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Welcome to Moralia!

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Hello RPers, welcome to my humble custom RP! This topic is mostly for me to introduce the RP and tell you a bit about how it works. This RP will have several iterations/scenarios that are interlinked and based on my interests. The first scenario of Moralia concerns the conflict between three or so sides in a battle to decide the planet's ultimate fate. For those who have played any entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series, you will have a better understanding of how the underlying dynamic and themes will work in this RP. For those who have watched the tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider Gaim, you will understand some of the story elements and references I make. For those that haven't, I will give a bit of an idea of how things work.


The main story of this scenario of the RP concerns the war between the Celestial Kingdom and Pugatorio (a differing interpretation of heaven, hell and the eternal conflict) and those dragged into it. Moralia is but the latest planet caught in the crossfire in the Eternal Conflict. However, this planet has something quite valuable that the forces of the Celestial Kingdom and Purgatorio want very badly. It is a item of legendary power, one that could tip the scales in favour of one side in such a way as to end the Conflict. However, to get that one item, either the Celestial Kingdom or Purgatorio must find out where it is on the planet and secure the place that holds it. Despite their powers, both sides cannot seem to track this item down to a location. Not that the natives would help them, as the natives see them as invaders and outsiders. 


To this end, both the Celestial Kingdom and Pugatorio have tried to varying degrees to convince the natives to side with them and track it down. Either by diplomacy, force of arms or other means, both the Celestial Kingdom and Pugatorio have tried their best to co-opt the natives into their search. Those that did not side with either of them have found their planet and people ravaged by war and their numbers dwindling. In desperation, the natives have tried their best to summon heroes from other worlds to help them resist and defend their home. 


However, this is not the only thing happening on Moralia...or even the most important.  Look beyond the obvious war and there may be something even more sinister going on...

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While there are three main factions in Moralia, there may be sub-factions in some of the main ones. I will try to explain most of the relevant factions that exist on Moralia at the moment. Each Faction has a different perspective on the conflict of Moralia, a different endgame and certainly different agendas and ideologies. Being familiar with what each faction is trying to achieve in Moralia and what they want is vital for character creation. While each faction might hire mercenaries and outsiders, do not try to play each side against each other or think betrayal is much tolerated. It must be remembered that a significant war with huge stakes is being played out here and as such, loyalty is given high value. If there is a binding and yet informal rule in Moralia, it is this: Betray your employer at your peril.


In Moralia, once a faction trusts you enough and gives you a rather important mission (and I do mean important), you are locked in. At that point, betrayal will have massive consequences on your part. So unless you are really strong or like to test your luck or are not in the captial city of each faction, then it is recommend to not betray your employer...or at least not make it too obvious.


There are the three main Factions in Moralia:


1. The Celestial Kingdom, comprised of divine class units like angels and seraphs and such. Includes those natives or outside heroes that joined them. The Celestial Kingdom is considered a society that values 'peace' and 'tranquillity' at all costs. Headed by a representative of the Higher Order and administrated by a theocratic Tribunal or Council or high ranking angels. There are no sub-factions in this faction, as all that oppose or differ to the Official Interpretations are either Converted or Killed. 


2. Pugatorio, comprised of profane class units like unholy monsters and demons and such. Includes those natives or outside heroes that join them. Pugatorio is considered a society that values 'individuality' and 'freedom' at all costs. Nominally represented by a government of senators in a 'democratic' government but effectively ruled by a oligarchy of powerful and sly political operators. While factions are a dime a dozen here, there is only really a few that matter and that have the power to do much and they all have the same keep their position. 


3. The Natives, comprised of the original inhabitants of Moralia that haven't sided with either the Celestial Kingdom or Pugatorio. This society is struggling to survive and operate with this war. While possessing powerful and unusual technology, their numbers are limited and not everyone agrees on what must be done to handle the threat of both sides. Highly divided. Their sub-factions includes the Warrior Monks of the Middle Way...that have mysteriously stayed out of the conflict and developed an odd detachment to the world despite their historical interests in it, the Resistance that are trying their best to rally together those that still have the will to fight and a rather mysterious faction that appears to be arming all sides and yet are powerful enough to resist being crushed by any side.


