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  • yuri Female seeking female for Yuri RP <3

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hi! I’m Klara, and have been roleplaying for several years! <3 Also a lover of fiction writing and plotting. I’m into original anime-styled smut roleplays, so I use pictures to potray my characters.


    Who and what do I seek? A female partner for a smutty, hentai RP. Original, no fandom.


    My writing style is detailed, play with words, propper grammar, and I write an average of 1 to 3 paragraphs. I hate 1-3 liner responses... If it’s atleast one full paragraph, I’m pretty much happy! <3 C;


    I usually play both submissive AND dominant characters. Which ones do you want me to play as? ^o^


    My kinks are the regular; soft- and hardcore, toys(incl. strap-on’s), squirting, messy, dirty talking, kissing, public/voyeur, oral, anal, vaginal...etc. My off-limits are the usual: scat, peeing, incest, vore, blood...and adding bdsm, furries and futa’s(dickgirls).*shrugs...* Aaaand fandoms.


    For rolepIaying method, I prefer to use PMs—Ahhh, I mean EcchiTexting for roleplaying, or e-mail alternatively. 



    1. [Modern-Fantasy] A girl lives by herself, trying to find a new dayjob, is driven to seek sexual pleasures when at home. One night, a lesbian succubus (female sex demon) visits to give the girl every sexual pleasure she could ever want. Overtime, love grows between the two.

    2. [Gaming-roommates] Two gamer girls happen to meet each other at an internet/manga cafe. They decide to live together, but dirty secrets come out that both have sexual fantasies about one another.

    3. [School-bullying] A girl is getting bullied at school, another girl stands up for her, but also becomes the target of a group of sadistic girls. But their hardship brings both girls together, exploring every sexual fantasy that they desire. 



    EcchiText me if interested! ^-^

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    Hi~! I read through your bulletin post, and I have to say that I like the idea of the second scenario the most! Would it be okay if I RPed this with you? ^w^

    As for characters, settings, and preferences and stuff, I am more-or-less happy to Roleplay these, but we can always discuss the details further in-depth in EcchiTexts if need be.

    Hope to hear from ya soon~! 

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