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ALLIE IN CHAINS.......(Kathy and AirAllie)

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The man waited impatiently in the van, flicking out one more spent cigarette.  Gazing at the apartment, he finally saw the bedroom light go out....shit, finally!

The crumpled up bags of McDonalds wrappers showed that he had been here for a long time, stalking the place out, noting the teen's parents comings and goings.  Finallky the time was right.  He grabbed the bag of supplies and got out of the van, sneaking stealhily around to the back of the house.  It had an older alarm, easily taken care of once he cut the wires.  Breaking in, he crept like a cat and wearing a black ski mask.

He went through the living room and finally to the girl's bedroom.  There, laying on her belly was his target.....the 18 year old blonde vixen he'd been watching so intently.  Dousing a rag with chloroform, he crept up to the bed.  Quickly he jumped onto it, straddling her on his knees, reaching around to shove the drug soaked cloth over her nose and mouth....despite her struggling, she soon passed out.

He took a black ballgag, shoved the hard rubber ball into her mouth and cinched the straps down tight.  Tying her hands behind her back and binding her ankles, he carried her off and placed her in the van, speeding off into the darkness.

    Soon she would awaken to the sounds of a room full of gagged girls, arms stretched high above their heads, wrists secured in straps, legs forced apart attached to spreaderbars.  The blonde, like the others, was now naked.  She had a number on her thigh....large.tumblr_lo8k7bzEbE1qlne6uo1_500.jpg.5a54362d3a514581da4fdd583007acdc.jpg

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One by one the girl's arms were taken down but quickly handcuffed behind the cold metal poles they were all standing up against....the metal spreaderbars keeping their legs forced apart were also secu


Allie sighed as she got ready for bed. She put on an oversized T-shirt and her pink lace panties, toke off the lights and crawled into bed. Her parents had gone out for the night, leaving her all alone. They had left her home alone multiple times and trusted her to be alright. T herself. It didn’t take long for her head to hit the pillow and her eyes to drift away to sleep.

She slept peacefully for a good while, but then, her eyes shot up as she felt a wet cloth press over her mouth and nose. She could smell the chloroform on it and spinning around, she saw the figure over her. She couldn’t see a face since her room was dark and he was wearing a ski mask. She tried to struggle free of him and push him off and even tried to claw at his face but it was no use as he was far stronger than her and because the drugs on the tag was starting to take affect, knocking her out cold soon after. 

Allie then awoke feeling a light shining down on her. Her eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the room but what she saw shocked her to the core. She was tied up, gaged, naked. Other girls were next to her on the same position and she saw multiple people surrounding them but couldn’t see their faces. She tried to talk but the ball gag muffled her voice. She tried to move but it was no use as her hands and ankles were shackled. She struggled but nothing happened. This couldn’t be happening, why was this happening to her?

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One by one the girl's arms were taken down but quickly handcuffed behind the cold metal poles they were all standing up against....the metal spreaderbars keeping their legs forced apart were also secured to the poles.  The blonde now wore a '#1" sticker affixed to her left thigh.  A raven haired girl next to her was screaming through her gag as someone was pulling savagely at her nipples.....

The captives were surrounded by men and women all wearing face masks, walking around the bound and gagged captives, pulling on their tits, inserting fingers into their pussies.....finally a voice came on over a speaker.

"Tonight's action will now begin....we have for your bidding pleasure 3 beauties, all freshly captured....their vaginas have been shaved and their bodies tightly secured to the poles, preventing escape....bidding will now start for the redheaded #3 at $20,000....she was a married housewife but now up for sale...."

2 men waving ping pong paddles with numbers began to outbid each other.  After about 45 minutes the bidding was over and a man wearing a ski mask came up to the stage, removing the spreaderbar from the redhead and dragged her off, loudly moaning until they went through a door and vanished.  It was the raven haired girl's turn next....as the bidding began, a bidder wanted a closeup of her asshole.  The pole was rotated until the girl's ass was facing the audience.  The ski masked man reached down and seperated her ass cheeks, revealinbg a pink puckered rosebud.  Soon she too was bought and soon carried off, leaving only the young blonde.

"We saved the best for last," the voice said...."Here is a young vixen....a luscious looking 18 year old beauty, perfect for becoming some lucky buyer's sex slave....just picture her tied to a bed and gagged....."

   32 year old Elvira gazed at the struggling blonde.  Yes, she would indeed look perfect chained and gagged....she was looking for a replacement bed slave and the blonde had the perfect body for it.  The brunette woman decided she would have her, easily outbidding all the others.  She didn't even bother to look at her purchased package as the blonde was dragged out of the room.

