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  • Mr. Thorne's Dossier

    Mr. Thorne
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    Hello, my name is Mr. Thorne, and I will be providing tonight's entertainment.  I am a man of varied interests and tastes, and it is my hope to attract like minded individuals for roleplaying opportunities. Below I shall post a list of story lines which interest me, and if you are attracted to any of them, please feel free to respond in the thread, or via chat. If something you like isn't on here, but you think we might have common interests, please feel free to suggest an alternative. I am quite open to new ideas. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my preferences before making suggestions though.

    Reborn In Darkness (MxF/FxF)

    Vampires, Mild/Extreme S&M, Body Modification, Violence, Blood/Gore

    A young woman falls prey to a terrible accident, but is saved in the last moment by the intervention of a vampire. The result of this action is that she is transformed into a monster herself, and he must take on the role of her guardian, protecting  and teaching her about the World of Darkness she has entered into. 

    This roleplay concept is based upon a tabletop game called Vampire the Masquerade, though the actual content of the roleplay can vary as much or as little as you prefer from the source material. I just love the concept of siring and raising a fledgling vampire.


    Secret Lust (FutaxF)

    Futanari, Blackmail, Teacher/Student, Non Consensual, Romance?

    Kiko Koyama is a recent addition to the teaching faculty at the Alliance Preparatory Academy, but she's already made a large splash with male population and more than a few of the women. She does have a rather large secret that she's hiding beneath her skirt that might spell disaster for her teaching career. Things heat up when a student stumbles across her secret and tries to exploit it.

    This concept is a fairly smutty one that has been percolating in my brain for some time. The crux of it is a sexy Cat and Mouse game between Koyama, and the female student who discovers her secret.


    Owned (MxF)

    Bondage. S&M, Domination, Non Consensual, Drugs, Choking, Possibly more

    She awoke in darkness, with little idea of what had happened, or where she was. Last night's party was a blur, ending with a cab ride across the city, and then darkness. Now she hands, her arms bound to the frame behind her, a blindfold rubbing softly across the bridge of her nose. When He speaks, she tenses up, surprised by his presence.

    This is a pretty straight forward abduction plotline, with you playing an unwilling victim to my character's rampant desires. This can be played straight up, or tweaked based upon my parter's interest and inclinations. I'd be willing to delve into a backstory between the character, build a romantic relationship, or just keep it as smutty fun. 





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