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League of Legends - Akali's loving harem - (JennyDK & BlakeRP)

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RP between: @JennyDK and @BlakeRp.

Overall premise:
Akali is trying to find herself some potential teammates as she wishes to rise to the very top of the League of Legends - a huge tournament, which pits the best of the best against each other in large scale matches. The size of a team needs to be of 5 people and so far she has yet to find anyone who could fit into her own future team. Hopefully there will soon be opportunities for gaining allies.

Beyond these allies, there will be plenty of time and chances for Akali to get even deeper attached to her teammates: Kindred, Vi, Annie and Soraka - all of which are packing a LOT of meat between their legs.


In a large forest, Akali is moving through, wanting to travel from the last village she visited and to a larger town, hoping this time she can find her first ally for the League. By now, things are looking a bit grim as the start up is not too far away and she needs to find her teammates before this happens so they can sign up for it. After this, the next League is only for multiple years.

Most likely caught up in her thoughts, Akali is less aware of her surroundings. This leads to a huge creature who is lurking nearby and wanting to pounce her and most likely try to eat her. The forest is quiet and tranquil, which only makes it easier to let ones guard down.

Not far from there, another figure is sitting in lotus position with her mask on and meditating silently. The young gal Kindred is off in her own world, but surely she would notice something loud and dangerous happening soon.


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The Journey was going to be a long one, this Akali could already tell. The last Village didn't have any information on people who might be able to join her team, nor on where she could even get started. A sigh escaped the girls mouth as she walked down the path. All she wanted to do was to gain a team and compete in the League of Legends tournament, the people who won that all went on to become powerful figures in one way or the other. Even Master Shen for all he tried to ignore it was a big celebrity due to him being on the winning team once. 

With her eyes dragged to the floor, it was no wonder that she didn't notice anything around her so lost in thought was she, thinking about where else she could go in order to try and find some teammates, she didn't want to leave Ionia this early on, but the longer she thought about it the more that reality seemed  to be approaching. Sighing again she rubbed the bridge if her nose. "alright Akali, you just need to keep on it, you'll find teammates soon-" Her words were cut off, as suddenly something moved, a beast coming out of the woods one nearly double her size as it rushed out, slamming into her in her lax state A curse escaped her lips as she was sent tumbling away, doing her best to right herself before the beast could get another attack in, her hat going flying from her head as she hopped up, weapons now in her hands.



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Of course, the sudden, violent and loud commontion brings Kindred out of her tranquile meditative state, causing a momentary state of displeasure and a short lived growl of annoyance from her lips. The noises of a loud and aggressive beast is not new in the forest, but they usually leave her alone to her own devices. However, it is quite possible that someone else might have attracted the attention of a monster or beast. She rises up from her position and grabs her bow, before then moving towards the noise.

It doesn't take long for her to reach an opening in the woods where a huge dire boar is intent on attacking some lone woman who has readied her weapons."Hang on tight! I will help you out!", she says, both to make the stranger aware of her and to hopefully divert the attention of the huge size animal. She makes herself ready for a fight, drawing her bowstring.

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Akali's attention is drawn to the new person for just a moment, in the second it took for her to notice the new person, a female if the voice was to go by, and the words. She decided to trust the stranger for now, the more pressing issue already barreling down on her. "Alright! I'll try and give you an opening!" She shouts back before throwing a little black ball in it's face, the explosion letting loose a good amount of smoke, to disorientate the best before she moved flipping over the creature while throwing a wave of Kunai into it's back as she did so, landing in a roll she twisted letting loose another wave of Kunai drawing it's attention back to her as she backed up towards the woods. Face set in a mask of focus as she moved.

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The huge dire boar is not as fast Akali or even Kindred, but there is still a huge mass that needs to be avoided or you would likely get crushed very easily. The snorting beast feels its senses being momentarily stunned and put out of commission for a few seconds, allowing the ninja woman to reposition and unleash her attacks onto it. While very well and precislely hit, the knives are not good enough to properly pierce the thick hide of the animal. While it doesn't do any damage, it does seems to infuriate it even more and with one more person on the scene, it goes after what is first within its reach, this being Kindred.

"Your weapons are not big and forceful enough! Aim for more tender spots!", Kindred says, almost calmly so, despite the violent and potentially deadly situation. Then she releases a few arrows near the huge and angry boar. Whilst not looking she hits very well at first, the real idea shows soon enough, as there is a wire between the two shots and when the beast comes trampling, it trips face first into the ground, making it unmoving and useless for a short moment."NOW!"

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