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MY SWEET SISTER......(Kathy and Anjalisb)

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Angela woke up in a sweat......this was the 4th time in less than a month that she had that same recurring dream.....she was laying in bed with her sister, Sonali....they were both naked, arms wrapped around each other.  She was intoxicated by her younger sister's sweet natural aroma, like a drug....they kissed passionately, just like they had been doing all night.  Neither of them could sleep.....how could they?  with her sister's soft supple skin pressing against hers, gently sucking on Sonali's tits......

Next thing she knew, she woke up.  Shit, another school day....Angela jumped into the shower, then dried off.  Wrapping a towel around her and her wet hair, she went next door and tapped on the bedroom door. "Sone!," she called out....."Get up....time for school....you don't want to miss the bus again, do you?"

She opened her sister's bedroom door, hoping to catch a glimpse of her naked.  Little did her sister know, but Angela was infatuated with her sister, and not just in the usual 'sisterly', family way....2 years ago Angela came to grips with her own sexuality, accepting the fact that she was a lesbian, even though she couldn't deny it even before.  At school during gym class when everyone went to the showers, the blue haired 17 year old gazed at the other girls in the shower, watching the water run off their naked glistening bodies.  Her sister was in the same class and for the first time she was secretely enjoying watching her nude sister bathe.

Angela decided dreams were not enough....she was determined to have her sister, make her into her own sex slave.  She would seduce her at first but if Sonali refused her advances.....well,m that wouldn't stop her from getting what she wanted.  Angela was a dominant....she had tied up gagged and fucked other girls and not only wouldn't hesitate doing the same to Sonali, she was actually looking forward to it.

    The school day ended like all the others and soon by the afternoon they were back home.  Their parents were both at work, leaving the two girls alone.  Angela made a last minute check, making sure her ropes, gag, clamps and dildos were with easy reach under her bed.  She would get her sister to come into her bedroom and finally have her way with her.

"Hey Sone," she called out...."Do me a favor?  come into my bedroom....I need help with this homework...."large.117409731_152267439815396_5171352898140807688_n.jpg.2b1a5a2bf32b6d8e5bc1f3de359520cf.jpg


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Well thats me Sonali, sweet little innocent 16 year old girl doing her routine studies after the tiering school day, which actually started with a little quarrel with my elder sister Angela who happens to be in same class as me, despite of being an year elder.

"She should not have yelled on me un morning even when I was ready for school before her"

I always knew that Angela is different and somewhat disturbed about something that's y she had to repeat a class thats y ending up in same class as me in school. But I never bothered to know what disturbed her.

Whatever it was, it never came across my focus on studies and sports. I keep myself fit and am school volleyball captain. Me and Angela never had boy friends. I never had time for any, though I admit I had a few short lived crushes. But my career goals were far more important  to me. So here I m again working for my goals in my room when I hear Angela yelling from her room...

I reply back " ok ok...wait...I will be there in a minute"

I walk to her door which was already open and ask her rolling my eyes while leaning against her door ..." yeah Angie! What is it? Maths again?"

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Angela prepared herself for her sister beforehand....wearing only a tight pair of silky purple panties, a sexy black ruffled top showing cleavage and red lipstick....she laid on the bed like a trophy, something to be won.....

"Come on in sis," she said in her most sultry, seductive voice, patting the bed.  "No, it's not Math....actually, it's that Sex Education class....you know, that new one the State says we have to attend?  I'm having problems with.....anatomy....."

Her sister had no idea Angela was a lesbian.  Looking back, she could've caught clues, like the fact that she never talked about boys, never brought one home for dinner....and the way she looked at her when Sonali was naked.

Everything Angela needed to subdue her sister was within reach.....she almost hoped that Sonali would refuse her advances.....naked tied up and gagged, her sister would never look sexier.....

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"Ange??? What r u......" I stop in between  confused looking at Angela who is actually looking very sexy...

I step a few steps ahead and stand near Angela's bed and ask her now..."what what is it ange? What about the sex education class? And why the hell r u dressed like ...like some....forget it..."

Thoughts flying in my mind like...."is my sister trying to seduce me....what the hell....I shud get back to my room...but hey...Angela is lesbian? I don't know its all so weired. She looks hot by the way in this dress. Any boy would fall for her...but why is she doing this?..."

