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    Living with Nii-san

    Noah Takumi
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      It had been a long night at work for Kai after going through the trouble of helping the manager clean up, the guest would always leave a ton of messes all over the tables and floors. After they had cleaned up it seemed as though everyone could head home, while on the way Kai had seen he had received text through out the day that he was needed. Going through his phone he started to explained what he was needed for;

     Father: "Hey son, thank for the flowers you sent my coming wife. They were beautiful but I need one more things from you. I'm taking her out just the two of us for while on a vacation but she has a daughter, I don't want to take her not for any reason other then trying to enjoy this first while alone. Mika very much like to ask you to look after her daughter until we return. Would you mind son?"

      Seeing the message didn't know what to say, but he really couldn't say no. It was the first thing he was ever asked to give for this relationship and being an adult himself he understood wanting privacy with the woman you love. 

     "Alright. How old is she?"  He texted back.

      When he arrived home he locked the door bathed and then prepared for sleep when he heard his phone going off, "No way he's up this late." He would say walking back to his bedroom to look at his phone. "Around 18 I believe she might be 18 actually so she should be able to take care of herself for the most part. So you're 2 years her senior, maybe." The text read as he laid down and rested wondering when he was going to meet this girl. 

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