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Sean Mallon

skyrim Elder Scrolls V: Resources YouMay Not Know About

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Sean Mallon

Some of you guys have played Skyrim a few times through and wonder about many things. Well, I got three resources that may help you guys in the long run.


The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages: This wiki is chocked full of knowledge for everything Skyrim. Detailed quest information and descriptions on locations and items. You can find lore of the land and it's people.


Skyrim Interactive Map: The only complete interactive map on the web. It has all the all the locations and you can turn different types of location (Mill, Village, etc.) on or off when needed.


Thu'um.org: Learn the language of the dragons (Dovah'zul) and understand the dragon heritage that makes Skyrim so unique.


There you guys go. 3 Skyrim resources that will help you understand and enjoy the game even more. If you have resources to add (Images, wikis and translators), please feel free to add it to this thread.

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