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What Feminism has brought about


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Asa stood up as he was called into the office of a high class divorce attorney.  “Thank you for seeing me, ma’am.”  He waited for her to take a seat before he did. She sat at her desk. He sat across from her in the available chair. 
“I am aware that you don’t usually defend the husband in these types of situations...” he swallowed hard. She was known as the best divorce lawyer in the state. She was known for her honesty and her ability to defend women against their husbands.

“...and I can tell you until I’m blue in the face that I did not...would not ever harm my ex wife, but the testimony of my wife is really damning.” He said in his deep baritone voice. His head nodding. “If you don’t mind...I’d like to tell you what has really happened. I hope then you might understand my situation better?” He looked at her with his kind eyes. 

“It all started last June.” He sat in the chair with professional posture. “My ex wife is a professional home designer. She has her own business.” He took out her business card from his wallet. “She had a booming business and was wildly successful! She was bringing home a ridiculous amount of money. Far more than I was making at the time as a foreman for the construction crew I work on.” He tried to maintain eye contact but he had to look down as he spoke about his work situation. He felt disgraced about his inability to provide. “She was making money hand over fist while I was certainly not...” he summarized the point. “Well, all that money was kept in her business account. She made it a point early on to keep all that money separate from our shared account...early on.” He tried to establish that as an important point. “Well my work kept declining....with COVID and everything...and her work was just booming! And so...soon my wife decided that we might need to send some of our monthly expenses out of that business account...since there was all this money sitting there in that account...and nearly no money in our shared account.” He said getting more to his point. “Well, she set several of our personal bills to auto debit from that account...” he looked at her afraid he was already losing her in his thorough explanation. He was feeling desperate that she either might not care...or didn’t believe him! “Christmas time came and well...suddenly my wife found all these extra expenses with the business.” He was looking at her straight in the eyes. “I am still not sure what happened...it might have been end of the year taxes?” His voice was getting soft as he truly was baffled. “All I know is...these expenses began accruing and suddenly there were these ridiculous fines, etc.. Needless to say the business was going under.” He looked straight at her. “I was a supportive husband and I did everything I could to help...but I’m not a business man. I barely passed High School. So I was really of no help.” The look of a failure all over his face. “And suddenly the business account was in serious red. All the while our own personal debts kept coming out because my wife never changed where the money was coming out.” He said his eyes widening. “My wife was depressed and a mess! Her life’s work gone.” He knew that the business had been his wife’s dream since they were dating. “Meanwhile I started working a second...and even third job then...for awhile trying to make money for us.” he explained. “I had no idea that we had defaulted in our mortgage because they kept trying to reach my depressed wife at home while I worked. “Our car insurance was cancelled...and I had no idea until I was pulled over when a cop ran my plates. Our insurance company had notified the Department of Motor Vehicles to report that we no longer had insurance. Apparently they tried to call my wife and even send us a letter in the mail stating our vehicles were suspended.” He shook his head. “The Officer informed me I was driving a suspended vehicle. He promptly towed the car and my driver’s license was suspended for a year!” He looked down. “When I informed my job what had happened...I wanted to be upfront with them about what happened...they terminated my employment.” He was in the verge of getting emotional. “So now I don’t have car or a job...neither does my wife...” he sighed. “My wife is an emotional mess...and she starts to blame me for all of this. She told me that I was not the man she married and stated she wanted a divorce. She wanted to move back in with her parents.” He said his voice further laden with emotion. “No sooner had we separated but her father then passed away.” He shook his head. “She told me that her father had been dealing with anxiety even before ‘my troubles’ but that now...” he clearly felt the entire weight of blame on his shoulders as he sat there across from this attorney. “... that now my father-in-law had to take on ‘my troubles’...that it had been too much for him!” He was trying to keep it together. “She blamed me for all that had occurred, ma’am... So she filed for divorce and got a lawyer to go after me.” He said again shaking his head.
“Trying to win her back...and out of necessity...I found another job for a private company where I’m making better money again...and now she’s coming after me for full custody of our daughter and 80% of my gross pay. And she’s making allegations that I was abusing her...”he stopped short. “I’ve never hurt my wife...I’d never do that! I still love her, and—and I just want her back!” He rested his head in his hand between his thighs. “But—But she doesn’t want to be with me, and she’s gonna take my daughter! My four year old daughter! I don’t really even care about the money...it’s the fact that she’s gonna take my daughter and that she’s convincing everyone that I was abusive...” he started to actually cry now.

