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    Noah Takumi
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       "I'm finally back." Noah would say as he walked through the door of his home, when he got in he quickly turned on one of the nearby lights and went to sit in the couch closet to him. Lately it seemed as though he was having a rougher night all week dealing with customers that would come by the gentlemen's club, and because of the drama of the females he had to deal with he was feeling pretty defeated. While sitting at the edge of the seat just looking at the table with his arms crossed he proceeded to sit back in the couch as he leaned back, as his neck hit the pillow behind him he felt himself getting ready to pass out. Soon he started closing his eyes letting the couch be his salvation on this late night, as he stretched out a bit more with his legs spread he relaxed falling right to sleep.

      On nights throughout the week there would be days where his roommate would wait for him to return from what seemed like impossible nights, but when she didn't she would be resting in bed. It made no nevermind to Noah where she was when he got home especially when he had rough nights, as she slept sometimes she would wonder if he was okay. "Aaahhh.... Man it's getting late I wonder if he's back yet?" She would say as she got up to use the bathroom pulling the covers away from her as she sat on the edge of the bed stretching. Sleeping in nothing more then some panties and a huge t-shirt she got up and walked over to her bedroom door pulling it open as she stretched again while heading the bathroom, while heading there she noticed that around the bottom of the steps the light was on. "(I wonder if that's him?)" She thought as she continued to bathroom. 

       Without closing the door she sat on the toilet going to the bathroom when she started wondering what the time was, as she looked around she remembered that she didn't have her watch on. As she finished up she went to wash her hands before leaving the bathroom, before she went back to bed she stopped at the top of the steps seeing that bit of light as she then headed downstairs. Nimi wanted to make sure that everything was off since she could tell one light was already on, as she made her way to the bottom she looked around and no other lights seemed to be on when she noticed it. "Hey so this is where he is, I knew I turned this light off." She would say in a whisper as she made her way over to him, when she got there he was knocked out with his arms spread out crossed the top if the couch and his legs wide open. While standing there she couldn't help thinking that Noah was an incredible looking guy even though they were friends, she couldn't take her eyes off him.

      After a good bit she started thinking about if he slept down here he would get sick, thinking about how he works she started to try to wake him. "Hey Noah... You gotta get up you can't sleep here you'll catch a cold, Noah?" She would say seeing no change in him. As she blushed a bit thinking he was cute she took her left hand and reached out to touch his face, as she did she paused. As she reached out she noticed his lips and how they seemed to be calling out to her, then she shook her head lightly as her face turned red. "(I can't believe I'm even thinking like this... I mean he's sleeping... But still. He's so DEFENSELESS.)" She thought as her heart started racing. Nimi then continued to reach out putting her face close to his as she whispered, "Wake up." She would say. Immediately Noah started thinking he was working to please and with his right hand pulled her on top of him, due to the rush Nimi couldn't help mounting him sitting on top of him.

      As she looked up feeling nervous she looked down to see his silver eyes looking back to her with an intense stare, seeing as he knew she would try to make an escape his left hand slid along her right leg pushing up under her huge t-shirt gripping her rump which only pulled her in more. Noah then lifted her left hand pulling her in closer as he felt her body against his own, as her body got closer to his he looked to her removing his left hand from her behind to take hold of her face. When he put her chin in between his left pointer finger and thumb he guided her lips into a passionate kiss, as their lips met Nimi kissed him back as she started to squirm feeling his erection against her as she did. Suddenly she parted lips with him her face beat red, "Noah stop... What what are you doing?" She would say as Noah would then awaken from his half sleep adventure with her body wide eyed. As he looked at the kind of position they were in he looked to her.