I say keeping hands on my hips "look...I have to study...and I really don't ve time for ur weired games right now.."

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This was the moment Angela was waiting for.  Their parents would be gone at least till 6pm, plenty of time to do what she wanted....she sprung from the bed, getting to the bedroom door before her sister got the chance.  She locked it and gently took her sister by the wrist.

"Come over and sit with me," she said, pulling her over to the bed.  Angela's black outfit was short enough but rose slightly, displaying her tight silky panties.  There was no time to waste on foreplay.....she reached over and kissed Sonali.  It wasn't one of those sweet, sisterly pecks on the cheek.....she thrusted her tongue deep into her sister's mouth, her lips glued tight against her.  She reached down and lifted a hand under her sister's top, moving upwards until she reached her bra.....she rubbed a hand over the girl's tits......

They were sitting on the side of the bed....if Sonali tried to get up and make a run for it, it would only take Angela a second to reach under the bed and grab the restraints.

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My both hands raise up and eyes widen with the sudden attack...not knowing what to do i first just moan with resistance.. "umm ummm"

Then when I don't see her leaving me ...I slowly and softly touch Angela by shoulders and push a bit apart and break the kiss and move away still sitting on bed but at some distance

I say "ange...I think u r not well...tell me...are u on drugs?"

"While mom and dad are away u shud not be doing such things. Drugs are bad....look i m now goi g to leave u alone for the night. U take rest and get over with it...allright....have a good night...we will talk in morning"

I get up and start moving back to the door...still feeling moisture on my lips and not believing what just happened...I feel moisture with my finger first and then wiped off my lips with finger

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As much as Angela was more than ready for the next agressive mood, there was still something inside her that wished her sister would've responded on her own.

"No sis," she replied in a suprising dominant tone.  "I'm not on drugs, or anything else...."

She blocked her sister from making it to the door....she had previously locked it and even though Sonali could unlock it it still would take valuable seconds to do it, more than enough time for her determined sister to make her next move.  Angela grabbed her by the arm and dragged her back to the bed....as she approached, she stuck a foot under the bed and kicked out a cardboard box....she took a pair of handcuffs, locked one to her wrists then pushed her onto the bed on her side, locking the other wrist....her sister was now cuffed, hands behind her back.

"I was kinda hoping you would try to resist," she said...."I love it when a girl struggles...."

flipping her onto her back, Angela straddled her, unbuttoning Sonali's top then reaching down to unbutton and unzip her skirt.  She paused for a moment, gazing at her sister now in only bra and panties.  Reaching down, she pulled off her sister's panties.

"You have such beautiful black fur over your pussy," she said, running a finger over the bush....."Maybe I won't shave you down there afterall....."

Next came her bra.  Angela couldn't remove it with her hands still locked so she took a pair of scissors and cliced it off, revealing her beautiful tits with her dark nipples.

"I'm gonna have to gag you," she said as she reached back into the box and pulled out a ballgag, shoving it in her mouth.  "When I feel you behaved good enough I'll remove it, but for now....time to turn you into my sex slave.....my own sister, a pussy loving slut...."

She took another set of handcuffs and locked them around Sonali's ankles.

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Thoughts rushing through my mind.."oh she has blocked my way...how do I get out...all this is so weired"

And then in a flash it all happened...in a few seconds I m naked in front of my sister and thats when I snapped out of the thoughts and shouted..."angelaaaa! What the fuckk....ohhh....untie meee please...what are u doing ....I m ur sister angie for gods sake..."

Then came the ballgag thrusted in my mouth and just loud muffled sounds are audible now.."uummmhhhhh...ummmgghhhhhh annn...ummgghhhh"

Now unable to say anything i jump my body up and down on bed and try kicking Angela with my tied legs just managing to hit her smooth bare thighs a little...

I struggle and my whole body shakes with it with my little but curved boobs jiggling with the movements...and so does my small but curved ass

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Angela sits back to admire her handiwork.....her sister is now naked gagged and bound.

"You have no idea how long I been wanting to do this to you," she said as she reaches over and grabs her sister's tits, fondling them before grabbing her nipples and savagely twists and pulls on them, watching as they spring back in place.