Strangely enough, there MAY BE MORE interested parties in the world and forces that want to influence the world of Moralia.

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There are certain individuals, beings or entities in Moralia that are quite important to the story and plot of Moralia. While these Event or Super Important NPCs may be interacted with and sometimes played by other users, all users must ask me first before playing the Event or Super Important NPCs. Users will not have to ask to interact with them. However, for some of the Event NPCs, if you have massive plans for them, you need to ask me first. Such things could include coupling up with them or killing them and so forth.


Here are some of the important Event NPCs:


Metatron - The Representative of the Ruler of the Entire Celestial Kingdom, Metatron is said to be the One Closest (In Rank and Authority) to Them. Considered to be the finest and most mysterious of the Heralds (high ranking angels), they have been given the responsibility of conquering Moralia and obtaining that which they desire. While they are considered by the Celestial Kingdom as one of the finest angels, who are meant to be virtue incarnate, other beings might consider Metatron to be cold, strict, rigid and uncaring to those that don't meet his exacting standards. Those under their protection tend to see him as a great protector and father figure...though perhaps a TAD bit controlling and demanding.


Mastema - The head of the Chorus, pretty much the enforcers and secret police of New Zion, the main base of operations of the Celestial Kingdom. Considered to be the secret defenders of all things good and pure, even if they have to partake in acts that might (to the heathens and other people they don't like) seem evil. Mastema is rather disliked by other angels for what they see as their Janus faced interactions with others, Mastema are considered duplicitous by other angels. Being the head of the Chorus gives them a lot of leeway and influence among the populace, though few among the populace even know of Mastema. They are known to use the information they gather as a bargaining chip with others, so they can get more influence and power.  


Mitsuzane Kureshima - A highly respected Native of Moralia that is in the employ of the Celestial Kingdom. Possesses two known 'Forbidden' Class Lockseeds, a Class of Lockseed that has been ever been duplicated by science. One of the very few Armoured Riders that exist on Moralia, a powerful class of warrior that can easily beat large forces by themselves. While well liked by the angels and those on the Celestial Kingdom side, no one really knows their story. Is very cunning and a keen strategist but quite egotistical. Seems to know more about Moralia than they let on.




Kouta Kazuraba - A powerful Armoured Rider on the side of the Resistance, though with little memory of their past. Believed to be a native of Moralia but yet know next to nothing about it. Sometimes talks about strange fanciful things. Highly idealistic. Considered a naive hero though strong they are. Strange things often happen around them, which is considered a sign by Natives that they are either bad luck or chosen by the gods.


The White Armoured Rider - An extremely powerful Armoured Rider with unknown allegiance. While it is certain they don't support the Celestial Kingdom or Pugatorio, they certainly don't seem to like Kouta Kazuraba. With sword and shield in hand, they seem to roam the lands of Moralia with mysterious purpose. It is said that they take a keen interest in the history of the world, as fragmented as it is. Knows the most about Moralia out of all Armoured Riders and perhaps more than even Natives themselves.


Ascetic Gautama Moksha - The current Master of the Warrior Monks of the Middle Way. No one quite remembers how they got into this position of power or even who they were before they got there. They seemingly emerged from the ranks of the Warrior Monks quite quickly after the death of the previous Master. Their tenure has been noted to be rather different from the last Master, who advocated a more activist and worldly approach to life. Gautama Moksha, on the other hand, advocated a more detached and perhaps unworldly approach to life, focusing more on 'liberating the one from the vestiges of ego. 