        Noah: "Wow I never would of thought you were into me like this, bold Nimi." He would say as he would hold up both arms as if he did nothing.
    Nimi: "Me! Bold you forced me on top of you, you pervert." She would say as she could still feel him a bit against her vagina.
    Noah: "Then tell me, why are you still on top of me? Don't deny it. You actually like what you're feeling right now, right? It's okay to be honest." He then would give a slight smirk feeling her sitting on his shaft. "You can stay there if you'd like, it's just us after all." He would then say half joking.
    Nimi: "Noah... You idiot." Nimi then got off of him as she made her way upstairs. "And to think I was worried about you." She then would continue upstairs.
    Noah: "Hmph.... (Anyway what should I do about this, now that he's here it's not like he'll just go away)." He started thinking, now he was wishing he would have seduced her instead of embarrassing her like that. "Oh well." He would say as he turned off the lights and head up for the night undoing his clothes as he did. 

      While he was headed upstairs to his room Nimi was in hers leaning against her bedroom door thinking about her kiss with Noah, since they been living together she had feelings toward him but it was those same feelings that left her conflicted. "(I felt it, and even though it felt good I must forget this happened. It was an accident, right?)" She wondered not wanting to do something stupid like let it affect the way she treated him tomorrow. As she heard his room door close she opened her door slowly and made her way to the bathroom, thinking about why that happened. As she entered the bathroom she closed the door and ran a bit of water taking it to her face, trying to cool herself down for a bit she stood there letting it continue to run.  Meanwhile Noah was feeling bad about it, he started to remember what happen after he became more alert and it was his fault. Yet he couldn't just apologize to her, that wasn't his way of going about things.

     While in his room Noah started to remove his underwear and bottoms so that he could wash them for work tomorrow as he  walked over to his closet and grabbed his towel, "(Might as well shower.)" He then started heading to the bathroom with his eyes closed wondering what he should do for her. As he opened the bathroom door he opened his eyes as he stood there with a plain look on his face, he could see she was dealing with it already with her wet face and shirt. "Now who might catch a cold. Huh?" He said as he walked over to her putting both hands on her shoulders. "Come here." He would say as he pulled her into him. As Nimi was kind of surprised to see him in a towel of all things she just stood there as he started getting on her case, but he seemed as though he wasn't trying to fight. Suddenly putting his hands on her shoulders she looked to him and he was looking away then before making eye contact he pulled her in for a hug.

      Nimi blushed being pushed against his hard body with his 6pk, toned chest, and his hard on pushing against the towel, yet she while biting her lip wrapped her arms around him. "(Why is he hugging me? Why is he hard hugging me?)" She thought. "Hey are you okay, why are you watering yourself down?" He asked still holding onto her. Nimi could feel he was trying to get to the bottom of things.

    Nimi: "Don't worry about it. I'm fine, I'm guessing you're taking a shower." She would say.
    Noah: "Yes. I would rather us correct some things before bed though, I don't want to send you off angry at me." He would say still holding her close. "You were right. It was my fault, sorry that I made things weird for us." He would say as he looked down to her trying to see her in the mirror.
    Nimi: "Good so you know then, well it'll take more then that to earn my forgiveness." She would say as she continue to let him hug her as he snickered.
    Noah: "Hai... So what can I do to make up for it?" He asked her as she pushed away from him.
    Nimi: "Nothing... But you can start with being embarrassed around me too!" She would say as she pulled on his towel removing it, Noah being the man he was felt bad for her. Taking the towel wouldn't embarrass him for he was sure of himself, although it did feel strange to know she wanted to see him naked right now.
    Noah: "Feel better. If you wanted to see it, I would have shown you. I'm not so childish it would bother me Nimi."  He would say as he approached her while she was leaving the bathroom. Nimi was blushing hard seeing his manhood pretty hard, the fact she was attracted to him didn't help either as he then looked to her with a nice smile and took the towel back.
    Noah: "Is that all you wanted? It doesn't feel like enough, after all I embarrassed you right? You can't do that to me, I'm very sure of myself." He would say reaching out to her.
    Nimi: "Cocky butt-head." She would whisper.
    Noah: "What else do you want? I'll give it to you." He would say in a serious tone as he pushed her against a wall asking her hoping she'd say something, but all he was doing is making her nervous.
    Nimi: "Nothing!" She then shrugged away from him pushing him out of the way when she entered her room again shutting the door.

