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EPSIFleet Outpost 333 ~ Last Hope on Xak’tor

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333
Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor
Location: Utopian Curse (Epsian: Cursed Utopia).



Whilst you’re free to have a character stop by (As long as it’s peaceful) without asking for my permission first. If you’re going to cause a major disruption - I’d like to know about it first so I can see if that’s going to happen or not; or morph it around my current plots and events. I’m a very structured roleplayer - this is how I do things. Anyone is welcome to join, trade, communicate and interact with them. They’re generally peaceful but can and will respond to threats in kind.

If you want to be apart of (having a character living in) the Outpost - you must read this Extra Information in it’s Entirety.

If you want a character to make their way to this Outpost first they’ll need to find it. They’re not going to find it easily from the beach (And should take several in RP days, at least before they find it, assuming they're going in the right direction - and therefore know exactly where it is). Please feel free to ask questions in the OOC or send me an EcchiText.

Firstly Who are the EPSI Federation? The EPSI Federation is the “Superpower” of the Epsus Galaxy from the late 42nd Century onwards, they’re made up lots of species and have a lot of history, it’s a culturally rich, it is the Custom RP: The EPSI Federation.

Xak’tor is Epsian for “Hell”. EPSIFleet Outpost 333 is considered a “Temporary” outpost, after it’s use is expired with the EPSI Federation it’ll be left there with hopefully a fully trained group of people to continue holding EPSI Law (People who want to be left behind), but under their own name. 3 is not a very lucky number to the EPSI Federation, especially when it appears three times consecutively.

The EPSI Federation has set up a small outpost on the island, well… It’s under construction. It’s something that was built with one thought in mind “Co-operation and working together is the best way to survive”. This place has rules and law, with a police officer “Sheriff Phoenix” who is actually a Grand General of Arcadia in the EPSI Federation by 4200 - he doesn’t know this yet.

Currently in a situation like this there are only two EPSI Federation Laws apply.

  • The Universal Rights to Life Act [Core Law]
  • No Harm No Foul Act

Unlike most people, the EPSI Federation (On the most part) was expecting to be here. Phoenix, Tripp and Dez'rarzii - Wasn’t. In 4166 Wolfie and Kaine were both made aware of what was to happen, and planned the rest with everyone else. However Phoenix is from a different time era and wasn’t prepared or even briefed. Each one other than Phoenix has a mission from the start. It’s planned that Phoenix will probably have missions that he’s not aware that he’s completing.

The overall mission here is to build an outpost, which holds it’s own Micro-EPSI government. It allows people citizenship of the outpost, but not citizenship of the EPSI Federation. It’ll be a safe place, a sanctuary for people who are trapped on the island, however this protection comes at a cost. All residents will need to abide by the EPSI Federation’s previously stated laws, these laws are the pillar of this community. Only EPSI Federation citizens are allowed to be in Government, as it is officially “EPSI Federation Territory” (the outpost, not the whole island).

They most certainly do not believe that leader’s should sit around whilst everyone works. A leader - Leads.

Their current plans will only work for so many people and they realise this. If their outpost reaches a certain population; they’ll expand their plans and use the EPSI Federation as a building block. In 116 years they find it highly unlikely they’ll reach a population of 666 however. That said they will come up with contingency plans. The Outpost runs under EPSI Culture.

They are located about 18 hours (Running, on foot, if it was a hazardless, flat road) away from the beach. However because of the extraordinarily dense labyrinth-like rainforest, which contains many, many dangers. It’s more like 6 days. At the foot of a particular mountain - they’ve even named it (Or will name it.) See the Plan for “The Plan”.

The current leaders are:

Grand Eldyr: Kaylarvana Eldyrannth


[“Scientia est Infinita, Procedamus in Pace” ~ The Grand Council of Eldyr are famous for not having mottos. This is no exception, they use the EPSI “Motto”.]

Grand Arcadia: Diomedes “Ichabod Crane” Eldyrannth


[“Pax superiore vi telarum ~ We won’t start a war but we will, as sure as shit; end one.” The first bit is the Motto of the Grand Council of Arcadia in the EPSI Federation, “Peace through Superior Firepower” basically. The added bit is “Ichabod’s Promise”.]

Grand Hael’aar: The Doc (Hologram) [NPC]


[“Please state the nature of the medical emergency?” This is The Doc’s Activation Greeting, it appears to be stuck on Default. Yes it is the Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager and there is a very interesting reason why. Ask him. :)]

“Government” or “Society” Information:

Currency: Barter and Trade (No official money yet, nor planned but being researched)
Willingness to trade with other settlements on the island: Yes, as long as they’re somewhat friendly. If not; no, unless absolutely necessary.
Government Type: For now: One Leader - Eldyr. Later: Micro-Epsian Federal Government (Last time they had this kind of Government was in 1669, UFF).

How they treat intruders: Military will likely be aware before they even get close and will intercept - This has two ways; either they will be escorted (Guarded) back to the community (As the forest is dangerous) or they’ll be told to be on their way. Intent to harm will be met with an armed response. Intent to kill will be met with deadly force.
How do they punish crimes: Rehabilitation. Repeat or serious offences will be sent to exile.
How not to break the law: Think about your actions and the effect it has on another person. If there is genuinely no effect or consent effect then it falls under the No Harm No Foul Act. However if it is illegal (IE. It breaks someone else's Universal Rights to Life) and it’s without consent then there would be a problem. Their laws also relies on intent - rather than just the action.

Rights: Well the obvious ones really. The Right to not be Harmed, the Right to Privacy, the Right to Stand Your Ground, The Right to Private Property, The Right not to have your Rights Violated, so on and so forth. Basically the Universal Rights to Life Act which applies to Aliens too. ^_^

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333
Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


Introduction > Change Log

After full release - all changes (no matter big or small will end up in here, exception: Spelling Mistakes or Grammatical Mistakes, but I will label as such.
0.1.2: Corrected Tags and Information after Major Roleplay Update. 14th May 2016.
0.1.1: Corrected formatting after Forums Update. 1st July 2015.
0.1.0: Extra Information filled out and posted to EcchiDreams for BBCode Capture. 4th October 2014.
0.0.1: 6 Sections and 6 subsections added with relevant data (one is blank "Reserved Post"). 29th September 2014.
0.0.0: Extra Information Created on Google Drive. 28th September 2014

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333
Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


Introduction > Credits

Google Docs / Google Drive
I was able collaborate directly on this extra information, and it kept backups if ever my PC goes down. Google Docs is like having Microsoft Word; if you work on things with friends you can get them to help and work on the document at the same time you are - I’m not sure how many people it accepts at one time but it was very useful indeed! I couldn’t give it an even more glowing recommendation. It’s free and like Microsoft Word but more awesome.

Co-Writers and Draft-Readers
Neppy and I wrote this Extra Information, Manni and SMFoxy read over it (As they have access to that folder). If anyone points out any problems, errors or mistakes and let me know about them, I will credit them. :)

Enterprise and other Star Trek References
The EPSI Federation is a very Star Trek like setting (TNG+), with a few other Sci-fi’s thrown into the mix like Doctor Who and such. There’s various reasons for this. They’re aware of Startrek from Earth, it was a popular TV show. With the recent advancements in technology in the EPSI Federation they’ve gone quite a similar road basing things off of it; with their own added twists/flares. Because why not?

I love Star Trek, I really do. It was perhaps a core part of my childhood actually. So that’s getting slapped in the credits.

Role playing buddy and partner since 2008. She’s helped me develop and evolve all of my species into more than they were to what they are today. She made me think about things I’ve never thought about before and it’s richer for the experience.

Anyone who’s read this extra information, partly or fully. Thank you for bothering - sorry in advance if it's not what you're looking for.

Edited by Wolfie
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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


Introduction > FAQs

You might want to read the Extra Information; this is a spot for frequently asked questions…

  • Why do the EPSI Federation have some technology here?
  • What’s the point, of having all this “Technology” when it’s supposed to be a Survival RP?
  • Doesn’t this mean you control my characters, or I control your characters?
  • Does my character have to be a goody two shoes?
  • What if I set up my own place and want to go to war with yours?
  • Would these “EPSI’s” ever invade my area?
  • What is the Universal Rights to Life Act?
  • What is their reaction towards Incubi’s and Sucubi’s?
  • What’s their beef with Human’s this time?
  • What do the EPSI Federation believe that Utopian Curse is all about, and how did it exist, and so on?
  • Right… But how did they know about it?
  • What is the EPSI Federation’s Involvement with Utopian Curse?
  • Prime Directive?
  • This is an elaborate attempt to cover up one simple fact, isn’t it? Godmodding?
  • Can the EPSI’s help with a dispute in my own territory?
  • If they have an ‘impregnable safe’ why does their technology have so many theft failsafes?
  • What’s with the excessive double digit dick sizes?

Not here? Can’t find what you’re looking for in the Extra Information? Contact me!

Why do the EPSI Federation have some technology here?
Because most of them were prepared. This technology under the Prime Directive Act must not be given, loaned, rented out or let to borrow by anyone outside the EPSI Federation, or similar technology levels (and under the Temporal Prime Directive - similar time lines). EPSI Federation clothes are not simply just piece of cloths and fabrics anymore, they’re extremely high tech in their own rights, as they help regulate the body temperature of the wearer; for Arctic variants (who need to be colder) and Zeta’s (Who need to be warmer). They contain trillions of Nano Energy Converters, which is a spring of a ‘heat superconductive’ metal which is encased like a fuse in a ‘heat superconductive’ bio liquid which the heat can be manipulated. It can make hot people cold and give off energy, or cold people hot and require energy. They’re used in clothes, heatsinks and Air Conditioners to control the temperature of things.

Armwarmers are something else to look out for, as most of them contain a bio-computer system, that again uses 43rd or 44th Century EPSI technology.

What’s the point, of having all this “Technology” when it’s supposed to be a Survival RP?
The term “Survival RP” hasn’t changed. They didn’t bring replicators or starships for crying out loud. Yes they have more means. Their outpost is deeper into the island, so your character need not ever interact with them if that is your wish. They’re not there to take over the entire island, that isn’t their job. They also have to survive just like everyone else.

Also; do you seriously expect people who are intelligent, and aware that this will happen to them to come absolutely unprepared? No, of course not. It’s not like they appeared with a Galaxy Class Starship strapped to their backs, loadout and explanations are NOT allowed to be changed, characters and their initial loadouts can be added, but already added things cannot and must not be changed.

I don’t mean to sound harsh here but it is merely another option for roleplayers - we will try to be fair but understand that this isn’t a lawless area, and this Extra Information serves to explain it all, if you can’t be bothered to read it, that is not my problem - End of.

Doesn’t this mean you control my characters, or I control your characters?
Absolutely not! There are laws - but only in the confines of their territory, they’re not imposed on the island and the island is big enough for lots of people. If you don’t want to live under their law, then don’t live with them. Their outpost is there for people who want to co-operate with other people can do so peacefully. If you wanted your character to set up their own territory - by all means be “my guest” as it were. They do accept trades so they could still be friends and share in trade. There’s lots of angels to this for varying degree of experience roleplayers. The only things I can do without permission is exhaling characters, and ejecting them if they refuse to leave.

Does my character have to be a goody two shoes?
No, Diomedes is proof to that fact. As long as you don’t infringe on other people’s rights you’re safe. :)

What if I set up my own place and want to go to war with yours?
I will not permit the destruction of this place, which means I and anyone role playing here can and will take steps to protect this outpost, in character it’d be under the “Right to Stand Your Ground”. If anyone has any ideas about doing it without my permission, I’m gonna go ahead and say “I don’t advise that” not only is it against the rules, obviously... They are also armed with EPSI Federation Phasers and three Eldyrannth - so good luck. You will be unsuccessful. With permission however we can probably allow certain things to be destroyed but this will come with a retaliation and will slow down the EPSI’s not halt them.

Would these “EPSI’s” ever invade my area?
No. The EPSI Federation do not conquer territory like this. However they will retaliate if you mess them around.

What is the Universal Rights to Life Act?
It’s so far unwritten outside the RP - It’s a simple law written in 1666, that has yet to be inappropriate to use, and it’s considered to the be the most perfect law ever created. Hence the problems with actually writing it for the RP. It pretty much promotes personal liberty, but not at the expense of other people’s personal liberties. Unless the person wasn’t harmed and they don’t want to press charges or they consented to it, which then falls under the No Harm No Foul Act (2010) which also isn’t written.

What is their reaction towards Incubi’s and Sucubi’s?
It’s unknown if these people are even allowed anywhere near the outpost, as they’re still pondering on what to do on that contingency. There is a bit of “Bad Blood” between them and that’s saying and putting it nicely. Same applies for enemies of the EPSI Federation, Dak’aana, E’cothri, Gozima and in some cases The Tau’ri (Human’s). See the next question…


What’s their beef with Human’s this time?
To cut a long story short… The EPSI Federation’s Relationship with Human’s has never really been a overly peaceful or friendly one, even when the EPSI Federation were the UFF. The EPSI Federation in 4194 had an uneasy truce with them, but frequently traded with them or gave Human’s Medical aid. The relationship was “Frosty”. A small segment of Humans (Corporations) which are backed by Corrupt Governments of the Tau’ri (Human’s) upset this balance and plunged the EPSI Federation into war with them in 4200, when they attacked a habitable planet in Kyann’s Star System, using a Bio-logical Weapon that would have spread a virus throughout the EPSI Federation - effectively attempting genocide but turning them into Zombie’s thus not technically Genocide. Either way this was a violation of the Intergalactic Trade and Alliances Treaty of which EPSIFleet agreed to be apart of in 4190 and Earth agreed to in EPSI Year 4177.

Two Billion EPSI Federation Citizens lost their lives because of this attack, and Wolfie was about to launch a full scale invasion into Tau’ri space to take over the Government and to bring those that were responsible to Justice before handing it back to the Tau’ri. It was fully backed by the ITA (Intergalactic Trade and Alliances) and supported by all Grand Councils in the EPSI Federation with only 1 voting against. However he ended up on this island.

What do the EPSI Federation believe that Utopian Curse is all about, and how did it exist, and so on?
The EPSI Federation are under the impression from a person that they call Rassai, that the planet sits in a pocket universe within the main universe. Rassai wasn’t overly clear on if the Pocket Universe was created by his species or if it was created by chance by the Universe itself or artificially again, by another species. But he seemed to be under the impression that the planet was created at the very least to imprison him when he was born because of his Genetic Defects that allowed him to see compassion, mercy, beauty, love, empathy and “goodness”. It’s the place Kaylarvana ended up a very long time ago, where she found a copy of the “Book of Paradoxia” which suggests that the Paradoxia have been there before, perhaps before Rassai was there. The EPSI Federation currently believe that it’s a system within a star system, within a microgalaxy sized pocket universe (handful of systems). There is a level four time dilation in effect here, time inside the Pocket Universe runs at a much different rate to the rest of the Universe based on the equivalence using Earth Time as a format and reference point; for every 16.66 years on the planet, is 1 day in the rest of universe. All EPSI Federation personnel on the planet were briefed before appearing there.

The EPSI Federation have very good reason to believe that some people may be rather “Religious” about what they believe the island to be, is meant to be, or could be, and so on. Either way the Prime Directive Act outlines such possibilities, and everyone from the EPSI Federation has been briefed about this island.

Right… But how did they know about it?
Kaylarvana Eldyrannth has been here before. As has (And still here because - Time Travel) as Rassai. It’s quite long winded and complicated. Suffice to say that Kaylarvana was there just before she found Wolfie, Dizzie and Kaine, Wolfie was giving off a strange glow - she reached out to touch him and ended up disappearing. Kaylarvana found herself in the mid/late 4100s, with a bunch of aliens who called themselves “Aymar” and they were in the “Epsus Galaxy”. She didn’t know or understood what happened whilst she was on the island until 4166, where Triavana and Rassai went into Kaylarvana’s mind for closed and private reasons. The years that the others were taken from were between 4200 and beyond, really. It is sufficient to say that “They’ve been briefed” isn’t inaccurate to say.

To say the back story is complicated - would be putting it mildly. Additionally to all of this Phoenix disappeared in a Federal Prison. People don’t usually just disappear in a Federal Prison, when he came back he explained where he had been and what happened, his accountings of events were confirmed. He didn’t speak in detail about it, citing the Temporal Prime Directive but it was enough to start planning… In 4167/4168.

What is the EPSI Federation’s Involvement with Utopian Curse?
Not that they’ll say publicly but everyone has a different reason for wanting to be here, and this is where things are different. The people that are here - want to be here or need to be here, and/or knew it was coming. There is a subdermal implant under each of them with Rassai and EPSIMedical know how that would ensure they would end up on this planet one day.

This is why Wolfie, Kaine and Dizzie were somewhat unprepared - but Siori, Kaylarvana, Dezrin and Diomedes on the other hand had a warning from a plan put into action when Wolfie, Kaine and Dizzie disappeared and Rassai said that it was “time”. They know why the Island is there and roughly what's going on, but they back it up with Science - not myths, rumour, religion or unproven facts.

There is much about this island that the need to research.

Prime Directive?
It’s important not to confuse with the “Temporal Prime Directive”. It’s a piece of Document that states how involved the EPSI Federation will get with other lifeforms, it also states that all pieces of Technology must be accounted for as they’re on an alien planet. A Dwarf Star Alloy box checks all the “Level of Security Required” boxes and more. Home Technology (Their own technology) is strictly controlled. It’s somewhat based off of Star Trek’s Prime Directive in some ways… Like the “Enterprise-E” I mentioned earlier.

This is an elaborate attempt to cover up one simple fact, isn’t it? Godmodding?
Far from it. They’re from the future [by our standards] - The EPSI Federation RP, a spacefaring civilisation with hundreds of thousands of star systems. Attacks without permission by the nature of the rules are not permitted, attacks with permission are fine as long as it’s within permissions (Like the rest of the roleplay).

They will still come across challenges (not the same ones as everyone else, surely) and problems to solve - I am doing this to show even advance lifeforms are bound by the Rules of Utopia. Most of them had pre warning that they’ll be here one day - two of them (probably) have more information, no one really knows EXACTLY what would happen, that’d be ridiculous.

Lastly; Rassai might have “God” like powers but the challenge would be using his character in a very very limited capacity (For example: He is a child with little to no control or will to use his powers or abilities. He barely even speaks.) It's the way I like to challenge myself.

Can the EPSI’s help with a dispute in my own territory?
They could; but likely won’t. If it doesn't involve them then under their own laws they will not get involved (Prime Directive + Universal Rights to Life Act).

If they have an ‘impregnable safe’ why does their technology have so many theft fail-safes?

An intelligent species would know almost intellectually to never put all of their eggs into one basket. If they solely relied on one system to keep it safe then that would be irresponsibly foolish.

Let’s try to find a way of explaining my thoughts on it. According to the Roleplay Rules; if I do an Extra Information (In which I think this qualifies) with specific levels of detail - (And if anyone asks anything that isn’t clarified - I will make the edits if I think they need to be made) and in the extra information I’ve stated “whilst you’re free to have a character stop by (As long as it’s peaceful) without asking for my permission first. If you’re going to cause a major disruption - I’d like to know about it first so I can see if that’s going to happen or not; or morph it around my current plots and events. I’m a very structured roleplayer - this is how I do things.” In which case coming to the outpost to do harm without my permission would be against the rules, I’m pretty such that applies to stealing too.

As I said previously. A space race that has FTL travel and they’re in space - they’re not stupid, some might act it though. :lol:

What’s with the excessive double digit dick sizes?
Why not? Some people want to play Vampires, some people like to play Sexy Maidens. We like to play male/maleish characters with big shlongs. Seriously though; they like big dicks, and well - with the prevalence of incest and somewhat “selective” breeding the bigger they are the more chance those genes got passed down. Kay’s are usually smaller, Males and Hermaphonari’s are usually about the same, Eldyrannth in their Dragon forms depends on the age; thus size of the dragon. Xeno’s and Zeta’s usually have bigger dicks than Mako’s and Coda’s, who are usually slightly bigger than Keza’s - on average. Epsian Vigina’s = Bigger on the Inside. :P

It's all quite simple really.