"plug her and cage her," she said..."I'll send a van in an hour..."

The blonde was taken into another room filled with metal kennel cages.  Inside was the other two girls just bought as well as another 5 or 6 she hadn't seen before....like the blonde, all were ballgagged naked and locked in cages.  The blonde was stuffed in a cage on ehr knees and crouching over.  A man came over with a 4 foot long pole, a huge black dildo on the end.....the pole was thrusted through the bars and deep into her tight virgin ass, about 2 feet of the pole sticking out from the bars.

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Allie looked around in horror as the people looking at her body up and down, she could feel their eyes on her, all over her body. All of the metal pressing up against her body made her shiver. 

She watched and listened as the auction began, she watched the two other girls be auctioned and sold off and then to her horror, it was her turn. She began to struggle and squirm, she didn’t want to be sold, she didn’t want to be hear, but soon enough, she heard as the auctioneer said the words, ‘SOLD.’ 

She was shocked however as she heard the voice of her buyer. She hadn’t been bought by a man like the other girls rather, it was a woman. 

She walked to the back, her bare feet stepping on the cold floor. She looked around seeing the multiple girls in cages, her eyes widened. She tried to struggle the best she could but it was all for nothing as she was eventually stuffed into a kennel like the rest of them. 

It was cramped and the mesh of the kennel was cold against her body. She thought that it was all over, but how was she wrong. Her eyes soon shooting open as she felt without warning, the huge black dildo being thrusted into her tight virgin asshole, making her moan out loudly through her gag, a few tears even coming out of her eyes down her face.

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An asian girl was in the age next to her.  Like the blonde, she had the same kind of black rubber plug in her ass....she squirmed and fought but being crouched over and bound there was little she could do.  The room was filled with the sounds of loud gagged moans, a chorus of nude gagged caged captives.  Every once in a while a large door opened, a van or car backed in and a girl was placed inside it and sped off, never to be seen again....there was no telling where the sex slaves were headed.

A plain white van backed up, the rear doors opened and the cage containing the blonde was packed inside.  They drove on for a couple hours until they pulled off the highway and up a long road.  At the end was a huge mansion with tall wrought iron gates.  As the van approached, the gates swung open, closing behind them.

The cage was taken out and brought inside a huge ornate living room. Elvira was waiting for them, a brunette topless maid at her side.

"Welcome to your new home," Elvira said, slowly walking around the cage.  "You ha,"ve been bought by me to become my new bedroom slut.....you will be trained properly in the art of total submission and the sexual pleasure of women.  You will never again have a man's penis inside of you....your vagina is now only to be used with dildos, vibes, fingers and of course, tongues......as soon as my maid prepares you, you will be escorted to my bedchamber....."

The woman left, leaving only the topless maid and the blonde.  The cage was opened and the maid pulled the girl out, removing the gag and pulling out the ass plug.

"I am here to prepare you for your duties as Mistress's bed slut," the maid said.  "It won't do any good for you to yell for help since the mansion is far off in the foothills.  There is no escape since you will be kept on a leash at all times...."

She took a metal collar and locked it around the blonde's neck then attached a leash.  "You will be kept plugged at all times when not in use....Mistress likes to have her slaves kept fresh in between fuckings.....we all have to wear one....."

The maid raised her short skirt to reveal a leather belt around her waist.....another part of the belt went down between her legs, up the back seperating her ass cheeks and secured to the waist belt.  It was a chastity belt.  "There are two built in plugs in the crotch section of the belt," she said, bending over to show the blonde.

"Now it it time to fit yours in place...."

She took a leather waist and crotch harness and cinched it around the blonde's waist....the built in metal dildos slipped deep inside the blonde's ass and pussy as the harness was locked in place.  The maid swung the key on her finger.  "The key to your chastity belt always is kept with Mistress......but just between us slaves, if you behave and cooperate, there is ways to unlock it....."

The maid took the other end of the leash and walked the naked blonde upstairs to the bedroom.  There laying on the red velvet sheets was Elvira.....the leash was locked to the headboard.

"Climb up on the bed and peel my panties off with your teeth," Mistress said....."Time to learn how to please your owner...."large.21191412.jpg.d72aa7976ef7350d70d447d3ee0fbedd.jpg

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Allie stared as she was poised up in a van much like all the other girls, where it was going, she didn’t know. She could feel then driving for a long time before the van finally stopped. 

