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Harry Potter and the Wicked Womb (Room 1334 x LeonaFair)

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Room 1334

It was the beginning of winter term at Hogwarts, and there was an excitement in the air, much like the chill, you could feel it, and even see it in all the bright eyed faces of the students at King's Cross Station. It took the man back to years gone past, when he first attended the prestigious school of Wizardry as a young lad himself. He had not been back in over a decade, it was all nostalgic to him. He thought back to just a few days ago, when he first arrived after several years over seas, and doing some dangerous under cover work, it was nice to be able to just take it all in, and relax a bit. Viktoroso Cobrissi was now the new adjunct professor of the Dark arts teaching a psychology of Dark Arts course. Not very popular stuff but it was right up his alley, as a member of the super elite, top secret Ministry Against Darkness, Necromancy & Evil Secret Societies just known as M.A.D.N.E.S.S to those who knew, but so few even knew. 

A slight dusting of snow had just blanketed the school grounds in pretty white coat of wintery magic, as Viktoroso wondered about the campus, looking for a nice place to just sit for a moment, his mind was heavy with thought and fresh air always helped him think. He had remembered a very secluded spot he use to duck away too, as a boy, where he could always be by his lonesome when he need be. Black boots stomped through the  fluffy snow covered paths, with muffled his steps, but left no trail, thanks to some trusty spy magic he had picked up long ago. As he cleared the reddish-brown brick corridor he came to a secluded cobblestone nook with a tree in the midst and a bench encircling it. To his surprise there was a girl sitting there, under the bare branches, reading a book. The reason this place was his favorite as a child was the tree, called an Umbrella Oak, had this magical ability to prevent precipitation of any kind from falling directly under it, so one could sit there in any weather an remain completely dry. The flip side to that was peculiarly enough, the tree produced no shade in the summer, even with its branches full of leaves. 

"Well Lillim, would you look at that, who do we have here I wonder...What do you think should I kick'er out my secret spot?" he craned his neck left, as small snakes tongue lick in the air and at his face before retreated back into the warmth of the cloak. "alright alright, I'll play nice..."

He walked silently up on the girl, face buried in a rather bizarre binding, so bizarre in fact, he could tell from 100 feet away what she was reading, and he just had to inquire about it, and introduce himself. But in his stealthiness, he had manage to completely mask his presence, and there was something about watching her this way, unbeknownst to her, that captivated him. Like watching a beast in the wild, it seemed like this was her natural habitat, detached from the rest of the world, in this cold yes whimsical place; it would have been a shame to disturb her in the middle of a passage, so he waited until she turned the page, to make himself known.

"Why hello, maybe you can help me, I appear to be lost...!" He took several steps closer, this time releasing the magic that subdued his steps and left no trail, so the sound of his boot squishing down snow actually caught her attention a moment before he spoke.

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Under the old Umbrella Oak is young of fourteen years old Lilliann Potter. Her long wavy black hair cascades around her face almost sheilding her from the winter chill. Her face flushed red of the cold air touching her skin for hours as she red with her brown eyes soaking the words on the page slowly as if she was memorizing the pages. Wearing her school cloak over her winter uniform of a Gryffindor she was about to turn the page when she heard a foot steps close to her. 

Using her reflex she shot up a Protego and fell back onto her back. Seeing the man she gasps and shivers,"I'm so sorry! My damn reflexes..." Looking at him with concern and almost upset as her voice shook,"You must be a new teacher...Im so dead..." 

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Room 1334
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Professor Cobrassi shot up his hands, palms skyward, and stopped dead in his tracks. 

“Very astute of you young lady, and no need to apologize, I think you should be applauded, seems someone’s been paying attention in class, but...” He smirk when in a blink of an eye he vanished, but where too?  

“But, dont drop your guard just yet. Misssss, Pot-ter” He concealed his presence yet again, the Mad Man, as they were sometimes referred to by code, stepped carefully to  his right, flanking the girl under his veil of invisibly, truly a perplexingly useful spell, a dark spell. 

“Ooor you shall be as, how did you put it...” He stooped down, just at her back, stealthily gathering up some fresh wet snow into his glove, packing it tight and the size of a baseball. The man, wound up his arm and aim his pitch right at her shoulder, “Dead, haha!” he exclaimed just as he popped back into sight, the snow ball hit right on target! He chuckled, stooping down to gather his next round!