Beelzebul/ Baal'zebel - The Representative of the Head of Pugatorio on Moralia, also known as the Lord of the Flies. Is said to be the proverbial right hand man of Lucifer, the ruler of Pugatorio. Could be considered akin to the Deputy Prime Minister or Vice President, the second in command of government. They do not like the fact that it's often a running joke among daemons that they are literally the king of second bananas. Still, they are quite fearsome and no daemon dares say that to their face. They are known to be about equal in strength to Metatron and Metatron is no joke. A rather astute yet barbaric individual who can be seem quite charming while doing the most disgusting things. 


Kaito Kumon - One of the few Armoured Riders on Moralia that have multiple 'Forbidden' Class Lockseeds. Kaito Kumon seems to embody the ideals of Pugatorio to a tee, a man obssessed with gaining power and authority by himself with his own hands. Yet, no daemon is quite sure what exactly their endgame is because they are quite aloof. Seems very interested in the Lady in Black and has a strange 'rival' relationship with Kouta Kazuraba. 


The Lady in Black - An relatively unknown entity that is often associated with Pugatorio. While they do not speak of their allegiance, the fact that Pugatorio does not bother them and the Celestial Kingdom has them on their hit list seem to suggest a link. Their primary function in Moralia, it seems, is to spread what the Celestial Kingdom calls forbidden knowledge in the form of texts and books. Literature, rare artefacts from the past, magic texts and so on is their main weapon.




Sid, the Lockseed Distributor - The man in control of the supply and distribution of the desired Lockseeds, they are the one that ultimately both the Celestial Kingdom and Pugatorio have to deal with directly to get their consistent supply of quality Lockseeds and the Sengoku (Warring) Sockets, which allow Lockseeds to be used on each sides' equipment and armour to increase power and abilities (among other useful functions). Tends to be rather sarcastic and snide but can get away with it because of their position. Possesses a Genesis Driver, an updated version of the Sengoku Driver the Armoured Riders use. 


??? - The person responsible for the creation of the Lockseeds, the Sengoku Sockets and all Drivers and the boss of Sid. They have their own faction and base like Pugatorio and the Celestial Kingdom. Unlike the Celestial Kingdom and Pugatorio, whose strength is magic and numbers, the main strength of this faction is its technology and knowledge. Despite being numerically less than their competitors, they are so much of a 'threat' or competitor that both the Celestial Kingdom and Pugatorio dare not attack them or make them angry. It also helps that all sides do need their equipment....



Steven - The developer behind the DSS Program and the head scientist of the Gateway Project, one of the first attempts to develop a working 'Gate System' or teleportation matrix system. The DSS Program was developed by them after a horrific incident during the testing phases of the Gateway Project, where Steven got severely injured. Though they survived, they lost the use of the lower half of their body. The incident involved opening a portal to a new world for exploration. Unfortunately, they picked a bad place to open a portal to because it was literally filled with daemons. 
The DSS Program  is essential a modern form of the ancient art of daemon summoning, made into a easy to use computer program. Contains not only a compendium/encyclopedia of the different daemons out there but also very useful functions like the ability to translate the various demonic languages automatically, the ability to fuse demons to create stronger ones and the ability to essentially teach non-magic users magic. 
The Robed Being - A very mysterious entity that often appears to Outsiders (those not from Moralia) or Armoured Riders . Their agenda is unknown and usually when they speak, they are quite cryptic. When they appear, no one else except who they want to communicate with can see them and those they talk to are seen by others to be in a trance-like state. Are they a hallucination or something else?
The Maiden in White - 
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In this RP, magic plays a huge part in everyday life. In most of the inhabited world, magic is used in pretty much all facets of life, much like how electricity plays a huge part in modern life. Whether from lighting up the night, to cooking, to cleaning, to fighting, to healing and more more, magic is pretty much a common utility here. The level of magic learning and development is quite significant, magic is capable of much more things here. Technology on the other hand is quite unusual, especially advanced technology like computers and cars and motorcycles. Natively, Moralia has a technology level equivalent to a steampunk world, perhaps late 19 Century level of tech. However, oddly enough, there exists such things as the Lockseeds which are actually advanced technology. This is a mystery why such things exist simultaneously, even though the technological level of the planet cannot possibly naturally produce it. 


