Evelyn pulled up to the apartment she saw the light was still on. She let out a small sigh wondering if Robin had decided to stay up late again. This is why he was late for class and almost missed work. Didn't this boy have ANY sense? 
Part of her hoped he had just left the lights on as she approached the door but she saw his shadow moving around. 

"I thought I told you not to wait up for me?" She teased as she entered their home. 

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Robin's face was weary from all the hard-hitting emotions and stress the day brought him. He gave his step-sister a sheepish look. "Sis, um....." He fidgeted. He didn't even remember the last time he tried to address Evelyn respectfully. "I..........I need......h-.....help. I lost my job..." How humiliating this was for him, to be in such a vulnerable position with Evelyn. He wouldn't even meet her eyes. "I asked everyone I know for help, for leads on jobs....there's nothing! No one would help! I-I don't even have money for this month's rent!" He stepped to the living room couch and collapsed on it, head tilted to the ceiling. He swallowed. "L-listen, I know I'm a pain but uh......I really need your help. D-do you think you could spot me this month or something...? Please!" He finally looked directly at Evelyn as he pleaded.

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Evelyn raised an eyebrow as Robin called her "sis" for the first time in years. 'Okay... what the fuck did he do now.' was the only thought that came to mind as she waited for whatever he had to say for himself. She let out a small sigh of annoyance as he revealed that he had lost. 'At least it wasn't anything serious...' Was the next thought as her little step-brother was clearly panicking and truly desperate. He had now experienced what it was like to be abandoned by so called "friends" when he needed them the most. The brown haired woman couldn't help but feel pity for him. Even though he had treated her like utter crap these past few years; she knew exactly what it was like and it was never pleasant. 

"I did promise our parents that I would look after you..." Evelyn told him as she folded her arms. She then let out a big sigh. "I'll cover your rent until you manage to find a new job and get paid."  Once he finished celebrating she added. "But that doesn't mean you can just sit around all day doing fuck all. I expect to see you applying for jobs." 

With that she headed to her room only to find a smashed nail polish bottle and big stain on her floor.


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Robin felt a weight lift from him as Evelyn told him the first good news he had heard all day. He couldn't have blamed her if she decided to let him flounder, after all. For the moment, his insecurities were pushed aside and he was truly grateful and appreciative. Robin's face had always been an open window to his emotions, and all of this was clearly written on his expression. "Y-yeah, I'll be looking, starting tomorrow. You're the best, Evelyn." He was so emotionally at the end of his rope that he was unguarded and kind to her for the first time in ages. Well, and he would not have wanted to endanger their agreement by acting his usual self.

After she left the room, he was still on the couch just letting the relief wash over him, but he didn't get to savor it for long...he had forgotten all about the nail polish. "What?? ....Oh, right.......uh.......it fell...!" He fibbed as he quickly started making his way to his room. "I tried to clean it, but it's a really tough stain...sorry!"

He met Evelyn's eyes as he passed by her doorway. The stain was in the dead center of the open space in her room, clearly not having fallen from anything. Plus the distance the polish had splashed out from the center made it clear that it impacted the floor with deliberate force. But even if one didn't note these details, the guilt was reflected in Robin's face as he now speed-walked to his room and shut his door. Unlike his sister's room, though, his door was not equipped with a lock.

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Evelyn glared at Robin as he dared to lie to her. It was obvious that it didn't fall, It was done on purpose. She folded her arms as it became clear she wasn't buying his lie more so when he claimed he made an effort to remove the stain. It was a half arsed effort that had RUINED her expensive carpet. The nail polish wasn't exactly cheap either and had been imported. Her suspicion of his guilt only grew as he sped walked to his room and shut it. That little fucker...

"You little shit!" She yelled as she stormed after him. She then kicked his door open and shoved him into a wall. "What the fuck were you doing in my room." She demanded as she grabbed his chin to force him to look her in the eye. "Were you looking for some valuable kink gear? Where you hoping that your sister might have gotten jizz on the clothes so you could sell it to a bunch of perverts?" 

 Evelyn was clearly getting more agitated as she shot the questions at Robin. It was also obvious that she wasn't going to let him go until she was satisfied. 

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Robin was rather shaken -- Evelyn usually kept a cool head and didn't get this angry but she was a force to be reckoned with when she did. On the other hand, despite Robin's usual abusive bravado with his sister, he was all talk and generally quick to fold on occasions like this.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He said in a sniveling manner as he was pinned to the wall. "Wh-what are you talking about?? Do you really think I would-....?" This part was genuine, he hadn't considered selling her stuff before. And now he found himself distracted by the thought of jizz on Evelyn's clothes. He wondered if that really was a thing that happened, and if it would be her own jizz or someone else's...he let his imagination get away from him.