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Blinking in shock as he disappears she stands up slowly as she listens around her. Her heart starts racing in her chest as she tries to look around for him.

Laughing after getting hit she gathers up some snow to make snowballs about the size of a small ball and tries to throw at him. Not sure if she missed or hit him she turns and tries to make more snowballs tossing more at him quickly as she could. 

Then ducking behind the tree she catches her breath and calls out,"I take it you don't give up easily do you?" She gathers a bit of snow and looks around looking for him hoping to get the surprise attack as she goes around the tree to get him. 

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Room 1334
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He hadn’t had this much fun in years. being an undercover MADNESS Agent had its perks, but it also had it’s fair share of drawbacks; the job was dangerous, he risked his life every day, and it was psychologically difficult as well...sometimes he had to do wicked things in order to maintain his cover. 

“You should just give up, Ive already got the jump on you!” being invisible meant he had the decisive advantage! “Ill give you until the count of 10 to surrender,” he shouted into the frosty midday air, ginormous snowball in hand, he intended to end this swiftly with a skmirk on his face, if he hit her with this it might knock her off her feet! But in his cockiness he made a crucial mistake, the warmth  of his breath created a puff of air that lingered in the atmosphere in a puff of grey, giving away his location with each word he spoke, counting quickly up to 8 out loud,  before he started to slow his pace for the last two numbers!

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Hearing him say she should surrender she rolls her eyes and peeps around the tree slowly she looks around not seeing anything at first. It took a few moments but, then as she sees the smokey air of heated breaths as he counted down she jumps out and throws the snow ball right above the puffy air hoping that she got him in the face. 


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Room 1334

As soon as she jumped out, he would up and hurled the softball sized orb of frozen furry towards her face! He was ruthless! But not before her own snowball went flying at him with surprising velocity, she has not held back either! 

Swoosh—pow! a direct hit, she landed in his eye! He flinched, and belted out in climactic  agony, exaggerating his anguish for some dramatic effect as he fell to his knees with a half smirk on his fans! “oh noo-Ive been HIT! (aaaaahhhh) he instantly became visible again! 

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Shaking the snow from her face in time to see his dramatic 'death'. Giggling she walks up to him and kneels down to slightly poke his forehead. "Didn't think I had hit ya that hard," she says as she looks at him chuckling. 

Brushing the snow off of him she looks at him smiling. Thinking to herself,"At least he is cute." 

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Room 1334

Opening his eyes with a grin, a puff of frost billowed from his mouth, eyelids blinking rapidly in disbelief!

”Woah... heaven looks a lot like Hogwarts!” he exclaimed popping up from the snow, as little flurries fell from the fabric of his cloak as his back rose upwards! 

“I guess that makes you...” he looked on both sides of her, “You’re certainly beautiful enough, but wha happened to your wings, little angel?” 

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Giggling and blushing softly unable to resist from his words and says,"They fell when I came to see you." Lillian winks at him and stands up bringing her hand out to help him up. 

Once he was up she brushes the snow from herself and licks her lips lightly. "You must be Professor Cobrassi. I'll be able to take your class this year and I can't wait for classes to start!" 

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Room 1334

"That's very astute of you Lillian, but how could you have possibly guessed that?" He brushed what remnant of white fluffly particles that remained on his cloak then gave a great big yawning stretch! "Who knew death by snow-ball could take so much out of you," he snarked with a grin once again taking it all in, he couldn't believe he was actually back at Hogwarts!

The girl was gorgeous, he really couldn't stop looking at her, and get cute, innocent giggling was adorable, he wondered something...

" Please, tell me something Lillian, how old are you, I'm quite impressed that a child Your age knows anything at all about this," he reached for her book, " What is a pretty little, pious, proper, Gryffindor girl like your self doing wondering so much about the Dark Arts...I thought only us Slytherin boys found this stuff interesting" he teased 

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Taking the book from him brushing the small fluff on the corner as she casts her eyes down at the book before she says softly," I am 14-years-old...I'll be 15 in the spring time....as for the facination for the dark arts...well...ever since I've been told of the destruction of Voldemort...I've felt...drawn to the idea that there's power. In lies the power to make things possible without limits. That there's abilities found in the dark arts much more advanced than the light magic...." 