Here is a small table of elemental strength and weakness.


Fire <---> Ice


Earth <---> Wind


Lightning <---> Water


Celestial <---> Profane - Here, the traditional Holy and Dark Elements are changed to this. They are actually a separate element here and if they come into contact, the energy released is immense. Also, no half angel/demon characters are native to Moralia and if they come here are treated quite poorly.


Light <---> Shadow


Spirit (Exorcism)<---> Death


Death > Nature


Nature > Spirit (Exorcism)


Celestial or Profane > Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth and Nature. 


Non Elemental is Neutral to all except Akashic element which beats it.


Akashic Element beats Celestial, Profane and Non Elemental.



Here are a few things that should be noted before playing in this RPG.


1. Technological characters or those from a sci-fi or very tech based background will have trouble adjusting in the beginning. The physics works differently here and the universal laws are different so one cannot automatically expect technology from outside to work instantly or as well as it could.


2. Magic based characters will not have this initial difficulty but might face others.


3. Anyone coming from Outside Moralia are not initially welcome with open arms but are treated as suspicious characters, You have to gain people's trust. Unless of are an angel or daemon. But if you are and appear in the wrong area...


4. Celestial Kingdom alligned units are bestowed bonuses towards their Light, Thunder and Wind spells and will get access to powerful Celestial spells. Pugatorio alligned units are bestowed bonuses to their Shadow, Fire and Earth spells and get access to powerful Profane spells.


5. Warrior Monks of the Middle Way get powerful Spirit/Exorcism moves.


6. All Nature based units get a double effect from healing and support spells.


7. Armoured Riders cannot be healed by magic when in Armoured. 


8.The living are not affected by Exorcism spells. 

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Listed here are the different categories of Daemons used in this RP. For those observant, handy with Google or are familiar with the series, the categories here are the same one used in Shin Megami Tensei IV in categorising the various creatures you encounter.


I will upload the link to the fusion chart once I confirm with the Administrators.


