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    Noah Takumi
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    OOC: This is a story about a Male living with a girl pretending to be a boy, even though his eyes are playing tricks on him his heart knows exactly what he desires, and its her. Fighting with the thought of being gay he can't help but wonder how he feels in return, will he try for his affection or stay friends with someone he's known since the beginning. Yet things have happened enough to make him wonder if him being all male is true, will he find out her secret? Will something... Happen? (Normally in this case she would like him back, but do whatever you feel

    [Shhhrrrr- Water hitting a wet naked male body]

       "Ahhh... This really hits the spot after practice." Noah would say while leaning into the shower water letting it hit hard against his back turning up the heat. There was much on his mind, it seems as though while sleeping in the same room with his roommate, playing sports, talking about home life among other things his girlish looking roommate was growing on him. Crazy right, being nearly a grown man... straight at that for 17 years about to turn 18 and was doubting himself. This was his only place of rest, where he could think to himself having a roommate that was so cute with such soft supple features. How long has it been since being around this person made his heart race? Has he smiled and blushed so much at the simple things they do.

      "(There's no way that's a man, I'm just too into him besides that... His face. Why do I see a female every time I look at him. Flowers bloom in my eyes when I look at him and my stomach sinks, I'm not gay what's up with me?)" He asked as he saw the walls beginning to sweat. "Ooh." He then stopped the water and dried off quickly as he threw on night pants hating the feel of underwear at night, as he exited the bathroom wearing nothing more then thin black sweat pants his upper torso on display with a 6pk leading down his stomach with a slender yet muscular form to him. Noah was at least 6 foot with red hair and silver eyes, known for being one of the hottest guys and one of the greatest in wrestling. "(I feel stupid... Worrying by myself, he's not worrying about me.)" His mind reminded him as he went over to his bed trying to not even looking in his direction. 

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