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  • Crazymerc22

    I've really gotten into the mood to do some Yaoi lately. Playing a young shy blonde pretty boy getting filled up by a confident well-endowed playboy, sounds hot ;) I have a few ideas and we can do any of this or you could even suggest your own if you wish :)

    1: Your character notices my character shyly staring at him at a party/park/store/wherever. As my character notices that you noticed him, he blushes and looks away, pretending he wasn't looking, but you've already seen him. You approach and flirt with him in an extremely forward way, maybe even trapping him up against a wall. My character is shy and a bit reluctant, but you quickly have him wrapped around your finger and get him to come to your home, where the fun begins.

    2: Your character has only known his shy college roommate, my character, for a few days. You find him attractive and his you find his shy nature kind of cute, but he's straight or, at least, that is what he says. One day, however, you are let out early from a class. As you enter the room, you notice your roommate at his desk with his computer, drawing what seems to be Yaoi hentai. You jump at the opportunity and question him on the subject. At first, he denies being gay, saying they are just drawings, but as you keep insisting, he finally lets up, confessing. You then seduce him, convincing him to allow you to 'teach' him about gay sex, to pop his cherry.

    So message me if you are interested :)

    Edit: I had an idea for those maybe interested in a less modern RP

    3: Your character is a noble of great Rome. Your wealth and power allows you to have it all: Wine, Villas, Women, and Slaves. But one day, walking through the markets of the city you see something that you yet do not have. You see a young greek boy, barely into adulthood, skin smooth as silk and kissed by the sun, his form toned yet soft, and his hair were as locks of gold. He is being sold to the highest bidder and you wish him as a companion for your bedchambers. So you purchase him and soon find him standing before you, naked, in front of your bed, shy, yet awaiting your command.

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    Aw yes, I'm in the mood for some Yaoi too~! ^w^

    It has been a bit tricky deciding between plots #1 and #2...but I think, if it's okay with you, I might pick to Roleplay the first story listed on your Bulletin post. As for characters, preferences and specifics, I'm more than happy to discuss the details in EcchiChat sometime when we are both online. Other than that, by all means, I'd love to RP this with you~. 😍😊💕

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