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Wolfie    1,797


EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


Introduction > Residency Records

EPSI Federation Citizens Currently Living here:

Wolfii Keza’maraki -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Fleet Captain for EPSIFleet (Captain of the EPSI Enterprise), CEO of EPSICorp, “Lord President of Time” for the Grand Council of Temporis although it’d be more accurate to as if she was still in the EPSI Federation she’d be “Lord President of Xicia” for the Grand Council of Xicia, and a Free Time Inventor.
Occupation(s) on the Island: Trade Guild (Leader), Carpentry Guild (Part-Time Member), Farming Guild (Spare Time Member),

Kaine Coda’zotoxi -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Commander for EPSIFleet (Chief of Security and Chief Tactical Officer of the EPSI Enterprise), Head of Corporate Security (EPSICorp), Cannabis Grower/Researcher
Occupation(s) on the Island: Trade Guild (Leader), Arcadian Guild of Justice (External-Security Commanding Officer “The Courier”), Stone and Mineral Cutters Guild (Part-Time Member), Farming Guild (Anonymous Member)

Dizzie Zeta’demeri -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Ensign for EPSIFleet (Away Team 14 Leader for EPSI Enterprise), CEO of CEPSICo (EPSICorp Company), Beverage Inventor
Occupation(s) on the Island: Mining Guild (Leader), Trade Guild (Member), Guild of Arcadia (Member), Metal Works Guild (Part-Time Member), Construction/Crafting (Part-Time Member), Carpentry Guild (Voluntary/Spare Time Member),

Phoenix Epsi’rikixi -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: In Prison
Occupation(s) on the Island: Arcadian Guild of Justice (Internal Police Chief “Sheriff”), Mining Guild (Spare Time Member), Farming Guild (Volunteer), Construction Guild (Community Projects Volunteer).

Siori Epsi’rikixi -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Lieutenant-Commander for EPSIFleet (Counsellor on the EPSI Enterprise), Porn Star for Champaign Studios (EPSICorp Company)
Occupation(s) on the Island: Construction/Crafting Guild (Leader), Guild of Hael’aar (Mental Health and Psychiatry Member) [Authorised by the Council of Mental Health (Hael’aar)], Farming Guild (Part-Time Member),

Kaylarvana "Kay'laar" Eldyrannth -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Lieutenant-Commander for EPSIFleet (Science Officer on the EPSI Enterprise), RAECorp/EPSICorp Liaison Officer, Chief Researcher of Epsilon Dynamics, Pro-Spacefly Activist
Occupation(s) on the Island: Grand Eldyr of the Outpost *Full Time*, Carpentry Guild (Free-Time Member), Farming Guild (Free-Time Member)

Dezrin Eldyr'maraki -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: [Classified under the Temporal Prime Directive]
Occupation(s) on the Island: Metalworks Guild (Leader), Guild of Arcadia (Member), Carpentry Guild (Part-Time Member)

Diomedes “Ichabod Crane” Eldyrannth -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: [Classified under the Temporal Prime Directive]
Occupation(s) on the Island: Guild of Arcadia (Leader, under Arcadia), Stone and Mineral Cutters Guild (Part-Time Member)

The Doctor (Hologram) - NPC


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Commander for EPSIFleet (Doctor on the EPSI Ragnarök), EPSIMedical Certified Surgeon and Doctor.
Occupation(s) on the Island: Grand Hael’aar *Full Time*, Guild of Hael’aar (Leader, Full-Time Member) [Authorised by Grand Council of Hael’aar to practice General Medicine, Surgery and Administer Nanites]

Dez'rarzii Xeno'vitiri -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: EPSI Federation Spec'Ops Trained, Scientist / Xeno Whistle-blower / Counsellor (Ear to listen) / Journalist and Investigator [Five of the things he never thought he'd do in his life]
Occupation(s) on the Island: Not Yet Assigned

Tripp Keza’maraki -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Commander for EPSIFleet (First officer of the EPSI Voyager), Porn Star for Champaign Studios (EPSICorp Company), Inventor
Occupation(s) on the Island: Not Yet Assigned

Raelavana Eldyrannth -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Guardian of the Eldyr High Guard, Spec-ops division. Dezrarzii’s bodyguard.
Occupation(s) on the Island: Not yet assigned. 

Currently Non-EPSI Federation Citizens (Residents) Currently Living here:

Rassai -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Unknown. (Honourary EPSI Citizen from 4194)
Occupation(s) on the Island: He is a child - sometimes helps out here and there. (Commonly with Kaylarvana)

Lexi Jayne Heart -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Pilot for a Passenger Cruiser (Not EPSI Citizen, yet.)
Occupation(s) on the Island: Farming Guild (Member)


Stacy O’Neill Taru’zenari -


Occupation(s) Before the Island: Unknown - Technically she is an EPSI Federation Citizen, but if she is at this moment in time, is unlikely. (EPSI Citizen from 4194)
Occupation(s) on the Island: Not assigned yet.

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


Introduction > Intentionally Blank

This is reserved.

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


Initial Loadout and Explanations

When you break it down what’s actually brought sounds like a lot but realitively speaking isn’t a whole lot. [Really] There are things that give EPSI characters a distinct advantage, but this is explained in this extra information, hence the detailedness of it. The idea is that this is a Viable option if you want to do a different kind of RPing within the RP, if that make sense. Instead of Lone Wolf / Independent Survival it’s a community of people working in the community for the community. Everyone, including political leaders are pulling their weight. With a distinct advantage brings distinct responsibilities.

The majority of them were prepared for this due to the fact that they pretty much came to it, not it for them, everything they have brought increases their chances of survival by a factor of points, as they plan on being here a while, they have a few things to make it easier.

This is a COMPLETE list of everything EPSI Characters had on them. Please see Section 5 for a description of each piece and the technology in them.

Completely Unplanned:

Phoenix Brought with him:

  • Absolutely sweet FA. Not even clothes.

Phoenix didn’t even know this was going to happen, he was in prison, asleep at the time. He reappeared a week later and acted as a Warning Beacon that this was going to happen, which allowed much of the rest to be substantially more prepared than not, he stated who although he never stated what there was in terms of stuff taken to the island in anyway shape or form or when these people came from- Temporal Prime Directive Act.

Tripp Brought with him:

  • Absolutely sweet FA. Not even clothes.

According to Phoenix’s report in 4168 - Tripp wasn’t there. Tripp didn’t even know about the plan from the UCCRG, and was completely unprepared. He is from the same year as everyone else, and actually went missing at the same time as Wolfie; but it wasn’t discovered until 6 hours later when the others went missing, and seemed to have gone missing with Dez’rarzii and Raelarvana, all three of which were engaged in sexual activities with each other at the time. 


  • No Clothes.
  • StarKey (It’s a key, that’s had a string threaded through it and turned it into a Neckless)

According to Phoenix’s report in 4168 - Dez’rarzii wasn’t there, and like Tripp wasn’t aware of the UCCRG. However he seems to be somewhat aware of the Utopian Curse Island for which he will reveal when it’s appropriate. (He is Key to the Paradoxia Plotlines). As Dez’rarzii used to be inside of Tripp (As a Xeno Symbiote) they have a strong connection that draws them together - literally. It’s thought that because Dez’rarzii was connected to Tripp, who was connected to Raelarvana, in sexual intercourse at the time of the transport, which means he took those two with him - to which Dez’rarzii would be deeply remorseful.

Raelarvana Eldyrannth

  • No clothes.
  • Eldyrannth Gauntlets 

According to Phoenix's report in 4168 - Raelarvana wasn't there, and wasn't aware of the UCCRG either. She was with Dex'rarzii and Tripp when they were taken, and thus was taken along with them.

Stacy O'Neill

  • Completely nothing, not even clothes.

Stacy was on board the Doctors TARDIS when she was taken. She had been asleep in her own bed when she was taken, and since she sleeps naked, she has brought nothing with her.

Unplanned but knew it would happen:

Wolfie Brought with him:

  • EPSIFleet Uniform with Commbadge, which no longer fit her when he regenerated into Wolfii. On top of that the Commbadge was rendered useless as it had to be turned into a data storage device.
  • Wolfie’s Sonic Screwdriver.
  • SAMPLE Seed Pack, containing 100,000 EPSICorp Quick Grow Cannabis Plants in various flavours within a Seed Staysis Container (Technological). It passed Prototype, this was a sample batch to show an upcoming, and approved product. (It’s already had the relevant tests done on it) it was addressed to Kaine, and Private. [He was going to give it to him later in the day.]

Wolfie was taken whilst he was awake everyone was looking out for that, however the method in which he travelled (He suspects a wormhole through a Black Hole or near one) because he (The White Wolf) is allergic to Certain Blackholes, he regenerated. He was wearing his uniform when he was “Kidnapped” which had his Commbadge on it, and his pips. It also had the contents of his pockets.

Wolfie knew he’d one day be on that island, but didn’t know when. When he did. Rassai appeared and said “It’s time” to Neptune and things were moved into events, and put into motion. Wolfie knew because Phoenix warned them all before 4170, so was somewhat prepared with plan. Wolfie was able to further warn Diomedes and Dezrin about exactly what was needed to stop the problem of the island kidnapping people once and for all. [it is unlikely we’ll ever get to that point, but if we do, as I cannot control the RP like that it’ll be something Wolfii learns is “Never achievable.” or something, promise.]

Exact Time Unexpected:

Kaine Brought with him:

  • EPSIFleet Standard Issue - Self Recharge Handheld Phaser (Which was inserted/concealed up his arse)

Kaine sleeps naked, and was sleeping with Neptune when he was taken. When pressed by Wolfii he claimed it was for self defence and he always has a weapon up his arse. Apparently it was the first time she was told this but it does seem consistent with the madness of the Character in Question.

Dizzie Brought with him:

  • Absolutely sweet FA. Not even clothes.

Dizzie, although prepared. Was actually having sex with Jen’taour at the time, and had just gotten her pregnant.

Prepared and Expecting:

Siori Brought with her:

  • Naked. But was wearing a backpack (Prepared)
  • Various clothes for people without clothes.
  • A set of clothes for herself.
  • A set of clothes for Wolfii, including arm warmer computers. (Pure Heptite Self Recharge Module, EPSICorp Pure Heptite Extra Storage and Bio-Processing Module, EPSICorp Geostructure and Enhanced Sensors Module)
  • A set of clothes for Kaine, including a EPSICorp Visor
  • A set of clothes for Dizzie, including at single armwarmer computer.
  • A set of casual clothes for Phoenix, and an “American Wild/Old West” Sheriff's Uniform, complete with boots with spurs on them. (All Non-Tecnological but he does have the other Arm computer that was for Dizzie.)
  • A set of clothes for a Stacy O’neill Taru’zenari - Stacy in the EPSI Federation hasn’t spoken of this experience, she answered “Doctors Orders - Can’t talk about it even if I knew what you were talking about.”

Siori saw Wolfie disappear and be warned by Rassai. She put together some clothes for the ones she knew to be naked, thanks to Phoenix letting her know of who needed clothes - he never told her what she actually took.

Kaylarvana Brought with her:

  • Clothes;
    • Eldyrannth Cloak, (No special abilities)
    • Casual Dress Wear (Dark Clothing)?
    • Thighhighs
    • Boots (Worn)
    • Universal Tricorder (Medical and Science) (Holstered)
    • Pocket: One Holoemitter (Containing: The Doctor)
    • Holding: Medical Supplies Container
  • Eldyrannth ExoTech
  • Her Satchel (No special abilities)
    • Kaylarvana’s Sonic Screwdriver.
    • Unspecified Non-Technological Objects.
    • Datapad containing a massive library of books and guides. And the Book of Paradoxia.
    • A blank datapad with Expanded EPSICorp Pure-Heptite Data Crystal and Power Source Modules. [Kaylarvana’s Diary]
    • Swim/Sunbathing wear.
    • A pair of Converse for herself.

Kaylarvana set forth her plan when she heard Wolfie disappeared, she was not even 5% of the way through when she disappeared in front of Tahurer. She left just as Tahurer was handing her a medical supplies container.

Dezrin Brought with him:

  • Clothing: One Eldyrannth Cloak, simple EPSI trousers and top. He appeared wearing a backpack that contains several sets of clothing.
  • Eldyrannth Exotech: 2x compact Eldyrannth water purification systems, Eldyrannth gauntlets and a Eldyrannth scanning device (using software developed by Kaylarvana this Exotech can be linked with a datapad to store information like the dimensions of the island, as well as types of rocks, a detailed analysis of plants as well as viable water sources and mineral deposits).
  • Dezrin’s Sonic Screwdriver
  • 4x Datapads

Dezrin is from the year 6666. Phoenix warned what happened, which was filled in by Kaylarvana and Triavana in 4167/4168 after he reappeared a week later. They all worked on a plan and set it in motion. By 4194 the plan was ready when needed. So by 6666… Yeah.

Diomedes Brought with him:

  • Clothing: One dark coloured cloak, one pair of dark trousers and a dark top (basically the clothes seen in his character image).
  • Eldyrannth ExoTech
  • Diomedes Dragon-Eldyr sized Cargo Bag
  • Wolfie’s Dwarf Star Alloy Safe (Datapad attached to it acting as security console & log)
    • Wolfie’s Time Travel Device
    • [4200 Variant] EPSIFleet Standard Issue - Self Recharge Handheld Phasers (x8)
    • [4200 Variant] Commbadges - Uninitialised (x8)
    • 6x Laser and Sonic Tool Kits
    • Several sets of spare clothing incase anyone decided to “Turn up Unexpectedly”

See the above. Additionally; as Diomedes is a Time Traveller, he and Wolfie had a bond with each other, and actually got married too. Wolfie knew where Diomedes came from and gave him a mission to complete (Gather the resources for the Safe) and bring the safe.

Edited by Wolfie

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor



Currently Not Implemented - Guilds aren’t started until each guild has a building and storage for their respective guild. This is Phase Three of the plan.

Government “Funded” Guilds:

Anyone can be a member or even a leader of these guilds, but ultimately they are accountable to the Government and have to get target resources (They typically aim for 10%+ of their targets for wiggle room). They are like community companies, for profit, for the community. Trade is the main one who can and will conduct business with any groups outside the Outpost, and will receive independant Traders.The Mining Guild works very closely with the Stone and Mineral Cutters, Metalworks and Construction Guilds for obvious reasons. Most of them can continue to work even if the targets are all reached but surplus is used by the Trade Guild with outside parties.

Everyone inside the Outpost is expected the pull their weight, for the community. Whilst this sounds like Communism, it’s not. Private property rights are respected under the Universal Rights to Life Act. Instead of “Rent” the Government asks for a bare minimum for the Community stockpile - which keeps everyone fed, clothed, somewhat comfortable given the circumstances. Everything else after that is free to do as the Guild or members of the guild see fit including just giving it away. Currently there is no official Tax system in a trade/barter economy. People who don’t work and laze around all day will probably get noticed very quickly. Days off are acceptable and understandable but it’s generally considered inconsiderate to take it for granted.

If your character can’t find work Kaylarvana will probably help. If your character expresses no wishes to work, it could cause Community Friction. This “Government” doesn’t collect taxes, so there are no benefits or welfare system. Hoarding (taking everything and leaving nothing for anyone else) will probably get you vilified by the community. This would also be breaking the law.

Kaylarvana, Diomedes and The Doc can open as many guilds as they like, residents can even suggest guilds. Guild leaders were already somewhat decided in the plan.

Trade Guild

The Trade Guild trades with other “Countries” “Outposts” “Settlements” “Groups” or “Individual/Freelance Traders” etc… The Trade Guild is currently aiming to figure out the best way to make a money based economy work for after Barter and Trade to gain a better understanding for how the markets work on this planet, and in this environment. If there are things that cannot be grown here, or are other places that the Government/Residents need then they’ll attempt to find a partner out there to trade with them or speak around their “Connections/Network” to find it.

Guilds that are members:

  • Mining Guild (Member)
  • Stone and Mineral Cutters Guild (Member)
  • Metalworks Guild (Member)
  • Farming Guild (Member)
  • Carpentry Guild (Member)

Mining Guild

The Mining Guild has two areas of operations. A Quarry pit not far from the direct foot of the Mountain to install an underground facility, and are mining into the mountain to hopefully conceal a building in the Mountain itself - which is better and stronger defence. They are very ambitious and don’t waste anything - Everything can and must be used. From Stone and Gravel to Ores and Minerals. They are heavily depended upon, and a commendable job because it’s very heavy labour.

Guilds that are members:

  • Stone and Mineral Cutters Guild (Member)
  • Metalworks Guild (Member)
  • Construction Guild (Member)

Stone and Mineral Cutters Guild

They’re apart of the Construction Guild as they’re a craftsmanships Guild, they make bricks, stone slabs, stone cobble, and even cut diamonds, emeralds and other jewels. Their main contract depends on the needs of the Construction Guild, the rest then fills up Government supply before surplus is held in it’s own storage or traded. Any metal found is sent to the Metalworks Guild.

Guilds that are members:

  • Construction Guild (Member)

Metalworks Guild

They’re a part of the Construction Guild as they’re a craftsmanship Guild, they smelt and forge metal, which is vital to the community for a variety of things such as nails, tools, and even machinery, as well as metal refining for weapons manufacture; if needed. They’re also working on personal projects such as making a smeltery and such like, to increase the grades of their metals and refining processes. If there is ever any surplus it’s stored in Ingots. It is unlikely that they will have a surplus for a while.

Guilds that are members:

  • Construction Guild (Member)

Farming Guild

Food is a critical need for survival, and by nature one of the most relied upon. This is an important task that asks farmers to farm not only crops but animals and fish too. Fish are abundant due to their breeding habits. If supplies are full, excess can be traded for “Low Tier” goods only, for “Humanitarian” reasons.

Construction / Crafting Guild

They build structures in which people can take shelter into using the resources available, but they also plan farm space and land requirements and work with the Grand Eldyr to achieve those goals in “her” people’s country. One of their main ambitions (which is very ambitious) is to build a facility underground with help from the Mining Guild and to build a building within the Mountain (which is also very ambitious, if not a little insane). But they’re doing it! They’re also working in someway to produce electricity to make an electrical grid. They’re also known as the Crafting Guild.

Carpentry Guild

The Carpenters Guild produces Wood Work, from floors and walls to beds and furniture. The Grand Eldyr spends much of time here, with Young Rassai. She teaches him how to work “Small” and helps him bring out his more creative side. Any surplus they sell through the Trade Guild.

Justice Guild “Arcadian Guild of Justice”

This is the Guild that maintains, and keeps Law and Order within their outpost. Without law a civilised society is impossible if not extremely rare, with law there is a hope for a civilised society. They believe in Innocent until proven Guilty, and they believe in fair justice for all - No matter what the position. Together with the Residents of the Outpost they make everyone accountable, even Kaylarvana.

[Later] Armoury Guild “Guild of Arcadia”

This guild is planned much later, although will start if needed. Eventually they’ll most likely need a plan to deal with outside threats, or even invaders. This will produce weapons and shields, they will not be sold through the Trade Guild unless the other state is allied and have a Weapons Trade Agreement. Arcadia are the spectres of War, starting one would be ill-advised. This guild will keep their ammo stocks supplied as well as make and manufacture Explosives and Military Tech with EPSI know-how. They teach self defence and combat skills.

Healers Guild “Guild of Hael’aar”

This guild is essentially a hospital and medical research guild. From mending broken bones to soothing aches and pains and whatever ales your character to working out what the properties of certain plants, herbs and flowers have (Herbology) as well as building resistances to native bugs, diseases, viruses and even poisons. As well as catalogue the Biology of the creatures around, to learn about the native animal life. They also teach first aid and medical survival skills.

Edited by Wolfie
Fixed Typo: "Guilty until proven Innocent" -> "Innocent until proven Guilty" WHOOPS.

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


EPSI Federation History (Relation: Utopian Curse, only)

Records of Utopian’s Curse has existed as far back as the Keza’s in the 13th Century, both Sin and Mourning Star had reports of people waking up much older saying they had a several year long dream about being on an Island, and that there was a beast… Of which they were both in fear and in worship of. The records were never clear but they claimed that there was a Keza Angel of Death there, which almost killed them, as well as a Girl or Woman that looked Eldyrannth but kept away by a small Eldyr dragon that was protecting her. Mako’s had experienced something similar as did a single Zeta. It turned out this was happening to humans and even animals too all over the place. They later found out that quite a few species have had this in their history too.

/// Xenovityr’ra Reporting - Over 100 million years ago \\\

Dez’rarzii knows of this island through stuff passed down from the Age of Paradoxia - what it is though he hasn’t revealed at all - and his presence on the island wasn’t announced before hand either.

/// Kaylarvana’s Visit \\\

As more stuff is revealed, I will add it here.