      "Damn she got away on me." He would say as he then turned on the shower water and then waited a bit to get in, after showering up he left the bathroom gripping wet as he entered his room. While drying off and putting on other clothes he remembered her expression as he tried to get stuff out of her. "Her face was really red, I wonder if she desires me a little?" He started thinking as he started to get into bed wearing nothing more then his boxers.

     The very next day Nimi laid in bed angry at herself, she knew that she had revealed more to him last night then anything else since she been there. Where he had done nothing like that in exchange, she was still thinking about his member from last night and his reaction to being naked in front of her. "I can't believe that happened. After like 3 months, all in one night nothing but bad stuff... and good stuff." She would say thinking about how he was hard against her. "Is he attracted to me, or was he tired?" She wondered as she got out of bed and got ready to go get in the shower, as she took off her shirt and panties and threw on a towel that wrapped around her body. Once she was covered she headed to the bathroom and opened the door to see Noah peeing holding out his tool, immediately she went hiding as Noah rubbed his face. After putting it away he washed his hands as he headed out thinking he seen her, when he turned around she was leaning against the wall. "Sorry about that, I meant to lock it. Hey are you ok, I mean it shouldn't be a big deal right? I mean you seen it last night." He would say as he yawned.

      "No-ah..." She then started hitting his chest as hard as she could, "Don't bring stuff like that up!" She would shout as he looked to her with the 'What are you doing face' then he grabbed her fist. "Ha... It was noneffective". As she went to kick him Noah ducked quick before counter-attacking as he went for a fast counter his sock slipped and he fell with her in the middle of her kick. As he shook his head he leaned over her a bit her towels knot undone as he looked to her, Nimi was also rubbing her head. When they fell Noah gripped her kicking leg while falling laying against her between her legs, when he opened his eyes he was caught off guard. "Hey Nimi are you o-kay... (Damn she's hot)". He would say looking down on her, as he looked at her the towel she was wearing became loose and with her legs spread it was open a bit showing some of her breast and almost some of her vagina. "Nimi... Umm." As she looked to him with a red face he got up and turned away completely flustered. "Jerk... You looked didn't you." She would say as she covered up.

    Noah: "Honesty I didn't try. It's your fault attacking while wearing something like that." He would say looking back.
    Nimi: "You're a pervert, you're probably getting hard right now." She would say as she stood to her feet.
    Noah: "Wanna find out? But seriously let me see." He said reaching out for her.
    Nimi: "See what Baka!" She then pulled away from him.
    Noah: "Your wound idiot." He would say as he pulled her into him by her right hand catching it in his left.

      As he pulled her into him she pushed hard against his body, unable to help herself she started eyeing his body down as he checked her. "You got a slight cut on the back of your head, let's go. I got cream in the bedroom." He would say as he pulled her hand, her face bloodshot red. "The bedroom." She would say looking to him flustered. "Yes. The bedroom." After saying that he pulled her inside the bedroom letting go of her hand as he closed the door standing there in boxers he searched for the cream. As she looked around the room never going in the daytime she was surprised that it wasn't all super dirty, then suddenly she seen his face with the cream in his mouth. "No you can't make me." She would scream. "Come here, stop it already." He would say as he pulled her into him again this time he turned with it falling over the bed on top of her. As her face turned red his dick started to hardened as he blushed a bit, suddenly while holding her there he started to put cream on her wound as he reached behind her head he looked her in the eyes.

      "(She's really turning me on.)" He would think as he without thinking started to kiss her closing his eyes. As Nimi laid under him as he took care of her wound her heart raced as she seen him leaning in she closed her eyes as they kissed each other, again her body squirmed. "(She did that last night too, is she getting turned on.)" He thought as he continued to kiss her as he kept kissing her she squirmed, and he found himself acting without thinking again his left hand fondling her right breast. This time he wasn't going to say anything feeling that was how she got embarrassed last time, as he groped her the body underneath him rocked. Suddenly he was undoing her towel that covered her body so that he could touch her more, pushing the towel away his hand trailed down her body unable to keep from kissing her. "(She's not stopping me, I'll keep distracting her then with these lips.)" He thought as his hand left hand moved to her pussy rubbing against the inside of her pussy lips. "(So wet... How far will she let me?)" His thoughts then paused as he stroked her, neither one saying anything. "Ah...ha...ah... (His fingers are massaging me.)" She would moan out a bit unable to help it.

