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    • ArdillaVerde93
      By ArdillaVerde93
      Hi, everyone! I decided to use this section of the site for more than game reviews. The point of this thread will be to discuss the Pokémon games! Mostly to find battling/trading partners, though. Anyone with a 3DS and a copy of Pokémon X or Y is welcome to post requests for battling and trading. You will have to post your 3DS Friend Code and in-game name, however. Of course, anyone is welcome to join in conversations! Oh, and this is also gonna serve as a place to gather Friend Safaris. The Friend Safari is a place in X and Y that's only accessible after beating the Champion. Everyone has 3 Pokémon linked to their Friend Code. When you exchange Friend Codes, you'll be able to find the Pokémon in the Friend Safari. They tend to be rare Pokémon. I'll start off.

      Name: Tyler.
      Friend Code: 2320-6641-7872.
      Safari: Normal Type(Teddiursa, ???, Chansey.).

      If anyone has one of the following Pokémon to trade, I'd be very grateful.

      Volt Absorb Pachirisu.
      Skill Link Minccino/Cinccino.
      Adaptability Eevee.
      Drought Vulpix.

      I have good Pokémon to trade.

      Infiltrator Hoppip.
      Finneon with Psybeam, Aurora Beam, and Signal Beam.
      Pichu with Volt Tackle.
      Orange Flower Flabébé.
      White Flower Flabébé.

      Alright; let the Pokémon-related fun begin! ^_^
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