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After the final battle

Mini Magi

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The tavern was bustling with activity as weary travelers and locals sought refuge from the outside world. A certain redhead, still a bit famous, found solace in the warmth of the hearth. She sat alone at a table near the corner, her thoughts drifting between the memories of the final battle and the challenges that lay ahead. Not that she regretted her actions. She played a big part in defeating the demon lord, which in turn ended the invasion, and brought peace to the land. But with peace came changes.

Earlier, the Red Wings were a band of mercenaries not unlike adventurers. The only difference was that they were not working with the guild and its regulations... or its benefits. But they managed anyway. Work was plenty, the pay was good. If one was skilled, or knew how to work with others, they could plan for the future.

She let out a sigh, turned her gaze to the window. Because now? It was almost too peaceful. Work was already starting to become sparce. And not that the individual members didn't have any talent at all. Fuck, some of them were damn fine crafters, chefs, medics even. But the cities had plenty of talent. And the last thing she would ever allow was for the red wings to get involved in politics. Or worse, crime. They needed work...


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'After all that time, it's finally done.  How long has it been since the final battle?  To be honest, I can't even remember anymore,' a lone figure thought over to himself, looking down at the ground as he walked.  While he wore an old cloak and hid his face with a hood, in reality, he was Roland, one of the group that ended the long conflict that threw the world into chaos.  At a time, he was nothing more than a simple wanderer who happened to know his way around a fight, but even after the battle, there was still work to be done.  For weeks after the battle, Roland stepped into the shadows to bring down any remnants that had been lurking about and planning to continue their master's goals.  The long, solitary mission took a lot out of him, and with his labor complete, all he wanted was to rest.

And yet, during his time of solitude, numerous thoughts had ran through his mind, including things he had heard against his great enemy.  The peace the people knew wouldn't last forever.  One day, whether sooner or later, someone else would take up the mantle the previous overlord left behind and create chaos.  Even in the present, monster attacks were still heard of every now and again in smaller villages and places not often traveled by humanity.  'Maybe...he wasn't wrong, after all,' Roland thought to himself.  His legs stopped at the entrance of a tavern, as if something had drawn him to the place.  It reminded him of a piece of information he had obtained from one of his old allies, a girl with fox ears who claimed to be trying to obtain nine tails.  "If the intel is right, isn't her group hanging around these parts?" the man finally spoke to nobody in particular.  A shaky hand subconsciously moved towards one of the twin blades at the man's sides, but he managed to stop the subconscious reaction to the sounds of numerous people.  Moving his hand away from his weapon, he walked inside.

As he stepped inside, Roland felt the eyes of a number of the tavern's patrons on him.  He understood that he stood out far too much thanks to his cloak and hood, but he tried to ignore the stares and comments as he glanced around.  His gaze soon stopped on a familiar figure.  He hesitated for a moment as he decided whether or not to approach her.  After everyone had gone their separate ways, he had gone off on his solitary mission and kept no contact with any of the others.  There was the likelihood that he had been forgotten about entirely by many of the others, declared dead or missing after his sudden departure.  The man took a deep breath and decided to approach the woman sitting alone.  "I see that you're doing well, leader of the Red Wings," Roland said after he reached her table.  He opted to stand instead of taking a seat, but kept his hood on.

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Elesis felt a shift in the atmosphere as the tavern's patrons turned their attention toward the newcomer. She recognized the familiar presence immediately, even beneath the cloak and hood that hid his face. It was Roland, one of the allies she had fought alongside during their battles against the demon lord. She watched as he approached her table, opting to stand rather than taking a seat.

A mix of surprise and relief washed over Elesis as Roland spoke, addressing her as the leader of the Red Wings. It seemed he still remembered their mercenary group, despite their time apart. She met his gaze, her eyes filled with a mixture of emotions—warmth, curiosity, and a touch of nostalgia.

"Roland," she replied, her voice tinged with a hint of joy. "Still alive I see~"

Elesis gestured to the empty seat opposite her, inviting him to join her. "If you're in the mood for a chat, how about you order yourself something and get comfortable? My treat." Having a chat was right up her alley right now. Surely, she wasn't the only one having trouble adjusting, right?

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Roland opened his mouth to speak, but stopped himself as he considered his words.  With his current situation, a part of him questioned if he really was truly alive or not.  As much as he wanted to pass along the news of his current fate to one of his past companions, he chose against it, at least for the moment.  Seeing the look in his friend's eyes kept him from telling her his reasoning for hiding himself under the cloak.  "Yes, and I see you're still hanging around these parts," Roland replied.  Accepting the woman's offer, Roland took the empty seat on the opposite side.

The man slowly shook his head when asked to order something.  "You don't need to do that, Elesis," Roland simply answered.  For a moment, he sat silently, as if he were thinking of something.  As much as he tried racking his brain for memories about his companions from the past, very few things came to mind.  What he could remember were minor details, and with them, he opted to steer the conversation away from himself.  "So, how are things?  Seeing as you're hanging around a place like this, things must be going well, at least on the surface," Roland began.  He glanced around, watching the tavern's patrons talking and enjoying themselves without a care in the world.  It was thanks to the sacrifices of others that they were able to enjoy a peaceful time, but that left behind those who thrived off of conflict.

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