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  • Schoolgirl Fun


    For the last couple days I've this itch to play out as a submissive schoolgirl, uniform and everything, in an RP. I'd be up for pretty much anything as long as it fulfills that requirement. I do have some ideas of my own, of course, and if you want we can use one of these :)

    1. Everyone knows that Mika is the easiest girl in school. She always wears skirts that veer awfully close to breaking school regulations and he blouse always seems to be missing a few buttons. She stays bent over just a few moments longer than necessary and her breasts seem to always be pressed together. So if you need someone to just put your dick into or want a willing tongue to eat you out, because you know the slut doesn't discriminate, you know where to go ;)

    2. That Mika girl, hidden in the back corner of the classroom, seems like quite the shy one. She always has her head down and she turns red if she is trying to talk to someone. But one day you find her locker open and you take a peek inside. What do you find? Rope, Cuffs, Drawings of woman being tied up and fucked into submission. It seems like Mika is quite the freak. What do you do?

    3. Mika, quite the innocent girl, always takes the train to get back home. Its usually an okay route, nothing good, but nothing bad either. But today it seems the train is quite full, pushing Mika against the window of the train. As she tries to readjust herself, suddenly she feels a hand going up her thigh. Mika freezes and suddenly the person is groping her ass. All Mika has to do is scream, but she can't bring herself to do it. As the person switches to rubbing Mika through her panties, Mika begins to wonder why she doesn't do it, call for help, and why is she beginning to enjoy this?

    4. Have you seen those bathrooms on the schoolgrounds that have been abandoned? There is a rumor that in one them is tied this girl known as Mika. She is what is known as a cumdump, a woman simply there for the free use of any who visit her. I wonder if the rumors are true? 

    In any of these scenarios Mika is 18, of course. She is just either a senior in high school or enrolled in some kind of post-high school college/academy that still uses uniforms. Message me if you're interested :)

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