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  • A couple of ideas


    So, I just had two ideas for RPs that I'd be interested in trying it. Message me if you're interested :)

    1. I'm a cute, pale NEET gamer girl that spends pretty much all her time in her room. I didn't get good grades in high school, so I can't go to college and I can't really find the motivation to go out and get a job, instead spending all my time on games, youtube, and online forums. One day, your character finds me on one of these forums and learns about my situation and that I've recently been pressured to earn money or else I'll be kicked out of home. You then offer to pay me to send evidence of lewd things to you in exchange for money. It starts with naughty pictures, but it quickly turns to video. You buy me toys and ask me to film myself using them. You might even tell me to camwhore myself in exchange for even more money. Eventually, I'm completely reliant on you for everything: You've paid for own small apartment, for people to bring me food, etc etc. Then you ask me to meet you, take it to the next level. I'd prefer a female partner for this one.

    2. I'm a cute, small boy in a world that is dominated by futa. Futas are stronger than us, smarter than us, have bigger dicks then us, and are more dominant then us and they have decided that boys like me have no rights other than what a futa provides for us. Your character is one of these futas and you have taken an interest in me. Maybe you want a submissive husband who'll clean for you, cook for you, and will provide you with sexual satisfaction with his tight little butthole. Maybe you want a pet, who'll you'll walk naked with a leash through the streets, cuddle with and give pats on the head. Maybe you just want a living sextoy, something to drain your balls wherever and whenever. You can do whatever you want!

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