Kaylarvana was in her bedroom’s study, at her parents house in the City of Vorserend on Earth, during the year 1200. She was studying cultural interactions between the species on Earth - specifically Keza’s, Mako’s, Coda’s and Zeta’s with each other. It was one of many things she wanted to research in her adult life. She was thinking about what a Zeta called the Oracle was talking about “The Horrifying Stargiver” she had no idea what it meant nor the “Cursed Beach”. She had just finished up writing something for school, and caught herself thinking about it, it had gone two in the morning and she wanted to finish up her last report to be done for the weekend for some “Free” thinking and “Free” learning. However at some point she ended up falling asleep at her desk, wearing her satchel and clothes.

Her first encounter with Utopian Curse was shortly before the Eldyrannth City of Vorserend was destroyed in 1200, she found herself waking up on a beach the next day, the tide from the ocean washed over her feet and ankles it was day break - so she thought, she stood up and had no idea where she was other than a “Beach” and from the looks of things some kind of tropical beach. Once she got her bearings she very quickly realised that she was no longer on Earth, without seeing the as the moon configuration was very different and the Star Configuration was nothing she had ever seen before. She decided to go exploring for food, and to get some kind of idea where she was going she used shreds of her undercloak as markers which she tied around thin trees, branches or bamboo. She made a clear trail back to the beach.

On her adventures she picked many fruit and plants, thankfully one of her lessons was herbology which she studied very closely. She then heard this thunderous rumble with what she described as earth quake like shaking. She made her way to a clearing and saw first hand what it was.

There stood a beast which Kaylarvana would only describe as “Worse than the Daedra themselves” as well as “So terrifying it’s beyond comprehension” [you get the point] this traumatised her. However she kept suppressing her memory instead of dealing with or processing it, and it did her a lot of harm. She tried lying to herself, convincing herself that it was all a dream. She stood in fear of the beast before running for her life. It took her a few days to suppress it, but once she got a hold on it, she started returning to somewhat normal. She then found herself in the company of a small, almost “Baby” Eldyrannth in it’s dragon form, it’s someone Kaylarvana became a mother to, it almost by instinct, and it was her protector.

There was a lot of things that happened there that aren’t public knowledge, but what is well known is that she wrote a diary which she left somewhere on the island, she also found a Book called the Book of Paradoxia. At one point she came across a missing airplane and found a gun, she didn’t know what to do with it, so for the mean time she kept it not really sure what it was (This aircraft by the way went missing on Earth - without a trace in the past) a few weeks later she came face to face with a Polar Bear. She didn’t remember much but she did remember shooting it, and killing it, before everything went black. She woke up a little later and started running towards the beach on the other side of the island, which wasn’t far. It was here something happened to her, something strange. She met a human looking male and a what looked at least Part-Eldyrannth person behind him. She couldn’t catch what they were talking about but her survival instincts kicked in hard and she “Regenerated”.

There was a few things that happened afterwards but the last of the island she remembers is coming across a few people who were on the beach, she eventually came across the White Wolf but there was “These fantastic wisps of purple energy escaped- almost cascading away from his body.” She reached out and touched him before ending up in the middle of a warzone - literally. The Aymar picked her up and escorted her back to Aymar space after completing their mission.

[As more things are revealed more will get added]

/// Aftermath of Kaylarvana’s Visit \\\

In 4166 the Aymar delivered her to an Aymar ship with Talivana onboard, unfortunately Talivana had to deal with an issue so she spent the night with Triavana, however her happy peaceful self soon came crashing down when Triavana knew something was wrong. Kaylarvana had a melt down and in the end Triavana and Rassai (Human Form) had to go into her mind, and fix the damage that had to be done. Only this turned into a time travel fest, where through careful manipulation of temporal vortexes running in her mind, Rassai was able to interact with Kaylarvana to be her “Hero” in her time of need, and to give her a new but old ability - The ability to Regenerate. They found the original Kaylarvana and forced her to see the context to see that the fear of Rassai was unfounded, illogical.

It also started the Decryption and Decoding of the Book of Paradoxia; which is better known back then as "Wolfie's Book" - It's a copy, not actually Wolfie's book.

/// Phoenix’s Jailbreak \\\

In 4167 to 4168, Phoenix went missing for a whole week from a high security federal prison in the EPSI Federation system; Meta’caar. He literally disappeared whilst he was asleep. When he reappeared he gave a somewhat full report on where he had been, and how he ended up there. He spoke about falling to sleep, while thinking about Wolfie - he was giving his hopes and… Prayers to Wolfie, hoping that the Universe would give him strength to “Putting Keza Corp out of it’s misery and putting it to sleep.” He was also thinking sexual about Wolfie - specifically when they conceived Jess’starr. Phoenix recalled:

“I don’t know what happened. For every night since I’ve been in here I’ve been thinking about the crimes I committed… Crimes that I’d do again the day I’m released if I have to. But that night… I slept thinking about Wolfie, one thing lead to another and I was thinking about the time we conceived Jess’starr together then I masturbated and went to sleep. The next day I woke up finding myself on a beach, on an Island… Kaylarvana was there, Wolfii, Kaine, Mum, Dezrin, Ichabod Crane… And a Hologram by the name of The Doctor… There were others too… But Neptune or Wolfii, or Wolfie or someone has selectively erased my memory… All I can think about when I try is… Enim primo temporalis ordinis” Wolfie filled in “I think he means the Temporal Prime Directive.” Phoenix nodded “Yes. I can’t say much about what happened. But I didn’t do it on purpose. Wolfii said my evidence should be in the Xaar UMMX-5417 files.”

/// Xaar UMMX-5417 Files \\\

In 4168 the files were located in the Archives, documents written from the 5th Century Xaar-Keza’s, these documents had to be handled with care but they contained accounts of “disappearances” where people would sometimes re-appear with “Wild stories”. The Grand Council of Time took up the investigation and found cases of this in each of the member-states, the new set of files became known as the Xaar UMMX-5417 files named after the original Xaar UMMX-5417 which shone a great powerful light on the other pieces of evidence.

It also started the UCCRG Project.

/// RAECorp and EPSICorp Corporate-Alliance ~ UCCRG Project \\\

Wolfie confirmed that if this was the case it’s possible that wherever this place is, there is a time differential. He was then later proven to be correct (as far as the EPSI Federation are concerned). It has a heck of a Time Difference 16.66 years to one day real time. This revelation then saw a myriad of plans and ideas…

The Utopian Curse Contingency and Research Group; or UCCRG is an EPSICorp funded group (With RAECorp co’funding it in 4190) with the sole purpose of finding the what was now called “Utopian Curse” star system, and investigating the island and planet. With them being warned that certain people would be there soon, they wasted no time in planning and preparing the “Mother of all Away Missions”. UCCRG was a private group at first not because of lack of transparency - but because of lack of importance; until 4191 when 450bn credits were poured into it from EPSICorp and RAECorp.

With this group very much been the receiver of such large funding it was researched how to make tech devices far more reliable - in a way played a small part in setting the manufacturing and product reliability standards of the Corporation. By 4194 the plan was ready, and everyone knew what they were doing, and UCCRG had received around 1.3-trillion Credits in funding - in total. With direct collaboration from the Grand Council’s of Time and Xicia.

UCCRG were ready but the Universe wasn’t.

In 4200, during the immediate aftermath Kyann’s Star Flashpoint Incident which saw the death of two-billion EPSI Federation Citizens and plunged the EPSI Federation in a state of War against the Tau’ri. Wolfie disappeared. Rassai appeared a few seconds later and said “It’s time” before disappearing again. This was code for UCCRG’s mandates were now in effect. The others went missing exactly as they should have.

Hours later; Kaine, Siori, Kaylarvana and Dizzie went missing in the same way - exactly as planned (Except for the timing).

/// Arriving at Xak'tor - "Operation: Ko'xaktor" \\\

This is written during the event’s of Utopian Curse. So it should be updated every now and again; like a summary of what’s happened.

/// Future \\\

In 6666 the same thing happens again but this time they’re very prepared for it and have calculated the exact time - and took a little cargo. [Obviously it’s unknown how much they know and shit… So that’s hush hush right now.]

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


Extremely Condensed Versions of the EPSI Federation: Extra Information’s


Considering the totalness of the Core Extra Information for the EPSI Federation RP is at least a thousand pages long (No, I’m not kidding), this is a VERY condensed version of it (42 Pages for this post alone, currently). The full EPSI Federation Culture cannot be possibly covered on a forum post and would likely take over a thousand books to explain fully, let alone a thousand pages. It is likely - and has to be, updated if anything changes.


The EPSI Federation Culture is long, deep and complicated. Generally speaking the EPSI Federation are accepting of anyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, species, race, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, so on and so forth. Yes; Sex is a big part of their culture but it’d be ignorant and “Racist” to assume that, that is all they care about and that is all they are about.

General Behaviour towards other Species

When encountering the EPSI Federation for the first time, they should come across as peaceful, if a little wary. They will appear curious, though, and should always give you the benefit of the doubt, unless the species in question has a nack of pissing them off. They are slow to have their trust gained by outsiders. Despite their peaceful nature, they are extremely capable of defending themselves.

They do not tolerate any mistreatment of any of their people, no capturement, enslavement, or any other unwanted nasties. When it comes to anyone within their care, their Universal Rights to Life will be respected, even if the outsider does not personal obey the Universal Rights to Life Act.

Their attitude towards neutral races is that of cautious awareness since the Dak’aana incident (which they will not talk about because of Phoenix Epsi’rikixi, where it hasn’t happened for them yet).

If the species or individual in question is below the Neutral belt in terms of reputation, then there will be an increasing reaction of hostility if their paths should ever cross. If it’s to the point where one would be considered an Enemy to EPSI Federation it’s usually because of grand violations of the Universal Rights to Life Act and are usually shot at on sight (hence more than capable of defending themselves). If the person is unarmed and/or surrenders they will be escorted (usually at gun point) to the nearest Military or Police official - EPSI Citizens have the power to detain but detainees must be taken to the nearest Military or Police official if available.

Attitude about Technology

Under normal circumstances the EPSI Federation believe in sharing technology, but only with races on the same technological level as themselves, of course this doesn’t apply to Utopian Curse because of the Temporal Prime Directive. Technology is strictly not for sale either - and to sell technology (as defined in the Prime Directive) would be morally and ethically repugnant. What they will trade is food and medical supplies, water and “Low-Tier” technology such as non-powered pickaxes, hammers, tools, etc.

For a species that has such a low level of technology that they have limited knowledge and tech, then the EPSI Federation would not interfere with their natural development, under most if not any circumstances.

This restrction with technology sharing also happens within the EPSI Federation. If one faction produces an extremely advanced piece of technology, then they are not under any obligation to share it with anyone else in the EPSI Federation. For example, if the Aymar produce a highly advanced shield, and EPSICorp have no means to replicate it, then the Aymar cannot be forced to hand over their technology to EPSICorp. This applies here; if someone brings an advanced piece of technology into the Outpost which doesn’t belong to the EPSI Federation - and they don’t want to share - they will not be forced to share, nor will it be taken from them unless they intend on using it to cause damage and even then this has to be done inside the Outpost - not outside.

Legal Process(es)

To cover what is legal and what isn’t legal isn’t easy; as long as you’re not infringing on someone elses Universal Rights to Life; it’s generally legal. For example; there is no indecency laws (you can run around naked if you like), there is no drugs/narcotic laws however you’re responsible and liable for your actions if you’re high.

If their laws are broken they will arrest and put the person on trial. They will know the full charges on the arrest warrant. As a basic right this warrant is given to them, hand written on paper after they're in custody. They'll also be told what the charge(s) are upon arrest. In this case the judges would be the Grand Eldyr, Grand Arcadia and Grand Hael’aar.

Attitude towards Sex

Speaking about Gender for a moment; there is a lot of what is said or done that might appear sexist - this is infact their comfortable and openness towards other genders, generally speaking Gender, Sexuality and Sexual Discrimination isn’t legal, isn’t called for and isn’t necessary (and this works for ALL genders). Most Epsian’s are Pansexual or Aliea-pansexual, almost Genderblind but not stupid. For sex there is usually no pretext unless it is for “kinks”, sex is a everyday and natural occurrence it’s healthy, keeps one fit and it’s pleasurable. Despite this every individual is different, whilst some males for example may have sex with other males they may not be the type to take it - for example (again).

Oh and Incest - perfectly legal. Not recommended for some species due to problems that may occur but Epsian’s are absolutely fine (and so are some other species) at incest. Beastality is illegal; unless you have an “Animal Whisper” (Tripp Keza’maraki is one) who can obtain consent from the Animal before hand. Seems crazy but there you go.

Attitude towards Narcotics

Er…I’d say very positive. Especially if it’s harmless. Negative impact from Drug use is no more or less higher than normal cases of violence - statistically speaking in the EPSI Federation. The EPSI Federation take a somewhat relaxed approach to Drugs and Narcotics on the belief that “You should have the right to decide what to put into your own body”. Most narcotics are legal and are regulated by the Federal Government, and are sold and taxed under a updated version of the UFF Law (The Legalisation of Harmless Narcotics Act 2006); this means that Cannabis (“Spaceweed”) for example is actually manufactured and sold (to the Commonwealth’s despisement) in large quantities. In a limited way drugs, stims and narcotics are classed by danger and addictiveness, this code (For example A1) would mean safe and not addictive, and most have been researched in detail. Cannabis for example is dependant on intake it can be as high as CI108 or at low as A3. A is safe ZZZ is extremely dangerous; where as numbers are 0 - Not addictive at all to 999 - Extremely addictive. Heroin is 145 and Xeno Cum is 666.

Of course addiction protection is available with the nanites however this can only go so far and won’t protect against repeated abuse of the substance, except for Xeno cum which has been researched extensively and an injection antidote can be applied but even the antidote has a drugs code of A34

Alcohol and Tobacco are strictly regulated, as “Harmful Drugs”. Alcohol can only be sold in certain measurements and Tobacco is more often than not; illegal. Tobacco is legal providing you “smoke” in the privacy of your own home, and everyone around you is okay with you smoking (if they’re going to be breathing in second hand smoke). Tobacco fell out of popularity during 2010 - 2020 as Electronic Vapesticks took over as a healthier and much safer way of getting Nicotine and as such it’s not likely anyone actually produces Tobacco anymore.

Gun Laws

Under the Right to Stand Your Ground, in the Universal Rights to Life Act; yes- you are allowed to bear arms (to have a gun) and you’re allowed to “open carry”. What you’re not allowed to do is point your weapon at other residents unless you’re Standing Your Ground (at having your rights taken from you by another resident) as you should only be holding the weapon like that if you intend on using it.

Attitude to Laziness

Laziness is something that should be temporary, as in pleasure/leisure/free time - not something indulge in. They will encourage you to do something; because there is plenty of things to do. But the Community itself might shun you. Indulging from time to time is not only accepted but encouraged - especially after doing something heavy or intense (Labour, Calculations, etc).

Government Structure and Information

The EPSI Federation is made up of Six Grand Council’s, together they’re the “Federal Grand Council” each of the six has a leader from each Federal Member States. Suitable for handling 600 billion people, all their systems in the Epsus Galaxy and much more. However it’s a bit - over the top for a small remote outpost. A government will be brought in during the Fourth Phase after the Guilds are complete (Phase Three). At this point the three leaders will hold an EPSI Only Election where EPSI’s will be able to vote to make the leaders of their “Grand Councils” Although they’ve dropped the name.

There will only be three here on Utopian because of the size of the outpost; Eldyr, Arcadia and Hael’aar - Outpost Prime Minister, Grand Marshall, and Grand Minister of Health, respectively. The leaders who are in charge today was decided a long time ago as part of “The Plan".


Technology is currently deep-rooted into every EPSI, for example “Nanites”. Brief introduction to…


Biologically Internal nanites have six main purposes:

  • Medicine/Health: Maintaining Health, Teaching and Assisting the Immune System, Internal Diagnoses, Healing Wounds, Contraceptives, etc…
  • Security: Each citizen has their own unique marker, this allows the detection of imposters, access levels, ID Card Interaction, Personal Base Encryption, etc…
  • Family Tree Tracing: Because Incest and Polygamy are so prevalent in the EPSI Federation this allows people to trace their mother/father, their mother/father and to some extent (Database Providing) access to siblings, and other family members.
  • Technological Integration, Entertainment and Data Storage: Nanites can store information and connect to nanites at the ears to even play music as if you're actually hearing it as loud as you like - as it's not playing through the ear drums. It provides a very clear sound and because of it each song played this way must meet certain quality standards.You can have music stored in your arm computer, and internal storage, is exactly what it means. Music files - in you. It also connects you to your technology to deal with health issues and bodily needs based on the environment (Evolutionary Assistance Tool).
  • Educational: Information retention with stronger neural pathways, which increases the user’s ability to retain information, some nanites route themselves into the wiring to act like a backup of the memory, and even adding and further enhancing it.
  • Reproduction Protection; miscarriages and defects are rare as each sperm cell has nanites attached to them (Nanite Sperms) what doesn’t fertilise an egg helps the mother, and it’s actually a pretty cheeky way of giving someone else nanites, although after pregnancy - nanites can be removed from both mother and child (they will actually deactivate and get broken down by the body if not told to remain active by EPSI Medical, if they’ve been extracted they will self destruct - even when in suspended animation “Security” feature).

Nanotechnology in the medical field has eliminated most if not all ailments, including cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy problems, addiction problems with exception to sex addiction (they really haven’t been bothered curing this on a wide scale - but can help those who want to be cured), nutritional problems, mental disorders, and so on. Even the cold virus has no effect and is pretty much destroyed by the nanobots.

EPSI Fabrics

Now lets talk about the Technology in their clothes, first of all there is a simple yet advanced piece of technology that exists in most (not all) EPSI Fabrics. Because the Federation is made up of multiple races, temperature control is a little problematic - not with EPSI Fabrics. Using nanotechnology (this time not in the medical field) they’re able to have trillions of little heat-superconductive springs that forms an electrical circuit, and thermal blanket. Arctic Variants can lower the temperature by taking the energy out of the particles inside the clothes, which makes it colder. To put energy back in - like for a Zeta it requires an energy source, but if the sun is beating down on your clothes - this will definitely help. Each spring has capsules around it filled with a bio-liquid this controls the temperature. It’s not uncommon to find that some clothes have an inert-energy pack capacity in the form of nano-bio-crystals. The more clothes on the same body the more energy is stored. Nanites though are extremely energy efficient so the levels of energy isn’t enough to power something like a city or something.

Arm Computers

Computing Nanites were invented in 2013 by Hax Industries, where a single chip out powered the number 1 supercomputer. It wasn’t conventional - nor was it quantum but it was a secret Hax wanted the UFF to keep itself - but then Keza Corp commercialised it in their tablets, VER projectors and so on. In the same year he showed a potential application of it, because of it’s low power and flexibility he was able to make a prototype arm computer made out of the same material as the charity bands (A plastic-silicate). Although it worked only four were ever made, One for Hax, One for Tripp, One for Frankie and One for Makayla, the project was shelved and when Hax decided to open it back up on Xantal’lar, Epsus Prime- Keza Corp decided it wasn’t going to be nice anymore and Hax sat on it knowing how it’d be used.

It wasn’t until 4189 when Nachiken brought the files of Hax for a sweet 11-billion credits as Hax wanted to restart his corporation and needed the money, he then got funding from EPSICorp to make it his core project and it was approved. Nachiken would then go on to invent this arm computer for arm warmers (That’s right mostly cotton arm warmers, solid or fishnet it didn’t matter), it took the EPSI Federation by storm when he presented it in 4190 where he revealed his prototype - which by standard had a nano-holoemitter that would make the Armwarmer look however you wanted it to, and to hide and reveal the computer screen and it was compatible with nearly every kind of interface technology. 55-billion sets were made to ship for the first batch, within 6 hours, they were sold out.

It’s earnt EPSICorp (and Nachiken) over 6.4-billion credits a day up until 4194 when EPSICorp released the base technology into the Public Archives to encourage inventors and everyone to build their own and even customise their computer. Even by 4200 the humble Armwarmer computer is still very popular with, new modules, apps and abilities being added to it every day, nearly every Corporation sells them and they’ve done a lot of good (And bad).

And yes; there is a “Pipboy” theme. There are various modules availible for the Arm Computers but in this case there are a restricted amount:

  • Pure Heptite Self Recharge Module; like phasers mentioned below it has a Fully-Autonomous Recharge Capability, except this uses the finest “Pure” Heptite Guild crystal so it’s far more reliable and longer lifespanned (As well as lower powered) than a phaser’s power pack. It also features a backup energy bio-crystal to serve as an extra power source.
  • Pure Heptite Extra Storage and EPSICorp Bio-Processing Module; this module increases the data storage and processing power of the device, as it’s a pure Heptite Data Crystal it can store far more information, more reliably than EPSICorp versions. Read and write speeds are significantly faster too. Can be interfaced with most things, even EPSI Fabric.
  • EPSICorp Geostructure and Enhanced Sensors Module; Is what it says on the tin. Can be interfaced as a “radar” like thing on the screen, or sent up with far more advanced information to a Visor.