As she was loaded out, her eyes widened as she looked around at the huge mansion that she was being taken into. Upon entering, she noticed two women waiting for her, I topless brunette and the one who had bought her. 

She listened to the woman and watched as she left and left her with the maid, who pulled her out of her cage. As she got out, she immediately wanted to scream, yell and even run away but, she didn’t. Part of her knee that it would be no use, she knew it would be hopeless. 

She listened to the maid as she explained everything to her and as she placed the collar and chastity belt on her, making her let out a loud moan as both of her holes were plugged deeply. She didn’t speak, instead she was quiet, looking around and listening closely to instructions. She still wanted to leave this place knew that it wouldn’t be so easy.

She then felt as her collar was tugged on and looked up to see the maid pulling her along by the collar. She got up and followed behind her, going upstairs, while continuing to admire the mansion that she had now imprisoned her. 

As they entered the room, Allie looked down at the bed to see her new master there. She watched as the maid tied her leash to the bed head, making sure that there was no escape for her. 

She nodded at the words of her new mistress and got onto the bed, her head right by the woman’s pussy. She looked at her, she didn’t want to do this, but what choice did he have. She lowered her head to the panties and bit down on them, slowly beginning to pull them down as instructed. 

She then looked as the woman’s bare pussy was no presented to her. This was the first pussy she had ever seen, besides her own. She had never been with a man before or a woman. She was a pure virgin. The mature pussy looked so much more different than her tiny virgin pussy.

She toke a deep breath and looked up at the woman, awaiting her next orders.

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"Now slut," Elvira commanded her...."kneel between my legs and start worshipping my cunt, you'll be spend most of your time there.....start by kissing and licking the inside of my thighs...once you get to my pussy, kiss and lick on my lips....gentle or I'll punish you...."

The woman spread her legs wide....it was a cream colored labia with glistening pink meat.

"You will start by wetting a finger and putting it inside me....locate my G spot and put some attention on it....the longer it takes you to make me cum, the more severe your punishment will be....once you get me to cum you will quickly lock your mouth over my cunt, then suck out and swallow every drop..."

She pointed to a rope with leather straps hanging from the bedroom ceiling, a black leather whip hanging on the wall nearby.  "That will be your punishment if you don't please me....now, get to it, I don't have all evening....."

As the blonde got ready, there was a knock on the door and the brunette maid came in.  "Yes Mistress....you called?"

Elvira nodded.  "Get your key, unlock your chastity belt and remove it....then get over here and straddle me...."

The brunette let out a squeal of delight, stripped and quickly got on her knees over her owner's face, slowly lowering her pelvis until her pussy was right over Elvira;s mouth.  Mistress curled her tongue into a mini cock and began tongue fucking the maid, sending it deep inside.

"Yes Mistress...." she moaned, squirming....."YES!....OH GOD, YESSSSSS!!!!  please Mistress, may I cum?"

"Yes you may," she replied.  The maid screamed, letting out a gusher of nectar.  Elvira greedily swallowed it all.  Once finished she waved the maid away.

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Allie looked at her new mistress and nodded along to her instructions, making sure to pay attention to every word. She looked over at the leather straps and leather whip and swallowed nervously. She didn’t want to be punished, she could only imagine what it would be like. 

And so, she began to pleasure her mistress. She watched as she spread her legs wide for her. First, she leaned in and began to kiss and and lick on her inner thighs. She made sure to be as gentle as she could do she would not be punished. She made sure to do both of her thighs as well. 

Next, she moved closer in between the mistress’s legs until she was right up against her pussy. She started by giving her lips a nice kiss and could feel just how wet her mistress was. She then stuck out her tongue and began to lick her lower lips, again making sure to be gentle. She could taste her sweet nectar on her tongue and made sure to lick it up and swallow. She continued to kiss and lick her for a good while before stopping. 

She pulled her face away, but not too far as she would need to go back in. She held up one of her fingers and then put it in her mouth, beginning to suck on it. After that, she then slipped it inside of her mistress, feeling the warm and wet insides of her. She pushes her finger in as deep as she could, trying to find her G spot until finally finding the tough area. 

She began to run the spot and move her finger and out around it, she was gentle at first but soon began to pick up the pace as she remembered that she would have to make her cum fast. 

At the same time, she watched as the maid came in and began to straddle the mistress. She listened to her moans and looked. She wondered if she would be moaning like how she was down the line.

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Elvira definitely had more experienced girls but she had to give the blonde credit when due....what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm.  It hardly mattered if the slave was sincere enough to really want to please her or just afraid of the punishment that awaited her if she failed.

