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Luno Asherah
On 13/05/2021 at 15:23, BladeRunner said:

I've got Lumian on the streets of Moony Lake if anyone wants a crack at him. 

Working on a response!!!

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Oh wow! Thank you so much for joining @BladeRunner, @Chiyako, and @DreamsnThings! Please proceed to creating your villager profile while the team continues construction! We have plans to have key poin

I'm wondering if I should have special intro's during the day/night shift. It would detail stuff like:  -What's Open -Who's Available where (would require players to give a heads up either i

As someone who has only seen the goblin from a readers pov and hasn't joined the fun yet.... I have never agreed with something as much as this... praise the slutty cinnamon roll


Sasha has now started her day in the blue dove in, if anyone has a reasonable reason to head to an inn/bar, someone is there :D

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1 hour ago, Luno Asherah said:

@BladeRunner got my post up! Ive been restricted to phone lately so sorry about formatting

As someone whos been phone only for a couple weeks now, i feel that pain

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Luno Asherah
4 minutes ago, DreamsnThings said:

As someone whos been phone only for a couple weeks now, i feel that pain

Its so...goddamn...horrible

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Yeeeep.... im so god damn behind on all my rps... i really... really just hate replying multi para on mobile... its hard to double check where you left off replying, its about a third of the speed (i miss keyboard), and it feels so much easier to accidentally loose your reply...

I hate RPing on mobile 

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*quietly waits in the blue dove, smiling, as a tumble weed rolls across the floor* ^-^..... T-T....

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Luno Asherah
On 23/05/2021 at 00:02, DreamsnThings said:

*quietly waits in the blue dove, smiling, as a tumble weed rolls across the floor* ^-^..... T-T....

Hey dove, just read your post. I just wanted to remind you that we're in the night cycle now! o.o

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Luno Asherah

Not so much time zones as theres just going to be a switch between day and night every so often

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And with that Yshea might be open! Though she is heading home. Unless interrupted she'll be retiring there for the night.