This is Dez’s Key, what it’s for? Only he, knows.

EPSIFleet Commbadge

An EPSIFleet Commbadge doesn’t look like what you think it looks like. But it gives you an idea. Instead it’s the EPSI Federation Emblem that is made from Purple Gold with a Black Gold outline. These commbadges also act as a bridge and extra processing unit for the Nanites Universal Translator Matrix as well as storage space (of up to 66tDU). In emergency situations if the wearer dies, the Commbadge enters a lock down where the data stored about the wearer is kept secure and encrypted, the badge loses all power as it’s drained in the conversion and release of Faux-Neutronium, which isn’t neutronium at all but it makes the device nearly indestructible, like a black box, the more power it had before the death the stronger it becomes, this can be triggered too, by the way.

These badges have sensors installed in them as well as multiple recharge capability, which can charge from multiple sources at the same time. It was invented by EPSICorp but under an EPSIFleet Research Contract which means it’s blue prints and files are stored openly to the “Public Patent Protection Archives”.

Uninitialised Commbadges hasn’t has an “Owner” set to it, it’s designed to not work for people unauthorised and become worthless. In this state they can only be activated from an external source.

Sonic Screwdriver

“It’s a Screwdriver… But, Sonic!” See Doctor Who > Sonic Screwdriver. Works in the exact same way - doesn’t work on Wood. Useful in a non-technological outpost? Who knows.

EPSICorp Quick Grow Cannabis Plants

Shitty name, but a very accurate description. They are prototype seeds that have passed the tests done by various Councils that have research bodies that look into this stuff. Its a resealable vacuum pack that contains over 100,000 seeds, in various fruity and/or sweet flavours. The pack is a modified seed staysis container (technological). It was to be the first commercialised test and the guy who got it to “Perfection” was Wolfie, who was to give it to his loving husband - Kaine. Unfortunately he was taken unexpectedly and so was this stash.

Self Recharge Handheld Phaser

There are monsters on this island and there are vicious animals, there will also be people who are looking to exploit the situation which could make them very hostile and very dangerous. The Outpost can and will be defended by the use of a Phaser, if they have to. Because this a very serious weapon I will copy and paste everything from the EPSI Federation RP.

The Pistol Class phaser is the most common phaser in the EPSI Federation and extremely cheap and easy to manufacture (Some can even be manufactured through the addition of a Combat Replicator Control Crystal in an E2M Converter, with exception to it’s power source). It fits in the palm of ones hands and is fairly lightweight.


  • Tri-Heat Dissipation Chambers (With billions of Nano Universal Bio-Coolant Temperature Manipulators) which increases efficiency as energy lost in heat was pretty prolithic in the previous models.
  • 16 Power Settings (See Phaser Power Settings below)
  • Fully-Autonomous Recharge Capability (Works best with Heptite’s Guild Bio-Energy Crystal, but EPSICorp’s Micro-Regenerative-Bio-Energy Cell is much cheaper and just as effective, it just doesn’t hold anywhere near as much charge).
  • Two Beam Width Control Settings; Narrow for Single Target, or wide for multiple targets in a tight area (STUN ONLY).
  • Frequency Control: Adjusted to make more effective vs various types of shields and force fields. Can also be set to modulate randomly making it harder for enemies to generate effective shielding, it was added in response to the E'cothri threat thanks to Aymar Science in the MKIV models.
  • Can be used as a cutting tool, power source or a moderate explosive device. They’re extremely hackable, to help any EPSI out when they’re on the battlefield and some have even been converted into Structural Reinforcers and even Force Fields when needed in a pinch.
  • Zero-Recoil; for added accuracy.

Power Settings:

EPSI Federation Pistol Class Phasers are extremely dangerous, Most EPSI’s have a -1 disposition where as Zeta’s, Xeno’s and Roke’s have a -2 disposition (What would work at Power Setting 1 for most people won’t work for EPSI’s and 2 would be the equivalent to 1, 3 to 2, 4 to 3 and so on. The Zeta’s Xeno’s and Roke’s are the same but instead it’s 3 to 1, 4 to 2 etc.)

They’re not just a weapon but the ultimate survival tool.

Pistol Class Phasers feature the following power settings:

  • Light Stun - Causes central nervous system impairment on humanoids, and even unconsciousness for up to five minutes. Long exposure by several shots causes reversible neural damage to most humanoids. [This setting also doesn’t work on all EPSI’s]
  • Medium Stun - Causes unconsciousness from six to sixteen minutes. Long exposure causes irreversible neural damage along with damage to the epithelial tissue on most humanoids [Zeta’s, Xeno’s and Roke’s aren’t affected by this at all.]
  • Heavy Stun - Causes unconsciousness for upto an hour depending on the level of biological resistance, by this point it significantly heats up metals.
  • Thermal Effects - Causes extensive neural damage to humanoids and skin burns limited to the outer layers. Causes metals to retain heat when applied for over 5 seconds.
  • Thermal Effects - causes severe outer layer skin burns. Can penetrate simple personal force fields after five seconds of application.
  • Disruption Effects - penetrates organic and structural materials. The thermal damage level decreases from this level onward.
  • Disruption Effects - due to widespread disruption effects, kills humanoids.
  • Disruption Effects - causes a cascade disruption that vaporizes humanoid organisms. Any unprotected material can be penetrated.
  • Disruption Effects - causes medium alloys and structural materials, over a meter thick, to exhibit energy rebound prior to vaporization.
  • Disruption Effects - causes heavy alloys and structural materials to absorb or rebound energy. There is a 0.55 second delay before the material vaporizes.
  • Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes ultra-dense alloys and structural materials to absorb or rebound energy before vaporization. There is a 0.2 second delay before the material vaporizes. Approximately ten cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
  • Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes ultra-dense alloys and structural materials to absorb or rebound energy before vaporization. There is a 0.1 second delay before the material vaporizes. Approximately fifty cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
  • Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes shielded matter to exhibit minor vibrational heating effects. Approximately 90 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
  • Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes shielded matter to exhibit medium vibrational heating effects. Approximately 160 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
  • Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes shielded matter to exhibit major vibrational heating effects. Approximately 370 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.
  • Explosive/Disruption Effects - causes shielded matter to exhibit light mechanical fracturing damage. Approximately 650 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot.

Levels 11 to 16 are considered “Over clocking” and will significantly reduce the lifespan of the device itself - let alone it’s power source. EPSIFleet Phasers must be kept locked (Kaine’s is safer with him, it’s his - not EPSIFleet Property) in Wolfii’s Safe.

EPSICorp Visor

A Visor is either a set of glasses or sunglasses that appear and look like ordinary (sun)glasses. The wearer can get detailed information from it’s surroundings, especially if there is a tricorder scanning nearby, as it learns from the data you collect - and shares it with every other visor nearby so people can scan objects. They also play roles in medical, tactical and leisure. They’re very universal. Has it’s own powersource but can happily take power from clothes. They interface with a lot of technology including an arm computer - providing you’re wearing it.

Universal Tricorder

With all the features of every different kind of scanner in the EPSI Federation this is the result. A single, flat mobile device about 6.6mm thick. Kaylarvana had it updated with everything the EPSI Federation had to offer for it, including Tahurer’s pre-research from the stuff she did bring back the first time. It’s designed to be able to scan much of the Electromagnetic, Light, Sound and Radiation spectrums. It can scan for microbes, bacteria and even does medical things. With the correct EPSIMedical Approved Authorisation they’re able to read the nanites information, without the need of a large and expensive Nano-Medical Scanner.

Mobile Holoemitter

The autonomous self-sustaining mobile holo-emitter, or mobile emitter contains one holographic/photonic being, and like in Star Trek: Voyager it’s used to contain the entire Vorserend’i Library’s medical content in one handy to use database. It has a long term use holo matrix stabilizer, and diagnostic programs as well as a protected Read-Only area in case of emergencies. This particular one is modified heavily from the standard ones to have a lot more data because it houses the what was once an EMH - (The Doctor).


Datapads are like Tablets in the 21st century, except they’re more like Kindle. They can store massive libraries of books, and six can hold the entire knowledge of the Vorserend’i Library in text, image and video format. They’re also self-sustaining because of the ultra-low power they use (No processing is really required other than a light-weight renderer). You can also write books and even dictate logs and such, it can playback sound too. They have no holo abilities and they’re a sealed unit - not really strippable for parts without breaking it open.

A module for this exists here, but there are thousands of moudles in the EPSI Federation the only module that needs to be mentioned is the Expanded EPSICorp Pure-Heptite Data Crystal and Power Source Modules which expands the capacity even further as well as give the device a backup power source (which will add recharge time), it will have more than enough room on it to store every book ever written in EPSI History (text only) - and have room for more without affecting the main storage of the device. Pure-Heptite is very expensive but it is the best quality; the data as long as it’s not physically destroyed could stay there for thousands of years. It is unknown if there is anything at all stored there.

Wolfie/Wolfii’s Dwarf Star Alloy Safe

Until the discovery of Neutronium, Dwarf Star Alloy was thought to be the densest material in the universe. Wolfie invented it and it has very weird properties, as this particular strain of Dwarf Star Alloy was made with Exotic Elements (Similar to Exotech) - it will be heavy (and I mean really heavy) to anyone unauthorised to touch it through the data pad affixed to the top, anyone who is can pick it up one handed even with the contents inside. It was considered the safest place in the universe - right up until someone made a Neutronium Star Alloy Safe. The principles are the same. This safe refuses to be used Offensively, as in; if an authorised person threw it at an unauthorised person it’d literally bounce off their face and go on the floor (Causing no damage at all).

The datapad logs everything taken in and out the safe, and who it is stored in a write-once crystal, once the data is stored it cannot be edited and it’s not coming off either, the actual storage device and indeed most of the datapad is encased in the box itself. In terms of storage capacity it’s not very impressive, but small things can be hidden in internal compartments and whilst it is bigger on the inside - it’s not actually by that much as it’s a natural but weak field.

It’s been designated as a Strongbox to keep EPSI technology contained, this is what it must be used for.

Wolfie’s Time Travel Device

It’s a wrist device...

Upside - it’s a fully bonafide time travelling device, it’s a small temporal manipulator that works on Wolfie/Wolfii Mako’demeri, by using his or her natural temporal ability. It also works on Neptune when she’s in her Keza’maraki Regeneration, as Neptune’s Xician Manipulator works on Wolfie/Wolfii when he’s a Keza’maraki.

Downside and it’s whooper… - Wolfii is a Keza’maraki, thus she’s Xician not Temporal therefore useless. For Diomedes - It’s redundant. In Kaylarvana’s hands it has very little use as Kaylarvana’s ability is not quite as strong as Wolfie/Wolfii Mako’demeri (In their White Wolf Regulations), that and Kaylarvana doesn’t know how to operate it and has her own thing going on. For Neptune in her Keza form this is wonderful! However, Neptune isn’t here.

TL;DR: It’s useless here.

Laser and Sonic Tool Kit

These kits are expensive, about a million credits each. But they will last at least 200 years. It’s a tool kit designed and manufactured by the company made from UCCRG, it was designed for exactly this mission. For someone who’s never used them before they’re incredibly complicated to use but they serve a number of purposes, from ploughing land effortlessly to carving wood, stone or metal. It will not work on the Dwarf Star Alloy Safe nor will it work on Neutronium and a few other materials. Perfect for mining, construction and crafting, and can easily light a fire - if Dizzie doesn’t feel up to it or is unavailable. Each kit and tool bit as a seek and locate transponder embedded in them; in case of theft these tools will disintegrate if stolen, actually managing to removing the transponder triggers the same defence system.


Exotech is the kind of technology used by the Eldyrannth. It involves the use of exotic crystals that convert energy into exotic radiation that manipulate the world around them. The crystals are usually found embedded on the gauntlet’s of any Eldyrannth, and can only be removed by the Eldyrannth. They can also be found in technology pieces developed by the Eldyrannth such as the water filtration system and their scanning device. Exotech can only be used by Eldyrannth, no one else. If someone were to persist in attempting to get it to work for them, then it can have serious, even fatal, consequences. Not only is there the crystals but there are also crystal leaves which they harvest from the crystal trees of a deceased Eldyrannth (when they die they turn into a crystal tree).

The various crystals have different properties and functions. All crystals require some kind of energy in order to have the desired effect. This usually comes from the user if it is a crystal on a gauntlet, but other pieces of technology would need an outside energy source. It can be as easy as placing them in the sun for a few hours to charge up. They run on any form of energy.

Crystal properties.

  • White: This crystal increases the users ability at force manipulation, or telekinesis.
  • Grey: This crystal increases the users ability at telepathy, and can also be used as a channel for telepathic thought and thus can be used as an interface with technology.
  • Green: This crystal is a crystal that specialises in healing of the organic body. It can heal many ailments and can even speed up the rate of repair to body damage.
  • Colourless: This increases physical strength of a user, or increases any objects that it is bound to, making things almost indestructible.
  • Pink: This crystal can hold massive amounts of data. The larger the crystal, the more data it can hold. It stores the information within the crystal lattice that can be accessed instantly, and easily written and removed. Data will never degrade within the crystal, so there is no need to fear data loss unless you physically lose the crystal. Currently it is able to hold 10 weeks of a holographic Xantallar per 1cm3.
  • Gold: This crystal is a control crystal and when linked to an interface to program it and also linked with other crystals, it can command crystals to perform specific functions such as turning on the lights.
  • Orange: This crystal allows for the storage of an extreme amount of energy. A large crystal the size of a rugby ball can store as much energy as the Sun can create in its entire lifetime. They can also act as temporary energy storage, and thus can be used as capacitors.
  • Spectrum colours in irregular veins: Used to transfer energy from one point to another. It can also convert energy from one form into another, especially when a control crystal is in use.
  • Spectrum colours in irregular vein with an intense deep purple glows: This crystal is a Neutronium exotic crystal. Sung into existence while weaving Neutronium in strategic positions to change its properties. This particular crystal is able to convert energy into matter and vice versa.
  • Black: On its own, it can create a shield that can defend against physical attacks. The size of the shield is dependant on how much energy is poured into the crystal, but can also be changed when bonded with an Interface crystal. When bonded with various crystals, it can protect against specific things, such as water, heat and even beam weapons.
  • Black with white veins: This crystal allows for the manipulation of metal.
  • White with Deep Keza Blue veins: A crystal that absorbs a small amount of energy from the environment that is almost negligible. These crystals are incredibly accurate time keepers, far more accurate than atomic measurement.
  • White with Deep Keza Blue veins with a purple glow: This crystals was theorised by Kaylarvana who requested the Rydraen to produce this crystal after much research, which is the timekeeping crystal grown along with Neutronium. Once created, it was discovered that it dramatically increased the temporal abilities of Eldyrannth that have them. For other Eldyrannth, it wouldn’t work, they would need to have temporal abilities.
  • Light purple: This crystal is able to absorb energy and emit it as an energy beam, or small ball of intense energy. It is a lot less powerful than the Purple crystal, but it is used as a type of long range weapon by Eldyrannth soldiers. It can also be used as a means of digging.
  • Purple: Once again this is a Neutronium exotic crystal, sung into existence while weaving Neutronium into its structure. This crystal is able to store a large amount of energy before releasing it in an extremely powerful energy beam, or a large ball of energy like a torpedo. When modified with other crystal, it can affect the properties of this energy weapon and can make it even more powerful.
  • Deep Keza Blue: This crystal is able to scan its surroundings and allow a Control Crystal to convert the information into something understandable. It can scan something as large as a Star to things smaller than the atom.
  • Magenta: The enhancer crystal can be used with other crystals to dramatically enhance their properties.
  • Azure: This crystal is able to make pulse of energy dependent on the kind of crystal it is interfaced with. For example when interfaces with a Force manipulation crystal, it is able to create a shockwave that pushes things back.
  • Rainbow: Photon generator. When supplied with energy it emits photons. Light. A very clear light that contains the whole visible spectrum. They can also be used to create screens to display images when connected to a control crystal. It is also able to project images into the environment, essentially making it a holographic emitter.
  • Very deep green: Sonic manipulation. It can emit sound waves and with use of a Control Crystal, it can be programmed to ‘play’ any number of sounds including music or alarms.
  • Dark grey: When energy is fed into this crystal, and it has been programmed with the control crystal, this crystal is able to break down Dimensional walls from one dimension to another. When used alongside an Orange Crystal, it can be configured to draw energy from that dimension and store it within the Orange crystal. However this is an extremely complex thing to do, and it is rarely done due to the risks involved. Sometimes the energy may not interact well with the Exotic matter and trigger a massive explosion. They also carefully selected those that they found not to contain any life. And even then they only carefully drew of some of the energy at any one time. They rarely used this technology due to its instability and inability to stabalise it.
  • Brown: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Earth’.
  • Yellow: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Air’.
  • Red: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Fire’.
  • Blue: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Water’.

Crystal use in Gauntlets.

  • White: This crystal vastly improves the telekinetic abilities of the server when energy is supplied to it, allowing them to lift objects that they normally wouldn’t be able to move. While this crystal is in use, there is a marked decrease in their physical strength as well as stamina.
  • Grey: This crystal vastly improves the telepathic ability of the user when energy is supplied to it. When used along with a control crystal, it would allow them to interface on a telepathic level with their crystals, allowing them to interact with their technology on a telepathic level. While this crystal is in use to enhance the telepathic ability, there is a marked decrease in their physical strength as well as stamina.
  • Green: This crystal allows the user to channel their energy into another person in order to help speed up the healing process by making cells go on overdrive to repair the damage, severely reducing the time it takes to heal. This can be very consuming on energy reserves, especially if they are healing a fatal wound or healing many in a short period of time. While this crystal is in use, there is a significant decrease in telepathy, telekinesis and strength.
  • Colourless: When energy is applied to this crystal, it grants the user a significant increase in their physical strength and stamina. This allows them to lift about 25x their weight without any harm coming to themselves. They can also run until they run out of energy to feed into the crystal. In a survival situation, this crystal could mean the difference between life and death as they would be able to push themselves into travelling further to safety.
  • Pink: When attached to a gauntlet, it acts as a portable storage device, allowing them to carry around data from one place to the other. Has no other function other than that. Can be linked to a control crystal to allow for information transfer or to use as programming storage.
  • Gold: Arguably one of the most important crystal attached to the gauntlets. When integrated with a Grey crystal, it allows the gauntlet user greater control over their crystals. It allows them to channel energy more efficiently and to program their crystals to do certain functions like programming their Red crystals to allow them to create fire tornados. It also allows for greater customisation on their abilities.
  • Orange: This is a common crystal used by gauntlet that can be used to store extra energy that they can use to prolong the use of other crystals. They can transfer energy from an outside source, or in their free time use their own energy to feed into it to store for another time as they can recover the lost energy.
  • Spectrum colours in irregular veins: This type if crystal is usually crushed into a fine powder and laid in special wires inside of the gauntlet, allowing for easier energy transfer as well as much more efficient energy transfer.
  • Spectrum colours in irregular vein with an intense deep purple glows: This isn’t generally used with gauntlets due to the large amount of energy needed to turn into the equal amount of mass and thus complicated structions may take a terrible toll.
  • Black: When connected to other crystals to change its properties, this crystal can be used to put up a defensive shield around the user, and anyone they want. The more energy they pour into the crystal, the larger the shield. This can be used to defend against a wide variety of attacks.
  • Black with white veins: This crystal is seen on every gauntlet. It allows them to change the metal encasing their fingers so that they can touch surfaces with their fingertips. The fingers are completely covered due to the nano-scale hairs that cover them, allowing them to stick to surfaces.
  • White with Deep Keza Blue veins: The only function of this crystal is to act almost like a watch. If an Eldyrannth feeds energy into this crystal then they would be able to tell the time. It doesn’t take much energy and is the easiest crystal to master.
  • White with Deep Keza Blue veins with a purple glow: This crystal can only be used by Eldyrannth with temporal abilities. And even then they would have had to pass a temporal course with the Gallifreyan University before they would part with a crystal. If an Eldyrannth has asked for a crystal but not attended the University, then they would be referred on by the Rydraen so that they can do this course.
  • Light purple: When energy is channelled through this crystal, it allow them to create a beam of focused energy, or a less focus blast of energy. This allows them to attack enemies and injure them severely.
  • Deep Keza Blue: When this crystal is used in the gauntlets, it allows the user to scan the surrounding area. There is a limit to this, as the more area they scan, the more energy it uses. This crystal can be integrated with other crystal to scan for specific things. For example, it can be integrated with the Healing crystal to scan wounds and do a body scan to determine the severity of injuries.
  • Magenta: When used, it allows the user to enhance the properties of any of the crystal they have. However this will drain energy a lot quickly and thus they wouldn’t be able to use it as long. Weaknesses are also enhanced.
  • Azure: Allows the user to create a pulse of energy that is strong enough to push people away, but not enough to harm them severely unless they fell into something. When integrated with other crystals, the type of pulse can be altered such as being able to create a pulse of fire, or even an electromagnetic pulse.
  • Rainbow: Commonly used in much later versions of the gauntlet to create a holographic display above the gauntlet. Has been used previously to create a holographic image in mid-air.
  • Very deep green: Sonic manipulation. Can be used as a speaker on the gauntlet to play sounds. This can either be benign, or the user can create a very distressing pitch that would disable the opponent although it can potentially harm the user so it is generally not used for that purpose.
  • Dark grey: The primary use of these crystals in gauntlets is to open up a rift between their dimension and the dimension of Hell. With this they can send Daedra back to their own dimension.
  • Brown: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Earth’.
  • Yellow: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Air’.
  • Red: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Fire’. This crystal in particular can be used in combination with other elemental crystals, even ones that most would think of as incompatible such as Water. This is because it isn’t really manipulation of fire, but of heat. This can give the illusion of controlling fire, however the effects are a lot more wide spread and an Eldyrannth can take heat away as well as put it into an environment. Eldyrannth have been known to use both red and blue crystals to use the element of ice, which is a perfect example of the way that the crystals can be combined.
  • Blue: This crystal allows for the manipulation of the element ‘Water’.