As she spoke traced the air with some rune symbols making a point in her words as the runes make a figure of a dragon before disappearing. 

"Plus Im tired of others thinking I'm weak just cause Im the daughter of Harry Potter Savior of the Wizarding World." 

Hugging the book close she looks up at him and smiles," As for your name the teachers announced the class on the poster board in the common rooms at the beginning of the semester. I opted to take it. As for the other Slytherins....its hard to say how many will show up." 

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Room 1334
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He was caught off guard of by the thoughtfulness of her response, there was a lot of depth to it for a child her age...so the apple does fall far from the tree every once and a while, it seems. Sometimes rebellion can be an addictive motivation

With a hunched brow over his left eye he responded " Hmmm,  , and I thought the daughter of the prestigious Potter Clan would be more interested in thwarting darkness, not throwing themselves into its debauchery! I don't know if I should be impressed or concerned, can't imagine pops is onboard with this!" He snatched the book back, and just as she reacted reaching out to get ahold of it again his companion Lillim had wrapped herself around the girls leg, circled about her waist and coiled up towards her chest, invoking some kind of petrifaction spell on her limbs, she could budge an inch.

" Did I just hear you correctly say other Slytherin... don't tell me you are one of us, because that would be a shocker seeing as your mum and pa are Griffyndor!" 

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Swallowing nervously she tries to shake her head lightly not getting far due to the petrifacation. Staying calm she takes a breath and says softly," The hat could of put me in Slytherin but, In the end chose Griffindor." 

Looking at him she tries to end the spell in her mind as she spoke,"Makes the folks happy...then I have some Slytherin acquaintances that I speak to but, other than that, I'm quite a lone wolf." 

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Room 1334

Lillim was coiled around her young petite little body constricting with only about a quarter of her full strength but there was also a Dark Spell imbued in the skin of the snake casting the binding magic over her.

"Notoriously, didn't your father do the same thing, or sum'thin like that " he was really curious about this child and her mental make up, he wandered if she would be perfect for his little...experiment; the sole reason he asked to be station at Hogwarts while waiting for his next assignment! 

"But that still doesn't answer my question, girl, why...do you...want to learn about the psychology of and the the history behind the Dark...Arts..." his words were softly spoken, in a wintery-whisper, the tone of which were just cold and unrelenting as  the chilling wind and snow blowing past her nose! With each pause, he stepped closer, and when had gotten right up in her personal space Cobrassi began to encircle the teenage girl, like prey, looking for the slightest weakness of resolve.

"Its not for the faint of heart child, even learning about the Dark...Arts" he leaned into whispered into her ear "can be a very...very...S L I - I P- P E R-R Y slope!" As he phonetically pronounced the word slippery, slowly, Cobrassi's reptile companion Lillim had slithered her way in between little Lilliann Potter's pubic region, sliding through the girls legs, gently yet erotically, massaging the underaged girls mons of virgins flesh. Through sensory magic he could actually feel the friction created from Lillim's scales brushing against the fabric of her skirt and panties, pressing the two cloths into the groove of her young pussy lips

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Whimpering softly as felt the snake wrapping and a shiver went down her spine as she stood there. Biting her lower lip she felt her pussy getting wet with her arousal as the snake presses against her. She gave a scoff of hearing her father doing the same. 

"Just cause my father is famous doesn't mean I'm like him," she says as her temper flares up. Little bit of her hair sparkled of her magic do to being a sore subject she tries to get her wand out but still under a strong petrfication spell she still couldn't move. 

Sighing in frustration she says," I maybe the daughter of the famous Harry Potter but, I am me and not him! The Dark Arts has power that no one has seen in centuries and its dying off due to Lord Voldemort's demise! Without the crazy pure blood the dark arts is....is beautiful and power. If I want power I'd do anything to even bring back Lord Voldemort just so the Dark arts can flourish!" 

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Room 1334

This girl was full of surprises, he had not imagined he could run into such a willing candidate for his dark Spell but as luck would have literally the first student he met; and the daughter of the legendary Mr. Potter himself how incredible would that be! 