"Yes......Yes, that's more like it," she moaned, her body tensing......finally she laid back and came, sending a huge gusher of juice into the blonde's mouth.

"swallow.....'UUUGH!," she moaned, her eyes closed, grabbing hold of the girl's hair, pulling her head closer to her soaked cunt.  "Drink all of it....."

After she came Elvira pulled back the bedsheets.  "Climb in slut," she said...."better get some sleep...your first full training day is tomorrow...."

   Sometime during the night a raven haired maid and the brunette crept into the bedroom.  The brunette put a hand over the blonde's mouth....."Not a sound bitch," she warned her.  The raven haired maid found the key, unlocked the leash and the two took the blonde out of the bed, dragging her out of the room, the brunette keeping a hand over the new girl's mouth.  The two took her into a small room where they grabbed a ballgag and shoved it into the blonde's mouth.

"Keep her pinned down," the raven haired girl whispered....."while I bring out this bitch's welcome present....."

While the one maid kept the girl pinned down the other secured a horrible looking strap on harness.  She took the key, unlocked the blonde's chastity belt and pulled out the plugs.large.65566041_002_f1db.jpg.38d755d5100a91d58eedab4e9cd4bedf.jpg

"This will hurt," the dark haired girl said....."but we need to give you a proper welcome....."

Pushing open the blonde's legs, the raven haired maid plunged the monster inside, savagely raping her.

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Allie felt as the her mistress began to cum and immediately pressed her lips up against her lips, licking up and drinking all of her sweet delicious nectar, making sure not to drop an inch, not wanting to be punished. She enjoyed hearing the moans from her owner, it made her feel like she actually did a good job. 

After that, she nodded and crawled into the covers with her owner and slowly drifted off to sleep with her. 

Durning the night, Allie felt as a hand was pressed against her mouth making her jolt awake in shock. She wanted to scream as this was brining back flashbacks to when she was kidnapped, but didn’t as she looked up at the two women above her. 

She watched as they unlocked her leash and then dragged her out of the room to another, a ball gag placed in her mouth, her belt and plugs out and off and her body soon pinned. She tried to struggle but it was no use. 

Her eyes then widened as she watched the maid pulled out a massive strap on and attach it to herself. She already knew what was going to happen. Her head shock no and she continued to struggle but to no avail. 

She felt as the maid thrusted the massive dildo into her virgin pussy making her scream out from under the ball gag which muffled the sound. Her walls were being stretched out and raped. Tears formed in her eyes and poured down her face from the pain. She tried to talk, to try to make this stop, but all that came out was muffled sounds. She was helpless, all she could do was endure and take this raping from this maid with the massive strapon.

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"Keep the bitch quiet!," the raven haired girl said as she continued raping the blonde.  The huge solid rubber cock was at least 5 inches wide....even after a series of savage pushes only about 3/4 of it was able to penetrate inside the squirming blonde.  The brunette looked around and found a roll of tape then wound it round and around the blonde's jaw, sealing the ballgag.

She kept the blonde pinned while the other raped her for another half hour.  Finally she pulled out, blood tinge on the shaft.

"Welcome to the slave family bitch," she said....."we're gonna take you back to bed and lock you back in place.....I warn you.....you say one word to Mistress and next time we'll BOTH take turns with you, and I'll find something even bigger...."

They took her back into the bedroom, gently placed her in bed, locked the chastity belt back in place and the leash to the headboard.  Both maids backed out of the room, fingers over their lips to signal the blonde to remain quiet.  The gag was removed before they left......

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Allie only continued to scream and moan as her virgin pussy was raped by the massive strapon. More and more tears came out of her eyes. She then felt as the tape was placed over her mouth to make sure that she was quiet and then she was raped more and more. She had came multiple times and just hoped and wished that this would be over soon.

After a long time, it finally ended and the girl pulled out of her. She looked up at the two maids in fear and nodded frantically to them as they told her not to saw anything. She didn’t want to raped again, let alone by two people with even bigger dildos. 

She walked with them back to her room, barely able to stand and walk straight from having cum multiple times and from the massive dildo that penetrated her. 

She soon felt the embrace of the bed and felt as her leash, belt and olives were all back into her. As they removed her gag, she nodded at them and didn’t let out a peep once the Gaga was out of her mouth. 

She watched as they left her. Her mind going back to everything that had happened to her. The kidnapping, the auctioning, her pleasuring her mistress, the raping she just endured. She couldn’t help but break down in tears, soon crying herself to sleep, drifting off.