Crystal Leaves.

The properties of a crystal leaf is not always immediately clear as the leaf is always the same colour as the scales of the Eldyrannth that died to produce that tree. Thus the leaves need to be studied in order to discover their properties. The leaves can be fixed on the gauntlet of a user to perform their function in a more focused manner, or they can be ground up so that their effects are more wide spread.

  • Green: This cures the body of any toxins or poisons. It can be ground up and put in the food of the patient so that they ingest them to produce the cleansing effect. When used with a gauntlet, it allows the user to cleanse a body of any toxins or poisons.
  • Brown: This cures any earth, soil or other earth related elements of any poisons, toxins and chemicals. It can also balance the pH of any soil. It also acts as a potent fertiliser and fertilises any land it is exposed to. So when ground into a dust and spread over a piece of land, any vegetation will be able to grow there.
  • Yellow: This can purify the surrounding air of any poisons, toxins and harmful chemicals. It can balance the airs levels of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and anything else that can make an atmosphere breathable.
  • Red: This can sterilise any environment of any germs and bacteria that would prove harmful. This can be put into any environment to make it safe, and when mixed in to a material in its production, can make that anti-germ/bacterial as well.
  • Blue: This can purify any water source of any poisons, toxins and harmful chemicals. It can remove any dirt or impurities as well as balancing the pH of the water to make it safe to drink.


Epsian anatomy differs from species to species - for example Zeta’s and mostly Zeta’s are more than likely Silicon/Carbon Based life rather than just Carbon based. Keeping to what is relevant here; I’ll go through the Gender’s that Epsian’s can be and then I’ll speak more about the individual species before filling in blanks.


  • Male; A male has no extra reproductive traits other than a penis (or more) and a pair of testicles (or more).
  • Female; A female has no extra reproductive traits other than a vagina and ovaries. They’re able to get pregnant
  • Kay; A Kay is (usually) a Feminine Male or androgynous (although not always) who has a penis and testicles but also has a “Vaginal” tract which is located up their rectumns and are able to get pregnant (Mpreg) some Kay’s have breasts (such as Kaylarvana and Phoenix)
  • Hermaphonari; this comes from the words “Hermaphrodite” and “Futanari” they are a combination of Male and Female (Breasts are common, they have a fully functional penis and a fully functional vagina) and it’s quite common in Xenovityr’ra and Xeno’vitiri people. They’re able to get pregnant.
  • Epsex; this gender only existed once in the EPSI Federation as of 4166 - Siori. Since then the have been people born like this, like Siori and some that have changed their genders to this. Epsex is a lot like a Female and a Kay, they don’t have penises or testicles but they can get pregnant through Vaginal and Anal sex (separate reproductive systems too). Breasts are common but the first Epsex ever known is flat chested.


The EPSI Federation is comprised of several species which include the founding races as well as some very close friends and what they consider “Family”. It’s well known that these races might look very similar to certain other races Keza’maraki - Neko for example but calling them a Neko would be a mistake for sure. This section will be split into sections (for the detail) and then further into sub-sections for the individual species.

General Look of the Races

Most of the species that make up the EPSI Federation are humanoid or human-like in some aspects. They stand on two legs, have two arms with five moving fingers, and share some of the most basic biological functions. However that is where the similarity ends. Some of the races have fur, or scales or even have no real physical appearance to them. They also have additional biological functions that humans do not possess such as the ability to produce flame from a secondary stomach. The EPSI Federation accepts all members within its borders. No matter how strange someone looks, the EPSI Federation has learnt (the hard way) not to judge another on their appearance.


The Keza'maraki race is one of the most humanoid of the EPSI Federation with exception to the Sexi’zatazi, alongside Eldyrannth. They have smooth, pale coloured skin with fine hair covering their body apart from the hair on their head. They look the same as human and in fact bear a close resembelance to Neko’s, however there are a few profound differences. Instead of human ears, they have two cat-like ears perched on their hair instead like a Neko. They also have a long, cat-like tail emerging from their tail bone. So unlike humans, that extra piece of boning is very helpful. This tail helps with their balance and as a result, they are much more athletic than humans and can survive jumps that would otherwise severely injure or kill a human. Due to their fast metabolism, Keza's are always slim no matter what they eat. To humans, Keza's also always hold extreme beauty or handsomeness, something they have never been able to emulate no matter how they tried. Even Neko’s are not as beautiful or handsome as a Keza but they’re closer to Keza beauty than humans.

Keza's only have two eye colours. A unique shade of deep blue and gold. Those with Gold eyes are genetically linked with the Royal Family as deep within their history, there was a Royal Family heir with Golden eyes. Due to the fact that Keza's commit incest openly, it was a trait that quickly passed around the royal family and only appears in those linked to that specific family. Every other Keza has this unique deep blue eye colour that are often called 'Bedroom eyes'. It is one of the reasons Keza's are considered sexy, as they also only have either black or blonde hair. Some dye their hair, but they are only naturally black and blonde. You will never see a natually brown heared Keza.

The Getsu Keza’s are the only clan in the Keza species that looks different from the rest of the Keza’s. Their eyes are a different shade of blue, and their skin is a lot paler, being almost a while colour instead of a pale peach. They also have an additional hair colour, which is very common among them which is a snow white colour.


Mako's bare a remarkable resemblance to Wolf Anthromorphs. However Mako's are genetically different from Wolf Anthromorphs and are not the blend of two species. For one thing, they are their own race with their own evolutionary past (And it is offensive to call a Mako a wolf anthro. It's extremely racist.). Another difference between a Mako and a wolf anthro is the fact that their muscle is much more dense. A Mako may appear weak and an easy target, however a Mako is about eight times stronger than they appear. Mako's stand upright, with fur covering their entire body. They have a wolf like muzzle coming from their faces with sharp, piercing eyes. Mako's have wolf ears perched on the top of their head and a wolf tail emerging from the bottom of their spine. Also, compared to wolf anthros, Mako's are considered very beautiful and more primal at the same time, making them extremely attractive.

Mako's come in a variety of colours. Grey and black tend to be considered normal colours for a Mako. However there are some that are pure white in colour, which are the Arctic variant of the Mako species. It has been noticed that Mako's with white fur tend to survive in much colder temperatures while overheating in what would normally be considered warm. They have been named the Arctic Mako's, after the Arctic Wolf. They are few in number, but treasured as they can work in the dead of winter with temperatures lower than -50oC without feeling the effects of the cold such as frostbite.


A Coda looks much like a Mako, due to their canine nature. They stand tall and slim, but they are not as naturally muscular as Mako's. Instead they rely more on cunning than physical strength. The only ones that are as strong as a normal Mako, are the Coda's Warclan. Coda's have fur much like their Mako counterparts. This allows them to survive colder temperatures than a humanoid as it adds an insulating layer. Most normal Coda's share the same colouring. This ranges from a pale gold-yellow to a fiery red. Most have white fur (Although this can be different shades of) on their torso that covers their torso, lower face and inner thighs. Many Coda's also have black fur covering their hands to about mid-lower arm, the tip of their ear and on their feet to about mid-shin (these 'socks and gloves' can range in length as well as colour). Occasionally, but very rarely, you will get normal Coda's in the colours of blue, white and black. But again this is rare. Their hair normally is a similar colour to their fur, but there are exceptions. Hair colour can be changed.

There are two other types of Coda. A Desert Coda and a Arctic Coda. The Desert Coda usually has larger ears than it's counterparts. This allows them to survive in warmer temperatures as it allows them to cool down much faster. Desert Coda's aren't able to deal well with cold temperatures, as their ears would pump out too much heat, and they would suffer hypothermia much quicker than a normal Coda. They are also able to get more water from their food and do not dehydrate easily as they take great care not to lose any water. Desert Coda's also prefer being awake at night, as they're more alert which makes them perfect for night shifts. Normal Coda's have also been known to prefer nocturnal activities.

Arctic Coda's are usually all white in colour, and their fur is thicker than the other two types. This allows them to survive temperatures as low as what a Arctic Mako can tolerate. However this makes it hard to survive in warmer temperatures as they overheat and could die as a result.

Coda's have a unique thing with their tails. It ranges from a single tail to nine tails. Generally the older the Coda is, the more tails they have and the more wise and enlightened they are considered. In some cases, Coda's can get extra tails before it is their time to by doing a pilgrimage or some other form of soul cleansing. However this is hard work, as they would be gaining the experience they require to grow another tail, in a short period of time. In some very rare cases, Coda's are unable to grow more tails over their lifetime. This is because they are not learning from their experiences and are not that spiritual. This tail feature occurs often in hybrids as well.


Zeta's appear to look like a dragon anthro, but they are evolutionarily a different species and to mistake a Zeta for a dragon anthro is highly insulting and racist. Zeta's can walk on either their hind legs or on all fours, as both are extremely comfortable for them and they can switch between the two at a moments notice. Most Zeta's have large, bat like wings that emerge from their back and are strong enough to support their weight in flight. Zeta's have long faces with mouths lined with extremely sharp teeth and a forked, snake-like tongue. They have horns emerging from their heads as well as ears. Their skin can either be a soft hide that feels like suede but is extremely tough, or hard scales. Both kinds of skin have their advantages and their disadvantages. For example, the scales are stronger than the hide; however the hide skin is more pleasant to touch.

The scales are extremely hard and can resist even a bullet from a projectile weapon [AKA P90 gun.]. It is extremely tough to penetrate but it does have its weak spots. For example the scales on the belly, arm pits and hip joints are a lot softer and are unable to withstand the same attacks as the rest of their skin. These can be targeted and severely wound a Zeta. The scales feel hard to the touch and can cause abrasions if rubbed up against skin roughly. Males tend to have scaled skin, although there are exceptions. Males with a hide skin are considered to be 'lady-boys' however some males with hide, that are not feminine no matter their sexual preference, offset the lady boy image by becoming bodybuilders and tend to be the strongest of the Zeta race with the exception of Grand Zeta's.

With a Zeta with hide, it feels very warm to the touch and extremely soft like suede. It is very tough to puncture, however it would not stop a bullet. Even though it is not as tough as the scales, it does not have the same weak spots as the hide is flexible enough to cover every inch of a Zeta. Females, Kay's, Epsex and Hermaphronari tend to have this skin although there are exceptions. Females and Hermaphronari that have scales are referred to as 'manly women'. Kay's with scales are considered more male than Kay.

To keep their scales or hide in perfect condition, a Zeta must have a bath in lava. It allows the skin to absorb the needed minerals straight from the core of the planet. Afterwards, Zeta's tend to use the oil of the Lava’maar flower on their skin. It helps lock in the minerals for longer (So keep the hide or scales healthier for much longer), it makes the hide far more softer and makes the scales even harder. They also enjoy this oil as the heat of their lava bath causes the oil to react and give off a Spicy-sweet smell for weeks after application.

There are a few types of Zeta. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice and Exo (Only two are applicable here however, Fire and Earth):

  • Fire Zeta: The most common type of Zeta seen. They balance between strength, speed and agility to produce a good balanced Zeta that is good in a whole host of situations. The Fire Zeta is also the kind of Zeta that is able to produce hotter flames and be able to keep a steady flame for long periods of time. They have the typical scale and hide in an equal balance and come in a whole range of colours from dark, dull colours to bright and vibrant ones.
  • Earth Zeta: They are the strongest Zeta clan. They usually have dense, bulky muscles that make them as strong as they look. They can lift over 20x their weight and be able to throw it around with ease. They also tend to be the tallest of the Zeta’s, reaching sometimes up to 10ft tall in some cases. While an Earth Zeta is likely to have wings, they are often too small in relation to their body and thus are unable to achieve flight unless they use something to reduce the weight of their body. Earth Zeta’s are also shockingly fast and can charge from across a field in a matter of seconds and can crash into something with tremendous force. They tend to have more scale skin than hide, and they also tend to be darker coloured.


Xeno's are one of the more complicated species within the EPSI Federation, and completely alien (as in not from Earth, or Epsus). There are many types of Xeno; for a start Xeno can actually describe two races who are different from each other in pretty much the same way as Eldyrannth and Sexi’zatazi but differently. Xeno can describe either a Xenovityr’ra or a Xeno’vitiri.

One feature that all Xeno's have in common and something that many Xeno hybrids share as well is the ability of Bio-luminesence in some form of another. Some have glowing eyes or flowing areas of fur or wings. Some even have glowing genitals. They come in a range of colours from green to purple. Some Xeno's are even able to control it, glowing whenever they wanted and being able to stop it when they no longer wanted or needed it. Most cannot control it, and either glow all the time or glow at certain times. Usually when that happens, it is in a hybrid that is horny. Most Xeno’s can shimmer into invisibility too (a Feature). Also most Xeno’s have a Minor and Major form.


Normal: A normal Xeno has two forms, Minor and Major. An Angelic human form and a 'true' form that could appear demonic in nature. Each form has noticeable differences in personality as well as looks. The Angel form looks human with white feathered wings and a shining halo sitting above their head. Their hair and eyes tend to be light in colour; most commonly blonde hair and blue eyes. They are more fragile than their other form, and their personality is a lot less aggressive. In fact some have been known to be extremely kind and caring. Their demonic form resembles that of a demon. Usually with bat-like wings, horns and extremely big in size, for the males, and being extremely sexy as a female. Xeno's look strong and are strong. It's not generally a good idea to get on the bad side of a Xeno, especially that of the War Clan. Halo’s are a clue here; two halos means that person an Archangel.

Half Ascended: The worst thing to ever happen to the Xenovityr’ra, Wolfii knows exactly what happens when you become a Half Ascended Xeno; it’s not good. They’re non-corporeal beings known only as “Temporal Spectres”. They can be anything from a several mile wide radius of dark smoke, to (and mainly) a glowing blue, half transparent skeleton that somewhat looks like the “Grim Reaper” but they can take any form they choose - including solids.

Ascended: Unknown.


Normal: See Xenovityr’ra > Normal

Forcibly Ascended: The symbiote form gets into the host body via the beast virus. When a Symbiote finds a host that they like, they begin unpacking inside of their body, linking their minds together. Such a symbiosis can have one of two effects. Either the Xeno ejects the host personality from the body and completely takes over. Or the host will win and the host and Xeno live together in a true Symbiotic relationship. They both can control the body at will, or surrender control from one to the other. Symbiote Xeno's change the DNA of their hosts so that the host can shift from their natural form to that of a Xeno demon form. The host becomes the 'Angel' form.


Like the Keza's, Eldyrannth look a lot like humans. This is due to their similar evolutionary paths. However, while the Eldyrannth look human, they are very different to humans in organ functions and abilities. For one thing, the humanoid body is not their only form. They have the ability to shift from their human form into that of a dragon, their Eldyr form. But that is the only shape shifting power that they have.

In their human form, they are often tall (6ft+) and beautiful looking. The kind of body they have depends on what they specialise in. Eldyrannth who prefer close range fighting tend to be more muscular in stature whereas those who prefer longer ranged attacks tend to be slimmer and more lean. Especially to human standards, they have beautiful faces with exotic features but again, each individual is different. Their eye colour is different from one another as the colour of their eyes in human form determines what the colour of their scales are in their Eldyr form. Another feature that they have different from humans is the ears are pointed and also are large enough to reach the top of their head, curving back slightly, with a few bone spikes along the rim of the ear. The most common hair colour is a dark colour hair, mainly black, that the females usually have long.

The Eldyrannth Dragon is an unique, exotic dragon. Their species, exposed to a special exotic radiation, have allowed them to have this form. Along with it come a number of features. As an Eldyrannth ages, their dragon form grows along with them. Once every 100 years, they have a growth spurt of 2 metres. It is said that some of the older Eldyr Dragons could pass for mountains and their growls were akin to earthquakes. Their scales, which cover every inch of their body, glitter like a thousand gems, said to be able to strike the unwary blind with their brilliance. This glittering property helps reflect light, as well as various types of radiation such as UV. The scales are hard enough to repel many physical attacks such as a sword or arrow, even giving them some protection against bullets. They also come in thousands of colours, a group of them said to look like a glittering rainbow. The colour of the Eldyr Dragon is the exact same colour as an Eldyrannth's eyes which include thousands of shades and tones. The Eldyr dragon is shaped like a Western dragon, with two hind legs, two large wings and two front legs they can lash out with. Their talons are extremely sharp, and are often a brilliant white in contrast to their shimmering scales. Running down the length of their back from the base of their spine to the top of their tail are very sharp spikes, the same colour as their claws. Emerging from the back of their head are two or more horns that are shaped differently for each Eldyr Dragon. Some will curve straight back, or curl around their face. To complete their fierce appearance are their large rasor sharp teeth and cat-like eyes that often seem like they are glaring down at you. Their tongue, forked in shape, usually flickers out from their mouth to taste the air much like a snake does. Compared to other dragons, their wings are proportionally larger compared to their body length. Their wing length, across both wings, is four times that of the length of their bodies. This allows them to catch more air under their pinions and fly far above cloud level. To aid with this, their bone structure is not solid. It is a spongy honeycomb structure similar to birds that reduce their weight and make it easier to fly. Their reflective scales protects them from the high UV levels at this altitude.

Their wings are made of a thin membrane, usually the same colour as their scales, and are used to push down onto the air to lift the rest of the body into the air. Like bats, when their wings are up-stroking, they pull them against their body to prevent wind resistance. This makes flying a lot more energy efficient and allows them to fly faster and carry more weight. The membrane is very concentrated with specialised pressure nerves that detect differing pressures in the air. This allows the Eldyrannth to detect whenever they are in air pockets in the air which they can use to either to speed them up, or climb higher in the sky.

While they have no control over this, they sometimes exhibit very strange powers, which many would think of as magic. It is not. It is the manipulation of the environment around them due to their exotic nature. Thus, it is not something that can be replicated by any other species. Each time this power is used, it produces different results as the power comes about due to thought, and no two thoughts could ever be exactly the same. Like many dragon species, they have the ability to breathe fire. This flame is a mixture of a flammable liquid produced by their bodies, Inchor and Hydrogen. The resulting flame is extremely deadly, and burns very hot. The liquid causes the flame to stick to any surfaces and is very difficult to clean off before the resulting fire kills you. It has been called similar to Napalm.

One could argue that like the Eldyrannth and Eldyr Dragon’s are the Eldyrannth’s version of Minor and Major forms.


An Epsi is a hybrid species. A combination of five or more species (usually) Keza, Mako, Coda, Zeta and Xeno. Epsi's are hard to describe as each Epsi has a different combination of the parent species. Some may have wings and Coda coloured Mako fur or be completely wingless, have Zeta hide but the body shape of a Mako/Coda while having the bonding abilities of a Keza. The ways that the species blend together are almost limitless and no two Epsi's are the same. Even identical twins would have significant differences inside and out of their bodies.


Each species that make up the EPSI Federation have several features that make them unique and yet able to work well together. This has a list of all these species unique qwerks.