"Mom and dad won't be home for another 4 hours.....that will give us plenty of time to start your training as my slave.....to start with, you have to learn that your body belongs to me now....and I'm gonna use it however I want...."

To prove her point, she reached back in the box and brought out a pair of clamps, securing them to her nipples.  She slowly turned the adjustable screws until they bit deep into her sensitive nipple flesh.  Nest she took a dildo and slowly stuffed her pussy with it.

"Don't think I forgot your other end," she said, taking another dildo....this one was shorter but much wider and loaded with raised bumps.  As Sonali laid there struggling she reached back into the box and brought out a small tube of some kind of jell.  She smeared it all over the fat dildo and slowly worked it into her tight virgin ass.  Pushing and twisting, she was finally able to get it most of the way inside.

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"Ummmmm...ummmmhh" are the only sounds audible when she played with my boobs and pinched my nipples..

"Ummmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh" long muffled painful sound came from my mouth and my body shuddered with pain as my nipples are clamped and end of nipples turn blue and red..

Tears roll down my eyes and I look at Angela with pleading eyes

As I saw dildo I tried screaming but the dildo was trusted in my tight pussy..."ummmmmmmmmhhhh" another loud muffle was heard from me

As the other dildo entered before I cud gather my senses it was extreme pain for my virgin asshole and as it entered I ignored blood dripped out of my pussy, while whole focus turned to pain in the ass...

And my eyes rolled and I almost became unconscious with face turned red

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As Angela gazed at her naked and struggling sister she noticed drops of blood on the dildo stuffed in her pussy.....To her older sister it could only mean one thing.  Sonali was a VIRGIN!  and she had just deflowered her....

"you should be grateful sis," she said, grabbing the dildo in her cunt and twisting it around....."I got the honors of taking your virginity instead of some clumsy drunked oversexed guy.....you got your virginity stolen by your lesbian sister and from now on the only sex you'll have is with girls.....that pussy is off limits to cock...."

Suddenly sounds were heard from downstairs.....Shit, their parents!!!  Angele hurried, taking duct tape and reinforcing her sister's gag to keep her silent.  She ran to the closet and pulled back the hangars.  Untying her sister, she re tied her hands behind her back and forced her onto her knees in the closet.  Taking some rope, she attached it to the chain hanging from the nipple clamps, securing it to the pole above her sister's head.

"There," she said...."That should keep you quiet and out of the way until I figure out why Mom and Dad are home early....."

She closed the closet door and went downstairs.  Her tits secured to the closet pole, hand bound behind her and both holes stuffed, there was no chance of escape for her sister.  Angele saw her parents in the living room, putting their coats on the couch.  "Mom, Dad," she called out...."you guys are home early....what's up?"

"we were gonna take the whole family out for dinner to that fancy new Japanese place," Mom said.  "Hurry and get dressed and tell your sister...."

Angele thought of her sexy naked and gagged sister locked in the closet, probably struggling....."Uh.....she went to her friend Stacy's house to study about an hour ago," Angele said...."she has a final soon and I just got started on homework......"

The parents sighed.  "Well, in that case," Dad said...."We'll remember to get some take out for you two.....we'll be going...."

Angela kissed them goodbye and watched from the window as their parents drove off.  She ran back upstairs and opened the closet door.  Removing the rope from the overhead pole, she dragged her sister out and back onto the bed, tying her legs apart, keeping her hands bound beneath her.  Taking off the tape and the gag, she looked down at her sister, pulling the chair and stratching her nipples.

"Now that Mom and Dad are gone," she said, reaching between her sister's bound legs....."and now that your'e not a virgin, it's time for your first forced orgasm...."

She grabbed the dildo and began raping her.


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As soon as I heard sounds downstairs I tried my best yell out..mom- dad...but only muffled sounds of ummmmmmmm ummmhhhhh came out which also soon died as Angela sealed my gagged mouth with duct tape....

After being stuffed into closet with nipples tied above and hands tied behind I had no option but to remain silent

I was silently weeping inside the closet bearing the pain on my wrists, nipples, and most of it in my deflowered pushy and ass...I cud also feel a thin stream of blood flowing through dildo to the closet floor between my knees...