"Anyway! I....I was just frustrated, and I did something stupid...!" He said, shivering as he hoped to get by with this half-truth. The last thing he needed was for Evelyn to rescind her offer to help, so he had to be careful. Even so...for some reason this situation was starting to give him an erection that he honestly didn't understand.

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Evelyn couldn't believe how Robin just turned into a sniffing mess when she simply confronted him. This was not the bold boy she grew up with nor the mouthy little shit stirrer she had been living with all this time. She had never expected him to be in a mess before her, yet she couldn't help but hold back a smirk at such a sight. It really was funny how it turned out that he was all bark and no bite after all this time. Irony truly was a hilarious thing at times. 

"Fine." She said, as she tried to hide her amusement. "Just don't go snooping in my room or breaking my shit again or you'll be out on your ass." With that she threw him to the floor and stormed out of the room.

Evelyn took her boots off before grabbing some cleaning supplies and returning to her step-brother's room and throwing them on his floor.

"I will be having a shower and then something to eat. I expect that carpet to be spotless when I am done."

It was clear that she wasn't asking and she was serious. She then made her way to the shared bathroom to have a much needed shower. 

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Robin was still on his floor when Evelyn tossed the cleaning items before him. He was still trying to process what just happened, and also giving time for his enigmatic boner to die down. Probably just some weird nervous response, he concluded. He was ashamed for making such a pitiful display of himself in front of Evelyn, but it was the end of a long day and he was too drained to argue with her.

As such, he begrudgingly brought the supplies to Evelyn's room and started trying again with the stain. It had of course totally dried into the carpet, so it seemed like a doomed effort, but he was scared of what might happen if he couldn't get it out. One of the stain-removal products was a spray that needed time to set into the carpet fibers. With nothing to do for the moment but wait for the spray to work its magic and listen to the sound of falling water coming from the bathroom, Robin thought of a better use for his time.

He left the room and made for the bathroom door. He first peeped with his mind's eye, imagining the water droplets bouncing off of and cascading down his big sister's buxom figure. Why? He wasn't thinking about the 'why', but it certainly wasn't because he thought of her in any sexual way, he would have you know. Next, he laid his fingers on the doorknob, slowly squeezing it and giving a steady, gentle twist, like so many times before. Easy does it, and...yes, the door was ajar just enough for him to peer into the room. This would have to be a quick peep, since he still needed to clean that carpet, but...he deserved something good in his day, he reasoned as he leaned forward, half of his face against the door as he had a look.

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  • 4 months later...

Evelyn turned on the shower and carefully peeled her kink gear off and put it on the bathroom sink. While she had put plenty of talcum powder on the clothing could still get stuck and snag if you weren't careful. She then stepped into the shower and let out a loud sigh of relief as the warm water relaxed her body from the hectic day of class and work... and now Robin's drama. Evelyn was in too deep thought to notice the door knob being opened by her peeper of a step-brother. Thoughts of how she was going to manage their budget while he studied and looked for work. Then there was her stream... this was such a mess.

After being soaked by the water, the brown haired woman used her makeup remover to take away all the makeup on her face and body. She then got to work on her hair and finally her body, making sure to clean her sweaty private areas. She shuddered slightly as her fingers brushed against her vagina opening and then her anus. Small tingles tickled her body as she moved her hand upward and massaged her breasts. She let out a soft sigh of arousal as she pinched a nipple. It was tempting to masturbate right there but her own hands could never get her off... she needed something more physical. Something that was in her room... 

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Through the slightly frosted glass of the shower door, Robin could make out a fair amount of detail, and of course his imagination was all too eager to fill in the blanks. He could see well enough to take note of Evelyn's shower taking a sensual turn, and Robin again grew stiff in his pants for some completely inexplicable reason. He began to touch through his clothes.

Before he was able to get carried away, though, Robin noticed his sister's hesitation to continue. Thinking she might soon stop and become more alert again, Robin quietly backed off so as to avoid any more trouble tonight. Not wanting to make any noise, he settled for pulling the door almost shut. Then he returned to his cleaning project, although his head was elsewhere.

The cleaning product had time to soak in and Robin began going through the motions of scrubbing it clean. His arousal had not died down though and neither had the dirty thoughts fueling it. With his free hand, he pulled his phone from his pocket and pulled up Evelyn's social media, which he followed on a dummy account. It was there he found the most recent picture that featured Evelyn posing with her new modeling friends, Lesley and Erika.

Robin stared at the photo for a few long moments during which his arousal did not subside. As for the carpet, it was looking better, but the stubborn remnant of the stain was still visible. It seemed this would be as good as it would get, and the stain was destined to be an everlasting reminder of Robin's misbehavior -- not that any reminder was needed.

Tucking his phone back into his pocket, Robin reasoned to himself that it would not be weird to pleasure himself to his sister's photo because it included some other attractive models too. Not that he found Evelyn attractive, don't be stupid! Anyway, he could hardly wait to put the cleaning things away and tend to more personal business.

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