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    Fun Story Maybe?

    Noah Takumi
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      "Oops, I guess that was a bit loud." A hand would then come up from nowhere and scratch the red revealing a young man, handsome, strong, and just getting home from work. "I wonder if those two are sleep, or home?" he would say making his way up the steps. Getting ready to relax while undoing the buttons on his shirt revealing his abs as he walked into his room, as he closed his door he jumped on the bed lying down closing his eyes after a long night. "Ahhh this is nice." He would say just lying there slowly undoing the rest of his clothes.

      Meanwhile Kai was just waking up, he could hear that his little brother was just now getting home from work and his disrespect for the rest of them was getting out of control. However there was no sense in talking with a brat, as he got up he sighed wondering if he woke their house guest a girl that had no place to go that had started living with them. As he stood up he walked over to his room door leaving the room as he made his way down the hall passing Nimi's room. Once at his door he simple walked in opening it and then closing it behind him. "Noah, why is it when you come home you slam doors. You know I have work tomorrow, right?" he would say staying in front of him trying to keep his center.

      Noah standing there half naked looking back toward his brother while rolling his eyes, "Did you come over here just to talk about that, I didn't mean it. Now if you don't mind brother, I'm changing. Or do you like this type of thing?" He would say turning around showing off his body which was just his 6pk, while watching his brother he continued to undo his pants threatening to show him more. "I'm leaving, don't... Do this again." He would say turning away not wanting to see how much his little brother had grown. It was moments like this he was glad to have his ducks in a row, he was getting his own place now that he knew Noah could handle it. 

       "Baka." He then peeled off his other clothes as he then went to his closet in the corner or the room and wrapped a towel around his waist, as he finished he headed over to the bathroom rubbing his face. As he passed Nimi's door he heard her technology going again, and the last time he talk to her about it he lost his temper. "Ah, Brother can deal with that." He would say as he went to knock on Kai's door. "Hey Kai, get the girl. Again she's up this late on the techno, if you don't fix I will. Tell her to go to bed." He then walked away as Kai sat at the end of his bed rubbing his forehead. As he stood to his feet and went to his door to open it the bathroom door was already closing, again he had slammed the door.

      "Ahh... It's like having children." He would mumble making his way over to Nimi's room having a headache he barged in, standing beside her bed with a stern look in his eye. "KAI... Umm it's not what it looks like." She would say knowing she was getting ready to be scolded. "I've told you, Noah has told you. After 00:00hrs it's time for bed, please I'm very tired. Go to bed." He then would knelt down with a slight smile and pat her head, her face would then go red for he was tall, handsome, strong. Nimi was captivated by Kai and his gentle nature. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't put it down." She would say looking down. Kai being two years older then her she felt like she liked him more then she should have older guys were much more interesting then guys her age, like Noah.

      "Thanks for being so good to me." She would say as she smiled still blushing when he started to rub his head. Feeling a bit dizzy he started to rub his temple, as he looked to her he noticed her red face. "It seems we both don't feel well." He would say taking a hand to her forehead. "You seem good enough." He would say wondering why she was so red. "It nothing. Please get sleep." She would say placing her hands on his shoulders as he headed out. "Yes I feel that's best, I'll take off tomorrow. I'll be leaving soon and I don't want to be sick." He would say as he stood up and left her room, as she watch she felt as if her heart would melt.

       As Noah exited the shower he saw Kai heading back to his room, "You talk to her?" He asked. Kai nodded and waved him off as he continued feeling sick, but before he could rest he had to call off.

    Toyouko: "Somone speaking." 
    Kai: "Hey Toyouko it's me Kai, I don't feel well so unfortunately I'm calling off."
    Toyouko: "Well thanks for the heads up, have a good one. I'll find coverage."
    Kai: "Thanks."

    [Hangs up]

       As Noah got ready for bed and went to sleep, Kai laid there and tried to relax, Nimi was already sleep dreaming about her knight and shinning armor. 

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