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  • Futa Demoness Looking for Love [No Males]

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I may, at times, play other characters, or even NPCs as the mood strikes me or Rp requires. However, 99% of the time I will be playing this one. My personal namesake. She has both a "Human" and "Demon" form. 
    [No images used are specifically HER. They're more or less guidelines/references to give you a better idea of her general appearance.]

    Name: Trianna 
    Apparent Age: Late 20's to Mid 30's 
    Species: Demon (War, Lust)
    Gender: Shemale (Female figure, penis & testicles, no vagina)
    Height: 6'4"/193cm(Human); 7'10"/239cm(Demon)
    Build: Athletic(Human); Muscular(Demon)
    Eyes: Gray-Green(Human); Violet, Slit-Pupils, Black Sclera(Demon)

    Cup Size: D(Human); E(Demon) 
    Cock Length: 10-12"/25-30cm(Human); 16-24"/40-60cm(Demon)
    Cock Diameter: 2.2-3"/5.6-7.6cm(Human); 3.5-5"/9-13cm(Demon)
    Cock Shape: Human(Human); Equine(Demon)
    Uncut: Yes(Both)
    Description, Human: In her human form, Trianna appears as a tall and rather imposing woman of European descent. She sports a rather fit, athletic build. Her hair is long, straight, and jet black. 



    Description, Demon: While her human form might seem imposing, her true, demonic appearance is a far more... intense experience. Large, black wings structured like a bat or dragon, though instead of webbing, they are covered in glossy ebony feathers. Her prehensile tail is thick, powerful, and as long as she is tall; functioning as a fifth limb. A pair of heavy horns protrude from her head. Her build is powerful and muscular, sporting chiseled abs and deeply defined muscles from head to toe. Black, claws tip her fingers and have an adjustable length and sharpness; subject to her will. Her skin takes on a violet-ashen tone, with her more sensitive areas (Nipples, Lips, Balls, Cock beneath foreskin) taking on a much darker, more vivid purple. 



    Somewhere in Between~



    Currently Seeking: An incredibly busty witch, sorceress, warlock, cultist, priestess, or nun of some kind to fuck into a mindless mess. Open to either the Dark/Evil or Lovey Dovey types of relationships. [I'm tired, will expand on this in a day or two.]



    Something Darker: In this case, I've got something a bit more specific in mind. It will probably be a bit too... excessive for most, so read further at your own peril! Don't say you haven't been warned!!  


    Trianna is a powerful shemale war demon. Not only is her prowess on the battlefield renowned, but it has earned her recognition from the dark Gods of the Hells. She is among the greatest of her kind, and in light of that, she openly seeks to spread her seed as wide and far as she can. Due to the Dark Gods' favor, she is given the privilege of first choice among her kind. 
    I would like to have a bit of a cultural focus in this Rp. Focused on two specific groups. The Drow/Dark/Shadow Elves, and the demons themselves. 

    In the case of the Drow for this setting, I won't be focusing on Llolth specifically. (For those of you who know a bit of the DnD lore~) Instead a loose, vague pantheon of demonic beings will suffice. The cultural aspect I have in mind would be a tradition that the first-born daughter of every noble house is given as a sacrifice to those Dark Gods. A great portion of their long lives spent as the breeding slaves of the Gods' champions. It's a position of great honor and prestige among their kind, of course~. Alternatively, we could explore the priesthood. Where the final rite before their proper ascension to Priestess, is the bearing of a half-demon child as proof of their devotion. A year as the pregnant fuck-slave of their personal patron demon. Though, further liaisons may be demanded down the road. To the priestess-to-be Trianna would become her direct line to the Gods for the rest of her life. 
    For the demons, what could be more important than proper breeding? These creatures would have no second thought about the term eugenics. Of course they would actively seek to breed the best and strongest of their kind. Power is everything to them. Trianna, being as distinguished as she is, would be frequently offered the daughters of demonic nobility as fertile ground to plant her seed. Even the daughters of the Emperor/Empress themself. (And occasionally even their own wives and concubines.) 

    Kinks Sought:  

    I want to stuff a cock so thick, into a hole so tight, that she tears and bleeds like a virgin again. (Bonus if she still is.) Then I'm going to force that massive demonic horse-cock through her cervix, and fuck her pussy literally inside-out. 


    Unusual Skin Colors! (Hues on the blue, purple, black spectrum.)
    Large Insertion
    Sexual Pain
    Makeup Running/Smearing (OPTIONAL)
    Lipstick Marks (OPTIONAL)
    Stomach Bulging
    Cervical Penetration
    Vaginal Prolapse
    Size Difference (Example)


    xQwhV7T.png[That degree of difference, though obviously Trianna has a different build/appearance]

    Anal Prolapse (OPTIONAL)
    Virginity (Optional)
    Muscle Worship
    Cock Worship
    Cum/Fertility Worship
    Huge Breasts 
    Tit Fucking/Tit Job
    Sadism (Trianna)
    Masochism (You)
    Cum Inflation (Minor)
    Cum Flooding (If anal, so much it comes out your mouth.)
    Con to Non-Con to Con (Agreed to it - Trianna's too big for her - Fucked into a broken begging mess) (OPTIONAL)
    (Open to most other things along these lines.)



    Have to go to class. Will update later.







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