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    • Room 1334
      By Room 1334
      Story is just as important as smut! [UPDATED 02.07.2021]
      The ideas are open to MxF and must be willing to play young
      0. Factory Reset (smut heavy MxM)
       You play a young white boy who lives in a world were females are dying more than men so it’s been decided that to save humanity White boys will be force feminized, undergo sissification  and turned into fembois for breeding and given experimental drugs to help them get pregnant
       1. Neighborhood Whore:
      MC is out for a run in the neighborhood when I spot YC, maybe she's playing in the back yard, or doing something else, but I decide I really want her and start to devise a plot to do so. This one would maybe be more of a slow burn, and have a lot more plot than the others, and work up to the smut, but I still want it to be very dark and taboo and have juicy smut when be spots 
      2. Say Uncle Little Bitch!
       MC a musician or artist is in town for the holidays, YC my young impressionable nieces or nephew worships me, I use this infatuation to take advantage of you!
      3. Camp Corruption!:
      I am a camp counselor at a art camp or maybe bible camp over the summer and you play a young girl who is eager to learn and wants attention because maybe you have a bad home life. The details can be worked out more but I always enjoyed the corruption of innocence and the taboo of "church" scenes so maybe christian camp could be extra naughty!?
      4. Slut Slumber Party!
      I play the Dad or Older Brother, YC is the young girl (daughter/sister) that wants to have a slumber party and when her friends come over I do naughty things to them. This can be a story were YC is jealous of the fact MC gives the other girls attention if we go with the Brother story, or if its the Dadddy story maybe I'm using my daughter to help me fulfill my sick fantasy, and YC goes a long with it, depends on the age you want to play I"m very open minded, and love brainstorming!
      5. Groom.net [new idea]
      I always wanted to live out this fantasy of meeting a girl online that lies about her age and is younger than she is supposed to be, so this is role play within role play, and when the two finally meet and MC learns her age it changes nothing, in fact it makes him want her even more. The girl you play will be desperate for love, sex, and to be owned!
      6. Pretty dream have ugly consequences: [TAKEN]
      Your character wants to be a star, so she auditioned to become  a student at this famous art school. I will play the creative director who often uses his influence to exploit these girls with a promise to make their dreams come true
      7. Harry Potter fan fiction: [CRAVING]
      (no cannon characters just take place within the HP universes The dark lord as we know was vanish by Harry and the gang, but as always there is some dark magic that exist that can actually revive him again. MC is a wizard teaching at Hogwarts, but also a Death Eater and a loyal supporter of the dark lord. YC is a girl with no friends and a curiosity for the dark arts...what can go wrong?
      8. Sex Workers Union 
      sex work is legal but it’s controlled by the government. Woman were told it would be sexually liberating but it turned out to be another system of systemic oppression, and the government uses these girls to pay off their debts to other countries through sexual favors! If your name is called on draft day you have not choice but to join the rank fo the sex workers union. This story can be more non con and traumatic or in a way consensual with YC being happy to join and serve her country proudly 
      9. Dick Delivery! [new idea]
      I have had this idea about a guy who rapes teen age young girls after they order food from a delivery service. The girls parents are out of town, and maybe she's like 14-15 and the neighborhood is really nice and safe, so they just have the neighbors keep an eye on eye, but she orders food a few times and MC gets the delivery, seeing she is home a lone, he gets the idea to break in and rape her.
      10. Hook & Ravish Society [new idea]
      Its a known fact that lots of woman have rape fantasies, but are too scared to live them out or have no one to trust to make them come true. That's where the Hook & Ravish Society comes into play! They are an exclusive secret society that allows woman to live out there sick rape or ravishment fantasy role plays. You Character is a young teenage girl, maybe 14 or so that knows she wants to be used and abused from a early age and somehow discovered this society club and is trying to get into it so she can become one of the "victim girls" who agree to be willing targets for rape any time any place, by other members of the club.
      If you have an idea or just  KINKY FETISH YOU CAN NEVER GET ANYONE ELSE TO AGREE TO, pitch me an idea, let me know what’s on your mind, how can I help you fantasy come true! Lets brainstorm on something from scratch 
    • Aura
      By Aura
      Please read this thread for a more thorough understanding of the setting this roleplay will take place in. While many aspects of this roleplay are left up to the imagination, certain rules will still hold in order to maintain consistency and ease of understanding within the club. If you take nothing else from this thread, just please remember that separate threads are entire separate stories, the same character can be in multiple threads at once, contradictions and pre-established facts don't really matter at all, and characters must wake up in a new area at the start of each thread. There will also be no NPCs. Any unprecedented allusions to mysterious figures will be chalked up to hysteria and nothing more.
      There are no hard limits to what you can and cannot find within The Backrooms, but this is a thread detailing the kinds of things you can expect to happen.
      1. What you see is what you get. The Backrooms exists in a void.
      The first thing to keep in mind is that The Backrooms is an infinite space, and endless maze. There is no sound outside of the constant hum of the lights. There is no air conditioning, but the rooms aren't particularly hot. Temperature wise, the rooms are a bit on the cooler side, but the lights offer a gentle, comfortable heat. The rooms all appear in a similar manner to the ones you see in the images used around the club. Yellowish rooms with faint lights. It looks somewhat like a vacant house or office building but with a surreal amalgamation of walls that, coupled with the ominous silence, lead to a strangely unsettling environment. Some rooms are large and spacious, others are tiny and compact. If you managed to break through any of the walls, you'd just end up in a neighboring room. Trying to dig through the floor, you'd be met with a solid foundation of concrete that you'll never dig past. It would be difficult to reach, but if you managed to break through the roof of a room, you would find yourself in a far more ominous black void with an endless plane of insulation and steel girders lining the entire maze. The atmosphere is far colder and it is strongly advised that you do not stray too far from the place you exited from or you may have difficulty getting back down without breaking through the roof again and risking injury from the inevitable fall.
      2. No powers or supernatural abilities.
      Your character may have vivid memories of having supernatural abilities such as access to magic or superpowers, but they will always find such powers will fail to take effect here. It's also entirely possible a character that normally does have supernatural abilities will simply not have any memories of having such abilities at all and never even question it. It is up to you how your character will respond to this problem and how dangerous this might be for them.
      3. Liquid Time