      While Noah was seeing how good he could make her feel his brother was heading over as he sometimes did, having a key to the place he let himself in. "Noah!" He would yell trying to get his attention. Right away both of their heads turned toward the door, suddenly Noah got up and put on some clothes. Nimi hurried and put her towel back on and rushed to his door peeking, as Noah rushed behind her his erection pushed against her rear. Nimi jumped a bit from how erect it was while poking her behind, "Ah stop you're too close." She then reached behind her and pushed down on his tip. "Ah... Nimi, don't." He would say already too turned on for words. "I'm going now." She would say looking back, he just nodded his head a bit as sweat started coming down his head. Once she was in her own room he headed downstairs his dick completely hard, as he went to see his brother.

    Noah: "Hey Kai. What are you doing here, and so early too?" He would ask closing his eyes smiling like he never had before.

    Kai: "Just checking in. How are you little brother oh and where's Nimi?" He would say looking around.
    Noah: "Sleeping... Hey I'm good just getting ready to go really." He would say as he headed off to the kitchen.
    Kai: "Well I hope you aren't leaving like that Noah, I don't know if you noticed but you seem to be standing up. There is a girl living here, you should take care of that before walking around." He would say as he stood in the kitchen doorway.
    Noah: "Well I mean I don't normally get like this, but I had a hot dream last night." He would say.
    Kai: "You're lying. Just be careful alright, you don't want to ruin things with her." He would say in a cool manner.
    Noah: "It's not like that. I swear." He would say turning to him. "Me and her are just friends."
    Kai: "I don't care who you get hard for... Like I said be careful. Seems I might have interrupted yes, I heard strange rustling around. Now I understand, don't worry I won't say anything. Bye now." He would say leaving as he came in locking the door.

      After he left Nimi came out of her room wearing thin work out clothes with no bra or panties, as she looked down she sighed. "Haa... That was too close, did he say anything?" She asked. "No. Nothing really." He then sat with her.

    Noah: "Hey..." He then paused not really thinking it was wise to talk about it.
    Nimi: "You went down that way?" She asked looking to his erection.
    Noah: "It's not like I had time to do something about it, I didn't have a choice." He said looking at her body.
    Nimi: "Have a thing for your brother it should have dropped by now right?" She said teasing.
    Noah: "You're funny. You know I think you prefer me this way, huh?" He said as he pulled her arm and laid her down on the floor forcing himself between her legs. "In fact... I think I do too right now." After saying that he started kissing her pushing it against her thin shorts. "Noah... What are you doing?" He would say feeling it poke her as he started to touch and kiss her. 
    Noah: "You feel it don't you... Don't you want to continue, I know you're still wet. We don't have to talk if it bothers you. Here take this off." He then removed her shirt showing off her perfectly round breast, his hand pushing up under her thin shorts.     
    "(No panties huh?)" He thought as his fingers returned to touching and massaging.
    Nimi: "Ah...ha...ah... No-ah...ah...wait." She moaned.
    Noah: "Why?... (She's so wet)." He then started to undo his clothes. "Nimi... you don't want to? But... Haaa." He would sigh knowing how hard it would be to walk away.
    Nimi: "It's not that, it's just... Not right somehow." She would say seeing him get up.
    Noah: "It alright. I won't force you to have sex with me, I gotta get ready for work. I'll see you tonight." He then went inside his room a bit more then frustrated.

       After he walked away to get ready she followed him to his room, "Tonight, come and get me. We can spend time together and watch a movie." She would say trying to cheer him up. "Yea... Sure thing." She then went back into her room too to get ready for today.

    To be continued.... 

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