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My first time was against my will


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Decided to remove the story but can't delete the entry so yeah 🙂

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Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry that your first sexual experience was not what you expected, but then again, who's is?  As females, our vision of our first sex is vastly different than guys----sometimes I swear they think with their penis....

After I came out of the closet as a confessed lesbian, I still hadn't any sexual experience. Guys in school flirted with me, I even got half ass felt up leaning against a locker before I 'kneeded' the guy and made him fall to the floor.  It wasn't until I turned 16 that I was deflowered.  A mutual friend introduced me to a goth-looking girl with black eyeshadow and black fingernails.  Turned out she was a lesbian.....after we talked, she invited me to her house, her parents both worked and wouldn't be back home for another 4 hours.  I was nervous as hell but when she got naked she looked so hot! She kissed me and before I knew it, my skirt and panties were gone, then my shirt.  She pushed me onto my back on her bed and tongued my pussy....I was on fire!  She brought out a strap on harness.  Never seeing one before, I just laid there and stared....

"That....thing won't fit in me," I remember saying but she kissed me, put a shitload of lube on it and put it in me....GOD, it hurt soooo bad!!!  She took my virginity, blood on the dildo.  We continued to have sex and dated for a year and a half but I'll always remember my first time

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On 12/03/2021 at 19:41, KinkyKathy said:

I'm sorry that your first sexual experience was not what you expected, but then again, who's is?

There is a big difference between not consenting to a sexual interaction and being forced to do it or having expectations that are not met.

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