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Looking for futa rp

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    • RainbowMariomon
      By RainbowMariomon
      i don't have much of a idea expect i am looking for people to breed with and possible give birth with during the rp
    • EllinaLynx
    • roleplaylover
      By roleplaylover
      Hi everyone, I'm new to ecchidreams but I've been roleplaying for quite a long time and when I found this place I thought I would give it a try, it is important to be open to new experiences.

      Other roleplay sites are nice and all, but they have limits to what you can roleplay about, and today I'd like to do a roleplay centering around three of my favorite subjects, futas, lolis, and mind control.

      The main idea is I want to play futa lolis, I only play futas, who are hypnotized and made to do all manner of perverse things to themselves and each other as their entranced minds are helpless to resist.

      I'm looking for someone to play the hypnotizer, your character is up to you, so long as they are either a female or a futa, the rest of which we can discuss, I enjoy talking things out before starting anything to figure out if we blend well, you can see a good list of kinks in the included preferences sheet but if you have anything you're curious about, feel free to ask, looking forward to the Ecchitexts.
    • MonikaDDLC
      By MonikaDDLC
      Unlike other school days, I was late for the club because of my carelessness, all day I was busy with activities taking up all my time ''They must be gone by now...''  I knew that my club members always take the opportunity to leave if I don't show up there soon
      I kept walking in a hurry through the corridors, I hoped I could get there and surprise them before they left. I spent my entire day helping the student council, and being busy in PE classes, sometimes i just wish i wouldn't be...who i am, i couldn't simply say no to people who asked for my help, everyone always expected the best from me...
      I was about to turn the hall in a hurry when I was suddenly surprised
    • AlexSub
      By AlexSub Deactivated
      Hiya ^^
      I'm looking for a dominant futanari/female to roleplay with for a feminization rp, no specific plots in mind but lets brainstorm .
      If that sounds like something you'd like then go ahead and dm me! I'm looking to play as a cute trap for you to use ^^
      Fetishes I'd like to include (Non-mandatory):
      Feet, Bondage, Incest.
      Thanks for reading!!
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