Kunitsu - National Defence Deities
Enigma - Urban legends and general folktales and weirdness. 
Elemental - Self Explanatory
Ghost - Not the same as spirit because these are mostly malevolent.
Foul - Weaker dark aligned monsters.
Spirit - Like ghost but not necessarily malevolent. 
Drake - Not as strong as dragon class units but are related to them. 
Tyrant - The powerful Lords of Pugatorio. 
Night - The legendary living creatures of the night
Femme - Female figures that aren't Lady or Goddess. 
Brute - Rather hot blooded and aggressive beings though not as strong as Fury class
Fallen - Those who were once considered divine and fell out of favour.
Kishin -Mostly Buddhist icons. 
Dragon - Self explanatory
Lady - Mostly positive female legendaries who aren't major deities. 
Fury - Famous warrior figures
Vermin - Mostly bug or insectoid monsters
Jaki - Considered dark aligned and can range from pests to serious threats though not deities.
Wilder - Legendary wild beasts that can be tamed.
Reaper - Really powerful non-generic undead.
Snake - Powerful Reptiles or Amphibians
Jirae - Friendly but mischievious fairies or faefolk
Beast - Standard RPG monsters.
Fairy - Usually peaceful and friendly.
Genma - Lower Deities that aren't as famous or powerful as deities. 
Holy - Idols or ancient pagan animal gods that predates monotheisms. 
Avatar - Powerful manifestations of legendary beings. 
Deity - More famous gods.
Wood - Lower level beasts of nature. 
Raptor - Flying units that are usually considered evil or pests.
Vile - Dark aligned units that usually attached to bad things in myths and legends. Not as powerful as Tyrants but more powerful than Fouls.
Nymph - Female beings of myth that aren't deities.
Yoma - Servants of the deities that aren't all powerful and famous. 
Flight - Relatively eclectic collection of winged beings. Relatively neutral reputation. 
Divine - Angels.
Tree - Units of Nature as well as Wood
Avian - Famous fliers that are bird like and are usually positive.
Megami - Goddess units
Herald - Upper echelon of the Divine Class.
Daemons of the Tree, Wood, Elemental, Beast and Jirae classification are considered Nature aligned and will have the 2X Healing and Support Spell Effect property on them innately. Most are Neutral Aligned. 
Daemons of the Flight classification are usually weaker than Avians but can be as strong as Raptors. Flight is relatively Neutral, Avians are usually aligned with the Celestial Kingdom while Raptors are aligned with Pugatorio. 
Daemons of the Vile classification are usually more powerful than Fouls but some Jakis might exceed Viles. No Viles, Fouls and Jakis are not as powerful as the weakest Tyrant class Daemon. All are Dark/Evil aligned.
Daemons of the Brute and Fury classifications are not necessarily evil, just rather hot blooded and aggressive. They make great physical attackers. Are relatively  Neutral Alignment. Kishin could be considered really strong and refined Fury class Daemons. 
Daemons of the Holy and Fallen Classification are not surprisingly liked by the Celestial Kingdom though Holy class units get more shit from the Celestial Kingdom than Fallens do. Holy Daemons are Light/Good aligned and sometimes still help out the Celestial Kingdom despite how much shit they get from them. Fallen never help the Celestial Kingdom but have wider Alignment Range. 
Daemons of the Reaper classified are quite strong undead type beings that are unique and legendary in their own right. More likely to serve Pugatorio as the Celestial Kingdom kill Reaper class Daemons on sight, 
Daemons of the Drake Classification are weaker than Dragons. 
Daemons of the Snake classification might be related in some way to Drakes but all Snakes can't fly.
Daemons of the Beast classification are less powerful than Wilders but much more common. Vermin class Daemons are as common as Beasts. 
Daemons of the Spirit and Ghost classification both share the weakness to Exorcism type spells and techniques.
Daemons of the Femme Classification are not as famous as the Lady Class Daemons but have wider Alignment range.
Daemons of the Lady and Megami Classification are of the Light/Good Alignments. Most go to the Celestial Kingdom but can be convinced to join other 'good' causes. 
Daemon of the Kunitsu or Amatsu Classification are not aligned with the Celestial Kingdom or Pugatorio. 
Daemons of the Night Classifcation are usually with Pugatorio.
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The Daemon Classifications of Kishin, Tyrant, Herald, Deity, Dragon, Avatar and Megami/Goddess usually have special abilities above beyond other Daemons that are unique to them. Defeating any member of those classifications is certainly a difficult task but one that is highly rewarded. If you even avoid battling them and hire them through negotiating efforts, so much the better though those occasions are rare.


Here is some of the special abilities they may have:


Battlefield Effect - A more powerful version of a beneficial magic circle that emanates from the Daemon itself. Depending on the power of the Daemon, the field effect is either active and takes up energy over time (switch on and off) or passive and not taking any effort (automatically on). Each Daemons of the powerful classes have its own unique Battlefield Effect which can easily turn the tide of a battle by either helping allies or hindering enemies. 


Damage Negation - An interesting effect where the being with this ability is completely protected from a certain amount of damage, no matter what element. In RPG terms, if an enemy had a Damage Negation Ability of 150, they would negate the first 150 points of damage of any attack. So attacks below that number do no damage whatsoever.


Eye for an Eye - A higher level counter-attack ability powerful Daemons have that let them inflict the exact amount of damage on the last person who attacked them inflicted on them. While certain abilities, spells, skills and equipment can either lessen or spread the impact, the counter attack cannot be dodged. 


Elemental Shift - An defensive ability of powerful Daemons to literally change their elemental strengths and weaknesses around. This ability is less useful as it sounds as it only allows users to change their elemental properties in set combinations and no, they can't just choose to make themselves immune to everything! 