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Elvira woke with her new slave snuggled up close.  She gazed on her new bed slut....she did indeed look like a sexy angel but she had to learn to embrace pain as well as pleasure.

"Time to wake up slave," she said, unlocking the leash.  Taking her off the bed, she led her to the living room.  Pressing the buttons on a remote, a pair of ropes came down from the ceiling. On the ends were leather straps.  Elvira  secured the straps around the base of the girl's tits, tightening them until her breasts started to swell.  Her hands were tied behind her back and slowly the ropes began to retract back into the ceiling until her feet no longer touched the floor....she was dangling by her tits.

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Allie awoke when her mistress woke her, not wanting to make her ask twice. She got up, her pussy still aching a bit from what had happened last night. She walked downstairs with her mistress to the living room and watched as the ropes descended with the straps, curious about what was going t happen.

Moments later, she stood there with her hands tied and the straps around her breasts. Her eyes widened as she could feel her legs slowly coming off the ground and that’s when, she screamed out in pain. The straps were holding her up by her tits, it was so painful. The straps squeezed around her toys making them feel like they were going to explode.

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Elvira watched with an almost demonic smile as her slave slowly rose off the floor.  After she feebly continued to struggle, she could see the blonde's tits swell and darken, her adorable nipples getting dark and rock hard, as if they would burst open any second.

"If you thought you were bought for nothing but soft and intimate lovemaking," she said as she slowly walked around the nude and dangling girl...."You couldn't possibly be more wrong....this is to show that your body now belongs to me, to use and abuse whenever, however I please...you are nothing but fuck meat, a pussy and ass mounted on legs, nothing more..."

She took a black leather whip and lightly swatted the girl's ass, belly and pussy, over and over....the more she struck her the harder it got....soon there was crimson streaks across her ass cheeks and belly.

"You will always address me as Mistress Elvira or simply Mistress," she said calmly but with a tone of dominance.  You will bend over or lay down whenever I tell you, without question.....I will fuck or torture you whenever the mood strikes me, and I assure you, it will be often....."

Elvira put away the whip then went to another room, returning with a wheeled cart with some kind of portable barbeque looking on top of it, a propane tank attached....on top of the barbeque grill was a metal rod with some kind of symbol on the end.

"Your'e going to be branded," she explained," just like my other slaves....an ultimate proof of ownership....."

Putting the cart next to the girl's ass, she left the room.  The topless brunette maid came in, her tits jiggling as she walked.  She gazed at the blonde and smiled.....

"You got courage and the smarts," she said....."you could've told MIstress what we did to you last night but you didn't....maybe some day you might actually enjoy being used by us....believe it or not, I was Bisexual until Mistress turned me....now, I'm a devoted lesbian, just like you will be...."

She took the rod, the end of which was glowing bright red and approached the blonde.  "I won't lie to you....this will hurt like hell...."

The brunette took the branding iron and stuck it on the blonde's left ass cheek, burning the symbol into her tender and supple flesh.  When she withdrew, she had a symbol permanently on her ass.....it was a circle with the letter V inside it.  The brunette rose her short skirt and pulled down her panties to reveal the same thing on her own ass as well.

"See?....all of us have been branded...I envy you.  The rest of us have work to do....polishing, sweeping, vacuming, cooking.....all you have to do is stay totally naked and let Mistress fuck and torture you....."

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Allie hug there, and toke in the whip strikes to her ass belly and pussy. She could let out a pained scream every time another strike hit her. Tears also came pouring out her eyes from the pain. She listened to every word of her mistress, nodding as best she could. As she left, she could feel the red marks and welts forming on her ass and belly. She panted, thinking it was over.

However, her eyes soon widened as her mistress brought in the brandishing rod. She was in too much pain from being whipped to fight. She watched as the maid came in and talked to her. Yes she didn’t say a word like she promised. She didn’t want even more torcher. 

As she spoke, Allie wondered. How could see get used to this? She couldn’t. This was pure torture, she hated it. She had come on here a straight virgin. Could she really turn out like the maid before her? 

Her thoughts were soon interrupted however as she felt the seeding pain of the red hot brandishing rod collide with her left ass cheek. Her eyes widened and she screamed out as loud as she could from the pain, her voice echoing all through the mansion, tears pouring out from her eyes. 

She panted as it was soon over and she was left hanging there in the living room. She had only endured whipping, hanging and brandishing today, but she already felt broken.

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The slave maid put away the cart and left the room.  The blonde hung there for almost 2 hours before Elvira came back into the room, totally naked, her massive but firm size 38DD tits jiggling as she walked.  She was silent as she took ropes, attached them to the girl's ankles and spread her legs apart, tying them to hooks on the walls.