"You speak of crazy pure bloods as if you arent one yourself, am I wrong--a pure blood that is, its maybe too soon to call you crazy, but then again, the way your talkin' maybe not!" He telepathically guided Lillim you  begin vibrating, using another spell, as she slithered around and around the girl, his pet had found a nice groove against the child's pubescent mound, sending pulse after pulse of aching good wave of pleasure to her young private parts

"Your so adamant about the power of the Dark Arts..."He traced a finger across her lip, "and running your silly little trap about how bad you want it..." he got close to her face, breathing her in eyes piercing with lust, his snake sqeeuzed the girls tights tight, "But you can't even handle this much Dark power, look at you " he stepped back. Walking around her slowly he was now behind the girl, hands grazing across her bosom, his palms clenched gradually, groping her he whispered, "its called dark for a reason, many of the most powerful Spells require equally Dark and some times wicked sacrifices...Lillian" he massaged the girls breast, as Lilliam, the snake continued to rub and vibrate against her vagina 

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Feeling the vibrations at her pussy she whimpers as she gasps lightly as he touches her. Hearing his words she couldn't help but feel aroused. Warching him closely she bites her lower lip and tries to think clearly. 

"Why should just pure bloods have all the fun? There is many great talents within many different houses if you care to take a look....but, you are right," she starts to say with a mix of heavy breathes and gasps as she felt her pussy quiver. "I want the power yes...but, I know that such power alone will be too much for me. I know it's hard to find the right sources to get what I want...but, I want to have the opportunity to try." 

Lillian looks at him and shivers as she felt the snake moving and vibrating against her makes her heart racing and her juices slick of arousal. 

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It was impressive how no matter what the girl want backing down, even as he fondled and gropes her virgin bosom; young and undeveloped the girls breast were small but succulent to play with, with lots of perk to them.

" What does a 14 year old child, with the perfect life need from the Dark Arts,?"

If she was in fact going to be of use to him the child would have to be willing to give herself to him sexually, and the spell would need lots of dark sexual energy,  the kind you feel when intoxicated by lust! Some Girls her age are just teases and would be too prudish or afraid to actually do anything or let an adult do this to them, but even she said anything maybe this girl meant it.

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Giving off a small whine as she felt the snake vibrate against her pantied clad pussy. She felt amazing like a kid trying candy for the first time. She gasps and moans erotically as her ass was played with.

Lillian whimpers,"Honestly, I want freedom. Freedom to practice all kinds of magic with no limitations...no boundries....to be able to not worry even about muggles interfereing." 

Gasping out loud she blushes furiously as she felt herself have her first orgasm. The arousal juices soaked her panties making its way down her legs. Feeling tears in her eyes she closes them hoping to keep her tears at bay. 

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Room 1334

It was impossible to conceal her arousal from him, he could tell the girl has climaxed from his teasing!

"Such a fierce little witch arent we," He brushes a finger across her cheek "or at least we pretend to be...but I can see the truth, that in reality you are weak, and afraid that you will never measure up to the great Harry Potter, and no one will love you or care about you, B U T..."

He slipped a hand up inside her skirt, and rubbed along her loins, feeling her female treasure, longing of sexual release, as she drenched the fabric of her panties "But This, this power you feel right now, emanating from me flowing into you, this is what you desire, this is what you want, this power can make you someone important and with it you can achieve greatness and Voldemort will reward you if you are truly willing to do anything to serve him..." he licked at her face, up her cheek and even tasted the swelling of a salty tear about to drop from her eye. 

"But first you must admit you are weak and nothing with out Him, and that you will submit to his Dark Power..." suddenly the snow fall ramped up and the wind swirled harder than ever almost blowing her back she felt the powerful gust of frigid wind beating against her body; if not for the petrification Spell, she might get swept away in the storm


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Hearing him she kept her eyes closed and says out loud for him to hear,"I...I am....weak. Without him I am nothing.... I want to submit to him that he is my Dark Lord." 

Opening her eyes she looks at him her body shaking within the petrification spell. Lillian felt the tears threatening to spill once more for she felt relief and stability within her. Looking at him she asks,"May I have a warming charm? It's getting a tad too cold for my taste." 

