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  • Anime_Freak

    Lately I've been craving some harem themed roleplays. Not sure how well this will work out, but I'm looking for some partners that are willing to play multiple females for me. I've got a few ideas in mind for what the plot can be, but I'm also open to brainstorming something together.


    Maybe my character is a student sent off to a boarding school, only for there to be some sort of mix-up and he's sent to an all-girls academy. Being the only boy on campus, a few of the girls already interested in, some of the other girls might just need to get to know him first. Even some of the teachers will start wanting some action.


    Maybe my character is an exchange student, visiting another country. It starts off with him sleeping with the wife and/or the daughter of the family he's staying with. Then it could be cute neighbor. Or his classmates, or his teacher. Give the ladies a taste of foreign cock.


    Maybe my character has moved into a neighborhood or an apartment complex, and many of his neighbors are sexy and horny women. A housewife comes by to welcome him to the neighborhood, only for her to be bent over his counter and screaming for more. The neighbor's daughter asks him to tutor her, eventually leading to her getting sex as a reward for her grades improving. A couple of college girls have finished up their finals, so the best way to relieve stress is to hang out with that cute neighbor boy that recently moved in.


    Or maybe my character gets some sort of ability to have sex with the ladies of various fandoms. Video games and anime babes getting it on with him. Either he could go into their world, or he could bring them out to his world.


    And I'm open to other ideas too. Maybe you'd prefer something a bit more non-con? Sure. Maybe you want to have it a little more fantasy based? That works. What I'm mostly looking for is a harem, anything else is up for discussion. Hope to get a few responses soon. :)

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