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THE HOOK AND RAVISH SOCIETY......(Kathy & Room 1334)

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Like many teenage girls, Melody had fantasies and a few of them tended to be on the dark side.  The blue eyed blonde 13 year old fantasized of being taken by forced, raped if you will, while she was gagged tied up and struggling.  Just a year ago, she never would've dreamed of having such carnal thoughts but this was the age of sexual exploration and Melody was no different.  Hell, one of her friends in Junior High School already had sex with a High School Sophmore!.....a High School guy, for God's sake!

She often spent nights masturbating but never slipped fingers too deep inside her virgin pussy....her precious hymen must remain intact, or at least that's what her mother often preached.  Like most parents, their version of sexual instruction, in the past referred to as 'The Birds and the Bees', was slightly abridged....no sex with a boy until at least 18 years of age and don't play with yourself.....as for birth control, no pills for her for another 5 years, and the use of condoms were almost never spoken of, since they knew their precious daughter wouldn't DARE have sex.

Melody spent hours on her laptop---after her homework, of course---and eventually her curiosity got the better of her.  Sure, there were whispers in school about this website or that and she already had her own Facebook profile but she knew there was other things she wanted to explore.

One evening she accidently clicked the wrong key and something popped up on screen, something she could've believe exsisted.  It was something called 'The Hook and Ravish Society'.  The home page didn't begin to describe it's true self but it sounded slightly Old World....Melody clicked the next page and gasped.

   It claimed to be some sort of real life rape 'club', if you could call it that....girls would join, all claiming to be wanting to be raped and the Society members would literally take things from there.  For Melody, it scared her at first but she quickly became aroused....sure it sounded dangerous, but exciting....

She clicked on 'Registration' and filled out the blanks....it asked for the usual....name, age, location but it asked for the actual street address.....she paused for a moment then filled it in.  It also insisted that she provided a full body picture----for identification, it claimed---and nude.  Melody paused again then in a panic closed her laptop.

Had she gotten too far?  should she continue and fling open this cyber 'Pandora's Box'?

She thought about it for a while and figured what the hell....chances were that all this was probably some kind of roleplay.  On that assumption, she opened the laptop....the page was still there. blinking for her to complete the registration.  sighing, she took off her nightgown and took a nude selfie of herself and completed the page.  A note flashed on the screen, saying her application was entering the approval stage upon sending them her email address to which they will send their decision.

Melody closed up the laptop, put her babydoll nightgown back on and laid on her bed....soon she fell asleep.large.21329672.jpg.71e900d9c212e99c105c9823c84e9abf.jpg

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Room 1334

The HOOK, as it has so commonly been referred to by those in the know for decades was started back in 1907 by a group of men who were attendees at a very prestigious, private, ivy league university. It was started as a way to have other like minded free thinkers and social outcasts to have a safe space to explore all their eclectic and taboo interest.

Typically, given the nature of this secret society being a Sex Dungeon, they didn’t accept new members unless they meet them first, but apparently there was one member who didn’t respect the doctrines and laws of the society. Cassis Greenlaw, 28 IT Specialist works at the private prep school Sun Crest Academy. But he also is a member of the Hook & Ravish, recent grad school graduate, he was given this cushy job on merritt and because the Dean is a fellow alumni of his university and a member of the HOOK! 

Its his job to keep all the software safe and he helps to monitor the students online user activity, and emails. It was late one evening that he received a notification from one of his private accounts! A student had stumbled across a way to get around the school private network security that blocked 99.99 of all adult or inappropriate websites, which he had hidden the link to in an obscure spam email that he strategically sent out to students that seemed to be looking for ways to watch porn on their laptops!

”Melody, hmmm 13...Grovhurst Ave... what’s she look like...” his eyes widened as a whistle loosed from his lips “Well well, young Melody, I think we should approve your access and phase 1 complete!” Now a email will get sent back to her and that will allow the girl to browse the Hook & Ravish forums, pornography search engine, and online store, but it still didn’t mean she was officially in the society, and there were still some areas in the website that she couldn’t access unless she paid or was granted it; for instance some of the more hard core taboo stuff or specific forums. “Now, I’ll monitor her sexual search activity a few days, maybe a week for data...but tomorrow at school, Ill have my eye on her”

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Melody was back at Junior High School the next day and between hanging with friends, swim team practice and homework she had forgotten all about the unusual website she had stumbled across the other night.  After chatting with some of her Facebook friends she checked her e mail....

There it was, a somewhat cryptic message saying she had been given access approval into what was called 'Phase 1', whatever that meant.  She discovered she was now able to explore the mysterious cyber society, or at least a good portion of it.

What she was able to have access to was both disturbing and arousing....videos and pictures were both directly a part of the site as well as numerous links.  The vast majority showed girls in a wide variety of bondage, gagged and being raped, some with multiple partners.....there was a sex store offering sale prices and introductory prices on everything from ballgags, handcuffs, enema kits, under mattress bondage kits....

The 13 year old found herself slipping a hand down her shorts, cupping her pussy......the site was getting her wetter by the minute.

What she didn't know was that from the second she logged onto the site she was being monitored.....

"Mel honey!," her mother's voice called from the downstairs kitchen.  The young teen was so engrossed in the various forums and links she froze, almost as momentarily scared as if someone sneaked up behind her, tapping on her shoulder.