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      Fandom stories will likely be totally different from the uh, generic ideas up above

      But...Y'know, I'm kinda terrible at ideas when i'm not working with someone, so I'd love to hear yours as well! And all of these ARE pretty basic, so we can work out the details to make them jusssssst right!
      I'm good for a variety of lengths. From oneshots on up to truly lengthy plots!
      Send me an ecchitext if you are interested, and thank you for reading!
    • Another DM
      By Another DM
      Current RP slots: 4/10
      Newest updates:
      Added this new section so I don't need to keep making new post every update. Added "The human animal" RP idea. RP Ideas: (None of these ideas are set in stone, I'm fine for changing various aspects of them just so long as the core idea is the same. You can also suggest your own ideas using the pictures provided in the idea if you like the character but hate the idea.)
      Pleasure and war:
      An alt-ww1/2 idea where a lone guardsmen(Me) in the middle of nowhere serving as a look out in a tiny hut, three hours away from civilization, has been requesting at least some other guard to be stationed with him to ease his boredom. But instead of another soldier, the military decides to send him a "Pleasure Services girl"(you) to keep him company. Focus on the "rough and tough, always serious" leader type getting slowly loosened up by the sweet and energetic girl.

      Captured by Amazon cat girls:
      A poor lost explorer(Me) gets captured by a tribe of amazonian cat girls(you) who view men(or futa if you prefer) as gifts from the gods, sent from the heavens to breed the women of the tribe. Focus on dub-con and female domination, forced/casual nudity and breeding, impregnation, and sexual exhaustion.

      The unwilling mate:
      A femboy/futa(Me) is lost in the woods while trying to gather firewood or something. Unknowingly he's stumbled into the territory of a Hellhound, a ferocious monster girl who just recently went into heat. And with the scent of a potential mate in the air she rushes to pounce them and make them breed with her. Once the heat passes she kidnaps her new lover and brings them back to her den to be her one and only mate. Focus on dub-con to con, Stockholm syndrome, female dom male sub, and breeding/impregnation.

      The new models:
      A lone space explorer(Me) has saved up their money to buy two "Pleasure Boys-9000"(you). The newest model in the line of sex droids, capable of satisfying any desire their owner has, be it cooking, chores, and of course sex. With a ship that travels in auto-pilot mode all the time, and trips into the far reaches of space that can span up to months at a time, there's no telling what the three could get up to. Focus on slice-of-life, casual lewd fun.

      Childhood friends to friends with benefits:
      MC, wanting to save money while attending college choose get an apartment with his childhood friend(YC), the apartments nice, sizable for a two bed 2 bath. What they didn't realize was how much of a pervert their friend is. They don't know what's worse, that she's walking around the place butt naked, openly masturbating in the living room whenever she wants, offering to have sex with them as if it's not a big deal... or the fact they're kinda into this whole 'friends with benefits' idea... Focus on the shameless and casual fuck buddy lifestyle, keeping the tone light and playful at the core.

      Club XXX:
      There's always that one place in town that people will tell that you haven't lived till you've been there. Club triple X is most definitely one of those places, considered to be the most high class "clubs" of its kind. A club that's invite only, here people forsake the concept of shame, dignity, and social norms to indulge in pure carnal pleasure. The dress code is at least 90% nudity, the bar is pay once for 'all you can drink', music is always thumping, the lights always blaring, and no shortage of people ready to get down and dirty in one of the plethora of private rooms. Focus on pure shamelessness, sex casual, and what a "high-class" sex club would look like, yes there's pole dancers, an open bar, and private back rooms. But the patrons and employs are all of a much higher class then the average party goer. Supermodels with bodies to match, drinks that normally would cost hundreds of dollars being dished out like cheap beer, and the rooms look like they'd fit more at home in a 5-star hotel than a club.

      Mans best friend:
      MC leads a busy life, working a part time job to pay off the rent on his student apartment while going to college. Sadly this leaves them very little time for trying to find a girlfriend. He complains constantly to his pet dog(YC, keep reading, this isn't full bestiality) about how much he wants a lover, but simply doesn't have the time. However when he comes home one day his pet dog has changed into an anthro! And now with this very much more human body, she's determined to give him the mate he's been wanting so badly! Focus on fun slice of life with a healthy dose of smut.