[Modifier] Piercing - A very handy passive property that powerful Daemons have that allows them to break through the elemental defence of a unit, even if it is immune to the element it is being attacked with! For example the Fire Piercing Ability will allow a Daemon to attack another being immune to fire and do normal damage to it. However, there is a defence that even Piercing abilities can't get through...but they aren't possessed by many.


Scapegoat - A very limited use curse ability of powerful Daemons that allows them to literally have a minion on their side take the damage for them, regardless of whether the scapegoat want it or not. In other words, a user of Scapegoat can be hit and someone else take the damage intended for them! Cannot work with Eye for an Eye.


Thorned Wall - A defensive ability that some powerful Daemons have that doesn't shield them from damage but inflicts more damage on would-be melee attackers than the melee attackers inflicts! Only works on attacking melee units and not long range or magic units. Note that Piercing does not negate Thorned Wall.

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However, there are three classification of creature that that are considered 'Unique Encounters' and are usually of a rather rare or one of a kind type.


1. Fiends - Incredibly powerful daemons that wander the lands of Moralia, who are neither aligned with the Celestial Kingdom or Pugatorio. It is said that they are manifestations of the despair and fear that all mortals feel when death draws near. At last count, there were 8 Manifestations of the dreaded things in Moralia. Goodness knows why they exist or what their purpose is. While Undead have nothing to fear from them, everything else does. 


2. Overlord - A being that has managed to keep their sanity and mind as they are completely transformed by the Invess Virus. Those that do not manage to keep things together during the Virus' incubation period do not reach this stage but end up as mere normal Invess of varying sorts, sentient but not sapient creatures. Those that somehow do not lose their sanity and mind are elevated beyond the species that they once were and are given abilities and powers more befitting to them. The main features of Overlords are total control over Invess hordes, extremely slow aging, regeneration and gaining more power each time they are injured but not killed in combat. 


3. Godly - Above all classes of Daemon on Moralia, beings that are labelled Godly truly deserve the title. They are said to have powers beyond belief and are perhaps impossible to destroy by conventional means.

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The Invess are a breed of monster that has only recently been seen on Moralia, with the coming of the two foreign great powers, The Celestial Kingdom and Pugatorio. The Invess themselves, unlike most Daemon, are of seemingly lower intelligence and tend to be almost equivalent to feral animals. They seem to have a rudimentary hive mind of sorts are known to attack quite strategically when they have the numbers. It is rare for Invess to travel as individuals alone as it is pretty much safer for them to travel together, unless the area they are in is known by them to be safe. While they aren't as strong as Daemons, they make this up by two factors, their sheer number in their zone of influence calls Hives and the Invess Virus. The Invess themselves come in a multitude of sub-species but no one exactly knows where they come from or how they breed in such great numbers. Their diet is well known, being the strange fruit and vegetation that has largely taken over in regions of this world as an invasive species. The foreign fruit and vegetation are not edible by the Natives or any of the Celestial Kingdom or Pugatorio, and as the invasive foreign flora spread, the more food is scarce on Moralia.


The Invess themselves are not very dangerous, in comparison to Daemons BUT the virus they carry is a rather dangerous and nasty one. Otherwise known as the Invess Virus due to the fact that Invess are the only known natural carriers of the virus, the Invess virus is an rather virulent disease with no known cure currently. While not strictly contagious, it can be passed from Invess to any species on Moralia via direct contact with the Invess, in other words by being hurt by them. Any injury caused by Invess has a small chance of infecting the victim with the Invess virus, with more exposure to the virus via more injures increases the chance more. After being infected with the virus, there is an incubation period of at least two to three days as the virus gets used to the user's system. Any wounds caused by Invess also don't heal very quickly. After the incubation period, the next level symptoms are severe infection of the injuries incurred by the Invess as well as high fever and bouts of intense pain. It is noted that often, victims experience vivid strange auditory and visual hallucinations. They also mysteriously lose their sense of taste. If they have not been destroyed in under a week post infection, then the victim is turned into an Invess.

