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  • Rinny The Naughty Girl

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    Rachel Chan
    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: I do private roleplays
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent




    Ohayou deshu~! My name ish Rinny~! Nice to meet chu~ Im here to have fun and looking forward to experiencing some really hot and steamy RP. As chu can see everywhere in my profile, I can positively verify that Im such a horny, naughty, and playful girl that are alwaysh thirsty, yearning for good fucks. I will RP as myself deshu~★ I find great pleasure getting fucked silly while roleplaying as myself~❤





    large.85d22cc51332878f6d1e734a304b054b.png.a5c93000b67d9d295fc6f8b387f38a41.png- ROLEPLAY STYLE -

    Im here to fulfill my fantasies deshu~★While I can do long-term roleplay that requires commitment, I will be more interested to cut it straight to the sexual part as long there are still some story development in it. This is due to time constraint and I wont be here as much as I wanted to deshuuu. My RP partner must be really descriptive and creative in their writings~ Each reply must be at least 4-5 lines or semi-para to keep meh interested. I dont need super long starter with a lot of backstory for my sexual RP, a simple backstory as direction for our RP will do. Perfect grammar isn't needed as long I can understand what are chu trying to say, Im still learning myself too deshu~If chu are looking forward to do lewd things to meh, pweashh approach me and try to make me horny right off the bat~❤ 



    large.250680ad1ba938b56a504e886289bdef.png.6067289847bccd15955064cb99a0032e.pngTYPE OF GUY THAT TURN ME ON THE MOST

    Alpha Male. Nuff said 

    Assholes that treat girls like a mere sex toys 

    Big guy with big cock 

    Guys with their own harem 

    Guys who willing to fuck silly any girls he wanted, including his friend's wife or lover 

    DOMINANT!! ❤❤

    Playboy who are very good at persuading girls to spread their legs for him 

    Guys how are so good at fucking that girls willing to cheat to ride his cock ❤❤

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