      Lewd life on the ranch:
      Life on the ranch can be pretty dull, the work is simple and easy, feed the cattle and pigs, maybe fix a fence every now and then, but otherwise there's not much to do. Our characters are a young couple who've gotten their hands on a nice sizable piece of land(nearly a full 20 miles in diameter) with their little farm house smack dab in the middle. Not another building or road as far as the eye can see. Most would be at least off put by the lack of human contact, but for this couple it works out perfectly for them as they like to have the privacy so they can indulge in some rather lewd and not so subtle fantasies. Focus on lewd slice of life where everything happens out in the open. Sex toys left out and about the house and around the barn, casual outdoor nudity, outdoor sex, etc.(optional: bestiality for those who want to have fun with the herding dogs or the horses in the barn)

      The housewife pokemon:
      MC is a failed pokemon trainer who gave up the life of trying to be a pokemon master because he fell in love. The lovely lady in question was his Gardivour(YC), whom he found as a Ralts and trained for pokemon battles but once she fully evolved he realized he didn't want to put her in danger by making her fight other trainers. So he hung up his pokeballs and opened up a berry farm along one of the routes, where for a modest fee trainers could grow and harvest berries. But really the reason he set up the place was so that him and his Gardivour could have a private home where they could be together without being found out. After all, romantic and sexual relationships between humans and pokemon are illegal... Focus on the taboo aspect of a trainerxpokemon relationship, but at it's core its a loving romance between them.(Optional: breeding and egg laying for those who want to say pokemon and humans can cross breed.)

      The human animal:
      Unlike the other ideas I've listed so far that have clear cut characters I want to play in a certain scene, this one is a bit more free-form. The idea is that one of our characters is a space explorer who crash lands and is stranded on an unmapped planet in the outer reaches of the galaxy. Luckily the planet is perfectly peaceful, no dangerous animals or plants and more than enough edible fruits and vegetables to live off the land with a little work. But to their surprise this world is inhabited by humans! But these humans aren't from the galactic federation like them, no, they're uncivilized and unevolved humans! They live like animals, going off of instincts, which mainly boils down to three things, eating, breeding, and sleeping. Well the land is rich and provides plenty of food and a lack of large predator's and bad weather means they have no need for shelter to sleep in, so almost all their time is spent searching for mates to breed. Unbeknownst to the stranded space explorer, there's a gender discrepancy that has left their particular gender in short supply, and potential mates are on the prowl for them. Focus would be on seeing what lewd humans would be like if they were purely animalistic and how they mate. Would they form packs with clear alpha's and beta's? Would they mate for life in normal couples? Would they form polygamist groups? Do they roam around in herds where anyone and everyone is free game for breeding? etc.

