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  • Requesting literate male (character) for RP


    They will have spoiler warnings as a majority of them are SMUT-BASED. Please keep that in mind. I tend to like things with sexual tension in them. It happens.

    Skyrim/ Elder Scrolls Universe 

    this is the one I want the most right now. Just saying.


    obviously this speaks for itself. the main female character would be elf, bosmer who has recently traveled to skyrim--- based on whether that is the route we're taking (skyrim or all of Tamriel, y'know.). either way, she has no knowledge of cyrodiilic ( or whatever language they use in that part of tamriel. Again; depending on whether we go a certain route. ) , no magicka abilities.  either way, I think this would be fun. I only have the general idea of the rp down, so if you want to discuss this one, I would love to. Or if you're interested in just the ESO universe or something, I have ideas for that. Though, my character always ends up being feral. Hm. Maybe that says something about myself.



    Set in a Private school (With uniforms and everything, inspired by japan schools.) the MFC is a quiet girl, and she's the top of the class, ranked #1 in almost everything. Virtually perfect, and loved by everyone.
    Your character is either new, or one that no one really knows exists. He finds out something about her that she can't afford for anyone else to know -- though it can't be that she goes to a love motel or anything or is a slut, because she's not that type of chara (I haven't thought of this part yet, can you tell? lol) . He blackmails her into tutoring him, and thus, I suppose, takes advantage of her in the middle of tutoring. Which, later on, it carries on into the school -- say, after school she's in club, alone, cleaning up her things, and he comes in and locks the door and --
    Yeah. You know the drill.



    Okay okay -- this is .. weird. Its about the same with Blackmail, but its ... cooler? I guess.. um.. the MFC would be mistaken for an important person - like a governor's daughter or something (Its set in .. like... Fantasy pirate times. With the ships and shizz..) but she wouldn't actually be. and she would be kidnapped in place of the actual daughter. Say.. the MFC is a servant girl that lives with them and takes care of the GD (governor's Daughter). But yes, there would be sex in this. Pretty rough sex too, because I cant imagine a pirate being nice to her. He would end up getting mad that she was 'lying' about not being the GD, and after a while he would slowly doubt that he kidnapped the right girl. And ... stuff.. yeah. I don't have much on this; and its just an interesting idea I had. It seems really fun :3

    The Secretary


    Okay, So, I started thinking about it, and I thought that a secretary roleplay would be really hot. Where my character would either be a newly hired secretary or someone who worked there for a while. Here are my ideas for this one. Somehow, regardless of the story, things would take a turn for the sexy. She's a pretty reserved character though, and would try to be super professional, and feel rather ashamed if something were to happen.
    ---- Inheritance
    She would be someone that had worked there for a while (A year or so) and suddenly the boss turned the company over to his son, and for some reason he takes an interest in her. She'd have no idea how he even noticed her since she wasn't his secretary, but the one right in front of the front entrance. However, she would be his father's favorite since she would remind him of the daughter he never had (Or lost. Whichever we think would make the story better.) and she was so sweet, and often brought in homemade food for the Elderly man and his family.
    ---- Welcome to the company
    Number 2: She applies for a new job, and gets it almost immediately, never once laying eyes on the boss. She ends up working for some hotshot (Or whatever comes to mind) and things take a turn for the sexy (Duh.) This is all I have for this one.

    Cops and Robbers!


    ---- The wrong place at the right time.
    This idea is more.. My character can either be guilty, or just in the wrong place at the right time. She ends up being brought in by your character (who is a cop?) and ... That's all I have...
    ---- One for the money...
    Your character is the robber, or a criminal that EVERYONE had been trying to catch. Finally you're caught, and brought in for my character to watch and make sure no escape occurs. Eitherway, sexy things. Yep.

    Drugged up/Hypnotism. WARNING: Probably Incest.
    Loosely based off of multiple manga I read.


    "Fela Pure" Drugged up.
    Okay. So. Here goes:
    Would start off as a sister (or best friend) -- my character -- getting a hold of pills and, thinking it was a Tylenol or pain killer or something, takes them. Little does she know, its your characters ecstasy or something or other. (Probably some drug he found or something.)
    It is pretty much just an aphrodisiac.
    Well, Your character would come into her room, and she would be... In need (Let's put it like that.)

    "Fela Pure" Hypnotism.
    Idea number 2! So, your character was practicing hypnosis, and has a crush on mine (either his sister or friend, or his friends sister, or just a girl that he happened to have a crush on.) and, in a spur of the moment decision, he decides to try hypnosis on her with something simple (an errand, or giving food, or being flirty or something), and it works like a charm. Here is the catch: she doesn't remember any of it, but it seems to effect her the more he does it; she gets increasingly hot and bothered around him and doesn't know why, she stops questioning him at all when he asks her for something, and/or it completely affects her personality towards him.
    this hypnosis can also change how something feels for her. Like for instance, he could hypnotize her so she gets pleasure from being pinched or something (as an example) .


    Pixie dust?


    My character is a fairy. I only have her looks set up, really - and I have no idea how the story should be or how it would play out. I'm hoping this would also be a reluctant RP, but it doesn't have to be. My character is either royal in the pixie realm (seelie/unseelie court? Hmmm) or just a random pixie that was captured or something. It's illegal to house humans in this realm, if that's the way we choose to go. NOTE: I DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PIXIE AND FAIRY. Educate me. Please.

    She has red-pink hair and clear blue wings -- one is injured and torn, which is why I'm thinking she ends up captured and not taking someone in (or maybe that's why she was captured - because she took someone in and they stole her?), with pointy ears and bright blue eyes, pale smooth skin. But yes. I have no other ideas for this.

    you're welcome to make suggestions. I could always use more ideas, or would even be happy to help you with some

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    Noah Takumi


    I'd be happy to help just let me know if you're still interested.

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