      This roleplay uses what is called liquid time. This means that the "canonical" order of events is never clear. Characters will even begin to dream entire days out in The Backrooms so some entire threads may even just be dreams and you would never know. A convenience of liquid time in terms of roleplay is that one character can participate in multiple threads at the same time! Due to the mysterious nature of the world contained in this RP, discrepancies and contradictions between the flow of events can easily be explained away as faulty memories or a misunderstanding of the order of events. Due to the infinitely random nature of The Backrooms, it's also entirely possible that two separate locations coincidentally looked exactly the same, the same characters woke up in the same positions, performed the same actions, and two characters remember two completely different counterparts of the exact same journey. The nature of true randomness inevitably leads to bizarre coincidences like this.
      4. Every thread is a new beginning.
      Every thread will focus on a different journey. Your character has woken up in a completely different area of The Backrooms than any other area they'd previously been. It's up to you whether or not they have any memories of previous experiences or if they retain no memory at all. Material possessions may be retained, completely different, or absent entirely, again, at your own discretion. No two threads will ever directly cross over, but characters from two separate threads may appear in a brand new thread and retain all their memories of their previous adventures.
      5. There is a method to the madness.
      Some things are always consistent when you start a new thread! Every character mysteriously wakes up in an unfamiliar part of The Backrooms that has never previously been explored. You will never be teleported while conscious. You may fall asleep or pass out without waking up in an unfamiliar place, but you will never appear in an unfamiliar place without falling asleep or passing out first. You cannot wake up in a mysterious area without being asleep first. This is very important. No character will also ever disappear from a thread unless everyone in the thread is asleep. Again, everyone falling asleep doesn't necessarily mean that the thread is over, but the thread cannot be over unless everyone is unconscious. 
      6. No need for food or water.
      Despite there being no food or water throughout your time in The Backrooms, you will likely never starve or thirst to death. A strange side-effect of the way this bizarre world makes the passage of time extremely difficult to follow. Much like a dream, you may never get hungry or thirsty at all. However, if your mind is focused too much on finding food, you may catch yourself getting hungrier by your own hand.
      7. Furniture and Items
      Although the rooms are mostly empty, you may find seemingly random pieces of furniture strewn about. Some key points to take note: Drawers and shelves will usually be completely empty. However, they may still contain certain items. Fate has a funny way of helping one to explore their desires. Often, if you find yourself really wishing you had something, you'll probably be able to find it by searching a container in a nearby room. If things are getting frisky, you may be able to find a bed, desk, or other stable piece of furniture and a little bit of poking around may even lead to the discovery of sex toys if your characters don't already have any on their possession. It's also quite possible batteries in devices like these may not be drained, but will mysteriously drain if removed from the device. In general, it's not a good idea to tamper with the gifts fate has given you. Clocks will always be broken and display an incorrect time. Digital clocks will have dead batteries and analogue clocks will be missing the internal mechanisms allowing the clock to move. Furniture will usually be brown in color and fabrics will be shades of white, yellow, or green that match the walls.
      8. Anomalies
      Due to the infinite nature of the labyrinth, you're bound to come across the occasional oddity. Not every room is identical to the standard square. You might find a room that is circular or even rotated 90 degrees with furniture bolted to the "wall." In general, these anomalies will not be noticeable from a distance. Whenever you look in any given direction, you should see nothing but an endless void of similar-looking rooms. You'll always need to at least turn a corner to find an anomaly. Please do try to rely to heavily on anomalies to make your story interesting. The whole purpose of this roleplay is to get you to focus entirely on fleshing out your character rather than relying on the surroundings to make things interesting. If you find yourself constantly jumping from anomaly to anomaly, perhaps you need to work on making your character more interesting? Ideally, you're going to want a character who can keep things interesting even in a completely empty, square room. 
      9. Your characters are alone. Period.
      Certain characters may fear the presence of some sort of monster, criminal, etc. lurking through The Backrooms and stalking them; but there will be no NPCs in this roleplay. The only characters you will ever interact with are other player-controlled characters. No monsters or characters will be roaming the halls of The Backrooms unless they are created by a player and submitted as their own playable character.
      10. The psyche is powerful.
      Just because the above rules are in place doesn't mean your character knows that. I think as you roleplay here, you'll find that your character's mental state may vary widely depending on how they view their situation. This can also affect their physical well-being. Like previously stated, if your character is worried they'll starve to death, they'll definitely end up starving for food and might even pass out due to a lack of energy. Alternatively, if the thought of food never crosses their mind, they could go months without a bite. Likewise, if you become worried about disease or injury, you will be more likely to encounter these issues as well. The way you view the rooms will be reflected in how you feel inside of them. If you see it as a pleasant escape from the stresses of reality, you will be much more at peace. If you see it as a horrifying prison that you have to escape from, you will be under incredible stress. Just keep in mind that, no matter how confident you are, you will never escape The Backrooms. Not through conscious effort alone, anyway.
      Any further information necessary to express will be added here. I hope it wasn't too much of a bore to read through! I may clean this thread up a bit to make it easier to digest.
    • Wade Wilson
      By Wade Wilson
      I haven't a clue if this is the right place to ask these questions, but I'll take a shot anyway.
      New to this place, been RP'ing 6+ years, how does this place work? I read the clubs and private RP stuff, but I'm a bit confused on how that works, along with if I can simply post in my own little thread with just another person, or does it need to be a club?
      For reference, I've only RP'd on sites like Black Dahlia and Inner Sanctum, so the layout of this place is why I'm so confused.
    • Typical Blue Haired Dude
      By Typical Blue Haired Dude
      Hey guys!  I've been on this site for about a good month or so, doing mostly private rp's.  I have years of experience in role playing, but most of the communities I joined in the past involved 1-on-1 private role plays, at least when it came to sexual stories.  I'm still a bit shy about this, but I think I'm gonna try out some public rp's.  I know they aren't much different from private rp's but I just get very self-conscious when doing anything lewd with pairs of eyes watching. 0-0
      Anyways, I don't really have any story ideas at this moment.  This post will be mainly just me chatting with anyone who wants to talk, but I'm open for any rp ideas or requests!  Feel free to approach me with anything.  I'll probably be looking around in the meantime.
    • Peculiaritree
      By Peculiaritree Deactivated
      Hello! This is where all OOC chat should go, as well as discussions regarding the direction the club should take. Additionally, announcements regarding administrative decisions will be made here, so keep an eye out for updates.
      That's all I got lol. Go say some stuff.

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