Apart from pain only thought was that how my dear loving sis has turned to a monster suddenly..

Then closet opened and she threw me on bed and tied...as soon as tape and gag were gone I shouted in high pitch with pain and anger.."Angela!!!!! U r soooo evil....please let me good please..." not hearing what she said but I cud just gather that we are again alone in house and then all I felt were painful thrusts of dildo in my tight pussy...and my shouts turned to screams of pain..."aaaannnhhhh...aaaaaaaahhhhhh" and I started throwing my legs trying to kick Angela...

"Angeelllaaaaaa!!!!! Fuckkkkkk....nooooo...stopped pleaaaseeeee...aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....aaaaaaaaaa"

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With her sister's legs tied wide apart, there was nothing she could do to stop Angela from raping her.  After a few half dozen strokes she pulled out and examined her sister's now ruined pussy.

"What a nice big gaping hole you got there sis," she said....."But the best is yet to come...."

She walked to her bathroom and brought out a bottle of liquid.  Smearing it all over the dildo she looked at her bound sister.

"This is a stimulate jel," she epxlained...."It will feel nice, warm and tingly inside you.....it also has aphrodesiac properties, meaning it will force you to have very enjoyable orgasms...."

She knelt between the girl's trembling legs and slowly inserted the dildo back inside her, but this time much slower, kissing her clit as she fucked her.  Leaning over, she began licking and sucking on her nipples.

"You'll learn to be a pussy loving slave," she said...."I'm gonna turn you into a lesbian.....MY private lesbian...."

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I give out a big gasp of pain and surprise as dildo is pulled out of me..."haaaaaaaaaaahhh"

Then as Angela goes to bathroom I the pain in different body parts dawn at me and I weep with tears rolling down my cheeks to bed

Once again I try to struggle to get out of bondage but seems that Angela was an expert and thus all knots were tight...

I look at Angela with frightened eyes as she applies the "simulate" gel on dildo and to my surprise it actually feels little nice inside my pussy as she again shoved it inside me, though it pained a little, but probably due to she was slower this time and the soothing and lovely effect her kisses on my clit were producing..

As Angela's tounge touched my nipple, it was first time any1 has ever done that and despite the fact that I didn't like what was happening It was a good feeling in itself..."aaaaaaaahhhh" an involuntary moan came out of my mouth....but then I realised that I m behaving like a slut and the pain dawned back to me....so I tried to stop her but in a much loving and shallow voice this time..."angelaaaa! Pleaseee stop...don't do it...I m ur sister Angela.. for God's sake"

I tried to compose myself by not showing pleasure she was causing to my boobs..but some times a little moan.."umm umm" and a lip bit would occur...still I tried maintaining my expressions of disgust to her

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Angela could tell that despite her sister pleading with her to stop, she was trying hard not to enjoy it.....she left the dildo inside the girl's pussy, the jel coating stimulating her, the dildo itself fitting snug inside of her and rubbing against her G spot.  Angela teased her nipples, just barely grazing the tips with her tongue, watching as they became hard.

Over and over, back and forth she tongue bathed her nipples before finally sealing her lips over them, sucking like a baby....Donali's tits tasted so delicious....

After a while she began kissing her, sealing her mouth over her sister's lips, sending her tongue deep inside her mouth......Angela was determined to seduce and torture her sister into becoming not only her own personal sex slave, but to loan her out to her lesbian friends as well.  But first she would force her sister to cum again and again.

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The dildo hitting my sweet spot was making the pleasure overpower the pain and anger and I was making weired moans.."haaaaa hhhaaaaahhh....aaannnhhhh...oucchhhhh"

"Annan.annnn...annngellaaaaaa...don't please" i said almost panting and moaning in a shallow voice this time as I felt her tounge tease my nipples. It was hard to tell whether I was asking her to stop teasing and do the real stuff or I was asking her to stop raping me...

Anyways, she sealed the deal by sucking on my nipples now...."aaaaaahhhhhhhhh" a long moan left my lips and my eyes closed in pleasure...

Next thing my erected nipples felt was her body brushing against them as she climbed up on me to kiss me with her nipples brushing against mine...

