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    Fab's Fabulous Preferences

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays

    This pretty much sums it up! I'm pretty open minded so please talk to me if you're interested in anything in particular that's not listed here. Always happy to chat about these things~

    Though other things I LOVE (which dosen't show above) are: Lactation (big breasts that produce so much milk~), big breasts, dirty talk, tentacles, mind breaks/ mind control, good plot and so many others. 

    Things I will NOT do are: pregnancy/ impregnation, anal, anyone under the age of 18, guro, vore and gore in sex. 

    Kinks I'm currently CRAVING are: Tentacles, FUTA X MC (female), mind control (e.g. YC mind controlling MC into a sex loving fiend),  furry (YC) x MC human and constantly (my FAVE kink) lactation

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    0/10 needs more lactation

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