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    Hot vacation

    Noah Takumi
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    Hello there, I'm Noah and I would very much like to roleplay with you. Much like anyone else I would like to have a bit of fun with you, whether you're male or female doesn't matter we can still play as long as your a straight character (Nothing against you if you aren't). Both my Male and Female character are straight and looking for a progressive story, it can be perverted, but I would be pleased if it was consensual. The story I want to do with you I would like to be heavily teasing, fun, erotic.... the plot we do doesn't matter but I'm all about content. Let's get descriptive, I want to know everything you do to me... In return I'll do the same. In case you're wondering what it's like I'll put a example below, then if you're still interested let's play.

       Just arriving and already the air is so much more different then before, there's the smell of nature that takes over you the minute you get to the Suna. When Noah and Nimi looked around they noticed everyone around them looked at least 21, and already there was horseplay happening on the grounds. As Noah turned back to Nimiko (Female character) he simply thinking about the fun to be had while here. Nimiko looking with a smile as well, "What are you smiling about?" She would say to his mischievous expression. "Probably the same thing as you." He would say his glare intensifying as he noticed her looking away blushing. Being together forever these two were nearly inseparable, half they time they were even mistaken for a couple since they looked so different from each other. Yet they were simply friends spending time together alone in a place to relax, as they entered the place they were taken by surprise by just the size. Suddenly they were just happy, "Seems our money went into something nice." Noah would say as he walked over to the desk and waited for help.

      "How can I help you?" A female teller would say blushing from just the sight of Noah. "Hey there, I have two rooms upstairs is it ready for us. Oh right... My name is Noah Takumi." He would say as he stood there waiting patiently. "Oh alright. Give me one minute." She would say the sound of keys getting smashed.  "(She's an angry typer.)" Noah thought as Nimiko took a seat waiting for him to finish. "Alright found you, and yes it's ready. 153 that's your room number, here are bracelets for the rooms... Oh the other is 154." She then handed over the bracelets. "Thanks." He would then wave her off as he went to join Nimiko, "You ready?" He would ask. As she looked to him she nodded her head and packed her things. "Which room do you want?" He would say as he made his way up, "Doesn't matter." She would say as she held her bag close, soon they were getting on the elevator getting off on their floor. Once there she couldn't wait to get unpack wanting to get wet, "I should have brought a girlfriend." She would say crossing her arms. "Something wrong with me?" He would ask hearing her comment. "We can't bathe together Baka." She would say pushing him slightly.

      "Why can't we?... I'm sure we can." He would say looking to her, Nimiko blushed wondering what he meant by that. "Of course we can't." She then put a hand over her chest. "Well they have co-baths." He would chuckle at the sight of her getting embarrassed, "Having dirty thoughts Nimiko?" He would tease a bit wondering what she was thinking exactly. Once they got to the rooms they were both a bit excited for the break, as soon as Noah started to unpack his things started with his swimming trunks. Pulling them out he immediately went to change. Once changed he head out head knocked on Nimiko's door, "Are you changing?" He would shout getting ready to just walk in. "Hang on I'm coming." As she walked over to the door he noticed she didn't change into anything. "Stop it... It's fine, let's go." She would say as they headed out to the baths. For while now Noah had a crush on Nimiko, ever since they met up after getting separated in high school they both got super attractive while away. Now when he's around her he tries his best not to get aroused by her regular games, even tries his best to watch his placement when touching her.

      As they walked first into a pool like area the water there seemed so inviting, with a few people walking around they were willing to give this a try. While walking in Nimiko blushed, "Hey I'm going to find a spot to take off my clothes." She would say, "What? I'm coming." He would say. Once they find a place she started to remove her clothing, her swim suit being a bikini. Waiting her Noah watched her change, as she pulled away her clothes her breast bounced around looking much like she was wearing a bra. "(Was her breast always so large?)" He thought to himself still watching his face looking somewhat flushed as he then turned away from her, as Nimiko saw his expression she grinned. "You alright?" She would ask. "Of course. Come on." He would say as he made his way out to the water, doing so eyes would ever now and then dart in their direction. "Race you to the other side." Noah wold say as he ran in, then he turned around. "What's wrong?" He would then give pause. "I can't swim like that." She would say crossing her arm her expression a bit displeasing. "Don't look like that... I'll teach you." He would say as he then reach out a hand to her, her taking it.

      "What do you want to learn?" He would ask her willing to help. "Floating." She would say as he guided her in, "That's easy enough." He would say as he laid her back and lifted her legs. "Arch your back." He would say. "I am..." Her breast sticking in the air, as she looked to him she saw him watching her chest and she turned around quickly. Knowing that she would sink he rushed to save her, "Hey-stop." He would say reaching out with his left hand and grabbed her leg, this right then reached out and grabbed something soft and firm taking a good grip on her. Suddenly she felt his hand squeezing her right breast as he then started to blush, "(So soft... Man that's her breast isn't it?)" He thought as he pulled his hand down off her breast a bit, when he pulled her up he chuckle. "Ahhh sorry about that." He then started rubbing the back of his head, as she moved away a bit. "Oh you're alright thanks for saving me." She would say blushing as she covered her breast. "Want to try again... I mean learn to swim the right way?" He asked... [Etc.. until something happens.]

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