Her lips now felt like tulip petals against my smaller pink lips....and she made the best kiss of my life then....I was still little reluctant and tried to avoid the kiss by keeping my lips still but then I felt her tounge forcing inside and then gave a little suck to the toungeand moved.my own tounge 

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Angela was thankful she was blessed with long arms.  She laid on top of her sister, her warm supple tits brushing and rubbing against her own.  She kept one hand in control of the dildo, easing it in and out, rubbing the tip against Donali's G spot, knowing the girl would soon cum.  Once she orgasmed her own juices would serve as additional lubrication.  Angela wouldn't be satisfied until she forced her sister to have one orgasm after another.

She twirled her tongue deep into her sister's mouth, finding Donali's tongue and becoming one with it.....she kept her mouth sealed on her sister's as she took her other hand and gently played with the girl's nipples, rubbing over the very tips with a finger.

Angela had many lovers and victims.  She knew she could break her sister into becoming her slave.  Once that was done, she would introduce her to her friends....just as dominant as she was.  She was looking forward to seeing Donali raped......

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"Annhhhh aaanhhhh aaanhhhh" sounds of struggle and resistance from my mouth soon turned to the moans of pleasure and acceptance "ummmmmm ummmhhhh....ummmhhhhh" as my tounge responded to Angela by twisting and playing inside my mouth...

The dildo was hitting inside my tight pushy right on and pain in my pussy also eased out slowly now making my legs shake and my body twist as I edged an orgasm...

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Angela continued to ease the dildo in and out of her sister ever so gently....now that she had taken her virginity, she wanted to show Donali she could be a gentle lover as well.  Angling the black stiff rubber cock slightly upwards she continued to rub it against her sister's G spot.  Soon she would have a massive orgasm.

With her free hand she twisted her sister's nipples, watching them spring back.....and they were getting harder by the second.  It was obvious that, despite her reluctance her sister was enjoying this....

Angela kept twisting her tongue around her sister's, keeping their mouths glued to each other.  Seducing Donali haqd become easier than she had hoped.  Soon she would invite her domme friends over to share her new sex slave.

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Slowly I gave away all my resistance and began enjoying this new surprise...now only my moans and pleasure cries are audible.."ummhh ummhh ummhhh" into the kiss which i also respond to now with twists and twirls in my tounge intermingling my spit into my sexy sister's...my mouth full of our spit and overflowing on my left cheek..

I squeak every time my nipple is pinched but my eyes remain closed and my pussy is convulsing as I feel myself moving to an intense orgasm, first time besides my very remote fingering sessions..

My body starts twirling a little and I involuntarily make few jerks upwards from my hips trying to take the dildo harder inside me

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Angela left the dildo deeply imbedded in her sister's pussy, the tingling jel almost forcing an orgasm to erupt.  She took a ballgag and forced it into her mouth, tied her ankles wide apart and tightened the ropes holding Donali's hands bound beneath her.

"I'm gonna have a party here in the bedroom," she said, watching her sister twitch and wiggle...."And your'e gonna be the guest of honor...."

She brought out her phone and began making videos of her bound and gagged sister.  "Yeah," she said to someone....."She's ready to be used....bring your toys...."

Angela pulled out the dildo and replaced it with her tongue, pressure on her sister's G spot.  Finally she let her rest for a while.  Then there was a knock on the door.....

"Come on in," Angela said to the 3 girls...."my new sex slave is upstairs....."

Angela opened the bedroom door.  The girls all gazed at the naked gagged and bound girl.  "Oh, she looks soooo adorable," a brunette said....."who gets first crack at her?  can I take off her gag and skull fuck her?"

Angela shook her head.  "No.....she might make noise....keep the gag in her mouth but her ass and pussy are ready.....don't be afraid to use her titties too...."

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I didn't bother to resist this time while being hogties and tied to bed as had a blank mind when my first super irgasm erupted and my body twirled in full swing like a rope...my loud moans muffled by the gag..."ahhmmmmmmm..mmmmm"

With orgasm subsiding I realised that Angela is video shooting and I tried to shout but only muffled voices were heard "ummmmmm..ummmm"

I kept trying to shout as I heard her calls and saw her going downstairs to answer door..

I was frightened with eyes wide open and face flush red as I heard Angela saying.."sex slave" referring me to the 3 wild looking girls who had just entered room..