The Keza's are the most sexually active of the EPSI Federations. As a result, the genders that can bear children are usually visibly pregnant, especially the breeders. The best known breeding Keza’s are the Queen Keza’s with their ability to have an entire pregnancy within the period of 48 hours, allowing them to have at least a couple of pregnancies a week. They are also able to carry more children than usual Keza’s. Keza's also have cat-like ears perched on top of their head as their ears and they have a long cat-like tail. This helps give them a balance that is greater than the other races. It also helps them drop from high places and land on their feet.

Keza's are also the source for the bonding proteins and enzymes. In their saliva, they have a particular enzyme which they use for bonding. On its own, it does nothing, but when it is injected into the blood stream of another Keza (Or another member of the EPSI Federation that has these properties), it bonds with proteins that are in their bloodstream. Again, this protein on its own does nothing but when merged with this enzyme creates a bond between the two. This bond makes it hard for the two to separate and links the two until they break the bond.


The Mako's are furry, with thick but soft fur covering their entire body. Normally it is a grey in colour unless they were an Arctic Mako. They are white in colour and can survive temperatures below -50oC without feeling any adverse effects like frostbite however they do not take well to temperatures that would be considered normal to other people. Mako's also have wolf like ears on top of their head and a wolf tail emerging from the bottom of their spine. Mako’s are able to run on all four feet as easily as they can on two. They are incredibly strong, and are far stronger than they look so a very well muscled Mako would be incredibly strong. They are the best trackers in the EPSI Federation, having a smell so strong they can track a man’s trail that is several days old.


Coda's are furry, like the Mako's, with three kinds of Coda that have different furs and are able to withstand differing temperatures. The Desert Coda has short fur, the normal Coda is medium and the Arctic Coda's have thick fur. All three kinds can withstand different temperatures (check general look for details). Coda's have fox like ears on the top of their head and a fox tail emerging from the bottom of their spine. The most unique thing about Coda’s is that they can grow up to nine tailed depending on their age, and level of wisdom. As they go throughout their life, gaining this wisdom, they will begin growing additional tails until they reach the maximum of nine. There have occasionally been tales of a Coda with more, but these reports are unconfirmed. If their body is turned into a diamond, when exposed to light, the diamond will turn to the primary colour of their fur.


One of the features that make Zeta's unique are the two wings that emerge from his back that allow them flight without technological assistance, although there are a small number that don't have wings but that number is quite small compared to the rest of the population as they tend to be Earth Zeta’s. They also usually have horns on the top of their heads in different shapes and sizes. These are usually just above the ear and are usually accompanied by spines that run down the neck, the back and down the entire length of their tails. Their tail comes in a variety of shapes and forms. They can end in a slim, whip-like appendage or they have a forked tail that can be used as an offensive weapon at close quarters. Some Zeta's have the ability where their fangs produce poison. This ability is extremely rare, but has shown up now and again. One drop of this poison can kill up to ten people. It takes around seven days to die from this flesh dissolving poison. It also attacks the central nervous system, making the victim feel extreme pain the entire time.

There are several variations of Zeta's. Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Ice and Exo. Water Zeta's are most at home swimming around in the oceans and even have the ability to breathe underwater. They have two breathing systems. Their standard one way breathing for air breathing and special gills that extract oxygen from the water. They have a more elongated body that is a lot more suited to swimming than flying. They are usually blue or green in colour (Including shades). Any hybrid that has fur from either Mako or Coda, as well as the features from Water Zeta's, tend to have short fur that, when wet, becomes slipping and smooth allowing them to glide through the water. Ice Zeta's are generally white or very light blue in colour. They can survive in temperatures lower than Arctic Mako's. As low as -200oC. They cannot have lava baths, however, as it would kill them instantly. Instead, they have to bathe in special mineral baths which affect them the same way lava baths affect fire Zeta's. The Fire Zeta's are the most common. The Air Zeta’s are the fastest fliers and the most talented at flying while Earth Zeta’s are the strongest of the Zeta species, even making a Mako look weak.


The biggest feature with the Xeno’s and perhaps the most well known is their sexual features, like the spine and ribbed penises, textured and ribbed vaginal passages, etc (that section is coming up) but perhaps the well known feature is the addictive bodily fluids which depending on the Xeno is classed as a Narcotic substance in the EPSI Federation with classifications of D666 to ZTY666. Strong Telepathy is a major role in Xeno evolution, they can express and convey more words, feelings, emotions and the substance of the moment in a short amount of time, yet they’re not quite as efficient as Eldyrannth at doing it and don’t have a Hive mind, it’s more “Decentralised Network” than a “Hive Mind”, most Xeno’s have a very strong instinct especially when they’re being watched, followed, stalked or about to be attacked, and can sense it from up to 500 metres away, regardless of where and how dense the surroundings are. With low mental resistance creatures (Such as animals) can have their perception shifted by a Xeno…

And for intelligent creatures they can “Phase” into a “Dimension”, it’s known as “Dimensional Phase Shifting” - they turn invisible and the ground isn’t disturbed nor is there sound from their movements; this is a purely defensive move as the Xeno’s will not be able to manipulate anything it didn’t bring with it, and even if did, and could take, like a Phaser or a Gun the beam or bullet would be in that phase, thus would go through the person who can’t phase shift therefore - pointless to attack. They can use it to surprise the enemy but can’t constantly “Cloak” and “Uncloak” at will as it’s too energy draining. Minor/Major Forms; Xeno’s have two forms and it’s common for a Xeno to have an Angel Minor and a Demon Major, major forms are where Xeno’s abilities are enhanced which could be either combat or otherwise - everything about them is enhanced by a percentage which is different per individual. Horns exist in the demon form only although half demons and half angels may have horns too. Xeno’s cannot pick which forms they will have, only parents can try to selectively breed it. There is a variety of uses for horns but traditionally it’s mostly there for sexual reasons - something to grab on to, etc.

Angels (Minors) typically have feathered wings which the Xeno can actually move the feathers ever so slightly to get an optimised position to allow the air to slip through, the hairs are mighty dense and extremely thin, almost like an arctic Mako’s fur. It’s similar to owl wings which are designed by evolution to give a quiet flight, control of the movement of hairs is done through speeds of which the wings need to flap and how hard he’s flapping them - taking off is significantly harder than hovering or flying for most however, due to the weight, mass, height and wingspan variables. From standing to flying 10 seconds is considered a good time, 6 seconds (Record Holder: Dez’rarzii) is better. A way to shorten this time is to be partly airborne to begin with and have momentum such as a running platform which for the record holder of standing to flying shaves two to three seconds off the time.

Major forms is dependant on the Angel or Demon stature of the form, Angel sides have much bigger wingspans and are actually considered amongst the Xeno to be the worse side of the two. Demon Major forms however have almost Zeta’muluri like wings, and practically work in the exact same way. Big wings are considered to be a very desirable trait in Angel forms, especially females.


The Eldyrannth's do not breathe like normal mammals, instead, they share the same breathing mechanism as birds which involves one way air blow in the lungs. The explanation is as here [explanation provided by the University of Utah]: Inhaled air enters the trachea, or windpipe, and then flows into two primary bronchi, or airways. Each of those primary bronchi enters a lung. From those primary airways, the bronchi then branch into a second tier of narrower airways. Inflowing air jets past or bypasses the first branch in each lung because the branch makes a hairpin turn away from the direction of airflow, creating an aerodynamic valve. Instead, the air flows into other second-tier bronchi and then into numerous, tiny, third-tier airways named parabronchi, where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide leaves it. The air, still moving in one direction, then flows from the parabronchi into the bypassed second-tier bronchi and back to the first-tier bronchi, completing a one-way loop through the lungs before being exhaled through the windpipe. This gives them a huge advantage as this one way breathing system allows them to breathe in thinner atmospheres, which is one reason they live in the mountains. They can fly higher than other winged creatures as they can tolerate this thin air. Also, their large wing to body ratio allows for this as well, as they can catch more of the thin air with their huge surface area. Their second eyelid is specially designed to block out the severe glare of the sun that is present at this height.

The Eldyrannth have a strengthened skeletal structure that has a high tensile strength and yet is nearly 20% lighter than a mammalian skeleton due to its honeycomb structure. In their humanoid form, an Eldyrannth can lift something as far as up to 10x their weight. In their Eldyr form, it is the same. Due to the fact that they are a lot heavier in their Eldyr form compared to their human form, this can amount to very heavy objects.

They have an element in their blood that replaces platelets called Inchor and when they bleed the scab forms a resin looking covering over the wound (like a tree). They can naturally heal in nearly a fraction of the time of a human and this includes broken bones. This is due to the fact that the Inchor in the blood is broken down after three days of being produced in a small organ attached to the heart. After the three days, the Inchor goes to a pair of glands at the entrance to the lungs for processing, called the Xallack glands. An enzyme snaps the Inchor to produce two separate things. An Omnipotant stem cell that then goes off to repair any injuries and even regenerate new limbs, and the other component, Chor. Chor is either stored in the sacks or sent off for further processing. At the very centre of the Chor molecule is a Potassium atom which is exposed by more enzymes snapping apart the molecule. The Potassium reacts with water to produce Hydrogen and Potassium Hydroxide which is a strong base. The Hydrogen stores itself in the glands along with the stored Chor. It creates a deadly mix of a highly flammable gas and liquid, producing a far reaching flame that sticks to surfaces. When the mixture is spat out without being set alight, then the Hydrogen simply evaporates, leaving the Chor to react with Oxygen to produce a hard layer. Once it is hard, it no longer is flammable and forms a waterproof layer which is used to cover up wounds. This store of Chor and Hydrogen is near the Xallack glands, capable of storing a lot of flammable fuel. Attached to this store in a long pipe that runs along the throat to the roof of the mouth where it fires and is ignited by a small, electrically charged organ at the entrance to this tube. They can control the amount that squirts out to control how large the flame is. Sometimes, Ichor can leak out and if accidentally sparked can create a small flame inside of their mouths. The vapour itself is a heavy irritant and any unprotected eyes can be affected, this is why when producing flame the Eldyrannth closes their third eye lid which they have in both forms.

The Potassium Hydroxide is sent off for further processing. It is reacted with Hydrochloric acid that the stomach produces naturally to turn it into a salt, Potassium Chloride which is sent off to be made into more Inchor and Hydrochloric acid, and Water as well as some heat which is used to heat their bodies which can make it seem they have a fever when they do not. The Inchor also acts as part of their immune system, fixing damage or even fighting foreign bodies directly. Their immune system is not targetted unlike humans and instead of very broadranged, allowing them to deal with diseases much quicker and easier. However it never keeps specific anti-bodies that would detect when the body is being attacked by the same disease again but then again, they don’t need it to.

Their heart contains a left aortic valve so they can willingly redirect blood flow to essential organs like the brain. Also they can redirect it to the stomach increasing their stomach acidity so they can digest bone. When they produce too much they will sometimes throw it up. As they can do this on command they can use their own digestive juices as a defensive option.

Eldyrannth's have no fingerprints the same way a human does. On their hands and feet they have ridges with specifically adapted spatula tipped setae that allow them to adhere to almost every surface (except Teflon). Therefore they have very strong but sticky grips. The forces at work within this grip is so strong they can hold their weight with only two stuck to the surface.

When climbing they must literally peel their digits from the surface, because of this their fingers and toes are doubles jointed. The digits can bend backwards almost touching the back of the hand or foot. This helps them to counteract the forces and their nails add that extra bit of leverage.

When in the dragon form they very much resemble a raptor dinosaur and can run like one at exceptional speeds on all fours, however, they can sit back on their tails. This is a very kangaroo like stance but allows them to be prep and ready for both a forward movement or upward movement. Their scales are extremely tough, almost as hard as diamonds. They reflect light easily and are often described as glittering gems. It is thought that the scales of an Eldyrannth can strike the unwary blind. The scales have evolved like this to reflect sunlight when they are flying high in the atmosphere. It also reflects the UV light, so their reflective scales help to protect them against threatening levels of UV radiation. The third eyelid mentioned above is used in both aquatic and aerial activities to protect their vulnerable eyes from any damage. It also prevents irritation being caused to the eye that would force them to close, and thus helps increase their sight. Their tail, with the shark like fin, can be used as a rudder to steer in both instances and is extremely powerful.


The features an Epsi has is entirely dependant on the traits that they exhibit from the other races. Please look above for such details.


All members of the EPSI Federation have a means in which to see the physical world around them. This usually comes in the form of eyes. Hense; eyesight. This section outlines how sensitive (or not) the races of the EPSI Federation are. For a comparative, humans have up to three cone cells (Red, blue and green) which allow them to see the Primary colours as well as all the shades that come from them as well as to outline the detail. The rods are used for vision in low levels of light. In all, there can be up to 100 million rods (200,000/mm2) and around 7 million cones.


Testing indicates that a cat's vision is superior at night in comparison to humans, however due to their similarity to humans, they have good daylight vision as well. Keza's, like dogs and many other animals, have a tapetum lucidum, which is a reflective layer behind the retina that reflects light that passes through the retina back into the eye. While this enhances the ability to see in low light, it appears to reduce net visual acuity, thus detracting when light is abundant which is why Keza's can’t stand to look into direct lights. In very bright light, the iris closes very narrowly over the eye, reducing the amount of light on the sensitive retina, and improving depth of field.


Testing indicates that a Mako's vision is superior at night in comparison to humans, however due to their similarity to humans, they have good daylight vision as well. Although for a Mako'demeri the transition between light and dark (Nightvision) happens much faster than that of Keza or human counterparts. Mako's, like dogs and many other animals, have a tapetum lucidum, which is a reflective layer behind the retina that reflects light that passes through the retina back into the eye. While this enhances the ability to see in low light, it appears to reduce net visual acuity, thus detracting when light is abundant which is why Mako's can’t stand to look into direct lights. In very bright light, the iris closes very narrowly over the eye, reducing the amount of light on the sensitive retina, and improving depth of field.


Coda's have a vision that is rather unique to them. They are good at short range vision, and for long rnage vision they are good at picking out shapes and contrasts. However they are very sensitive to seeing movement at any distance, which suggests that their eyesight is focused on movement. That means if someone were to stand completely still when a Coda walks into the room, then chances are the Coda wouldn't notice them however they would be able to see any contrast e.i. an Arctic Mako standing in front of a black wall. This ability is so sensitive, that they would notice an ant moving on a branch. They are more sensitive to horizontal movement, and can focus extremely quickly on movement nearby. Due to a layer behind the Retina that reflects light, this allows Coda's to see as well at night as they do during the day. They have slit pupils that can contract extremely quickly to reduce the amount of light entering the eyes and will improve their depth of field. It is thought that the usual amber-yellow eyes of a usual Coda may act like sunglasses reducing glare from sunlight.


Zeta's, unlike the other races, have four types of colour receptors in the eye. These give Zeta's the ability to perceive not only the visible range but also the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, the eye is tube-shaped to produce a larger retinal image. The retina has a large number of receptors per square millimetre, which determines the degree of visual acuity. The more receptors a species has, the higher its ability to distinguish individual objects at a distance, especially when, as in Zeta's, each receptor is typically attached to a single ganglion. Zeta's have foveas with far more rods and cones than the human fovea, 1,000,000/mm2 in Zeta's, 200,000/mm2 in humans, and this provides Zeta's with spectacular long distance vision. The fovea itself can also be lens-shaped, increasing the effective density of receptors further. These adaptations allow for the detection of polarised light and magnetic fields. Zeta's have proportionally more light receptors in the retina than humans, and more nerve connections between the photoreceptors and the brain.


Xeno's, like Zeta's and Eldyrannth, have four sets of cones which enable them to see into the ultraviolet range as well as into the infra-red. They have 1,750,000 photoreceptors per square mm. They also have the same kind of fovea which can be lens-shaped increasing the effective density of receptors further, allowing them to, like Zeta's, detend polarised light and magnetic fields this only works during the day and their eyesight is somewhat limited between that of an Epsi’rikixi and a Zeta’muluri. However at night their distance is akin to an Eldyrannth except the colours washout and turn almost Grayscale which makes their brain work harder to “guess” the colours, whilst nightvision is good, infra-red and ultraviolet vision goes down and they lose the ability after light levels reach a certain point. But the key is in how far they can see which is exceptional and very detailed - to the point where it’d depend on atmospheric conditions.


With the Eldyrannth, in their human form they have 500,000 per square mm photoreceptors. In their dragon form they have 2,000,000 per square mm photoreceptors, a very high number of nerves connecting the receptors to the brain, a second set of eye muscles not found in other animals, and an indented fovea which magnifies the central part of the visual field. In their dragon form, Eldyrannth have the best vision within the EPSI Federation.


Like with smell and hearing, Epsi's have a range in regards to eyesight due to their hybrid nature. They can see like a Keza or as well as a Xeno. The only way to determine the eyesight of an Epsi, is to test their eyesight while they are still children to see which traits are showing themselves.


One trait that all the species involved with the EPSI Federation is their ability to hear. They all have ears of some sort which are able to 'hear' sound waves. But all the species have a different sensitivity to sound with some being able to hear higher pitched sounds than others.


The Keza's hearing range can be as low as 20Hz to as high as 64 kHz, which is 1.6 octaves above the hearing range of a human and is even one octave above that if a dog. This means that a Keza's sense of hearing is extremely sensitive. This is helped by the fact that they can move their ears to pinpoint a sound. A Keza's ear flaps (pinnae) can independently point backwards as well as forwards and sideways to pinpoint the source of the sound. A Keza can judge within three inches (7.5cm) the location of a sound being made one yard (approximately 91cm) away. This can be extremely useful for locating their target.


A Mako's sense of hearing has been known to go from as low as 20 Hz up to that of 80kHz and even as high as 100 kHz. Like Keza's, they are able to swivel their ears around to pinpoint the sound, although their ears are not as manoeuvrable as Keza's. A Mako has been known to hear a sound for up to six miles in a forest and even as much as 10 miles on flat ground. With Mako's, females tend to have more sensitive hearing than males with one or two in a billion males having better hearing than a female. Kay's and Hermaphornari's usually have average hearing for Mako's.


A Coda can hear frequencies anywhere between 15Hz and 65kHz, which makes their frequency range just slightly larger than that of a Keza. They are able to pinpoint within a few centimetres, a small mouse moving around on the other side of a large meadow. Their ears, much like Keza's and Mako's, can swivel in any direction, independently, to pinpoint the exact position of a sound.


Compared to Keza's, Mako's and Coda hearing, Zeta's have pretty poor hearing. Only having a hearing range of 16Hz to 23kHz which is only slightly better than humans. The ear part is a small funnel in their head just below the horns. Sometimes the part above this tiny opening is elongated, looking almost like 'whiskers' or even look like elf ears emerging from the back of the head.


Xeno's can hear frequencies as low as 20Hz and as high as 70kHz, which is in between that of a Mako and a Coda. Their ears work much the same way as the other species, with the sound wave vibrating the ear drum inside of their ear canal.


The Eldyrannth have a very similar sense of hearing as a Zeta, only being able to hear between 20Hz and 25kHz. Their ears are similarly shaped to humans, with an elf like shape and work much in the same way. Their hearing is not as good as the other species as they rely on their sense of smell, and sight much more so they have never develop the need for more sensitive hearing.


The sensitivity and range of the Epsi hearing is entirely dependant on which traits are expressing themselves. One Epsi may have Keza hearing while another may have Zeta hearing. There is no definite answer with regards to Epsi's due to the fact that they are a hybrid of the five families.

Organ Functions

Each species within the EPSI Federation have a unique organ function that they do not share with any other species (Apart from Epsi's). Each organ within their body is designed to do a specific function. As many of the species evolved on Earth, their inner organs work much like a typical mammals. Especially the humans and Taru’zenari although Taru’s metabolism is quicker and they have improved learning capability.


Due to their evolutionary past, Keza's have the same organ functions as humans. The only differences Keza's have to humans are the sexual reproduction (Look in Sexual Organs for more detail) that allow them to go into heat instead of relying on a menstrual cycle. This heat can be triggered at any moment when the cum of another Keza that has a cock fills up the womb of the potential mother. The first load of cum cannot fertilise the egg as it is the trigger to the heat. Instead the next load of cum that fills them up is the cum that will get her pregnant. A Keza knows immediately that she is pregnant as the heat wears off very quickly once impregnated. The bonding enzyme found in the saliva, is developed by the Salivary glands. The protein that is found in the bloodstream is made in the Pancreas gland. The protein and enzyme are essential to the bonding process of the Keza's.


