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    Preferences and looking for partners

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    So we'll start with what I like to RP in general and kinda go from there.  As the tags are suggesting I normally like to RP choose your own adventures and hentai game style of RP's not a lot in the romance area mostly the monsters raping would be heroines and submission stuff.  Base line I like playing out the hentai game trope of game over rapes, with obviously mind break, enslavement, mind control, and brainwashing themes to them.  Although in general I am really open to most anything here.  I have two prompt idea's and would love to hear your opinions on them so feel free to message me about it.

    The lost of the guild - The idea here is relatively simple, there is an adventuring guild where male and female adventurers go out on quests and kill monsters, as well as other jobs for villagers to make gold.  There are many monsters and in general as the missions are dangerous about half the guild members who leave don't ever return.  You are the unlucky, those who don't return.

    Booty Hunters - The story of a space bounty hunter, ideally played by you initially crash landing on a planet with rather rapey locals intent on fucking and breeding the bounty hunter.  She needs to fix her ship and get off the planet before something horrible happens.

    In general I like the prompts being rather vauge not because I don't have really detailed idea's but because I want the RP we wind up doing to be a back and forth of idea's between the two of us.  Long and the short of it I wanna be able to meet your kinks as much as you meeting mine.  So feel free to message me and we can set something up and have a good time.

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