Her blonde pussy was open as the chastity belt was removed.  Elvira brought over a thick cushion and knelt on it.  She began kissing and gently sucking on the girl's pussy lips then, curling her tongue into a mini cock, slipped it inside, tongue fucking her slave, focusing attention on her G spot.

Elvira was a most talented dominatrix as well as en experienced lover with many years of talent.....soon she would tongue the blonde into a mind blowing orgasm.  In and out she darted her tongue, enjoying the slave's warm supple body.  She was Elvira's bed slave, her own private fuck toy and she would have many years using her.

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Allie hung there by her tits, her body was limp and had gone to sleep from all of the pain she had endured. Soon however, she heard footsteps and began to awake as she saw her mistress approaching her fully naked. She watched as she began to tie her ankles and then spread her legs out. She watched as she then got a pillow and kneeled below her. 

She wondered what was about to happen but, her questions were soon answered as she felt her mistress’s tongue. She immediately let out loud moans as she felt her beginning to kiss, suck and lick on her pussy lips. Her body squirmed in pleasure as her tongue stopped inside of her and began to thrust in and out of her and stimulate her G spot. 

Her moans echoed through the living room, this was the first time she had ever felt so good. Her mistress really was good at this, so good in fact that she could already feel her climax building up, until finally, she would let out a loud moan, her body twitching as she came, unleashing streams of her juices into her mistress’s mouth.

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Elvira was overjoyed at her new slave's reactions.....who could've guessed the girl would get aroused so easily and quickly by a woman?  maybe the blonde had latent lesbian yearnings that she didn't know about and all Elvira needed to do was eat her to bring them out?

Whatever the reason, the blonde moaned and let out a girly gusher....on top of deflowering her, Elvira was rewarded by discovering the girl was a squirter as well!!!  could life get any better than this?

She locked her mouth over the girl's quivering pussy, sucking out every drop that flowed and swallowing it, loving the way it glided down her throat.

Elvira wasn't satisfied with one orgasm, no matter how mind blowing it was....she was determined to drain her slave.  Afterall, that's why Elvira bought her....to be used.  She stayed there between the girl's legs.

"I'm going to eat and tongue fuck you all day," she said..."until your'e drained, that is....."

Back into the blonde's pussy went her tongue.....

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Allie panted heavily as she came and as she felt her mistress suck up and drink all of her juices. Her orgasm felt amazing, her mistress’s tongue felt so good. She looked down at her and blushed. Was she starting to like girls? 

She was soon snapped out of her thoughts however as she felt the tongue of Elvira thrust right back into her drenched pussy. Her body squirmed once again and this time, she moaned out even louder as her pussy was now sensitive from having just came. 

As things went on, she found herself cumming over and over again. Her moans echoed loudly all over the mansion. Despite all of the pain she had endured in the beginning of the day, this pleasure was too good! She came over and over down her mistress’s throat. She felt like she was going crazy from the pleasure of her tongue and from her many orgasms, she drilled in pleasure, her legs and body shook. She knew that I’d she were standing right now, she wouldn’t be able to stand. 

“OH GOD! MISTRESS!! Y-YOUR TONGUE FEELS SO GOOD MISTRESS!!” She screamed out for her mistress the more things went on.

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Elvira continued to feast on her slave.....it seemed that the more times she forced her to orgasm, the more times she came, over and over.  The bedroom wasn't soundproof and the maids heard the loud moans coming from within.  They stopped working and listened, smiling and laughing....

Elvira only paused long enough to let the squirming slave down from the ceiling, releasing her swollen tits from the ropes but keeping her hands tied behind her.  She dragged the girl over to a large couch, laid her on it and proceeded to tongue fuck her once more.  For another two hours she lapped, sucked and licked as her slave came again and again.

Finally Mistress felt full, so much juice had flowed down into her belly.

"Get used to this," she told her....."As my bed slut, this will happen to you daily....you'll be kept drained....."

Elvira switched the rope binding the girl's wrists behind her, now using Japanese silk rope instead.  "This kind of rope will feel better," she explained....."It's softer and since you'll be kept tied much of the time, I want your wrists to feel comfortable...."

She attached a shorter length of the rope from her wrists to the waistband of her chastity belt....there was no way she could now bring her arms up, keeping them pinned behind her.  From now on, she would be kept bound.

Elvira left her on the couch.  "After that marathon draining session," she said...."You need some rest and your tits need time to recover.  Once you feel better, feel free to roam around the mansion....afterall, this is your world and you will never leave unless it's with me.  Oh, I almost forgot...."