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Lockseeds, the Sengoku Socket and the Sengoku Drivers


All three of these artifacts are technological marvels on Moralia and don't seem to fit in, given the technological level of Moralia. Neither the Celestial Kingdom, Pugatorio or the Natives seem to know where exactly the technology originated or how it got to Moralia. All they know is that a certain faction on Moralia is the only one capable on the planet in manufacturing these necessary marvels and that gaining the advantage in this war will necessarily require these artifacts. While not much is known about their design or manufacturing process, despite repeated attempts by everyone to try to learn its secrets, everyone knows how powerful these things are. These artifacts capable of increasing the effectiveness of any unit beyond what their normal equipment and loadout would bestow upon them, with the additional bonus of not being as taxing as magic. The main artifact that is known by almost everyone on the planet is the deceptively simple Lockseed, an equip-able piece of gear that boosts one's abilities and skills beyond normal limits. The Lockseed, to Outsiders, look like nothing more than stylized padlock-like contrivances that the people on the planet have adorned on them. However, the Lockseed is no fashion accessory but a rather important survival tool on Moralia. Lockseeds function not only as something to put on equipment like weapons and armour (much like socketing gems and stuff in Action RPGs) but it also allows people to go without food or water for long periods of time. This second function is rather important on Moralia, given the fact that the Invess infestation has taken out much of the planet's native flora and fauna, causing massive food shortages and famine.


If it wasn't for the invention or discovery of the Lockseeds, nearly all of the inhabitants would have starved to death. The fact that the Lockseeds that function as nutritional supplements and replacements are easily accessible and affordable for the majority is looked on rather favorably by everyone, though no one knows why such a thing would be made so easily available. While those kind of Lockseeds have no military use, the fact is they are almost as valuable as the Lockseeds with military use if only to keep the populace happy. Those Lockseeds that acts as food replacements may be nutritionally complete and non-addictive but to most people that remember what came before, it doesn't beat the taste of 'real food'.Outside of the protection of the main Capitals of Moralia, food is scarce due to the Invess infestation. Only in the Capitals of Moralia is there still a food supply of native produce of sorts. Still, real food is a relative luxury on Moralia even in the Capitals and prices will show as much. 


The Militarized Lockseeds are the ones that are seen socketed on the various weapons, armour and accessories of those fighting on Moralia via the Sengoku Socket. The Militarized Lockseeds are recognizable from other Lockseeds by the much more ornate design of them and the fact that these Lockseeds are Graded, based on power and effectiveness in combat. Obviously, higher graded Lockseeds will, on average, beat lower Graded ones. While Lockseeds used as food could be styled in many ways, the Militarized Lockseeds are styled after Fruit or Nuts. So, though they may look ornate, the Lockseeds themselves will look a bit fruity or nutty. Though they may look strange, their powers cannot be denied. Militarized Lockseeds are Graded from A Grade to E Grade, with A being the highest and E being the lowest Grade.


However, there are suggestions of Higher Grade Lockseeds being in existence such as the S Grade and Forbidden ones.


The Sengoku Socket is basically the means by which Lockseeds are attached to equipment and the effects bestowed. While no Native really has any idea how the Socket works, they don't deny its usefulness. The fact is, only the suppliers seem to know how it all works but they are not talking. The Sengoku Socket allows for the Lockseeds to be attached to equipment and the effect/s of the Lockseed to be activated. Equipment will more sockets will obviously allow more Lockseeds to be attached BUT if the Sockets are not Linked together, then one cannot benefit from combination bonuses called Mix Combos. Linked Sockets are usually more helpful than the unlinked variety in that equipping certain Mixes will give higher and more abilities or stats than normal BUT Linked Sockets are limited to certain Mix Combos. 

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