    • BlakeRp
      By BlakeRp
      Hello Lovely person coming down in order to check this for potential Partner! The name's BlakeRP, I've been Rping non erotically for a few years now and I think i've been getting pretty good at it :). So, ima list some of my strength.
      -willing to rp just about anything
      -willing to rp just about anyone
      -Can adjust the amount of smut we have on the fly
      -Will happily play multi females if wanted
      -Is a pretty massive Sub so if you enjoy domming then that's great
      -Really likes a lot of taboo kinky stuff so if you're into well, the dark stuff (rape, incest, blackmail ect ect,) then i'm your girl.
      -good at writing my character as infatuated with your cock
      -Only has one real face Claim as I always play Blake as my main girl.
      -A slow update speed, sometimes I go a day or two without updates sometimes a week, though I'm trying to get better.
      -other stuff i can't think of! 
      Now I know what you're thinking
      I've been telling you rather general stuff, nothing really of note, well. I have a couple plot idea's for you to look at and you can tell me the one you choose to play! Please note I prefer to play the younger character, but that's not needed if you want to play a shota that's fine! Also I don't do scat, Vore, any of toilet stuff, that's what it is. Finally If you prefer to talk over discord feel free to add me Im in the echhi dreams server! 
      Finally here's the moment you've been waiting for! I'll be adding more plots down the line, so don't worry about there only being a few (unless there's like 20 then ignore this) Also! I will be adding a cap to the amount of people who can do a scenario! I would like some spice!
      Best of Both worlds
      you were my ___ And we were close, very close, almost inseparable. I always wanted to be with you, my parents thought it was cute, and allowed you to be with me. They thought it was innocent, they thought it was sweet. What they didn't know is that it was anything but that. You used me for your perversions constantly playing with me and fucking me until I was addicted to it. I craved your cock, and I believed that this was the life for me. I was fully corrupted a prophet for your cock. But, then we moved away, and eventually i moved on, or so i thought. 
      In some way you came back into my life (wether you tracked me down or it just happened to happen. I prefer you having tracked me down) and you quickly figured out that I was married. But you knew it was a lie, that I was still your little whore, all you had to do is pull it out of me,
      I'm not a bad wife, I love my husband and my two daughters dearly, But it doesn't take long for me to realize that I am still your cum dump, That i'm your toy to relieve your stress into, all those nights I Told my husband I had to stay late, I was bouncing on your cock, that time my husband went away on a trip and i invited you to meet my daughters and I helped you corrupt them to your cock. 
      I'm a good wife, and I'm a good Cum dump and living this life is the best of both worlds.
      Kinks in this
      Corruption- I'll start off resisting your influence, but not able to really tell you no.
      Domination- you'll start telling me to do things to arouse you, and you'll give me sexual outfits to wear to your service (since I kinda like the idea of you bring a priest.)
      Cheating- Well obviously
      Harem- You'll corrupt my daughter's to want to be your cock whores as well.
      Public Play- You'll fuck me in front of your "followers" all of them having been converted into basically a cult that lets you do what you want.
      Public use- You'll eventaully have me and my daughters passed around during sermons so that your followers can fuck us while you preach. 
      Humiliation- you'll have me wear sexually charged outfits, like a maid costume, or a sexy cat costume in public.
      Incest- You'll have me fuck my daughter's and my daughters fuck each other.
      Impregnation- Yeah
      Trapped in wall- At some point i want you to put my characters into basiaclly the walls as public use for anyone to eat out or fuck when they come in.
      Gloryholes- I also want them put into boxes where men can stick their dicks into for service
      Prostitution- You make them go out and get donations.
      By Any means!
      I never took your class seriously, despite the fact that it was Vital for me to pass the year. My grades slipped further and further until here we are, just barely above an F, and I just bombed a test and this will make sure that I can't recover before the midterm report cards is out. A desperate spot for me, and one you know how to take advantage of.
      It starts off with lewd requests and erotic demands, not escalating to sex, but close, you'll have me show up to your class with no panties, or show up with a vibrator jammed inside me, one that you can control. Eventually I break, and I beg you to fuck me already and you do, then you give me the newest order, to help you corrupt my sister and mother until they crave your cock just like me
    • Nialla
      By Nialla
      Alright, so there's a lot of info to include if I were to go into exact details this post would be longer than most of the dickpics I've been sent over the years. 
      So, to sum things up a bit, I'm on the hunt for players and GMs for an erotic DnD style rp server on discord. We're looking for female players at the moment, meaning either fellow RP ladies or female character players looking for a fun place with fixed setting to play out whatever kind of roleplay style you prefer! A Co-Creator and I make die roll rules, world lore, etc whilst you are left to find either a GM or player to act out a one-on-one setting with said partner following whatever rules you see fit! Don't like die rolls and prefer Slice of Life? No problem! Just hash it out with your GM/Player of choice and mold yourself and your characters into the world with ease!~
      We tend to prefer more taboo and depraved kinks as well as general interest in plot/character development as the roleplays go on. We're most after FEMALE players/GMs atm, as the ratios are a but off and most of the people prefer a mix of both male and female characters respectively.
      We currently have one fully fleshed out Apocalypse setting, and are currently starting on a Medieval Fantasy setting as well. We'd ask that prospective players be open to most/all kinks, fall into the kinkier categories of preferences, and type at least a paragraph+ per reply. As I said, we're REALLY looking for more girls as currently. Aside from myself and one other girl who's pretty much inactive, we're outnumbered 3-2. So if you're a male/GM who hits me up, apologies if I don't get back to you immediately.
      Message me here if you're interested and we'll go from there!~
      (It'll be shorter to tell you which kinks AREN'T allowed, so here are those. If there's another you're curious about, feel free to ask. Chances are I or someone else has the same kink ngl lol)
      • Underage (-16yo)
      • Scat
      • Snuff/Sexualized Death
      • Sexual Mutilation
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