I got frightened as hell thinking of a gangrene but a never before urge of experiencing it was budding inside me...still I tried to get out of bounds tied to my limbs and mouth...but to no use...I was just trying to shout looking at the 4 hot predators in room

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      ((M seeking F partner.  Ecchitext me. ))

      She went for a night out on he town with friends.  The’d just finished midterms and it was the start of spring break. They were going to drink and dance away the stress they’d put themselves through the last few weeks. 
      It’s several hours later after their exuberant arrival and she is out on the dance floor. She’s dancing with some friends as well as some stangers when she would feel a presence behind her. It was both familiar and strangely not. She glanced over her shoulder. She stopped dead in her tracks when a strong hand tangled itself in her hair and then pulled. She felt a warm voice in her ear making her shiver.
      “Do not turn around, little girl.” The dark deep masculine voice warned her. She tensed slightly but obeyed. The hand left her hair, trailed down her neck to her back, then along her side. Both of his hands lingered on her sides trying to make her squirm. His hands stopped on her round soft bubbly ass. He squeezed the flesh there and chuckled deeply in her ear. “Fat ‘n perfect.” 
      Both of his hands disappeared from her body altogether but only for a moment before the touch returned in the form of a hard spank on her right ass cheek. She attempted to open her mouth to scream but he stifled it by covering it with his other hand. 
      “Not a sound, Little Girl...”
      She just whimpered which caused his hand to tighten around her lips, but the scream already died in her throat. No one had noticed their little interaction because the crowd was too wrapped up in their own drunken haze. 
      There was a smirk on his voice when he spoke again. 
      “Good, Little Girl...” his whisper against her ear was mocking and condescending. He knew that her body had positively responded to his demeaning statement. She would hate that.
      He waited several minutes before he spoke again. He held her again from behind. His body pressed against her backside. They focused on their dancing like that. He guided her body to match his and how he wanted her body to be. Left hand tightly gripping her bubbly ass the entire time, and always poised to smack it again. His right hand did all the wandering...along her back, around her neck and shoulders. He felt the warmth as she blushed in humiliation. His large calloused hand squeezed her excess along her stomach. 
      “Fat. Perfect.” 
      He imagined her getting wet with shame at his comment.
      Suddenly his right hand was again in her hair. Pulling it swift until her head snapped back. He let go and both of his hands were on her waist spinning her to face him. The move was quick enough to make her tumble in his arms. He provided a deep brusque chuckle. He saw her blush even more. He let her right herself, but then his arms caged her in so her soft heaving breasts were pressed against his rock hard chest. 
      He watched her reaction...partially taken back by the man she saw. He’d been stalking her like a predator all night. He’d been leaning against the wall when she came out of the bathroom earlier. He walked her back against the wall trapping her there before offering a whispered “Pardon me...” and disappearing into the men’s room. He’d been at the bar when she’d gone over to get a drink. His gaze penetrating her as she walked away from the bar.
      His arms were now wrapped tightly around her, her own arms trapped between their bodies. He felt the shivers run down her spine. Was she simply terrified or was that lusty adrenaline?
      The shivers spiked when he leaned down to her ear and gave a whispered growl. 
      “You will meet me outside in fifteen minutes.” He turned around and was gone.
    • KinkyKathy
      By KinkyKathy
      Ok, basically it's this....a new breed of vampire has developed.  Yes, she's practically immortal but instead of requiring blood to survive she needs vaginal nectar and breast milk.....she kidnaps or somehow seduces young girls and slowly drains them of their fluids.....
      Would prefer female writing partners but willing to play with males if they feel they can play females convincingly
    • KinkyKathy
      By KinkyKathy
      This is a classic MILF abduction play....attractive housewife is suprised by a burglar.  He wasn't prepared to have someone in the house...he gags her ties her up while he ransacks the place....coming back in the bedroom, he decides to rape and torture her a little before leaving....then he gets an idea....why not kidnap her, take her back to his place and force ger to be his sex slave?
      This would involves plenty of prolonged bondage and gagging....maybe while she;s bound she hears the next door neighbors coming home so she tries to make them hear her....titty torture, raping with large objects a plus.....
      I used the pronoun 'he' but this can easily be a FxF
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