She went to a cabinet and brought over a pink leather collar, the kind used for dogs.....it had a small box attached to the side.  The collar was fitted around the girl's neck...there was a 'click' and Elvira pulled away.

"There," she said...."Now your'e complete....what you have on is a shock collar, the same kind used for training pets.  The doors leading outside and the windows are wired....if you attempt to escape or open a window to shout for help, you'll recieve a strong, very painful electrical shock....For your sake, I hope you will never be foolish to test it.  Now, let's go and get something to eat...."

Elvira clipped a leash onto the collar and led her slave out to the hallway, looking back to gaze at the blonde's tits, jiggling as she walked....

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Allie laid on to couch as everything finished up, panting heavily and breathless. She had let out so much moans, her mouth was dry and she had cum so much that she could barely move and her legs were weak. She laid their recovering as her Mistress spoke to her and began to switch her ropes.

The new ropes we’re definitely more soft and comfortable. She had to admit that, being in this place was pure torture at times but, at other times, it was nice, she still needed full convincing however as she wasn’t fully sold on this place yet. 

She then felt as her Mistress placed the pink dog collar around her neck and explained it to her. It made her shiver a bit in fear and nodded. She didn’t want to test it out in fear that this was indeed no joke. 

She then sighed, feeling more recovered and nodded as she began to get up and walked with her Mistress. Her tits were numb but were starting to get back feeling in them. She looked to see her Mistress looking back at her boobs, making her blush slightly. What was she doing? First enjoying her eating out of her and now blushing. What was happening to her...?

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Elvira kept glancing back at the slave she was leading on a leash, admiring the way her tits swayed and her ass jiggled as she walked.  She knew the chastity belt was working it's continual teasing torture, the plugs rubbing up and down in her ass and pussy.  Not only would they keep her holes slightly gaped but by moving as she walked it would keep her slave in a constant state of arousal.  She knew what a torture it was that the girl's hands were kept tied behind her back, unable to touch her belt.

   THey arrived at the kitchen.  Elvira sat at the table while a bowl of food was placed on the floor beside her.

"Kneel slave," she said...."You will continue to be bound so you will eat with your mouth alone....I will hold your coffee and juice cups for you....just ask me for them and make sure you begin with 'Mistress'.  Now, eat, you have a busy day today...."

The same brunette maid that tortured her previously was the one that served her bowl.  As the blonde slave ate, she looked down at her.  Her slave maid friend and her had decided that they would torture the new girl much more as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

What the blonde couldn't have known of course was that Elvira had arranged to have certain additives put in the girl's food.....lactation drugs in her coffee and juice, powerful aphrodesiac drugs in the food.  Soon her tits would enlarge and become filled with milk and she aphro drugs would put her in a constant state of arousal and sexual need.

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As they entered into the dinning area, Allie looked as her mistress sat and was going to sit to when she saw the bowl on the floor. She then nodded and kneeled down next to the bowl, “yes Mistress...” she responded softly as she received her orders. 

When the food was placed in her bowel, she leaned down and began to eat like a dog. It was embarrassing but, it’s what she had to do. She was in a constant fear of not knowing what would happen if she didn’t follow orders. As she ate, she occasionally let out a, “Mistress.. m-may I please have some coffee?” And drank away from the glass. 

The more she ate and drink however, the more she began to feel weird. Her body began feeling stranger, she didn’t know what was going on. Inside of her chastity belt, she could feel her pussy, it was beginning to leak lots of juices, so much so that they began to leak down her legs. Her breasts as well, she could feel like they were growing, her nipples stood upright and began hard and then in horror, she watched as milk began to leak out from them. Her body twitched and squirmed, with ever movement, the feelings of the plugs in her ass and pussy felt enhanced. She fell to the floor  and looked up at her Mistress, “w-what is... h-happening to... m-me...?!”

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To say Elvira was overjoyed was an understatement.  She had heard that in large doses, the changes in the body could accelerate but in her slave's case, it was almost instantaneous.

"Your'e going to start producing milk," she explained.  "Your tits will swell up to probably a nice juicy set of 38's....I have a love for breast milk and your'e going to supply me....the pressure in your tits will become painful enough so you'll be begging to be milked.  Your titty milk will be stored in bottles and refridgerated so I can drink it whenever I want.  As for the sensation your'e now feeling in your ass and pussy.....a large dose of 'Spanish Fly Zero' has been mixed with your food....once in your body it will enter your bloodstream and stay inside you.  You'll become horny and stay that way....you'll be aching to be fucked....."