Mako's, like Keza's, are similar to humans in the organ department. However around the anus are some special glands that release pheromones. These cannot be 'smelt', or rather, they do not have a smell to them. These pheromones tell a mates partner all the information they need to know about each other such as if a female is in heat, and if a male partner is strong. It also helps signal territory lines. Although this isn't used much in the EPSI Federation, the war clan often uses it in wars to direct their forces. Their heat cycle works very much the same as Keza’s.


Coda's organ functions are the same with Mako's. Much like humans and they have special glands that release pheromones. They do not have a smell, as such, but can be detected with the vomeronasal organ and gives information about if a female is in heat, and if a male partner is strong. It also helps signal territory lines. Although this isn't used much in the EPSI Federation, the war clan often uses it in wars to direct their forces. Again, their heat cycle is similar to that of a Keza.


Again, for the Zeta’s, it is mostly similar to that of a human but with a few differences. Zeta's possess a secondary stomach that only houses bacteria. These bacteria, in exchange for food and shelter, give off Hydrogen which fills the stomach. This stomach is often referred to as the "Flying stomach", “Flight Bladder” or the "Fire stomach." It not only makes the Zeta slightly lighter to help with their flying, the Hydrogen can be pushed out of the stomach and out the mouth. As soon as it comes into contact with a small gland at the back of the mouth that sends out a tiny electrical spark that doesn't harm the Zeta, but it ignites the Hydrogen. If a Zeta uses up all the Hydrogen in their stomach, then they have to wait for more to be produced before they can use fire again. Also, when they have no Hydrogen within their stomach, their flying is slower. If their fire stomach is full, and they're not using it for fire, then they can burp out any excess Hydrogen without igniting it. Children are born with these bacteria within their second stomach. However as they cannot produce fire at such a young age, they have a reflex burp which expels any Hydrogen gas. Some children use lighters to light the gas to compete with one another. When a Zeta is a newly hatched baby, the mother must assist with the burping much like patting a human baby on the back to make them burp. Refer to Eldyrannth for the breathing. Their heat cycle works on the same way as a Keza, but instead of becoming pregnant with a live baby, they lay eggs that eventually hatches. Some Zeta’s have multiple clutches in a single year.


Xeno's have an armoured heart made from a hexagon scale with stretchy but tough membrane between each one. This allows for the armour to move with the heart as it is beating. Xeno's also have a redundant organ that works by using energy to regenerate parts of the body when injured. This has been made redundant by the nanites. Their brain matter is extremely dense, much more than any other species in existence. This allows them to store a lot more information and also able to pass on their memories to the next generation. The sexual organs are directly linked to the brain and imprints the DNA memories onto each egg or sperm that is produced. The link to the sexual organs leads to a small organ that every egg and sperm is subjected to. Within it, it holds a DNA snapshot of the parent's memories that is constantly updating from the brain. This acts like a second memory storage that can upload a backup if the parent loses their memory. The symbiote uses the organs of the host to live, so they don't really have an organ function apart from the fact that their brain is directly linked to the brain of the host, allowing them to talk to the host or take control. It is also able to imprint parts of its DNA onto the host, changing their form in some ways for example giving them spined and ribbed dicks. Both genders have an extra organ which is partly responsible for making Xeno bodily fluids addictive, the removal of this organ would cause great damage mentally. It produces the same hormone that makes parts of their bodies illuminate, and keeps a Xeno ticking perfectly.


The Eldyrannth, in their humanoid form, their organ function is similar to that of the Keza's or Mako's. Very human like. But with a few differences. At the entrance of their lungs are two small glands with a thin tube going from the glands to the roof of the mouth which they use to be able to breath fire. Their heart contains a left aortic valve so they can willingly redirect blood flow to essential organs like the brain. Also they can redirect it to the stomach increasing their stomach acidity so they can digest bone. When they produce too much they will sometimes throw it up. As they can do this on command they can use their own digestive juices as a defensive option.

The Eldyrannth's and Zeta's do not breathe like normal mammals, instead, they share the same breathing mechanism as birds which involves one way air flow in the lungs. The explanation is as here [explanation provided by the University of Utah]: Inhaled air enters the trachea, or windpipe, and then flows into two primary bronchi, or airways. Each of those primary bronchi enters a lung. From those primary airways, the bronchi then branch into a second tier of narrower airways. Inflowing air jets past or bypasses the first branch in each lung because the branch makes a hairpin turn away from the direction of airflow, creating an aerodynamic valve. Instead, the air flows into other second-tier bronchi and then into numerous, tiny, third-tier airways named parabronchi, where oxygen enters the blood and carbon dioxide leaves it. The air, still moving in one direction, then flows from the parabronchi into the bypassed second-tier bronchi and back to the first-tier bronchi, completing a one-way loop through the lungs before being exhaled through the windpipe. This gives them a huge advantage as this one way breathing system allows them to breathe in thinner atmospheres, which is one reason they live in the mountains. They can fly higher than other winged creatures as they can tolerate this thin air. Also, their large wing to body ratio allows for this as well, as they can catch more of the thin air with their huge surface area. Their second eyelid is specially designed to block out the severe glare of the sun that is present at this height.


The organs that Epsi's have is entirely dependant on which traits that they are exhibiting. The only real difference an Epsi may have in their organ function is dependant on which breathing kind they have. A two way breathing system from Keza, Mako, Coda and Xeno or the one way breathing system from the Zeta.


All the races within the EPSI Federation smell through the detection of certain molecules, whether they are toffee or pheromones. Each species has an organ in which to do this, and is designed to make their sense of smell as sensitive and accurate as possible. Humans have, on average, around 5-6 million receptor cells within their nose that allow them to smell. They will be used as a baseline for the sensitivity of the EPSI Federation races.


A Keza's sense of smell is about fourteen times as strong as a human's. They have twice as many receptors in the olfactory epithelium (i.e. smell-sensitive cells in their noses) as people do, meaning that Keza's have a more acute sense of smell than humans. Keza's also have a scent organ in the roof of their mouths called the vomeronasal (or Jacobson's) organ. When a Keza wrinkles its muzzle, lowers its chin, and lets its tongue hang a bit, it is opening the passage to the vomeronasal. This is called gaping, "sneering", "snake mouth", or "flehming".


A Mako's sense of smell is about a hundred times as strong as a human's. Mako's have ten times as many receptors in the olfactory epithelium (i.e. smell-sensitive cells in their noses) as humans do, meaning that Mako's have a more acute sense of smell than humans. Mako's also have a scent organ in the roof of their mouths called the vomeronasal (or Jacobson's) organ. When a Mako wrinkles its muzzle, lowers its chin, and lets its tongue hang a bit, it is opening the passage to the vomeronasal. This is called gaping, "sneering", "snake mouth", or "flehming". Mako's have the most sensitive nose within the EPSI Federation.


While Coda's can have over 200,000,000 smell receptors in their nose, their sense of smell can be a little limited in range. They can smell a piece of meat buried 4 inches in the ground when they were within 4 ft of it and they can smell a piece of meat on the ground from about 14ft away. They also possess the vomeronasal organ which helps detect scents, especially pheromones.


The Zeta have two ways in which they smell. Through their nose and their tongue. Lining their nose passages, they have smell receptors in the olfactory epithelium, at least twice as many as that of a human so rather poorly compared to other races within the EPSI Federation, bar the Xeno. A Zeta's tongue can flicker out of their mouth, much like a snake does, and 'taste' the air around them. They gather particles on their tongue and direct them to an organ at the roof of their mouth, called the vomeronasal [or jacobson's] organ. From there, the organ examines the particles have picked up from the air. It is the same organ that Keza's have, however the Zeta's is a lot more sensitive (Sometimes as sensitive as a Mako's nose) and can process a lot more information. While they do not have the sharpest nose, they have the most powerful taste of the EPSI Federation as they can taste and smell their food at the same time.


Xeno's have the worst sense of smell of the EPSI Federation. Even a human's sense of smell is stronger than a Xeno's. As such, Xeno's also have very little in sense of taste, either. This makes Xeno able to eat something another person would find revolting. The one thing that Xeno's do smell with great accuracy is the female Xeno pheromones as it seems to be one of the few things they are evolved to smell out. It affects them in a powerful level, and many are unable to control the urge to have sex and mate with the female that gives off their pheromones.


For the Eldyrannth, their smell works in much the same way as a humans, although it is slightly stronger but not by much which makes their sense of smell, through the nose at least, rather dull. Their main sense of smell is in their Dragon form. They can use their tongues like a snake and pick up smells (molecules) from the air, pressing them against an organ at the roof of their mouths which enables them to process the scents that are hanging in the air. This enables them to further distinguish scents from each other. They can do this on land as well as in water making them deadly hunters of all environments. This tasting sense of smell is even more powerful than a Zeta, at least by three times.


Due to the fact that Epsi's are a hybrid species of the Keza, Mako, Coda, Xeno and Zeta, Epsi's have a large range to the smell. They can either taste scents like Zeta's do, or smell like a Keza. It is all dependant on which characteristics are showing themselves.

Sexual Organs

Sexual Organs, Genders and Reproduction.

Within the EPSI Federation exists five genders. Male, Female, Kay, Hermaphornari and Epsex. There is a hypothetical sixth gender (An Epsex/Hermaphornari/Kay Hybrid) but currently this does not exist anywhere in the EPSI Federation (with exception to the Aymar who are Pan-Unimorph Gendered, which the Aymar don’t consider a specific Gender). Males and Females were the first of the five genders, which evolved naturally. The Kay was the next gender to be discovered. It was first noticed in a male called Kayne Keza'maraki (Hence its name), which saw a female reproductive organ implanted into the male abdomen. It was fully functional and when Kayne was fucked up the arse, unprotected, it resulted in pregnancy despite the fact that physically, Kayne was male. Others began showing up, and these features even appeared in their children which led Makayla to believe that this was a genetic alteration and there was nothing she could do to fix it. Since then, Kay's have improved much in their reproductive cycle. Thanks to the nanites, their arse (Like everyone else's) lubricates itself so that anal sex can occur naturally without any lube. They also have a special muscle which closes the bowels just before the 'vaginal opening' when the Kay enters labour. When his waters break, it washes out any remaining faecal matter and allowed the Kay to give birth from his anus without the need of medical intervention (Unless there was a complication during birth, but that nowadays is rare).

A Hermaphornari is almost the opposite to a Kay. They are basically a female with the cock of a male. They are even able to get another Hermaphornari, female, or even Kay, pregnant which shows that they are able to produce viable and fertile cum. It is thought that the Hermaphornari came into existence due to a botched sex change operation by Makayla Keza'maraki. She had been using the nanites to change the DNA of a female (who had agreed to the operation) in the same way that EVOLIFE created the Kays. The goal was to change the genes so that she was no longer female but male. However the operation did not go as planned and instead the female grew a fully functioning cock. It was later discovered that she had also been able to father children with her new organ as well as become pregnant herself. Although Makayla offered to try and fix the botched experiment, the Keza adamantly refused, proclaiming that this was the best thing that had ever happened in her life, and she felt completely comfortable with her new body. But the Xenovityr’ra have always had this as their third gender.

The Epsex is an exclusive gender that has been noticed in one individual. Siori Epsi'rikixi. It showed that not only can she get pregnant from the vagina, but the arse as well. Despite the fact that physically she looks completely female. It is thought that it is a random gene mutation that has caused this to occur, possibly due to the fact that Siori is an Epsi'rikixi and the five species blending together was bound to cause something like this. It is unknown if she will have more Epsex children or even if her Kay sons produces children with the same sexual organ functions. If that is the case, then it will be officially instated as a new gender.

Each species has a unique sexual organ that is shaped differently that gives different pleasures to their partners. Their cocks are quite large, especially when compared to that of humans. The females are also able to fit cocks inside of them that, honestly, doesn't seem quite possible. But females, males, Kay's, Hermaphronari's and Epsex all are bigger on the inside, which allows them to take bigger cocks then they usually would, however there are limits such as a Mako wouldn't be able to take as much as a Zeta.

Cock size comparison:

  • Keza: 13" - 17" with an average of 14" in length. They are, on average 8" circumference at the base.
  • Mako: 13" - 18" with an average of 16" in length. They are, on average 10" circumference at the base.
  • Coda: 13" - 18" with an average of 16" in length. They are, on average 7" circumference at the base.
  • Zeta: 15" - 24" with an average of 19" in length. They are, on average 11" circumference at the base.
  • Xeno: Minor - 15" - 24" with an average of 19" in length. They are, on average 12" circumference at the base.
    • Major - 18" - 28" with an average of 23" in length. They are, on average 13" circumference at the base.
  • Epsi: 12" - 28" with an average of 20" in length. They are, on average 10" circumference at the base.
  • Eldyrannth: 13" - 18" with an average of 15" in length. They are, on average 10" circumference at the base.

Hermaphronari’s tend to have the largest of the cocks compared to others in their species. The males are the next largest on average with Kay’s being the smallest. Hermaphronari’s also tend to be larger busts

Boob size comparison (Averages):

  • Keza: A - DD cup.
  • Mako: C - FF cup. Mako's can have more than one set of boobs.
  • Coda: A - E Cup. Coda's can have more than one set of boobs.
  • Zeta: C - GG cup.
  • Xeno: D - GG cup.
  • Epsi: Can range from A - GG cup.
  • Eldyrannth: A - F cup.

The sexual organs and reproduction

It should be noted that while all the species within the EPSI Federation have differing sexual organs and different gestation periods, that the miscarriage rate for the EPSI Federation is extremely low thanks to the nanites. Conception rates are also extremely high due the nanites and the fact that many of their mating involves heat which allowed them to know when an egg (or eggs) are released so they are able to time their mating better.


For Keza's, they have two known G-spots. One in the vagina for females, Kay's, Hermaphronari's and Epsex which is a lot more sensitive than human G-spots and a secondary one at the base of the tail for all genders. The clit of a Keza is also a lot larger and has at least three times the nerve endings as human clits do. As a result, just the slightest touch on a Keza clit can make a Keza go wild. The dick looks like a humans dick (Unless the Keza is a host to a Xeno. see Xeno part for more detail) with a long, thick shaft that is the same colour as their skin. It has a rounded head, like a human's so it can slide effortlessly into the body of their partner. These features can show up in a hybrid with Keza DNA.

Naturally, once a year, a Keza enters heat. This is where an egg (or eggs) are released from the ovaries. The female, Kay, Hermaphronari and Epsex go into a state of lust their their actions are based purely on the need to mate and impregnate themselves. The heat can be turned off using the PCD to prevent the release of eggs. Similarly, the sperm production can be turned off in males. They are still able to have sex and orgasm, however the cum does not contain any viable sperm to impregnate the mother. If the mother is in heat and having sex with a partner who cums inside of her, a sign that she is pregnant is that moments later the heat begins to recede. However the mother can still continue having sex as the heat continues to fuel her lust for several hours. If a Keza is having sex with a partner and their partner cums inside of them unprotected then there is a high chance that the sperm triggers the heat inside of the mother. This allows for the mothers partner to cum inside of her once more and impregnate her. These features can show up in a hybrid with Keza DNA.

The gestation period for a Keza is around 24 weeks. Sometimes children are born a little earlier, and some a little later. They exhibit many of the same pregnancy symptoms as humans do apart from the fact that pregnancy only increases a Keza's sex drive, making them want to fuck anything they can to help stretch and loosen the vaginal passage for birth. The First Trimester is between conception and 8 weeks. The Second Trimester is between 8 and 18 week. The Third Trimester is between 16 and 24 weeks. A trait that has been throughout the history of Keza's, especially within the Royal Family, is the ability to go through an entire pregnancy within the span of 48 hours. No one is sure how this ability came about, but these Keza's are often crowned as Queens and spend their life having children. It was thought, back in Keza history, that a single Keza called Kari Keza'maraki had a unique, natural ability that allowed her to carry up to twenty children at once. Even having the ability to have a different father for each of those children. However during the time of the EPSI Federation anyone can do this, as the PCD allows them to choose how many eggs they release. Although this allows the mother to have many children at once, it makes it almost impossible to walk as they are too heavy and cumbersome. These features can show up in a hybrid with Keza DNA.


A Mako's cock is very canine like. Long and thick, it has a pointed tip which makes it easier for the dick to penetrate the vagina/arse. At the base of the dick is a knot feature much like the canine species on Earth. When a Mako cums, this knot at the base of the cock expands up to quadruple in thickness. This knot varies in size from Mako to Mako. For many, only the base swells up, but for others their entire cock will inflate, although the full knot would not be as large as a base inflated knot. The further up the shaft the knot goes, the slimmer it is. This locks them with their partner and will either gradually die down on its own, or it goes down when the Mako cums once more. The female vagina is large enough to accommodate the much larger penis of the Mako, so she will not find sex with a human or other species with smaller sexual organs pleasurable, unless the extra nerve endings are switched on by the PCD. Even then it wouldn't be the same without the deeply full feeling that a larger cock could give. But the fact that the female could have up to six G-Spots inside of her vagina helps. Both females and males have G-spots in the same place as humans. However they have two at the base of the tail, and two behind each ear which are extremely sensitive to the touch. The womb set-up and vaginal set-up is extremely different to that of a human, when sexually aroused they can take much more in terms of length and girth than normal. These features can show up in a hybrid with Mako DNA.

Feales, Kays, Hermaphronari and Epsex go into heat once a year and during this time the mother is extremely fertile and horny. A mate can notice this by the fact that the female vagina becomes ‘puffy’ and swollen. They would seek out the strongest compatible person they knows and mate with him to give them the strongest possible offspring. During a Heat fuelled mating session, a mother can go on for hours on end, even if they are impregnated. The effects of the heat can take a while to wear off. This is to make sure that the female becomes pregnant with the males child. These features can show up in a hybrid with Mako DNA.

A Females, Kays, Hermaphronari and Epsex Keza can only get pregnant during this time, however a few cases have recorded some Mako’s getting pregnant out of their heat cycle and some go into heat twice a year. If the female does not find a mate to impregnate her, then the heat can last for as long as a week. Heat for a female, Kay, or Hermaphronari can be triggered by any of the races within the EPSI Federation if her partner cums inside of her unprotected. She can either choose to continue the heat or shut it off with the use of their PCD. Naturally, a Mako will release anywhere between 1 and 6 eggs to be impregnated by the father, however using the PCD, a mother can make it more than what they naturally release. These features can show up in a hybrid with Mako DNA.

The gestation period for a Mako is the same as a Keza, if a few days longer. The children can be born between 24 and 25 weeks. Never any longer. Like Keza's, they experience many of the same symptoms as humans do. However, like the Keza's, they also usually find that their sex drive skyrockets. This is usually to help prepare the vagina for the imminant birth. The First Trimester is between conception and 8 weeks. The Second Trimester is between 8 and 18 week. The Third Trimester is between 16 and 24 weeks. These features can show up in a hybrid with Mako DNA.


A Coda's dick has a long shaft about the length of a Mako's dick with the same knot at the very base that swells upon orgasm. The head is something between a Keza head and a Mako head. It is roundish with a slight point, but not a point as prominent. Running along the underside of the head is a ridge that is more pronounced on the top. Males have the largest of the dicks, the Kay's have the smallest and Hermaphronari's are an inbetween.

The vagina of the Coda is unlike anything else in the Federation. Inside it are these ridges that go from the opening to the very top of the vaginal passage. Each of these rings is a G-spot; or G-rings as they have been known to be called. When the penis of the father moves against these ridges, their own ridge moves across the G-rings. Due to the ridges catching each other, it feels like his dick is vibrating inside of her. The ridges also allow the vagina to be stretched more and allow them to take dicks larger then their own species.

As explained above, the ridges in the vagina serve the purpose of G-spots. In a Kay, these ridges come down further into the arse, making anal extremely pleasurable for them. The prostate glad can also be stimulated to give a male and Kay pleasurable. The ears and base of the tail are sensitive to a Coda, but not to the point of Mako's.

The gestation period for a Coda mother is between 24-28 weeks. Coda in space tend to give birth all months of the year. However Coda's living on planets tend not to give birth in the mid-summer. Their belly doesn't usually grow as large, but that is down to the fact that mothers are 'bigger on the inside'. During pregnancy, they can having symptoms ranging from cramping, general aches and pains, cravings for strange food, a slow and lazy feeling, nausia, moodswings, an increase in the sensitivity of the ears and tail, dizzyness and the paws and clawz can swell up. The first trimester is between 0-2 months, the second trimester is between 3-4 months and the third trimester is between 5-7 months. When a Coda mother gives birth, the contractions aren't really that painful. It is more like a mild discomfort. The ridges inside of the vagina allow the vagina to stretch and ease the baby from their body so birth is relatively easy for a Coda mother. Labour usually lasts between 2-5 hours per child. The more children the mother has, the longer the labour will be. All Coda's, at birth, tend to be a chocolatey brown colour to a black colour and usually with blue eyes. Their real fur colour usually begins showing at the age of one month. Some develop slower and some develop faster. The eyes also usually turn to their real colour at about 6-8 weeks. Again some develop slower and others faster. Each of these colour chances is considered a milestone in childhood development.


