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  • Any partners wanted!

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hello! I have some general ideas I'd like to roleplay out. While I do mention genders at times (I try not to) I'm open to writing these out with any sort of partner. Please also realise that some of these may seem to involve a nonconsenting partner, but will eventually be consenting.

    Any romance is purely in character. Not out.

    If interested, EcchiText me instead! I'll periodically update this too.

    O1. School Crush

    Your character is a schoolmate of mine, a popular female at the school. She refuses to give anyone attention and never dates. Her behaviour can seem snobby or overly haughty. One day, a classmate who knows how much you like her gives you pictures of her changing in the bathroom. You are encouraged to blackmail her.

    With this option, you can blackmail for sexual favours right away or go an innocent date route.  Or you could tell her what happened and maybe she will start to see you as someone worthy of affection on her own..

    You decide!

    O2. Dare Disaster 

    Our characters are either friends or even siblings who have a faint attraction to one another. Out of shyness, my character suggests we play a sexual version of truth or dare. It can be any setting. A bus, at home, etc. Something really daring. One thing leads to another and things turn a little hot. 

    O3. School Maid for a Day

    The kids at a bit of a dirty school hold a secret auction. Some popular girls are going to be sexual maids for a day in return for charity donations to the Cheerleading Team. My character is a girl, and you manage to win her in a draw. She's yours for a day - ensue romance and smut.

    O4. Late Love

    Romance is nice. So here's one romantic option. 

    Our characters were friends as children. Then in high school, we drifted apart. 

    Mine (or maybe yours) fell into sex trade. Became very thin, worked at a bad place, started giving body up for money. 

    The other became successful at their profession, had a degree and maybe married.

    We meet again years later, and instantly there's is an attraction. Maybe some denial, but we talk and can't avoid it. This one is more of a soft approach to romance then love. It could be where my character hires yours or vice versa. 

    O5. High School

    Your character has been offered a his dream job. A high school where parents never complain, students get amazing grades, and teachers have the best competitive salary and pension. You immediately fall for a pretty student. Who I will write as.

    The principal at the end of the day takes you to a special room where he claims he rewards his hard working teachers. He explains that any student you like, will service you here. In any way.

    Shocked? You have choices. Avoid the room and ignore it. Confront the police? Or maybe ask to have that girl called in to pleasure you. Choice is yours!

    Of course. Send me your ideas too! And we can do role reversals. I'm open to all genders/species. These are just ideas I find kinky. 


    Cheers guys!




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    Hello~! Just finished reading through these ideas/options. I like these scenarios and kinks too, and wouldn't mind being an RP partner. ^w^

    Personally, I love the idea of O2. Dare Disaster, perhaps we could do that one~? Then again, we could maybe, over time, work towards Roleplaying all five of the options you've listed and more! I certainly wouldn't mind. :3

    May I send you an EcchiText / contact you in Chat when we are both online~?

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    Noah Takumi


    You wanted a partner well here I am, want to play while I'm on for the night?

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