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Religions and beliefs in Valnis

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Church of Malekai:

Practically everyone.


Grand Bishop Martinus Juliano III.

Beliefs and creeds:
Long time ago, when the kingdom was new, it was under siege for a long time from other countries. They barely kept their stand on the capital at some point. With the recent death of their first king, the kingdom was in dire straits. Then an unknown soldier made his mark with unseen ferocity, might, inspiration and outright valor and honour. He helped gather everyone together and with his strategical prowess, his devotion to the people and the country, he did the impossible: Strengthening a land on verge of total annihilation. Still under war, he was crowned the next king and from there on he led one victory after another. Some say they always sun a shining beacon on him on the battle field and during the final battle for the country, a flag fell from the heavens and became their new one, signaling their eternal right as a nation and their right to this land.


The Order of Saint Patrius.

Worshippers called:
Followers of Saint Patrius.

Everywhere, but mainly at the current home of their headquarters (current one: Etheria).

High Inquisitor Beatrix Lancaster.

Beliefs and creed:
The order has a specific codex they adhere to and follow strictly.
Put into bullet points for convenience:

  • Vow of celibacy
  • Never let evil exist - it must be destroyed at any cost
  • The order and its followers is never to adhere to the laws and rules other than its own
  • Have no other gods other than the Saint Patrius
  • Excommunicate any who at any point violate the codex
  • Never take political sides, only act against evil
  • The highest leader is the High Inquisitor, who has final say in all, as they are appointed by the saint himself
  • Follow the chain of command: Initiate, novice, knight, crusader, arch crusader, inquisitor and high inquisitor
  • Any disputes between members will be judged by the High Inquisitor and a council of their choosing.


The Cult of Malachite Bolraz:

Witches, cultists and corrupted creatures.

The Netherworld and all of Valnis.

Chaos God Malachite Bolraz.

Beliefs and creed:
Insanity, suffering, corruption, moral decay, rage. Malachite Bolraz intends to inflict these things onto every soul he can get to. Life is agony, life is loss, life is degeneracy, life is conflict, life is madness. These are all aspect the Chaos God intends to show everyone are all part of living and that death is no escape from this either. For you to be whole, you must accept and embrace them. If not, you must learn from even greater damnation. Once you have taken it all upon you and understand you cannot escape it, you will be turned to his side and serve him loyally.

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