The head of the Zeta cock is flared due to the horse like shape. The flared head tends to be between 2-5 inches thicker in diameter than the shaft. Other than that, the cock itself is rather straight, with protruding veins. For some there is some rough skin near the base of the cock that stimulates the opening of the vagina upon thrusts. If bred with other races, the Zeta cock is able to adapt features from the other species, such as a knot from Mako's and/or Coda, or addictive fluids from Xeno. Zeta's have G-spots inside of their vagina, like the other races and even humans. But their wings are extremely sensitive so for many, they act as a second G-spot. Epsex also have a G-spot deep within their arse, which allows them to feel extreme pleasure during anal sex. Some also have another G-spot at the base of their tail, like the other races but not all have this. Kays usually have smaller cocks than that of the males and Hermaphronari’s who have the largest, but their female-like sexual organs, along with females and Epsex, are able to take the entire size of the males when completely sexually aroused. These features can show up in a hybrid with Zeta DNA.

Females, Kays, Hermaphronari and Epsex go into heat once a year and during this time the female is extremely fertile and horny. She would seek out the strongest compatible person she knows and mate with him to give her the strongest possible offspring. Some, especially those seeking to mate with other Zeta's, prefer to seek the strongest mate by what they call a 'Mating Flight' where the intended mother flies into the air while the intended fathers [Can be Male, Kay or Hermaphronari] chase her. It's a way to see who is the fastest, strongest and a great amount of endurance. The male that catches her is the one that mates with her. During a Heat fuelled mating session, a female can go on for hours on end, even if they are impregnated. The effects of the heat take a while to wear off, even if they are no longer in direct heat. This is to make sure that the female becomes pregnant with the males child. Many Zeta’s have been known to be extremely promiscuous, even throughout their history. Mating for Zeta’s can be extremely rough as many Zeta’s are sadistic so therefore treat their lover roughly. Many even result in broken bones (Which takes a lot of strength to break the bones of the Zeta’s). However the mothers love this as it helps them decide which of their lovers is the strongest mate to give her the strongest possible children. Over their history, it is extremely common for males (This is before the other genders) to fight one another for the right and honour to impregnate the female. These fights often result in serious injury or even death. In the EPSI Federation, these fights are generally toned down. As in many result in injury but death is extremely rare. However these fights are seen as an ancient sport and occasionally if two Zeta's want to impregnate the same Zeta female (Or Kay, Hermaphronari or Epsex) then they can have this fight like they did in the ancient times. Many of these fights result in death and serious injuries as they are not tuned down and are not faked. Also, in the EPSI Federation, Kay's and Hermaphronari's are allowed to join in the fighting although males are generally more victorious as they are physically stronger. These features can show up in a hybrid with Zeta DNA.

Females, Kays, Hermaphronari and Epsex Zeta can only get pregnant during this time, however a few cases have recorded some Zeta’s getting pregnant out of their heat cycle and some go into heat twice a year. If the female does not find a mate to impregnate her, then the heat can last for as long as a week. For Zeta female, Kay, Hermaphronari and Epsex the moment the male cum pours inside of them, it shuts off their heat so that the female does not go searching for more cum to fertilise her egg or eggs. A Zeta's heat can be triggered by the cum of any of the Federation species cum. These features can show up in a hybrid with Zeta DNA.

The gestation period for a Zeta is the same as a Keza and Mako; 24 weeks. There are also little to no symptoms during pregnancy, although the mothers flying ability is impaired when the pregnancy is reaching its conclusion. Naturally a Zeta mother can release between 3 and 10 eggs each time she goes into heat. This number can be increased with the use of the PCD if they choose to. When the mother gives birth, they don't actually give birth to a live Zeta child. Instead, they lay eggs. Each egg is about the size of an ostrich egg. This allowed the mother to not actually show much of a bump while pregnant which would either make her less of a target to predators or reduce the amount of drag on her body during flight. These eggs need to be incubated for a further 16 weeks before it hatches and a baby Zeta comes out. The egg is incubated either with the mothers fire, which was the ancient method, or by using an artificial incubator that will keep the eggs warm and will not need constant attention from the mother. In total, it takes 40 weeks from conception for a Zeta child to be born. These features can show up in a hybrid with Zeta DNA.


The Xeno penis is on average one of the largest within the EPSI Federation, and because of it’s mass it’s actually contains muscle as well as a boned spine and ribs that, in the Major form run along the underside of their cock from the very tip to the base, minor forms aren’t as pronounced. The spine itself is actually bone. Emerging from the spines and wrapping up the side of the dick are ribs that fill with blood whenever the father becomes aroused. The ribs become hard but fleshy like the rest of his dick. The one getting fucked by the dick can feel the pulse of the male's/Kay's/Hermaphronari's heart through the ribs of the dick. The Xeno male/Kay/Hermaphronari has the ability to cum a large amount in one go; up to several litres. It is an impressive volume, and they can produce more, easily within a short period of time. Within the semen of the cum has a chemical that is highly addictive which is a biological bioproduct of their hormone. Anyone that has Xeno cum injected into any orifice will immediately become addicted. It takes about a week before withdrawal sets in and the receiver begins aching for more. These features can show up in a hybrid with Xeno DNA.

Female's/Kay's/Hermaphronari's/Epsex's female sexual organs are extremely sensitive. They contain the most concentrated nerves of the EPSI Federation so sex for one with female sex organs can be intense as they can feel each rib and spine inside of them. Like humans, they only have the single G-spot inside of the vagina that is deeper inside of the pussy than humans. It is also rather large and at least 10x more sensitive than a human G-spot. Male's and Kay's also have the prostate gland inside of their arse which is extremely sensitive. But they also have a G-spot just above the prostate gland (this G-spot is also found in Epsex's) that isn't as large as the vaginal one but can be just as sensitive. Kay's also have the G-spot in their vaginal passage. The feeling of the spine and ribs running over the G-spot at the speeds male's/Kay's/Hermaphronari's go at it feels like intense vibrating. This turns the receiver into a drooling mass on the bed from how intense sex is. These features can show up in a hybrid with Xeno DNA. Their vaginal/anal juices are also highly addictive, and work similarly by seeping through the skin.

Eventually Xeno/Xeno partners will get so caught up in lust with each other - that around about the time of the end of their lives they completely close up and start mass producing babies which is thought to be from the Genetic Memory as that’s the best time to pass on as much knowledge, a rare few Xeno’s have the privilege of being born from this, but this is why Xeno culture is a little bit more strange. Having both Mother and Father as one, in their final moments is their dream and their child lives on with the best of both parents, they end up getting looked after by people he’d consider their parents. It’s rumoured that this is how Hermaphonari’s came about - but this is chalked up to Religious Hoobajoob.

As the Xeno is a more complicated life form and the fact that a Xeno begins learning inside of the womb, the gestation period for a Xeno with female sex organs is 12 months. The first trimester is from 0-4 months, the second trimester is from 5-8 months and the last trimester is from 9-12 months. During pregnancy, the symptoms can be severe even to humans standards. They also begin suffering extreme, powerful sneezes at around 5 months or when the second trimester starts. It lasts throughout the entire pregnancy. Also, during pregnancy, the sex drive increases so much that they are compelled to keep having sex so much that they don't even sleep. Birth for a Xeno mother is extremely easy and pleasurable. The womb contracts, but not in a painful way, and the baby immediately begins sliding out. The baby also intellectually helps by climbing out of the womb. Within minutes it is over and the newborn even has limited movement when born, able to begin walking within hours.


Due to how close their two forms are, impregnation can occur in either one, with the child developing in both forms, allowing them to continue switching back and forth between the two. Even though pregnancy allows for this, they need to give birth in their humanoid form. When in their dragon form, the size of the dicks is entirely dependant on the size of the dragon. The larger the male is, the larger his dick is. They can be anywhere between 15" and 50" in some of the largest and oldest Eldyrannth, although those with advanced age do not mate as much as the younger ones. This prevents them from being in any danger when fighting in their dragon form as their dick is shielded due to the fact that it is a very vulnerable organ. In their human form they have similar sexual organs to humans, with a few differences. For the female, the breasts tend to be more sensitive and their vagina is a lot more sensitive due to having more concentrated nerves. They also do not have hymens. For the males, on average, their penis is 15” and fairly thick, about 10 inches in circumference. Running along the bottom of the penis is a spine that makes several hard protrusion along the lower part of the cock that the Eldyrannth can make pulsate at will. This usually makes it feel like he is coming inside of a female. It is a biological trick that the male uses to trick a female Eldyrannth into heat and to drive her wild in mating lust. The head is also rather large and is slightly pointed so that it is easier to get the penis into the female vagina. Ringed behind the head of the dick like the ribs of a spine, going down to about mid-shaft while getting smaller each time, is a ring of hard flesh that pulsates much like their shaft. Each ring wraps around the entire shaft to the spine that runs along the underside of the penis. These features can show up in a hybrid with Eldyrannth DNA.

Once every ten years, the Eldyrannth enters a state of heat where they can choose to get impregnated by their mate and produce a single child. If impregnation does not occur, then the heat lasts for an entire year where the female would be plagued by urges to mate. It can be manageable with mixture of herbs and doing things to make the heat bearable such as cool cloths and cool baths. The gestation period for an Eldyrannth is ten months. Pregnancy follows the same development stages as it does for humans, just at a slightly slower rate due to the fact that they have two forms in which to develop. The mother will experience the same symptoms as well, some more than others, such as morning sickness and lower back pain at the later stages. Even though the number of children is low, miscarriage and still birth rates are so low they are almost negligible. The only recorded events of a mother losing a child have been when they died during battle and even then it was foolish Eldyrannth who thought that they could handle it. Complications as a result of pregnancy are also extremely rare. Naturally, an Eldyrannth mother carries a single child and even rarely; twins. This cannot be increased through the use of nanites as the Eldyrannth body simply isn't designed to carry more than two children at once. Any more will increase risks of miscarriage and also carries a risk to the mother. In fact it can be fatal. They would also be unable to give birth without medical intervention. These features can show up in a hybrid with Eldyrannth DNA.


For an Epsi, they can have any number of G-spots ranging from just the one to every single Mako G-spot. They can also adopt all the features of the other species where the cock is concerned. For every Epsi it is different. Some may have the length of a Xeno while having the appearance of a Keza. Another may look like a Zeta dick with the knotting ability of a Mako. Some may even having the addictive cum of the Xeno or even the Bioluminesence that makes their cock glow (See Xeno for more information) As said before, an Epsi Kay, female or Hermaphronari may have up to 12 G-spots in total. Or, if they are an Epsex, up to 13 as they have an additional one inside of their arse.

Again, for the pregnancy, it can differ from one Epsi mother to another. Some will last for 24 weeks and give birth to a squirming baby (or babies) or some will lay eggs. Their symptoms also vary widely with some exhibiting many pregnancy symptoms or some are much like Zeta's and experience little change during pregnancy. Although those that have a Zeta like pregnancy tend to lay eggs more than give birth to live young.

Organisations and Corporations


EPSIFleet is a non-profit organization that represents all branches of the EPSI Federation from Senators and Grand Councillors to Civilians and businesses, working with one another, not against one another. Because they’re non-profit, corporations usually give them “Profit” discounts so that the Corporation breaks even on manufacturing that part or ware. (Contract that lasts for 18 years from 4190, to help get them started)


EPSICorp is a for profit mega-corporation in the EPSI Federation, similar to Keza Corp used to be, EPSICorp are well known for their reliability and Neutronium discovery. It’s an incredibly wealthy and generous corporation. They do a wide range of things from batteries and energy cells to Starships andSpace Stations. Most of the EPSI Federation Technology that exists today exists in the Star Trek format because of EPSICorp.


RAEACorp is the Rydraen, Aldyr, Eldyrannth and Aymar Corporation, before 4200 it was known as RAECorp. It is the main corporation for the production of both Aymar and Eldyrannth technology. The Rydraen do exotic crystals, which is used in Eldyrannth Exotechnology, and the Aymar work on other things for all three races. It’s a co-operation between the four species, they are well known for their quick-mass-starship-construction.

Researches In Progress

  • Trading Guild are researching Money and trade trends.
  • The Paradoxia Connection

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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


"The Plan"

[Bear in mind that their plan took a few decades to write and had trillions of “credits” with of research money thrown at it. Obviously… Me writing it isn’t going to be as perfect as I haven’t even been alive that long, let alone have that kind of cash - LOL. I will expand the plan as they achieve stages]

Before this plan is very clearly laid out, Rassai - disguised as an Eldyrannth Dragon will likely be cautiously flying around until called out to with ‘Kaylarvana’s Command’ it has to be done with a non-threatening tone, Rassai must be secured;

  • If Rassai is unwilling to respond, he must not be forced to respond. (Commonsense)
  • If Rassai isn’t there and doesn’t respond, keep an open mind and have search parties look for him. It’s possible he might be watching and is being overly cautious.

In these cases, wait for Kaylarvana, as he has a connection with her and her presence alone will bring him out, if and when he's ready.

  • If Rassai responds with a hostile posture, sit down, cross legged and fold your arms. He will not attack someone who is clearly defenceless.
  • If Rassai responds as guidelines; he will wait with you until Kaylarvana shows up.
  • If Rassai responds and fly’s away; it will be Kaylarvana’s problem. (She’s happy about this)

This is the pre-mission, but it’s absolutely essential that it’s completed. If it goes well it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. If not… Wait for Kaylarvana, don’t shout at it, don’t be hostile towards it.

Once all parties are present, Diomedes’s cargo bag needs to be opened up, and filled with loose coconuts, bamboo, and anything useful that you think will need to be taken. All of the technology, Wolfie’s Safe, needs to be in that bag - including everyone’s spare items. Stuff like big leaves could indeed be useful. Bear in mind whilst Diomedes might like to make you think he can carry a planet - his Cargo Sack will only hold so much weight.

Spend no more than two hours on this then please proceed to the designated coordinates on Kaylarvana’s map. On her first trip here, she found that this area was relatively flat, stable, had access to wood and fresh water, because the land had access to fresh water; the soil was quite fertile. She selected it during the initial UCCRG sitdown because it was the best place under EPSI terms to setup an outpost, without getting greedy. The mountain could be mined as could under it, and the trees would provide wood, the land is fertile, fresh water is near by and the mountain can provide some protection, as can the ultra dense forest around the base. It seemed perfect; although a little out of the way for Coconuts and Bamboo - unfortunately. It will require multiple trips with an Eldyrannth carrying some kind of Cargo Sack (Diomedes should have this).

Of course the first few weeks are going to get hard and rough, fast. It’s important for Siori to keep an eye on the mental well being of the away team, The Doctor will assist in this but mental wellbeing is solely Siori’s territory. The Doctor should be keeping a close eye on the physical health and monitor the condition of alien microbes, bacteria and viruses - as well as toxicology on local plant and animal life.

///Phase One\\\

Once landing at Kaylarvana’s Camp site, you will need to unload the cargo and set it up. The mission objectives for tonight are as follows:

  • Unpack Diomedes’ Cargo Bag; technology must be locked in the safe, when not in use. Bamboo, Coconuts and other things should be put into piles. Clothes that are spare can be put on a pile ontop of the safe except for Arm Warmer Computers which falls under the technology category.
  • Rebuild Kaylarvana’s Campfire; if dead/dry wood was collected from the beach, this can be used, if not a small party should look for this.
  • Gather Food; a small party should go out to gather food. Fruit and Veg will be fine for a day or two - but a more varied diet is required; such as meat and grains, and such. Fish should be abundant in the fresh water - what type of fish it is however is unknown.
  • Gather Water; a small party needs to gather water from the river. This shouldn’t take too long as apparently the river is about five minutes west if the camp - it comes from a big waterfall, can’t miss it. Devices can be constructed later to collect rainwater, this is potentially were big leaves come in handy.
  • Familiarise; you must familiarise your routes - getting lost is easy. The landscape will be changing over the weeks and depending on the type of person you are this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It also gives defence a strategic advantage.
  • Prepare; you will get visitors very quickly. Not all of them are friendly, not all of them are hostile. It wouldn’t hurt to gather resources for shelter. This will be one of the key next steps.
  • Classified Order 6-22; There is something at/near the campsite that belongs to the EPSI Federation. “You’ll know what it is, when you see it.” is all Phoenix could say to it. All Kaylarvana would say is it’s a glowing purple crystal… that projected a hologram that spoke an unknown language - one she later learnt was Epsian.

Dezrin has offered to be a perfect shelter for the nights, so shelter isn’t top priority - but the safe must be within this shelter. Rassai will help but he is child, thus not expected to help. During this time Kaylarvana will be a temporary leader of all three major positions - however once there is at least 12 people at the outpost the elections will be held to vote an EPSI into the Grand Eldyr position, as Eldyr is the only democratic Grand Council - that is applicable to this situation. [Grand Arcadia and Grand Hael’aar are not democratic positions, Grand Council of Arcadia and Grand Council of Hael’aar aren’t either.]

Accepting people into the Outpost shouldn’t be top priority after 12, until Phase One is complete.

///Phase Two\\\

Will be drawn out once Phase one is complete, or when I have free time

///Mission and Environment Notes\\\

Climate notes:

Tropical storms are likely, Tricorders may be able to help predict the weather but then again - there is just as much chance that it won’t. The weather is extremely unpredictable, it can be blue skies one minute and virtually go dark and cloudy the next with rain and lightening pouring down from above. Rain goes as quickly as it comes and it’s like that - all year long. In the winter storms can be longer.

Long Term Goals at this point:

It’s absolutely important not to lose sight of the fact that whilst short term attenable goals are all well and good; and might be tempting but long term plans need to be considered.

  • Land Plotting and Planning.
    • Farm land needs to be marked out whilst clearing the area. There needs to be distance from the river however, primitive irrigation could be a viable possibility.
  • Basic Survival
    • Gathering of basic resources such as wood, perhaps even some stone and if possible, ground ore deposits.
    • Somewhere dry to store water-degradable goods. Wolfie’s Safe will do for small items. However it’s not good for drying anything out.
    • Some kind of tank needs to be made with the Eldyrannth Water Filtration system installed. This tank must have a conventional filter on the intake to prolong the Eldyrannth Water Filtration system. This will happily provide clean, safe water. Failure to do so could burn out the system.
      • EPSICorp Tech Clothes and EPSIFleet Uniforms can be used to keep food frozen or even refrigerated. Siori should have a set of clothes to trade in for EPSIFleet Uniforms.
  • Building and Construction Strategy
    • Modularity has been the key of EPSI Federation construction for decades, its useful for maintenance, expansion or and replacement. This is a good long term strategy.
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Wolfie    1,797

EPSIFleet Outpost 333

Outpost: Last Hope on Xak’tor


Plot > Paradoxia Plot

The Book of Paradoxia, and what connections are there with the Paradoxia and this place. Who is Mysteria? Dez’rarii, Kaine and Wolfii’s Mission to find Mysteria and make contact with the Paradoxia. [Not the same Mysteria that is Manni’s character that is a genuine and spooky coincidence. Which should keep them on their toes!] Evidence found of Paradoxia Connections have the same set of coordinates, to somewhere in space, the Xeno’s have thus far insisted that the coordinates are gibberish, but Dez’rarzii believes it points to somewhere that doesn’t exist anymore... Either way one of the books spoke of a cursed island with these coordinates that was as dangerous as it was beautiful - Paradoxia were not the cause of this island or the planet, but they were more than aware of it, through the cryptic writing it was assumed that the Paradoxia considered this place to be “the precipice of hell” Korzori’zondor Xak’tor.

There is one Paradoxia that remains here, imprisoned for betrayal… But it was a mistake - a mistake that cost them their war.

Other than that - they have no idea what any of this means. And this is why they’ve gone in so heavily armed. In a normal mission without Paradoxia thrown into the mix, one Phaser, Kaine’s Phaser is enough. Three is overkill. The amount that they have they’re not sure if it’s going to be enough - but can’t risk taking anymore. They have to settle with that they have. Paradoxia is the main focus of Dez’rarzii and Wolfii’s Plot Arc, and this is where they will learn a lot about them.

What they have learnt on this Island about the Paradoxia:

And I will be writing everything they learn (in Google Docs) so whenever I update the Extra Information there will be stuff below.

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