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      By BenHawkinsLivesHere
      Going from door to door...waiting and watching... surprisingly few people are home during the middle of the day. He had a clipboard and blue BIC pen at the ready. No one suspected that he was anything more than just a door-to-door surveyor. Knocking and waiting...and waiting then knocking again...No reply...  Walk away and repeat.
      A kind feminine face opened the front door at 169 Treisfall Land on this Wednesday morning. Asa stood smiling and rather surprised that the attractive suburban wife answered the door.
      “Good morning, ma’am... I am sorry to bother you. Would you possibly have five to ten minutes to help?” He smiled and was so charming. “I am doing a survey and it would be appreciated.” His left hand on the door frame. He waited for a moment as the woman seemed to be thinking to herself before he pushed her inside. Wrapping his right hand around her neck and revealing that the BIC pen was a small knife. He pressed the attractive housewife against the wall. “Keep your fucking mouth shut...or I’ll shut it for you...” he was able to lock and deadbolt the door from the inside. It took only a moment to find a bedroom. It wasn’t the master bedroom but it contained a full size bed with a blue comforter...Presumably her son’s room. 
      “Strip...” he told her in a calculating but resolute tone. “Fucking everything off...socks too!” He told her. “Get those panties off or I’ll take them off myself and choke you with them.” He threatened. He waited and watched as she was naked but trying to cover her pussy and tits. He smirked at her before grabbing her and swiftly taking a long string from a balloon that was there in the room and tying her hands together. He slammed her into the foot board of the bed head first. He took the top she had been wearing and ripped it to make a tie for her feet. He took her panties and shoved them in her mouth. 
      “Looks like I have a full day ahead of me...” he snickered as he stood over her bound body. “Let’s just hope we can fit everything in...before the family comes home...you wouldn’t want your kids seeing you like this...would you?” He gave a toothy smile. 