After breakfast Mistress got up and tugged on the slave's leash.  "Come slave, I have a suprise for you...."

She led her down the hallway, down a set of stairs and into a room.  Inside was a strange looking contraption.

"This is a milking machine," she explained....."It's the same kind used to milk cows with...."

She forced the girl on the floor, her knees on a padded platform.  She took a pair of see through plastic tubes and secured them to the girl's nipples.  With hands bound, she wouldn't get far.....the incredible suction from the tubes held her in place.  A chugging sound started, her tits vibrating as milk was being sucked from her tits.

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      ((M seeking F partner.  Ecchitext me. ))

      She went for a night out on he town with friends.  The’d just finished midterms and it was the start of spring break. They were going to drink and dance away the stress they’d put themselves through the last few weeks. 
      It’s several hours later after their exuberant arrival and she is out on the dance floor. She’s dancing with some friends as well as some stangers when she would feel a presence behind her. It was both familiar and strangely not. She glanced over her shoulder. She stopped dead in her tracks when a strong hand tangled itself in her hair and then pulled. She felt a warm voice in her ear making her shiver.
      “Do not turn around, little girl.” The dark deep masculine voice warned her. She tensed slightly but obeyed. The hand left her hair, trailed down her neck to her back, then along her side. Both of his hands lingered on her sides trying to make her squirm. His hands stopped on her round soft bubbly ass. He squeezed the flesh there and chuckled deeply in her ear. “Fat ‘n perfect.” 
      Both of his hands disappeared from her body altogether but only for a moment before the touch returned in the form of a hard spank on her right ass cheek. She attempted to open her mouth to scream but he stifled it by covering it with his other hand. 
      “Not a sound, Little Girl...”
      She just whimpered which caused his hand to tighten around her lips, but the scream already died in her throat. No one had noticed their little interaction because the crowd was too wrapped up in their own drunken haze. 
      There was a smirk on his voice when he spoke again. 
      “Good, Little Girl...” his whisper against her ear was mocking and condescending. He knew that her body had positively responded to his demeaning statement. She would hate that.
      He waited several minutes before he spoke again. He held her again from behind. His body pressed against her backside. They focused on their dancing like that. He guided her body to match his and how he wanted her body to be. Left hand tightly gripping her bubbly ass the entire time, and always poised to smack it again. His right hand did all the wandering...along her back, around her neck and shoulders. He felt the warmth as she blushed in humiliation. His large calloused hand squeezed her excess along her stomach. 
      “Fat. Perfect.” 
      He imagined her getting wet with shame at his comment.
      Suddenly his right hand was again in her hair. Pulling it swift until her head snapped back. He let go and both of his hands were on her waist spinning her to face him. The move was quick enough to make her tumble in his arms. He provided a deep brusque chuckle. He saw her blush even more. He let her right herself, but then his arms caged her in so her soft heaving breasts were pressed against his rock hard chest. 
      He watched her reaction...partially taken back by the man she saw. He’d been stalking her like a predator all night. He’d been leaning against the wall when she came out of the bathroom earlier. He walked her back against the wall trapping her there before offering a whispered “Pardon me...” and disappearing into the men’s room. He’d been at the bar when she’d gone over to get a drink. His gaze penetrating her as she walked away from the bar.
      His arms were now wrapped tightly around her, her own arms trapped between their bodies. He felt the shivers run down her spine. Was she simply terrified or was that lusty adrenaline?
      The shivers spiked when he leaned down to her ear and gave a whispered growl. 
      “You will meet me outside in fifteen minutes.” He turned around and was gone.
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      Ok, basically it's this....a new breed of vampire has developed.  Yes, she's practically immortal but instead of requiring blood to survive she needs vaginal nectar and breast milk.....she kidnaps or somehow seduces young girls and slowly drains them of their fluids.....
      Would prefer female writing partners but willing to play with males if they feel they can play females convincingly
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      This is a classic MILF abduction play....attractive housewife is suprised by a burglar.  He wasn't prepared to have someone in the house...he gags her ties her up while he ransacks the place....coming back in the bedroom, he decides to rape and torture her a little before leaving....then he gets an idea....why not kidnap her, take her back to his place and force ger to be his sex slave?
      This would involves plenty of prolonged bondage and gagging....maybe while she;s bound she hears the next door neighbors coming home so she tries to make them hear her....titty torture, raping with large objects a plus.....
      I used the pronoun 'he' but this can easily be a FxF

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