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  • Looking for RP partners!


    Wondering if anyone would be interested in a smutty short-term, long-term RP? You don't have to specify either. I'm alright with male/female/other roleplayers! I'll put some scenarios below I know its easier to have something to go off of.

    I also have an album of characters in the gallery/on my page that I use so check those out if you're okay with OCs. Otherwise I can RP characters from games/shows/ect that you have in mind! Or even make up a character for just this RP! 😋


    1. Two families move in together for a short period of time (under the same roof) and both our characters have to get used to living together. Our characters would share a bedroom (oh no! lol) Sleep in the same room/same bed possibly, eat together and spend time alone together while the rest of the family is out. Your character could be the one who originally owned the room or vise-versa. (Perverted/controlling characters are okay. Maybe even wanted wink(?))

    2. Your character (or mine) plays the role of a newly appointed King/Queen. And the other persons would play the role of their newly appointed retainer/servant. Whoever plays the King/Queen would probably be the more controlling character? (But not limited too!) And maybe enjoys the power given to them a liiiittle too much. While the servant would be submissive or even slightly defiant/but still knows their place. This could be in a fantasy rpg world setting!

    3. Our characters could be in a trapped situation, like locked in a closet/elevator or a room where it locks from the outside. (Someone would come and free them eventually.) Our characters could be strangers or know each other already. Like work in the same office and maybe this is a meeting room? What happens in the room is anything goes!

    If you already have an idea or want to play off of these let me know! You can comment here or just EcchiText me!

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