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      By KinkyKathy
      April stirred in bed, flipping from side to side, on her belly then onto her back.  It was a crappy day at work and despite her ordeal, she was finding it hard to get to sleep.
      Finally she gave up around midnight, deciding that a nice relaxing warm shower might help her relax.  She stripped out of her panties and T shirt, set the water temperature then stepped into the shower.   It felt so good, closing her eyes, leaning against the cold tile wall and feeling the warm water cascade down her face and over her tits.  The blonde 22 year old forgot to lock the apartment door, a mistake she would soon regret.....Little did she know that she wasn't alone....someone was in the bedroom, waiting almost impatiently for her to emerge from the shower.
         As she stepped out, a strong rough hand quickly came over her mouth.
      "One sound and I'll kill you," he whispered hoarsely. Of course he wouldn't do any such thing....she was far too valuable to be injured.  The blonde was gorgeous and would bring a very high price at tonight's auction.
      He dragged her backwards toward the bed, The girls struggling as they moved.  He forced her onto the bed and on her belly....as he jumped up and straddled her, he took a ballgag and forced the ball into her mouth, cinching the bands tight.  Her arms were forced behind her back and tied tight, doing the same to her ankles.  As she valiantly but uselessly struggled, he took a rag doused with chloroform and pressed it against her nose and gagged mouth.  Despite more fight she soon passed out.  He picked the naked girl, carrying her out the back and into a waiting van and sped off with his prize.
           The sounds of other girls in the room woke April up....like the others, she was naked, her ankles forced wide apart and secured to a spreaderbar, her pussy on full display....her arms were behind her back, locked around the pole she was fastened to.  As she tried to scream she discovered she still had the gag.  
      Two other girls were in the large cage with her....soon she was struggling and moaning loudly along with the others, her tits swaying as she struggled.  She looked down and saw a number '3' on one thigh.
          "Allright Ladies and gentlemen," a voice said over a speaker....."time for tonight's slave auction.....we have 3 beauties for your viewing and purchase pleasure....you may come into the cage and examine the captives for a few minutes before the auction will begin...."
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      Young Ladies Only!  MxF role play
      (YC) She needs work, she needs money, she needs a place to stay.  She is skilled at almost nothing having not finished school/college.  She applies for positions such as reception, maid, babysitter, daycare, light warehouse, and manufacturing, and uses a fake ID to try and get work as a waitress for clubs and bars.  She presently lives in a one-room apartment on the wrong side of town and her money is disappearing fast.
      (MC) They are a group of men (employer) who are willing to give a “down & out lady” a shot at a job...real money. Money always comes from services rendered though...and how long before the employer decides to take a return on their employee? Maybe she’s better off being a source of income rather than a source of services?
      Looking for role play that will likely include: forced/non-con, drugged, gangrape, humiliation, forced/coerced enslavement, light bondage, coerced or plain purchased favor, oral, taking anal & vaginal, (virginity), public, exhibitionism.
      Not looking for a romantic storyline.  Employer is about the bottom line. Besides she is broken. She’s not worth falling in love. 
    • BenHawkinsLivesHere
      By BenHawkinsLivesHere
      You wake up—or you think you do.
      Someone’s in the dark.
      Someone’s  close to you.
      Or you think there might be. 
      So you sit up, and turn on the light.
      The room looks different at night. 
      You know sometimes we think there’s something behind us. And the space under your bed is what’s behind you at night. Simple as that. It’s nothing to be afraid of.
      It ticks, creaks and breathes. 
      And you tell yourself there’s nobody there. Nobody watching, nobody listening.
      Nobody there at all. 
      You very nearly believe it...really, really, try. Just hold on tight. If anything bites, let it.

      Seeking a Female Loli to play with what lurks under the bed. Open to many different extra tags! Would love to discuss ideas in this thread?! This could remain in Public or go private? Just hit me up so we can discuss...either in Ecchitexts or here
    • Haley
      By Haley
      Hey! This is just a little list I'm making for ageplay rp ideas. If you see any you like, feel free to ecchitext me so we can play, or use these for inspiration in your own rps, up to you. If you do rp with me however,  keep in mind that I prefer long term rps with progressing stories n such, and I always love introducing new characters to the rp!
      1. Twincest
      Genders: Any
      Ages: 10-16
      Kinks: incest, teen sex 
      Length: long term
      Two identical twins recently have been getting curious about their bodies. Since they're so close, one opens up to the other about this curiosity,  and they start experimenting with each other and eventually it evolves into full on sex. 
      2. Good boy!
      Genders: mxm, mxf, or mxfuta
      Ages: 5+
      Kinks: bestiality
      Length: short term or long term
      One day while at home, the owners male dog comes up to them with their dick out throbbing hard. The owner decides to help their dog out by letting him breed them. 
      3. Bad dog! 
      Genders: mxm, mxf, or mxfuta
      Ages: 5+
      Kinks: bestiality, rape 
      Length: short term
      Similar concept to good boy, but instead of helping their dog out the owner refuses and ends up being raped by the dog.
      4. Mommies boy
      Genders: fxm, futaxm
      Ages: F/Futa: 30-40, M: 5-13
      Kinks: incest, shotacon, femdom, lactation, consensual sex, extra marital affair
      Length: Long term
      He's always been close to his mom, prefering to do everything with her instead of his dad. This makes his father a bit jealous of course, but he doesn't say much about it. Little does he know, recently the two have been getting a bit too close, after the son started getting curious about his mothers body, she let him explore and eventually she starts exploring him too. If the dad were to find out about this the consequences would be dreadful, but they love each other too much not to take the risk
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