"Yeah Mom," she called back once her breathing returned to normal.  She closed the laptop lid and scrambled downstairs for dinner.  Once finished she decided not to tempt fate and kept off the website.  The next day at school she would have no idea that someone was watching her.....

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Room 1334

Mr. GreenLaw sat in his office the next day reviewing all of Miss Melodies search history and activity logs, just before lunch period. His cock was hard, just thinking about a young 13 year old girl being this kinky and sexually deprived, it turned him on! 

“This little bitch is one nasty whore, I think I found a unicorn...let’s she what she has to say for herself!” He would log into her school account and see what her schedule was, “perfect timing, looks like she just entered lunch period, Ill go get her from the Cafeteria and bring her in for questioning”

The cafeteria was bustling with activity as all the kids from her grade ate and socialized amongst themselves. Cassis was wearing his school mandatory uniform: Blue button up shirt, with the school crest on the left breast plate, some brown tailored slacks and a nice pair of comfy yet stylish shoes that always made him the envy of the cool kids. People in the school knew him as the cool IT guy, even the children thought so. He walked to the faculty member standing at the podium on stage watching for anything out troublesome, and leaned into her ear expressing the need to pull Melody from lunch for questioning and after getting the okay he marched over to where the tiny bopper sat eating and tapped her shoulder 

“Excuses me, kiddos,” he smiled “Hello Melody, you might not know me but Im the IT Supervisor here and well I need to ask you about something...in private, it’s about your computer, can you come with me Vice Principal Howell already said it was okay”


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Melody sat at the long table, talking and giggling with her classmates while they ate.  The Academy cafeteria, like most of the school, literally oozed with rich tradition.  It was over 150 years old, the halls tastefully furnished with rich redwood and red Georgian brick.  The school uniforms were on purposely maid so no one stood out from the others and, for the girls especially, resembled what one might find familiar at a Catholic school.....the girls wore blur and gray pleaded skirts, starched white button up blouses and white thigh high stockings.

Melody, like many other girls discovered by trial and error what she could safely get away with and what the school would not approve of.  She kept her skirt hiked up a few inches higher than most and, except when she was in class, often left the first 3 buttons on her blouse undone....just enough to be daring but not enough to raise red flags among the faculty.  For her age, she was already well developed and her budding breasts bulged prominently.

"Mel," a classmate whispered....."Mr. Greenlaw is coming over...."

The IT man, as he was whispered about, was the secret fantasy of many of the young girls at the school, but this time it wasn't so enjoyable.

Melody nodded....she was obviously shaken.  As she was starting to get up, her classmate leaned over to her.  "Shit Mel.....what's this about?"

Melody shot her a puzzled but obviously scared look.  She wasn't going to tell her friend that she had been secretely cruising those kinky websites.  But how did Mr. Greenlaw find out?

She got up and followed him.....

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Room 1334

There footsteps echoed with each piece of linoleum titling they tread upon as the two strode along. His luxury, brown leather wingtip shoes like a percussion, tapped the floor each time he put down his foot

The building was from antiquity, once a roman style cathedral build in the late  1800’s was now renovated into this crowning jewel of scholastic achievement! No expense was spared to ensure their students had the most lavish learning experience! The halls were decked with technology; all the lockers had thumb print locks, touch screens for all the displays, no more bulletin boards, and keyless entryways to the classrooms and faculty areas. 

They had walked instead of taking the elevator to his office, located in the basement. As he led her along, the girl was made to look his broad muscular shoulders and back, his uniform was very fitted. The first basement level was pretty cold, in order to keep all their servers and other computer equipment from over heating! His office was a bit of a mess, monitors, mouses, and other computer equipment was everywhere, she even almost tripped over some wires as they entered in, prompting him to apologize for the mess!

”Okay, Melody, take a seat anywhere you like” he waved his hand around the room. There was a coach with brown leather cushions, perpendicular to his work desk; and several computer desk chairs scattered about. “Do you have any idea why you are here?” he leaned back into his computer chair and interlocked his fingers with elbows on the armrest, 3 screens side by side partially obstructed her view of him, papers and memory cards splayed out on his desk

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If it was the Principal leading her down the hallways, Melody would be greeted as they went by with jeers and whispered "Troublemaking little bitch..." but it wasn't....the young virile looking man in his 20's was the epitome of how a well bred, well mannered man should look like.  Many a young man wanted to be like him and many adolescent girls wouldn't have minded to be involved with him.

But this was reality, not some pubescent fantasy and the longer they walked the more nervous and apprehensive Melody had become.  Her grades weren't exactly a nerd's gal but they were acceptable....and besides, why HIM?....he was the IT man, the school computer genius, the one faculty always had on speed dial when software went south.

No, something just didn't feel right.  He mentioned something about her computer.....but....she spent all her time during school on scholastic sites....anything else was monitored.  As they got into the elevator she kept her gaze forward, never looking over to him.

She sat on the couch, looking at the screens facing him as he sat down.

"N-n-no," she stammered, fidgeting....."why am I here?"

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Well, Melody, as you might know, I’m Mr. Greenlaw, and Im in charge of the IT dept here at school and recently I noticed your computer had a really nasty virus on it, so I went and grabbed your laptop during lunch to run a test and Im going to confiscate it for a few days until I can get it cleaned up and find out what’s wrong” He leaned forward and placed the laptop on the desk and stared into her eyes “...Now Melody, do you know anything about this?”

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